DOMVS Enterprise Club Inspired Living - Issue 3 - Summer 2018


Inspired Living magazine, issue 3, from DOMVS Enterprise Club.

Inspired Living

DOMVS Enterprise Club

Summer 2018

# 003

Delight in the Best of

Our Seasonal Dorset

Photography Competition

‘View from the Top of Lanehouse

Rocks Road’ by this season’s winner,

Ben Tizard

Introducing Creative

Heroes, Art4Army

Summer Skin Protection

the Sarah Dale Way

Build Your Own Mini

Wildlife Pond

Welcome to Inspired Living

Official magazine of DOMVS Enterprise Club

A wonderful world awaits among the pages of our

Summer edition, brimming with fabulous produce, ways

to spoil yourself, and ideas to stimulate the imagination.

Read on and embrace the overflow of sheer enthusiasm

shown by each one of the talented artisans and business

owners featured inside. How lucky we are to live in this

exceptionally beautiful county with stunning coastline to

explore, lush countryside to roam, and gorgeous homes

to live in. It’s no wonder more and more people are

discovering this for themselves.

An example of just one of the reasons why I enjoy my job

so much is shown right here; 17.5 acres with a beautiful

house to boot are offered in a quiet lane on the outskirts

of Lytchett Matravers. Conveniently close to the

business centres of Poole and Bournemouth, the five-

bedroom (6,870 sq ft) home and charming onebedroom

bungalow, swimming pool and tennis court

cater extremely well for the two-leggeds. The fourleggeds,

meanwhile, can enjoy the stabling, manege, and

paddocks. Even the petrolheads among us have been

considered, with a rather swish arrangement of garaging

providing room for six cars. Brooklands genuinely offers

something for everyone. Try out our virtual reality film

at to see for yourselves.

Thinking of something a little smaller – or maybe a little

larger? Give us a call and we should be delighted to

share our world with you.

Polly Greenway,

Director, DOMVS

DOMVS Enterprise

Club Members

Our members comprise some of the best producers

Dorset has to offer, all independent businesses founded

and located in Dorset, who have come together to

promote not only each other, but the glorious lifestyle

and products our unique county has to offer.

We are always looking for exciting and innovative new

members, so if you fit the bill and would like to be

involved, please get in touch.


Polly Greenway

Club Secretary

Lucy Cole

Editorial & Design

Charlie Simonds


Allegoric Designs, Art4Army, Black Cow Vodka,

Dorchester Art Gallery, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Fordington

Gin, Groves Nurseries, The Highbrow Clinic, Lesley

Waters Cookery School, Nelipott, Primrose’s Kitchen,

Purbeck Candles, Sally’s Fish Camp, Sarah Dale

Aesthetics, Sarah Talbot Garden Design, Upstairs


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Inside this Summer

5. Competition time at Black Cow Vodka

6. Enjoy a summer sweetener with Allegoric’s Circus Farm

7. Worship the sun safely with Sarah Dale Aesthetics

8. Spotlight on: Nelipott Handmade Children’s Wear

9. Introducing: Sally’s Fish Camp

11. Start your day the Primrose’s Kitchen way

12. In the garden with Sarah Talbot Garden Design

13. Take a sensory tour with Purbeck Candles

15. This season’s special guests: Art4Army

18. News from The Highbrow Clinic

19. The best of our seasonal photography competition

21. Enjoy a taste of summer with Lesley Waters

23. DOMVS show their support

25. Follow the leader with Upstairs Downstairs

27. Create a wildlife garden with Dorset Wildlife Trust

28. Build your own mini wildlife pond with Groves

29. Spotlight on: Fordington Gin

30. Take five with our crossword

17. Spotlight on: Dorchester Art Gallery


Create an Inspirational Cocktail using Black

Cow Vodka for a Chance to Win a Distillery Tour

The winner will be invited for a free tour for two of the Black Cow Distillery, where they will be taken on a guided tour

of the distillery and have the chance to sample Black Cow Vodka whilst learning all about Black Cow. They may even

get a chance to mix and taste their winning creation!

For T&Cs and more information, please visit:


Enjoy Picnics and BBQs

with the Circus Farm

The garden furniture and the BBQ have been given

pride of place and the Circus Farm is ready for the warm

summer evenings. Perfect for outdoor dining, the Circus

Farm collection covers all bases.

Buttercup the Balancing Cow is featured on the fine

bone china jug, perfect for refreshing homemade

lemonade. The matching placemats and coasters in

the collection catch any little hiccups heading for the

summer tablecloth. Buttercup is also featured on the

premium cotton apron, which fits everyone in the family

and livens up the BBQ a treat. Add this homemade

lemonade to the mix and enjoy the al fresco fun!

