6 months ago

Pure Jazz Magazine Special Women's/Jazz Month Issue

PJM celebrates women's month and Jazz month with this special issue


2018 SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1 Number 2 Founder Jo Ann Cheatham -Publisher- Agneta Brewster-Ballesteros -Contributing Writers- Playthell Benjamin Patricia Kelly Elizabeth K. Collins -Poetry Contributor- IMMANI Kim Clarke $24.95 SUBSCRIPTION - 4 ISS Page ........... 14 -Graphic Design- Direct Communications -Marketing- Danyelle Ballesteros -Consultants- Playthell Benjamin Dwight Brewster Chester Lewis Jr. Dr. Randy Weston -Social Media- Darryl Brewster Felecia Brewster William K. Crosby Beverly Jensen This magazine was made partially with public funds from BAC the Brooklyn Arts Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs. Page 4 - Pure Jazz Magazine Miriam Makeba Page ........... 19 Visit Us Online © TMG, LLC PureJazz Magazin P.O. Box 22101 Brooklyn, NY 1120 Visit Us Online

2 Features #MeToo How about You? .... 8 Silence Breaker ... 16 Pure Jazz Archives Abby Lincoln.... 23 Columns With The Music In Mind .... 5 A Long Way Home ... 7 Now Showing .... 11 Woman of Courage ..... 18 Support Pure Jazz Magazine ... Visit Here... Pure Jazz magazine Womans/Jazz special issue published semi-annually with editorial and advertising headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y. All rights reserved. The authors and editors have taken care to insure that all information in this issue is accurate. Nevertheless, the publisher disclaims any liability loss or damages incurred as a consequence directly or indirectly of the use and application of any contents. Pure Jazz Magazine - Page 5