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Selwyn Times: June 27, 2018

24 Wednesday

24 Wednesday June 27 2018 Latest Christchurch news at MY PRIDE AND JOY SELWYN TIMES Protecting your pride & joy There have been several high profile burglaries recently, but these represent only a small percentage of the number of actual robberies. While most thefts go unreported, the ones that are highlight the lengths some will go to in order to steal others’ prized, and often valuable possessions. It is no real secret that stowed in garages, stockpiled in barns, and deposited in attics and basements all over the district are any number of collectibles, memorabilia, antiques, classic machinery – tractors, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, boats - and, 9198779AA Jones Road, Rolleston, RD 7 Christchurch Ph 347 8703 Fax 03 347 9576 Mob 027 228 2854 Email Preferred repairer and service agent for all major warranty repair companies of course, all manner of classic, vintage, modified and standard cars. All of which are targets for unscrupulous people. Many of these prized collections are, for obvious reasons, inconspicuous and, in most cases, well guarded. When it comes to keeping these prized possessions safe and secure, it is worth regularly assessing the security measures you have in place. Sadly, thieves can be very sophisticated. Therefore, security systems need to not only keep up with, but stay ahead of them. • Panelbeating • All insurance claims • Sandblasting • Spray (Bake) Painting • Truck Refinishing • Windscreen Replacments • Chassis Straightening • Motorhome Refinishing • Loan Cars MT automotive Everyone’s personal situation is different, and so needs vary. Most collectors likely have in place the basics – robust locks, limited access, sufficient insurance cover, perhaps immobilisers for vehicles, steering wheel locks, wheel clamps and more. All these need regular assessment and upgrading. Whether you have one vintage motorcycle or twenty classic cars, protecting them can be a constant worry. One collector, who asked not to be named, says he is “very concerned”, both about the increase in burglaries locally, and the security of his collection of classic cars. He “worries a lot.” He has in place all of the things above, plus a relatively sophisticated surveillance system which sends alerts and live views to smart devices. He also has an infra red “trip wire” system, floodlights, and a large dog. He feels well protected, but also constantly looks for potential vulnerabilities. Another collector admitted a slightly more casual approach to the security of his collection, while acknowledging he “probably could, and should, do more.” Chris O’Brien at Storage King (Link Drive in Izone, rolleston) says inquiries about using the storage facility to protect valuable collectibles, including vehicles, are up. They have a variety of dry, safe, and very secure options available at very reasonable prices. Perhaps storage off-site of your pride and joy is something to consider. Your pride and joy deserves to be well protected. Whether classic vehicle, antique furniture, war memorabilia, family heirloom or vintage tractor, or anything else you value, it pays to regularly assess the systems with which you secure it. Many of the measures required to take care of prized possessions are the same as those required to protect your everyday belongings. Vigilance, strong locks, the proper insurance cover, keeping the most valuable things as inconspicuous as possible. Often, extra measures are required, and there is no time like the present to consider if you’re doing enough, or could do more, to protect your pride and joy. We service and repair most European vehicles namely Audi, BMW, Land Rover/Range Rover and VW and also Diagnostic Scanners for most other makes and models. MT automotive 2/36 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, ChCh Phone: 03 338 8777 Open: Mon to Fri 8am-6pm and Sat 9am-3pm 3 TRUCKS 3 CARS 3 LUBES 3 SERVICING 3 FLEET WORK 3 BOATS 3 DIESEL INJECTOR 3 & PUMP SERVICING 3 ENGINE TUNING Mon-Fri 6.45am-6pm, Sat 8am-12 noon (WOFs only) 3 BRAKES 3 MAXXIS TYRES 3 WHEEL ALIGNMENTS 3 BATTERIES 3 WOFs 3 CAMBELTS AND MUCH MORE! 839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213

SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at Wednesday June 27 2018 25 MOTORCARE PROFESSIONALS State of the art maintenance & repairs It’s that time of year again. Wet, icy roads, poor visibility, increased stopping distances. All of which should be a reminder of the importance of having brakes that are working optimally. At Jones Road Auto, they take these things very seriously. Their Safe-T-Stop brake testing machine is state of the art. One of the first to be installed in New Zealand, this plate brake tester accurately measures your vehicle’s brake performance and pinpoints possible problems. It also tests wheel alignment and suspension, which are also crucial to the safe running of any vehicle. It is always important to maintain your car, but especially so heading into the winter months. Regular servicing assures peak performance, and even extends the life of your car. The team at Jones Road Auto are qualified and experienced, able to carry out all mechanical repairs and offer thorough maintenance checks and servicing. Now is the ideal time to check the things that it is easy to take for granted, or simply ignore. Wiper blades should clear the screen. If they just smear dirt and water all over your field of vision, it is time to change them. It is also a good time to have your battery checked. Murphy’s Law predicts that if your battery is going to go flat, it will be on the wettest, coldest night of the year. So much easier to have it checked before that happens. Things such as light bulbs (headlights, indicators, brake lights, and even interior lights), anti-freeze and other fluids, and even the car’s heater should be checked, and fixed if necessary, at this time of year. And, of course, good tyres are vital to year-round motoring, but more so in winter. It is important they have adequate tread. With WOFs on many cars now only required yearly, “it’s easy to wear a tyre out between WOF checks,” says Lisa Fleck, Co- Owner of Jones Road Auto. ‘We’ve seen a huge increase in fails on tyres with the one year WOFs.” All these checks and repairs can be done at Jones Road Auto. They use the latest diagnostic equipment, provide courtesy cars so the time your car is off the road is not too inconvenient, do WOFs while you wait, and even provide hot drinks in their waiting area. For those who live towards the southern end of town, Selwyn Auto, in Springston, is also owned and operated by Lisa and husband Nigel, and offers the same range of high quality services as the Rolleston workshop. Manager Matt Taylor is also a motorbike mechanic. WOFs at Selwyn Auto need to be booked. Jones Road Auto (www.jonesroadauto. has been a part of the Selwyn landscape for many years, and is very proud to be expanding their presence and services even further. Exciting things are coming. “Watch this space,” Lisa says. Jones Road Auto ALL YOUR MOTORING NEEDS › While You Wait WOF’s › Courtesy Cars › Diagnostics › Repairs › Servicing › Batteries › Tyres Phone 347 4020 851 Jones Rd, Rolleston Specialists in Collision Repairs From small dings to major repairs • Two great locations • Collision repair specialists • Free loan cars and vans • Insurance repairs, smash repairs, rust repairs, fibreglassing • From motorbikes to horse floats • No job is too big or small • Open most Saturday mornings for customer convenience BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER 107 St Asaph St, City Central PH 0800 RO JONES