Zesty Homemade Lemonade

• 4 lemons (unwaxed if possible) roughly chopped

• 140g caster sugar

• 1 litre of cold water

1. Slice one lemon into thin slices and put in the freezer,

separating the slices with greaseproof paper.

2. Put the rest of the lemons, sugar and half the water

into a food processor and blend until the lemons are

very finely chopped.

3. Pour the mixture into a sieve over a large bowl, and

press through as much juice as possible. Top up the

juice with the remaining water and serve with the frozen

lemon slices.


Here Comes the Sun

Sarah Dale, Owner, Sarah Dale Aesthetics

Has using sunscreen become part of your daily routine?

It’s a subject that we’re truly passionate about at Sarah

Dale Aesthetics. Sun protection should be a part of

everyone’s daily skincare regime, regardless of weather

or time of year. The risk of UVB exposure in summer

months is widely known, with the damage to skin being

much more visible – and painful. We find ourselves

talking to our clients about sun exposure more often

as we enjoy the first hot days of the year, and there are

plenty of facts to back up our advice:

• UVA is present in daylight all year round, penetrating

cloud and glass.

• UVA makes up 95% of the sun’s rays and, as a

longer wavelength, it penetrates deeper into the skin

than UVB 1 and 2.

• UV is responsible for up to 80% of skin ageing.

The facts are clear, so no matter the time of year

or what you’re doing, we encourage you to protect

your skin today for your best skin tomorrow. We are

delighted to be able to offer our clients products from

the Heliocare range, which have recently received

endorsement from dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto in an

article for the Daily Mail. One of her top tips was to use

Heliocare 360˚. She says,

“SPF is essential in your morning skincare

routine, as UV rays are always present,

regardless of the season. Regular sun screen

use all year round is like insurance, it will

help prevent premature ageing. I love

Heliocare 360˚ Gel Oil-Free Sunscreen for


Nothing protects your skin like Heliocare 360˚. Its

revolutionary formulation not only shields the skin’s

surface from damage, but also defends the skin from

within with the unique and powerful Fernblock FC. This

unrivalled combination means your skin will not only

have the maximum protection against UVA, UVB, visible

light and infrared-A, but also the free radicals caused by

other environmental challenges too. There’s a Heliocare

360˚product to suit every one of our clients. Come in

and see one of the SDA team soon to discuss the best

product for your skin type.

Our general sun protection advice to all our clients is

to apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, and hands first.

Apply sunscreen to these areas before applying it to the

face. People often forget to put sunscreen there even

though these areas are as exposed as the face. Studies

also suggest that we miss up to 10% of our face when

applying our SPF, which can leave us exposed. We often

hear our clients say they apply factor 30 or 50 everyday.

It is important, however, to reapply throughout the day.

The best advice is butter thickly and frequently! Another

convenient way to top up your sunscreen, especially on

top of your make-up during the day, is to use our Brush

on Block, which is one of our most popular products and

flies off the shelf at this time of year.

Created by a skin cancer survivor to encourage effective

protection against the sun, it utilises a brush containing

Mineral SPF 30 that offers physical protection by way of

deflecting those harmful UVA/UVB cancer–causing rays

- genius!

Look out for our ‘Product of the Month’ offers over the

summer, which will include special discounts on our

Heliocare range and Brush on Block. You will find Sarah

Dale Aesthetics at The Highbrow Clinic in Brewery

Square. Sarah and her team offer a wide range of

Aesthetics treatments including IPL rejuvenation and

permanent hair removal, Venus Freeze and Venus Viva.

Other services offered at The Highbrow Clinic include

permanent cosmetics by Louisa Franzen, and High

Definition brow and the make-up range by her expert

team. Call us now to book a complimentary skin analysis

and we can assess which suncare product would best

suit you. For more information about SDA treatments,

visit our website and follow us on Facebook.


T. 01305 269220


Nelipott Handmade Children’s Wear

Follow us at and




Beyond the Sea

Introducing DOMVS Enterprise Club’s

newest member, Sally’s Fish Camp

Sally’s Fish Camp is a new experience for anyone who

loves seafood, the ocean waves, sunsets, delicious

wines and good times with family and friends.

A seafood delivery service that can bring all this to the

beach, your boat on the marina, a favourite picnic spot

or maybe even your dining room table or back garden. In

fact, pretty much wherever you set up camp!

A fishy feast of local crab, lobster and oysters can be

delivered to you on ice in a handmade wooden crate

or stylish galvanised bucket, accompanied with local

sparkling wine, a selection of wines and local ale.

