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Community Resources: July 12, 2018

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14 community resources 2018 PainfUL feet Footprints Podiatry are your footcare experts. Their team of podiatrists have decades of experience behind them to identify your ailment and recommend the best possible solution. Do you experience foot or lower leg pain or any of the following conditions? Achilles tendinitis, Heel spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, Jumpers knee, Patella tendonopathy and Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints). Footprints Podiatry can help. One of their successful remedies is Shockwave therapy which was originally used to break down kidney stones. Doctors found the results to accelerate the tissue-healing response in an area. This lead to the transition of shockwave therapy to musculoskeletal conditions. Shockwave therapy uses little impulses produced by air pressure that is directed toward the affected tissue. They are audible, low energy sound waves, which work by increasing blood flow to the injured area. This initiates an inflammation-like response in the injured tissue, accelerating the body’s healing process by increasing cell regeneration. When applied at the site of the pain, shockwaves produce an analgesic effect which increases blood circulation and facilitates the repair process. Benefits of Shockwave therapy: 1. Pain reduction – by changing the way the nerves signal pain (interferes with the pain signals in a positive way). 2. Increased tissue healing – radial shock wave causes the elease of chemicals in the cells, which can reduce inflammation and pain. 3. Improved blood flow – repeated shock waves create new blood flow promoting tissue healing and regeneration. 4. Reduced muscle tone – shock waves act on trigger points. These are the painful tender spots in muscle, which often generate pain and dysfunction. 5. Hyperstimulation of nerve endings leading to immediate pain reduction. Shockwave therapy is generally well tolerated and may be uncomfortable but not painful, this sensation will stop as soon as the treatment has ended. Side effects can include: redness, slight swelling, and discomfort over the treatment area. Treatment takes approximately 15 minutes and the shockwaves are mechanical and not electric. Call Footprints Podiatry today to schedule your appointment. 03 332 9792, or www.footprintspodiatry. Walking never felt so good! This unique powerful treatment provides you with pain relief in seconds Acupuncture without needles Free yourself from heel pain • Relieves all kinds of body pain • Boosts your energy • Improves sleep and mood • Relieves asthma and hay fever • Combat addiction (sugar, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs) • Amazing improvements for numb and weak muscles Search YouTube Dr Lan Reflexology for Instant Results Videos ACC Registered ...and get your active lifestyle back on track. Shockwave Therapy is non-invasive and can effectively relieve your heel pain. 7 Milton Street, Somerfield Phone 332 9792 259 Ilam Road, Ilam Phone 351 0886 Dr Lan’s Reflexology Network Melrose Building 108 Sawyers Arms Road, Christchurch Phone: (03) 323 4168 or 027 231 8388 BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

HIGH QUALITY baby products for sale or hire When little ones come to stay, it can be tricky getting hold of everything you need. Highchairs, portacots, buggies and carseats are all important pieces of equipment to ensure a comfortable stay, but not necessarily things we have sitting around at home, if we don’t have young children ourselves. Baby On The Move have the answer, offering long or short term hire of exactly these types of products, and can also help with professional installation of the carseats, ensuring that our young visitors are both comfortable and safe. Baby On The Move started in Christchurch more than 20 years ago. With 16 franchises thoughout New Zealand, including two here in Christchurch, they provide a range of high quality baby equipment for hire and sale. Whether you need a portacot for a weekend visit, or a full nursery set-up for family visiting for a month or more, Baby On The Move have everything you need. Carseats for young children are a very specific safety requirement which can be confusing and stressful. The professionally trained Child Restraint Technicians at Baby On The Move, will talk you through what you will need for babies and children of different ages, check that you have the correct fittings in your vehicle, and then fit the carseats for you when you pick them up. This gives peace of mind so you can safely transport your young visitors, knowing that your carseats have been installed by the experts. As well as offering short or long term hire options, Baby On The Move are also retailers, stocking a wide range of quality carseats, nursery equipment, toys, and everything you need for babies and young children. If you are caring for littlies on a regular basis, it may make sense to purchase certain items, and once again, Baby On The Move can provide sensible advice in choosing quality products. With carseats purchased or hired from Baby On The Move, they offer free installation for the life of seat, which means that any time you need assistance you can pop in, and they will adjust or reinstall the seat free of charge. If you have a carseat purchased elsewhere, they also offer a professional installation service for which a fee applies. Baby On The Move stores can be found in Burnside and Sydenham or online at CONTACT BABY ON THE MOVE, CHRISTCHURCH CENTRAL: 87a Gasson Street, Sydenham. Ph 03 421 3243. BABY ON THE MOVE, CHRISTCHURCH NORTH: 515 Wairakei Road, Burnside. Ph 03 960 9752. Great hire selection, not just car seats! The Baby On The Move Hire Advantage >> Biggest hire selection >> Known brands >> Days, months or even a year CHRISTCHURCH CENTRAL 03 421 3243. 87a Gasson Street, Sydenham. >> Flexible hire options >> Child Restraint Techicians >> FREE advice and checks CHRISTCHURCH NORTH 03 960 9752. 515 Wairakei Road, Burnside. Short or long term hires available.