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01907 Summer 2018

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A publication of Essex Media Group Publisher and Editor Edward M. Grant Chief Executive Officer Michael H. Shanahan Directors Edward L. Cahill John M. Gilberg Edward M. Grant Gordon R. Hall Monica Connell Healey J. Patrick Norton Michael H. Shanahan Chief Financial Officer William J. Kraft Controller Susan Conti Chief Operating Officer James N. Wilson Editorial Director Thor Jourgensen Advertising Sales Ernie Carpenter Michele Iannaco Ralph Mitchell Patricia Whalen Contributing Writers Bill Brotherton Gayla Cawley Bella diGrazia Thomas Grillo Daniel Kane Steve Krause Stacey Marcus Lindsey Ryan Bridget Turcotte Production Mark Sutherland Photographers Spenser Hasak Owen O’Rourke Advertising Design Trevor Andreozzi LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER TED GRANT Out of the Blue, another dynasty Another dynasty is developing in 01907. Not that 01907; this 01907. Not in the town; in the magazine. In the 1960s and ‘70s, the dynasty was Swampscott High Big Blue football — and the Jaurons played a prominent role. The developing dynasty is the Jaurons themselves. Jaurons not as football greats, but as coverboys. You are reading the 11th edition of 01907 The Magazine. It’s also the second one with a Jauron on the cover. OK, as dynasties go, it may not be John and John Quincy Adams; or George H.W. and George W. Bush; or even Blake and Krystle Carrington (Google it, children). But in the tiny universe that is Essex Media Group, it’s dynastic. Dick Jauron graced the second edition, Winter 2015. The cover story chronicled a legendary football career: high school star; first team All America at Yale; 8 years as a player in the NFL, and 28 as a coach (including 9 as a head coach; 5 with the Bears, 4 with the Bills). This time it’s Bob Jauron, Dick’s older brother. We chronicle the chronicle and chronicler. Bob wrote a book, “Big Blue Days,” that details Swampscott’s decades of dominance. Growing up in these parts in the 1960s and ‘70s, as did I, one seemingly couldn’t help but get wrapped up in Swampscott High football. As was the case with any team that won as often as the Big Blue, you probably either loved or hated them. I was an exception, I guess; as a St. Mary’s kid I didn’t care one way or the other. But I digress. Bob Jauron’s book relives the glory days — defined as from the time Coach Stan Bondelevitch came to town in 1953 through his first departure after the 1976 season. The book is filled with the types of anecdotes and facts and figures that only an insider could possess. But allow me to focus on our guy Steve Krause, the cover story’s author. He has a unique perspective on all this. He’s a Lynn guy and a 1971 graduate of St. John’s Prep — and on Halloween 1970, his senior season, the Prep stormed into Swampscott and snapped the Big Blue’s unbeaten streak of 32 games, which dated back to the opening game of the 1967 season. Krause isn’t an in-your-face guy. But it’s a wonder he doesn’t walk up to everyone he meets, stick out his hand, and say, “Hi. I was on the team that ended Swampscott’s 32-game unbeaten streak.” I know I would. Krause has written more stories about those days than he can count, yet keeps that detail all but hidden. A true gentleman, he. The Big Blue piece isn’t the only reason to enjoy this edition of 01907. Elsewhere inside, Realtors Phyllis Sagan and Michael Cannuscio discuss the merger of their firms in what was an interesting real-estate market this spring. Having lived next door to Phyllis for 15 years, I’m confident she’ll make the partnership a powerhouse. Interested in breakfast? Bella diGrazia has a story about the opportunities for beach-goers along Humphrey Street to get their days going in the right direction. Gayla Cawley writes that the efforts to keep the fish house up and running could use a little tender loving care; and, finally, find out things you never knew about school superintendent Pamela Angelakis. As is the case with Phyllis, I’m a Pam fan. Maybe that can count as a sixth thing you didn’t know about Pam. (And definitely one you didn’t care to know.) Anyway, enjoy 01907. ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 110 Munroe St., Lynn, MA 01901 781-593-7700 ext.1234 Subscriptions: 781-593-7700 ext. 1253 Read online at: 04 A Real powerhouse 09 Breakfast on Humphrey 10 5 things you didn’t know 12 Thinking Big Blue 16 Fish House gets some TLC INSIDE 18 The Rum Runners 22 Locally imported prosecco 26 The art of Swampscott 28 A matter of principal 30 Styling tips Cover photo of Bob Jauron, author of “Big Blue Days,” taken by Spenser R. Hasak, outside of the new Blocksidge Field. 02 | 01907

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