To make your seafood fest a memory to last, it couldn’t

be easier to select your favourite feast online. Simply

click on what you’d like, choose a time slot, and Sally’s

Fish Camp will be there.

You may like to crack, peel, pick and twist ‘til sundown

with a chilled bottle of local sparkling wine, or perhaps

you want it ready prepped to eat straight from the


Whatever the reason, be it a surprise romantic moment

for two in a secret location; a special occasion with

family and friends; a ladies luncheon; a BYO festival

hamper... then give Sally a ring to discuss. Anything is


Looking for something different to do with friends? Why

not try your hand at cracking a crab? Sally offers a fun

and relaxing crab-cracking workshop in your kitchen or

venue of choice with a group of your friends. A 2-hour

session includes cracking your own crab to keep, along

with recipe ideas on what to do with your dressed crab,

a selection of crab canapés and a glass of wine, and, of

course, the excitement of learning a new skill - lobster

workshops coming soon!

Visit the website for the full menu and wine list, delivery

options, crab-cracking workshops and gift vouchers.

Follow on Facebook and Instagram to see what Sally’s

Fish Camp is up to and which local food festival’s they

are attending this year.



Nettle and Apple Bircher

Primrose Matheson, Owner,

Primrose’s Kitchen

Spring has well and truly sprung, and wild greens are

springing up all over the place. When I am not chewing

on punchy wild garlic leaves for their vitamin C and

blood-thinning properties, I am brewing pots of tea made

from cleavers, nettles and primroses in order to absorb

their beneficial nutrients and stimulate the lymphatic

system, for which they have a great affinity. This really

is my favourite time of year.

As a lover of breakfast and a maker of muesli, I wanted

to find a way of using one of my favourite wild plants,

the Nettle (often thought of as a weed), and decided to

combine it as part of traditional Swiss Bircher muesli.


• 150g porridge oats

• 10g dried apple (sulphite-free) or half a fresh apple grated

• 10g sultanas

• 2-3g of dried, crushed nettles

• 4g chia seeds

The only ingredient you will need to prepare ahead of

time are the nettles. You will need to refer to a wild food

manual to identify this plant if you are not familiar. I

suggest picking the fresh tops of the nettle plants, as

this is where the plant holds all its energy and the leaves

are softer here, so if you are careful you can avoid

getting stung. Gather at least 100g fresh weight (enough

to fill a kitchen mixing bowl), so you will have some to

store once dried. We don’t want any stalks.

Put the oven on the lowest setting and lay out the

nettles on wire racks. Leave the oven door just open and

dry like this for 4-6 hours or until the leaves are crumbly

when you scrunch them up in your hands. This destroys

the irritating stings. Another way to do this is to hang

the nettles over radiators or in a hot green house. Once

dry, they should crush easily rather than be bendy.

Measure out all the ingredients from the list and place in

a bowl. Cover with your favourite milk the night before

you want to eat it, so it can soak. Soaking oats allows

them to be more easily digested. If you are using fresh,

grated apple, add this in the morning just before you eat


Nettles are one of the best sources of iron, vitamins

C and A and calcium, so sprinkle your new store of

dried nettles into as many meals as possible as a good

nutrition source. Chia seeds are a fantastic source of

protein, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids, and oats nourish

the nervous system.


In the Garden

with Sarah

Sarah Talbot Garden Design

Summer at last, but mind the gap...

Have you ever noticed how our gardens have a pause

between the early and late summer-flowering plants?

Here are some suggestions to help you bridge that gap:

• Roses: They do require time and effort if they’re

to look their best and many have their peak time

in June, so choose ones that repeat flower or can

provide a structure for other climbers – and scent

is a must! Some lovely ones are ‘Malvern Hills’,

‘Phyllis Bide’, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ and ‘The Generous

Gardener’. For an informal hedge try the rugosas;

only a single flowering, but with wonderful red and

orange hips.

• Clematis: Delightful climbers and so many to choose

from. Try ‘Prince Charles’, ‘Abundance’, ‘Jackmanii

Superba’ or any of the viticellas, such as ‘Venosa

Violacea’ or ‘Minuet’, and so simple to prune.

Between them they will give a wonderful display

from June to October. Perfect for training through


• Hardy Geraniums: These are some of the most

useful plants in the garden; many will flower all

summer and into the autumn. ‘Ann Folkard’, ‘Mavis

Simpson’, ‘Tiny Monster’ or ‘Rozanne’, and many

more, are all perfect for covering the bare ankles of

your roses.

• Honeysuckle: ‘Lonicera Periclymenum Serotina’

flowers July to October and has a delicious scent.

