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Top 3 Benefits

of Childcare



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• A wide variety of developmental

aspects are involved in the early

years of any child's life. It may

include many aspects like cognitive,

emotional, linguistic and social


• Hence, it is always

recommended to provide a

learning environment that fosters

the development of all these


Benefits of Childcare Centres

2. Social Interaction

1. Preparation for School

Children who attend childcare develops many

important and useful skills, essential for classroom

learning at school.

At childcare centres, children learns to interact

and make friends. They also gets the opportunity

to interact with each other in a safe and

supervised environment.

3. Activities

Childcare Centres offer a full programme of

activities from songs to stories. The children also

enjoy structured periods of playing, learning,

napping and eating

Childcare Centres in


Matrix Early Learning is one of the prominent and reliable

childcare centres in Melbourne.

• Our centre offer custom built facilities to offer kids with

high quality learning and care.

• We welcome kids of age between 6 weeks to 6 years. With

us you can be sure that your child is in safe and secure


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Fawkner Centre

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