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The Star: June 28, 2018

The Star: June 28,

Thursday, June 28, 2018 Why does booze do this to me? Rock icon Jordan Luck reveals why he gave up the bottle – pages 4 & 5 Cops close in on con man • By Bridget Rutherford POLICE HAVE found two bank account numbers in their hunt for a con man who falsely said gangs would hurt their families if people didn’t pay up. Senior Constable Wayne Stapley said two of the victims had been given two bank account numbers to put money into. Police had checked one, and were awaiting details about the other. Senior Constable Stapley would not comment on what the investigation into the first account number revealed. He said two phone numbers, connected to the same person, led police to a suspect who had been interviewed and denied any involvement. The Star understands a teenager is the key suspect. “He swears black and blue it wasn’t him and he doesn’t have the cell phone numbers anymore,” he said. “We have to find out where these phones are and tie them up with the bank accounts.” Police have received 21 complaints from Christchurch people targeted by the sinister scam. It involved phone calls and texts to victims who are told the caller is from the Mongrel Mob, Highway 61 or Black Power. One victim was told to pay $1000 or Black Power would burn his house down and harm his family. The con man says they are watching the victims’ families and elderly parents. Senior Constable Stapley would not comment on whether the perpetrator was actually connected to the gangs. Last month, Canterbury University criminologist Greg Newbold told The Star gangs would be “filthy” if they were being impersonated. Senior Constable Stapley said none of the people who had gone to the police had paid over any money. There have been no further reported cases.