Ornamental grasses such as Stipa, Miscanthus,

Pennisteum and Hakonechloa will be looking good now

and preparing to flower, already giving airiness and

movement to the border, but more of those next time.

If you are undecided as to what to do with your garden,

then landscaper Alan Horley and I are happy to assist.

Over the years, we have developed a very successful

working relationship and if you’d like a little help, we’re

happy to share our expertise. Just call.

M. 07808 471937

T. 01305 751230



Your Nose

Find a fragrance for every room from

Dorset’s artisan candle company.

Phaedra Radstock, Owner, Purbeck Candles

Every room begins life as an empty space that we

gradually layer with colour, texture, furnishings,

fragrance and sound. Certain layers are visual, others

more subconscious, and as the layers build we begin

to create a mood. The better the design the more our

engaged our senses become. Despite the fact that, of

all our senses, smell is the most powerful, it is often the

last layer to be considered, but it is the element of room

design likely to have the most impact.

Let me take you on a sensory journey around your home.

Imagine your choice of decoration, colours, furnishings,

artwork, and even music (or peace and quiet) are already

in place, and discover how Purbeck Candles can add that

final layer to your perfect space, the wonderful gift of


Let’s start in the entrance hall. We want to envelope

everyone who walks through the front door in a delicious

fragrance, a fresh, citrusy, inviting scent with a warm,

woody base note. They may not notice at first that their

sense of smell has been woken, but this subconscious

first impression of your home will now be forever etched

into their memory, a feeling of warmth and welcome

and pleasures yet to come. All of this from a subtle reed

diffuser carefully positioned for maximum impact. We

suggest ‘The Orangery’ from the Purbeck Candles

‘Garden’ range. It is the perfect blend of essential oils to

welcome guests and family into your home.

From the welcoming entrance hall, let us enter your

stylish kitchen, a room always bubbling with delicious

aromas. We don’t want to compete in anyway with these

wonderful scents, we are looking for a fragrance that

compliments and inspires your gastronomic experiments

here in the heart of your home. Something fresh and

grassy like ‘Herb Garden’, a blend of rosemary, thyme

and lavender, is the perfect candle for any kitchen.

Personally, I prefer my main living space to feel cosy and

opulent in the winter and slightly floral in the summer,

so I am going to put forward a couple of options for

this particular area of your home. My first choice is a

sumptuous blend of oakmoss, cedar and sweet orange

with a subtle splash of geranium for that floral note. This

is warm, rich and cosy, a beautiful candle entitled ‘Lazy

Sunday Afternoon’ that makes you want to sink down

into that lush, comfy sofa with a good book and a fullbodied


For a slightly fresher spring/summer blend, however, I

would opt for either the Scandinavian-inspired ‘Hygge’

- warm, but with a fresh top note - or the very British,

super floral ‘Chelsea Flowers’. Both options are


heavenly and leave the room with a subconscious air of

pure luxury.

As for the bathroom, there is only one candle you need;

the divine ‘Spa Days’. Flooding the senses with feelings

of luxurious pampering and deep relaxation, this candle

was created with only one mood in mind; indulgence.

Where better to enjoy it than in the one area of your

home where ‘me time’ is less likely to be interrupted?

Just sink back in a deep, warm bath and enjoy.

Finally, lets end our house tour in the room designed

for sleep, an area of personal space and luxury where

relaxation should be paramount. For your bedroom I,

therefore, put forward ‘Tranquility’, a wonderful blend

of essential oils that sooth, centre and calm the mind,

creating a perfect space for peace and love.

Try our ‘Candle for Every Room’, four candles and a

diffuser of your choice in a beautiful gift pack, and

create your own beautiful spaces. For our full range of

natural home fragrances visit our website.

12 14

‘Spring in Suffolk’ by Hugo Grenville



Artists supporting the Army’s National

Charity, 27th Sep – 2nd Oct 2018

‘Blue Bowl with Falling Physallis’ by Alison Rankin

DOMVS is delighted to be supporting the Art4Army

fundraising exhibition of contemporary paintings,

photography and sculptures. In addition to the

exhibition, there will also be daytime talks by artists and

celebrities all in aid of the ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity

(formerly the Army Benevolent Fund).

There will be six fabulous days to view and buy

paintings, sculpture, ceramics and more by artists

selling their work to support the Army’s national

charity. Over 100 examples of contemporary works of

art will be on sale, as well as a series of daily talks and

demonstrations and a charity auction.

Admission to the exhibition is free between 28th

September and 2nd October 2018. On the evening of

Thursday 27th September there will be a private view

(admission by ticket), where artists and their guests

will join an invited audience to view the exhibition, and

a charity auction conducted by Duke’s partner and

auctioneer Garry Batt. Among the lots will be a selection

of promises, fine art and other items of interest. The

catalogue will be available to view two weeks before

the event, which will be hosted by Duke’s Auctioneers,

(Brewery Square, Dorchester, DT1 1GA).

