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Pure Jazz Magazine Special Women's/Jazz Month Issue

PJM celebrates women's month and Jazz month with this special issue

Tiana M. Baker is an

Tiana M. Baker is an aspiring Transgender rights Activist and loving mother working towards building a platform to assist young trans woman in reaching a higher goal than just living in a stigma she works hard in hopes of becoming a life coach in the trans community with that being said family is very important to her and she wants the world to know she is ready to fight for thier rights to contact her she can be reached at tianaactivistbaker@gmail. com Pure Jazz Needs your SUPPORT It keeps us moving forward Click Here! Page 16 - Pure Jazz Magazine Let me start by saying #MeToo. I just recently came across this movement when I was asked to write this article. Not having any idea of what this was all about I graciously accepted the offer to share my perspective. So without any hesitation I dived into my research on the matter head first. I discovered this is a very important issue that needs awareness. I was very pleased to find that awareness was being raised on a delemima that has effected woman throughout history. I’m pleased to share one of my #MeToo moments with you... It started when I arrived in New York City and was residing in Far Rockaway Queens. I struggled with culture shock, being a stranger in a place where work was scarce. I thought having worked in the past on the internship level with a few non-profit organizations might help me find something and it did. Once that opportunity was over I found myself unemployed again needing income to care for my son. As if being a single parent isn’t hard enough, without added distractions I came up with what i felt was an amazing idea. I approached my Landlord with whom I had great rapport if he knew of any career opportunities. He said get back to me and he keap his word. I bet at this point you think he was the predator but you would be wrong. His referal was to a small company of five employees, two women (including myself) and three men two whom were the owners who were absolute gentlemen. The culprit was a little too friendly, he would inappropriately touch me and then say “ I’m sorry Miss Baker”. I would brush it off smile and say its ok... However in my head it made me extremely uncomfortable and I would go home and share these stories with my best friend. Trying to convience myself, “at least I have a job”. As time progressed, his advances became more flagrant and I began to reach my breaking

point. Finally I went home and said to my friend “I think I have to quit my job”. He asked “what are you going to do?” Not wanting to cause a scene at work I said “I’ll have to sleep on it”. I came to the conclusion I was going to speak to my coworker and see if we could solve this so we couldmove on. I walked into work the next day to find my desk moved. I asked him about it and he replied “Well Miss Baker I love looking at you and this makes it easier”... I sat for a moment to gather myself, as he watched me intently asked “are you ok? You look aggravated” I said “I am”. I stood up went to my boss, I let him know I didn’t want to start trouble for the company but my coworker was making me really uncomfortable and felt I needed to resign. My boss asked if i was sure I replied yes. That’s just one of my many #Me- Too moments. My question: How would you feel if I told you that not only am I a woman, but I am a woman of transgender experience that has gone and is going through her Male to Female transition. Now I would like you to take a moment and think about it. I’ll wait. So now, that you have collected your thoughts, whatever they may be you could only imagine how I felt to see that this movement has not been as inclusive to Trans women as it possibly could have. Women who not only deal with the everyday struggle of being a woman but in addition deal with the LABLE of being so called Transgender. I’ve come to understand that too many times stereotypes overshadows the truth. Believe me when I say this is not a cry for help but a cry for Justice for all women everywhere no matter her color creed or socio-economic or gender status. It is in my opinion that this movement should not only support one demographic of women, but all. My question #2: Would you exclude a lesbian woman because her interest is in other women? I don’t think so because just like you or I it can happen to any woman. Please understand, I don’t wish to be aggressive but humble in hopes that you understand that you have fought to have equal rights to men and are still fighting for those rights to be equal and now here I am trying to be a voice for Trans women across the globe. Saying we are here and we are just as affected by this as you I feel I speak for us all when I say we should be included. While you’re at it please remember there is power in numbers. So, let’s stand together and fight this fight worth fighting. I’ll end this by saying my name is Tiana Michelle Baker and I’m here to say #MeToo! Support our Annual Blues Festival For more information: Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 17