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Summer issue of the Coombeshead Academy Primary Aspire.



Inspiring Excellence

Summer 2018

Welcome to Coombeshead Academy

Welcome to the latest edition of the Primary Aspire. It is a great pleasure not

only to be welcoming you to this fabulous publication but also sharing with

you the wonderful experience and opportunities of those involved in the

Coombeshead community.

We as a school pride ourselves on our values of academic achievement,

endeavour, positive attitude, community and enrichment and I’m sure you will

agree that this edition of Aspire reflects those values throughout.

We are very proud of all our pupils and the commitment and effort of which

they approach school life supported by our outstanding teaching and support


We extend you a very warm welcome to come and visit us at a time suitable

to you so that you can experience the unique culture that is contributing to

the ever rising standards at Coombeshead Academy. In addition, our year

4/5 open evening will take place on Thursday 14th June, and will be followed

by specific open mornings that will be communicated to parents, pupils and

Primary Schools imminently.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this edition of Aspire and look forward to meeting you

all at some point in the future.

Andrew Hulbert


Change for anybody can be difficult. For new

Year 7 students the jump from Primary School

to Secondary School is a really important step

and one that we have to ensure, as a school,

is as smooth and supportive as possible.


At Coombeshead we believe that the

transition is not just about a couple of days

in school before you start in September, but

something that has been building slowly, but

surely, for a long time.

We place great emphasis on the Primary

programme that is run throughout the

academic year for children of all ages

at Primary School. Opportunities range

from talented Mathematician days, sports spectaculars, Science days and

workshops, History masterclasses and Music taster sessions, to name but a few.

There are ‘Getting Started’ clubs for children that have chosen to come to

Coombeshead Academy, ‘Away Days’ for the most worried children and a

two day school induction in the latter part of the summer term.

The aim for us at Coombeshead Academy is for children to feel that they

already know us before they even arrive.. That way, there is nothing to worry

about and everything to look forward to!

Brian Whiffen

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Year 7

It has been a busy first year for all the year 7’s at Coombeshead Academy. They

have experienced so much since completing their induction days last summer.

The students have had opportunities to learn new subjects, meet new friends,

attend sports clubs, interhouse competitions, celebrate their successes in

assemblies, school trips, support community life as tutor reps and anti-bullying

ambassadors and raise money for local charities.

Well done year 7, I’m very proud of your achievements this year in and out of

the classroom.

Ms Turk

Head of Year

Coming to Coombeshead Academy has

been one of the best things I have ever

done. Coombeshead has given me great

opportunities and a clear understanding

of what I need to accomplish in order to

succeed in all aspects of the school. I feel

welcomed and reassured constantly with

my education and I know that they will do

whatever it takes for me to understand.

If you are finding an element of the work

difficult, the teachers will not hesitate to

help until you understand it. They ensure

that you are filled with pride once you

have completed a great piece of work.

One of the things I love about

Coombeshead is the opportunities they

provide! I had the pleasure of attending a

trip to Wembley (WE day) to raise money

for charity in the school and support the life

of the academy. It

was one of the best

days of my life and

I feel so rewarded

and thankful that I

was looked at as a

successful student.

Every year, in the

last week of term

the school have

an extension week.

This week enables

you to attend

My First Year

various trips per day or go on a specific trip

for the whole week (for example: this year

there is a tour of the Harry Potter Studios).

Extension week is a way of celebrating

the whole year and come together as a

community to have fun!

Another way the school reward your

outstanding excellence is by giving out

ePraise points. Another opportunity is the

sporting activities which are available.

The school allows you to attend sporting

activities and matches. They don’t always

focus on the best players to take to

matches and tournaments, but those who

are committed to the sport and come

every week.

Moving from Primary to Secondary gave

me a whirlwind of different emotionsincluding

fear and excitement; however

Coombeshead helped me to fit in and

set my goals. I was introduced to my

tutor who explained to me all the rules,

boundaries and consequences. She is so

supportive and welcoming I don’t think I

could fit in anywhere else. The work in class

is far more enjoyable and supportive. At

Coombeshead you always have someone

to talk to if you have any worries, in and

out of school, they will always find a way

to help.



Coombeshead Academy uses epraise as a reward system for our students.

Students gain points both in lessons and around the school, the points then

turn into real prizes with real value that can be spent in a number of ways

online or in epraise auctions.


In almost anything you do around the school as long as you have done it to

a high standard you will be able to earn points. Including the following ways:

Academic Excellence - you do a piece of work to an exceptionally high


Attitude - you have an exeptionally positive attitude to work.

Community - you do something exceptional to help the school or the local


Endeavour - you try exceptionally hard at something, particularly if you usually

find it difficult.

Enrichment - you particpate and contribute exceptionally well to the school

enrichment programme.


There are a variety of things you can do with your points:

• you can enter prize draws for items; such as footballs, water bottles, books

or Coombeshead Lego figures. You only need a few points to buy a ticket.

• you can give the points to charity, points translate into real money that

can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

• you can save them up for the epraise auctions that take place in assembly.


At Coombeshead Academy we are proud of our anti-bullying work. Every

year group has a team of anti-bullying ambassadors who work to support the

students in their year group and who are on duty at break times and lunchtimes

to support students with any issues.

We link with the Diana Award who are a national organisation that support antibullying

work in schools and have trained our ambassadors. The anti-bullying

message is shared as part of the assembly and tutor time programme so that

the message is shared across the school. We have a strong

pastoral support team at Coombeshead that ensures that all

students have people they can talk to and refer to.

Jo Chappell

Assistant Headteacher

Get Involved

The Student Council for Newton Abbot (SCNA) is a group made up of

representatives from more than a dozen Primary Schools in the Newton Abbot

and surrounding area.

Coombeshead Academy is proud to co-ordinate this council which acts to

encourage the children to understand the role of government at local, regional

and national level and to celebrate ‘what makes their Primary School special’

in the local community.

Bushell Youth Community Orchestra

Our overall aim is to have as many young people learning and developing

on orchestral instruments. We currently have over 60 young musicians who join

us every week to develop their instrumental skills by working with our visiting

teachers. These instrumental group lessons are free and we have just been

awarded our third year of funding so we can keep developing and building on

what is already a successful project.

Great opportunities - something for everyone!

A sample of some of the clubs that are available:

Extra Curricular Activities

• Badminton

• Book Club

• Bushell Youth Community


• Chess & Board Games

• Creative Writing

• Debating

• Dodgeball

• Drama Club

• Duke of Edinburgh

• Folk Group

• Football

• Girls Football

• Green Team

• Gymnastics

• History club

• IT Club

• Journalism

• Karate

• Legography

• Maths Help

• Mindfulness Zone

• Musical Theatre Club

• Netball

• Photography

• Rugby

• Shakespeare Schools

• Soul Band

• Spanish Club

• STEM Club

• Swimming

• Table Tennis

• Taiko Drumming

• Ten Tors

• Volleyball

• Wind Group



Coombeshead Academy

Coombeshead Road

Newton Abbot

TQ12 1PT

Tel: 01626 201800


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