For more information and tickets visit the Art4Army


‘Cheetah’ by Mark Coreth


‘View at Westminster’ by Christopher Glanville RWA

‘Cattle Sleeping’ by Katherine Swinfen Eady


Dorchester Art Gallery

Follow us at and



at Highbrow

News from The Highbrow Clinic, Dorchester

To celebrate the success of The Highbrow Clinic’s first year, we

held a champagne birthday tea party for all our regular clients at

the beginning of April. The fun afternoon was a huge success and

provided an opportunity for us to raise money for several cancer

charities. 12-year old Lily, daughter of Highbrow owner Louisa,

had her beautiful long hair cut short and donated her locks to the

Little Princess Trust, which makes natural hair wigs for children

who have lost their hair through cancer treatments. Lily also raised

over £1,500 for the trust, so very well done, Lily!

Congratulations to Louisa Franzen, owner

of The Highbrow Clinic, who has just passed

- with a merit - the Level 4 ITec Award in

Micro Pigmentation Treatments examination

she took last month in London, gaining 96%

in the practical application part. This now

enables Louisa to become a teacher/trainer

and, hopefully, a regional director for Natural

Enhancement of London. This qualification

probably makes her the most highly qualified

Micro Pigmentation Therapist in Dorset.

Staff Profile: Leah Aplin, Clinic Supervisor

Leah joined Highbrow just before Christmas 2017 and has quickly become a valued member of the team. After

gaining her qualifications at Yeovil College, Leah worked at a salon in Poundbury before joining the Highbrow team.

Since joining the clinic, Leah has gained her qualifications as a pro High Definition stylist and has become a highly

skilled lash enhancement expert, which shows in her incredible client retention. She also goes the extra mile in

providing clients with a service they will get nowhere else. In her spare time, Leah enjoys socialising with friends

and family, shopping and running. With five sprint triathlons under her belt, Leah has just completed a mega sprint

in which she swam 900 metres, cycled 18 miles and ran 4.5 miles! She is also in training for her first half Ironman

in June. She is looking forward to expanding her expertise within the aesthetic industry and providing the new and

exciting treatments we will be offering at The Highbrow Clinic in the coming months.

Product of the Month: The High Definition Glow Stick

Illuminate your complexion with the High Definition Glow Stick (right), a creamy, chubby

highlighter that creates a lit-from-within glow. Blending seamlessly onto skin, simply apply to

cheekbones and brow bones for subtle depth and dimension, or build to create a more intense

strobe effect. Expect a sculpted, long-wearing and professional finish. Special offer price:

£20.00 (RRP £24.00)

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to

a Highbrow experience that will let you enjoy your holiday looking perfectly groomed – by the

pool or on the dance floor – without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Phone the

clinic on 01305 269220 to book your treatment and find out what else we have on offer.

Coming soon to Highbrow:

• Derma planing - the latest London skin

resurfacing treatment creating a peachy


• New make-up range

• Staff profile - Verity McLaren

• Product of the month

• What’s new at the clinic


Capturing the Best of Dorset

Every quarter, we delight in showcasing the best from

Dorset’s landscape photographers, both budding and

seasoned. Featured here are our favourite early summer

entries, with the winning photograph, ‘View from the

Top of Lanehouse Rocks Road’ by Ben Tizard, gracing

our front cover. Ben and our runner-up, Penny Argent

(left), will both receive a bag of goodies from the DOMVS

Enterprise Club members.

The closing date for entries for this season’s competition

is Sunday 12th August at midnight. This time we’re

looking for rich, autumnal photographs of our beautiful

county. The winning entry will feature on the cover of

our next edition, available in early September.

‘Weymouth Harbour Reflections’ by Penny Argent

Terms & Conditions:

• Entries must be submitted by the stated closing date via email to (we regret we are unable to accept

postal entries).

• Please ensure photographs are 1MB to 3MB in size.

• By submitting your photograph/s you agree to allow DOMVS to

publish them in print as well as online, with full credit going to the

original author, for this and future purposes.

• Entrants should include their full name, address, telephone

number and the location/title of their photograph.

• The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will

be entered into. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean

acceptance of these terms and conditions.

