6 months ago

Caravan EVS Booklet (flipbook)

One of the main activities of In4EVS project was the EVS Caravans. The volunteers created the schedule themselves, with the help of the project coordinator. After a brainstorming of potential activities, the volunteers prepared a 5 hour schedule, with breaks. Than they prepared the materials necessary for each caravan. They used icebreakers and team building games, to connect to the participants. Some energizers were made to create a fun atmosphere. Trough Gymkhana, the participants had several tasks to complete in order to find out about key aspects of EVS. The EVS volunteers shared some of their experiences during their stage and invited the participants to ask them questions about the topic. Together, they created the perfect volunteer profile, by ”auctioning” potential needed skills. The evaluation was done with sticky notes or individually. A total number of 65 participants joined the caravans.

How to prepare and INFO DESK