How to Fix “Scanner Failure” Message When Scanning, Copying or Faxing?

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When you face “Scanner Failure” message when scanning, copying or faxing, you can get an unlimited HP Scanner Technical Support from certified scanner experts immediately. Online scanner experts are very experienced to solve this error. The experts are available at 1-888-657-9666.

How to Fix “Scanner Failure” Message When Scanning, Copying or Faxing?

When trying to scan, copy or fax, you can receive “scanner failure” message immediately. When HP

scanner is unable to scan or send a Fax, then your device will display scanner failure message instantly.

Scanner failure error message is displayed visibly for scanner hardware or power problems like a low

scanner bulb temperature and scanner bar jam. Here, we are going to explain some important

troubleshooting tips and tricks given below:-

Step 1:- Check Power source carefully & Reset printer-

In very first step, you need to reset the printer, if you want to clear certain errors by operating the

scanner mechanism and check power source to make sure that the printer is getting sufficient power to

operate the scanner.

You have to press the power button to turn on the printer if this is not already on.

When the printer is turned on, unplug the power source from the printing machine.

Unplug the power cable from the power source and wait for thirty seconds.

If you connected already the power cord to a power strip, you have to reconnect the cord

directly to a wall outlet to check carefully the printing machine is getting sufficient power.

You should reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer and turn on the printer. If this step is not

sufficient, you can call online HP Scanner Technical Support team by dialing 1-888-657-9666 to get

immediate technical support or help.

Step 2:- Use Print & Scan Doctor-

Few scan error states might be solved just by running this automatic troubleshooting tool for Windows


Need to go to HP Printer and Scan Doctor to download and install the tool.

Click “Start” on the welcome screen, click on your printer name and click next to continue to

finding and solving screen errors.

Click “Fix scanning”, and then follow any on-screen instructions to fix the error.

1. If the error shows no longer, you have to make a test copy to make sure the error is solved.

2. If still error shows, you need to continue to the next step.

Step 3:- Check Scanner Bar Functionality carefully-

Perform a visual test of scanner mechanism to see if this is jammed.

• Eliminate any original papers or pictures from the scanner glass.

• Lift the scanner lid softly and press “Copy” button.

1. If scanner light does not move, the scanner mechanism is possibly jammed.

2. If scanner light moves but still the error displays, you can take best technical support

services from online HP Scanner Customer Support team immediately.

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