‘Blossom View’ by Matthew Williams


Photograph by James Buckley

‘To the Lifeboat’ by Tymn Lintell

‘Sunset at Corfe Castle’ by Richard Murgatroyd

‘Weymouth Harbour - The Lifeboat’ by Penny Argent

‘Durdle Door 3’ by Matthew Williams


A Quintessentially British Summer

Lesley Waters, Owner, Lesley Waters Cookery School

Ask any Englishman (or woman!) to describe the

ingredients for a perfect summer’s day and hovering

near to, if not topping most lists will be a bowl full of ripe

and luscious English strawberries. These juicy, rich fruits

seem to hold a special place in our hearts and are loved

by many of us, old and young.

Here we are slap bang in the middle of strawberry

season. It’s rather extended these days, thanks to poly

tunnels, but walk through any market in summer and

your eye is sure to be caught by a striking pile of red

often taking centre stage in the beautiful displays. I may

be biased, but British strawberries are, without doubt,

the best. Avoid all foreign imports and buy small to

medium unblemished fruits for great flavour.

As with many fruits and vegetables, strawberries are

best eaten as fresh as possible. With this in mind, buy

directly from local farmers markets or look out for the

opportunity to pick your own. It’s great fun for all the

family and you may save a few pennies too.

Back in the kitchen, strawberries, like most berries,

should be washed with care and handled gently to avoid

bruising. If you don’t intend to use them at once, store

them (unwashed and uncut) in the fridge, but not for too

long. Most importantly, make sure you bring them back

to room temperature before eating to appreciate their

full flavour.

If you need extra sweetness, strawberries are fabulous

dipped in a little vanilla sugar or, if you’re looking for an

unusual alternative to a drizzle of cream, why not try

them with a sprinkling of good syrupy balsamic vinegar

or a grind of black pepper? Back in my days at Leith’s,

we used to serve up strawberry vinaigrette with avocado

pear – very 1980s, but I am known to still to whiz it up

on the odd occasion for the right guest.

Strawberries, however, are mainly used in puddings.

Great on their own or topping a tart, they also bring

a delicious sweetness to summer pudding or can be

classically refreshing in rich and creamy Eton Mess


(strawberries, crushed meringue and equal quantities of

thick double cream and yoghurt). I could have selected

from so many recipes, but I have settled on the prettiest

Champagne jellies, perfect for a special occasion or if

you just want to indulge!

Sparkling Summer Jellies

Makes 4

• 115g (4oz) blueberries

• 115g (4oz) small strawberries

• 55g (2oz) raspberries

• 3 sheets leaf gelatine

• 2 tablespoons caster sugar

• 450ml (3/4 pint) dry sparkling wine

1. Soak the gelatine in a bowl of cold water for five

minutes. Meanwhile, put the sugar and 100ml of the wine

in a pan and stir over a very low heat until the sugar has

dissolved. Pour into a large jug.

2. Squeeze the gelatine leaves to remove excess water,

then stir them into the warm liquid. Stir in the remaining


3. Divide the fruits between four glasses.

4. Pour in the wine mixture to just cover. Place the

glasses in the fridge and leave for approx. two hours or

until just set.

5. Serve straight away – the longer the jelly is out of the

fridge, the more it will soften.

If you would like to join Lesley for a day at the cook

school you can find all our course details online along

with other delicious recipes.


Supported by DOMVS

On 23rd June the DOMVS offices each held a charity

coffee morning in aid of the Fine & Country Foundation,

which supports charities for the homeless. Along with

other Fine & Country agents across the country, we

opened our doors to the local community for coffee,

cake and a natter.

The Fine & Country Foundation has already hosted and

participated fundraising events ranging from sleepouts

to the Rickshaw Run across India. Having raised

over £100,000 in 2016, the Foundation is aiming to

raise £1,000,000 by December 2018. Donations are

distributed to homeless charities on local, national and

international levels. Emilie Despois, Marketing Manager

at Fine & Country said, “We are really excited to carry

on the success of last year’s coffee morning. It is a

great way to meet with clients and locals, but it’s also a

fantastic reason to eat plenty of cake! We hope to see

as many visitors as possible enjoying a cup of tea and a

piece of cake in support of a cause which is so close to

our hearts.”

Community is a big part of the DOMVS ethos. Each year

we support numerous local events around Dorset, from

school and village fêtes to Dorchester Literary Festival,

Purbeck Art Weeks Festival and Dorset County Show. You

can see our roadside boards supporting and promoting

various events across the county just about twelve

months a year, and we have donated many thousands of

pounds to local charities as part of our community fund.

Here’s a little look at what we’ve been up to recently, and

events we’re supporting later this year:

Back in April, members of the DOMVS team, joined

by family and friends, volunteered their spare time to

take part in the 29th annual Great Dorset Beach Clean

organised by Dorset Wildlife Trust. Starting at Chesil

Beach Visitor Centre between Weymouth and Portland,

the team worked towards Ferry Bridge and collected

over 15 bags of rubbish. As a proud corporate sponsor of

Dorset Wildlife Trust, DOMVS is looking forward to their

next volunteering event.

