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Selwyn Times: June 27, 2018

Selwyn Times: June 27,

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 Locally Owned GET CONNECTED WITH Scorch Broadband Community rebuild New $4.6m Tai Tapu centre completed Page 4 Page 8 Home & Leisure Show Check it out at Horncastle Arena this weekend 0800 726 724 Online election voting trial closer • By Emily O’Connell AN ONLINE voting trial is still being considered for next year’s local body elections. But Selwyn residents groups are urging for a postal option to be included so no one misses out. The district council adopted a recommendation to support in principle conducting an online voting trial, either alone or in partnership with other councils, subject to conditions. These include the costs being acceptable, appropriate management of all risks, the enabling legislation and subsequent regulations being passed in time to produce and implement a solution and the governing body giving final approval for any trial to go head. Rolleston Residents Association Committee chairwoman Leonie MacLachlan said her personal view was “it was a sign of the times.” She said it’s good to try things but it would need to include a postal option. Tai Tapu Community Association Committee chairman Gerald Carter said it’s a good idea but it would need to be inclusive and postal voting is one way of doing that. Darfield Community Committee chairman Pat McKay supports the trial as it “moves with the times” but also says there would need to be a postal option. District council chief executive David Ward said Auckland Council is taking the role in “being the lead council” with online voting. “Currently there are 10 councils, including Auckland and ourselves, who are showing interest in pursuing online voting,” he said. However, the district council can’t go ahead with an online voting trial without a commitment from Environment Canterbury and Canterbury District Health Board. District councillors Pat McEvedy and Grant Miller voted against adopting the recommendation. •HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you think the district council should adopt an online voting trial for next year’s local body elections? Email your views to emily. Sports trust gets district’s kids active PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER Shriya Masala- Absalom, 10, of Clearview Primary School, makes a break with the ball during a game of rippa rugby at Brookside Park as part of the Selwyn Sports Trust’s winter sports day. Shriya is one of 1600 kids trying 14 sports on Friday afternoons. The day allows kids to try sports they don’t usually play and encourages participation and fun at the same time. The emphasis is on learning the skills of each game rather than the result and is just one of the Selwyn Sports Trust’s initiatives to get people in the district more active, more often. •Full story, pages 6-7 New sections in Wilfield, West Melton A wide range of new sections are now available at Wilfield. Pop in to our sales and information office, Kingsdowne Drive, this Wednesday or Sunday from 1pm to 3pm to find out more. Contact us on 03 741 1340 or mail