To find out more about Dorset Wildlife Trust, their events

and how to volunteer, visit:

Upcoming Events Supported by DOMVS:

• Portesham Open Gardens: Sat 30th June & Sun 1st July

• Steeple Manor Open Gardens: Sat 7th July

• Church Knowle Food Fayre: Sun 15th July

• Weymouth Beach Volleyball: Fri 27th - Sun 29th July

• Dorset County Show: Sat 1st & Sun 2nd September



We’re delighted to announce that DOMVS has

recently won the British Property Awards

for best estate agent in both Dorchester and


Independently judged against over 25 criteria,

the British Property Awards recognised DOMVS

as having ‘performed outstandingly throughout

the extensive judging period’, displaying

levels of customer service which ‘provide a

benchmark for their local, regional and national


Dorchester: 01305 757300

Preston: 01305 835300

Wareham: 01929 555300


Lead the Way

Kitty Oakshott, Owner, Upstairs Downstairs

Want to make a statement with your soft furnishings

this season? Try taking the lead. We are seeing emerging

trends incorporating trims and contrasting fabrics to

make a feature of a leading edge. This can be the edge

where two curtains meet, or the bottom edge of a

blind. To give you a few ideas, why not add a decorative

beaded trim to a delicate plain silk curtain and, to take

it one step further, add a matching pelmet with the

same beaded fringe? A decorative edge on a pelmet can

create the perfect frame for a beautiful set of curtains.

Pick a complementary braid, bead, tassel or pom pom

and add it to the underneath edge of the pelmet if it’s a

bead or pom pom, or make a feature border stitched on

top if you decide to go for a flat braid or tape. This can

look beautiful on a soft pleated pelmet, and don’t forget

you can add the same trim to a plain lampshade to tie

everything together.

Adding a coordinating patterned blind can also create a

sophisticated look. To have some real fun with a leading

edge, why not go for a coloured pom pom added to

the bottom of a Roman blind? Attach the pom poms

so they are just popping out from the bottom of the

blind and are in view when the blind is up, or, as most

of them come stitched onto a decorative tape, make a

feature of it. You can even get giant pom poms to make

a real statement. Try adding some coordinating scatter

cushions somewhere in the room, making sure they have

the matching pom pom trim too.

To add a bit of something to a plain curtain, choose a

bold flat tape or braid for your leading edges. If you have

patterned fabrics in the room, this is a great way to add

interest without adding yet another pattern. There is an

array of beautiful, textured, patterned and even sparkly

tapes to choose from - whatever takes your fancy!

Cost-efficiency is another great benefit of a leading

edge. If you have a window that is just that little bit

bigger than the width of a fabric, a leading edge can

come in handy. It can give you that extra little bit of

width and, if you choose your fabrics carefully, will look

like it was supposed to be there all along. Try teaming

a beautiful patterned fabric with an inexpensive, plain

leading edge fabric to save yourself a few pennies.

Pop into Upstairs Downstairs any time to have look

at our extensive range of fabrics and trims. The team

will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and guide

you through the collection. Our recently refurbished

downstairs shop houses an array of interior inspiration,

home décor, soft furnishings and beautiful gifts, and will

be opening in the next few weeks; follow us for updates.


Photograph © Jane Adams

Photograph © Katie Wilkinson

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening

Sally Welbourn, Communications Officer, Dorset Wildlife Trust

Whilst spring seemed to take a while to get underway,

summer is now here in all its glory. The role our

gardens now play in supporting the overall ecosystem

and sustaining many species is well-known, and many

gardeners take great pleasure in being a part of the

nationwide movement of helping the environment and

wildlife. Regardless of the size of your garden, balcony,

or even window box, there are numerous ways to help

wildlife, which is sadly declining, including our much

beloved creatures such as bees and hedgehogs.

There are several things you can do in your garden, no

matter its shape or size, ranging from simple tasks to

more creative and complex projects. Choosing shrubs

and trees to complement the flowers provides more

colour, and more food and shelter for a broader variety

of species. Adding a water feature is by far the easiest

and quickest way to support wildlife and make your

garden a favourite spot in the neighbourhood. A pond

is ideal, but requires a bit of work and safety measures.

Even a small bowl or bird bath, however, makes a big

difference to your new feathered friends. Putting up

a nest box at this time of year can provide a refuge

for cold and tired birds searching for somewhere to

bring their young into the world. Bees (and butterflies)

are essential for pollination, so choosing the right

flowers and plants is a good place to start to help them.

Marigold, Bell Heather and Evening Primrose are all

good, gorgeous summer bloomers. Looking ahead at the

seasons, it is ideal to choose native plants that provide

nectar and pollen for as long a period as possible,

enabling our pollinators to make the most of their

havens in our green spaces.

Food can be provided in the form of feeders for birds,

food plants for caterpillars, and bee and butterflyfriendly

flowers. Size doesn’t matter for wildlife; any

garden can provide a ‘service station’ stop. Try and

choose plants that flower at different times of the

year, and maybe leave a patch of lawn untouched by

the mower. If you only have a courtyard garden, try

planting climbers which can provide food and shelter for

many insects as well as birds, or put up some bee and

butterfly-friendly plants in containers. Minibeasts are

not everyone’s favourites, but are vital for supporting

life above ground. Contrary to popular belief, most are

not a nuisance, but the exact opposite; they perform

a crucial gardening role by helping with pest control,

pollination and the recycling of waste.

Gardening for wildlife doesn’t mean you have to leave

your garden to overgrown borders, wild planting and

weeds. Don’t forget this is your haven too, so make

sure you have allowed yourself some seating so you

can observe the life you’ve welcomed to your oasis

for nature. With the stresses of today’s modern world,

having a wildlife haven on your doorstep can be a source

of relaxation and enjoyment. The dawn chorus, which

is at its peak in May and June, is the perfect example

of being able to enjoy nature. Sit back and relax to the

sound of bird song to start your day, or if you hit the

snooze button too many times, listen out in the evenings

for the dusk chorus, which can be just as impressive. The

health and well-being benefits of getting ‘back to nature’

are well-documented, and a few simple changes to your

garden can mean you have a perfect recipe for creating

a wildlife-friendly garden and a happier, healthier you.

To find out more, visit our website where you can

also apply for a’ wildlife-friendly garden’ plaque and

download more information about gardening with

wildlife in mind.


How to Make Your Own

Mini Wildlife Pond

Charlie Groves, Manager, Groves Nurseries

All creatures need access to water in your garden, from

insects like dragonflies and butterflies to birds, frogs

and hedgehogs. Make a mini wildlife pond that’s easy for

them to access and they will be able to thrive.

What You Will Need:

• An old bucket or

watertight container

• A spade

• Old bricks, rocks and


• Native pond weed and

other aquatic plants


1. Dig a hole deep enough to hold your container.

2. Sit the container in the hole and fill the gaps around

it with loose soil.

3. Build up a pile of rocks/bricks/pebbles in the bottom

of the container.

4. Add in floating pond weed and other pond plants of

your choice.

5. Fill with water - preferably rain water.

Level with the ground

Provides hidey holes and helps

animals get in and out

Hole filled in with loose soil



From Fordington with Love

Fordington Gin is a new and contemporary gin, locally

created in Dorchester, bringing you a London Dry base

with a special and uniquely magical twist based on the

absinthe botanicals.

Fordington Gin brings a taste that is gentle yet

distinctive in flavour. The aniseed and lemon balm add

lightness to the gin, allowing for a subtle yet creative

taste for you to enjoy.

Throughout the county, from its rolling green hills to its

majestic coastline, Dorset is home to some of the most

exceptional food and drink producers in the country, and

Ros Nelmes, creator of Fordington Gin, is no exception.

Ros is hugely passionate about her gin, and has a deep

love of Dorset.

Ros also has an extensive knowledge of the world of

gin, and regularly gives talks on its creation and social


‘Having been a practising chiropractor for

many years, I decided it was time for a change...

and what a refreshing change!’


Step Away from the Smartphone...

1 2 3 4 5 6


8 9 10

11 12 13 14

15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23



1. Game played with 55 pieces (11)

8. Game played with 100 pieces (8)

9. & 16. Game played with 30 pieces (10)

11. Appetizer (6)

13. Watch or listen wirelessly (6)

15. Like the trousers of the philanthropist (6)

18. Milliner (6)

21. Noisy game played with 11 down (4)

23. Long board game (8)

24. Blacksmith’s trade (11)

Crossword compiled by Finnginn


2. Cigar - Capital (6)

3. Stone in the road (6)

4. Co-author of The Communist Manifesto (6)

5. Liar (6)

6. Intergovernmental organisation concerned with oil (4)

7. Hot drink (5)

10. Native of Cambodia (5)

11. Deck - Pack (5)

12. Dish encased in pastry (3)

14. Hot drink (3)

16. See 9 (6)

17. Tile for 1 across (6)

18. Improving (6)

19. Chess piece (6)

20. German mathematician (5)

22. Shakespearean king (4)



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