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Community Resources: July 12, 2018


MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Now you can be at the forefront of a new era: Intelligent Hearing. HEAR AGAIN are proud to bring a world first to New Zealand. A leading Danish hearing aid manufacturer has recently launched the only hearing aid that keeps learning from users around the world, while improving your listening experiences in real life and real time. Machine learning makes these devices really smart. They constantly work to perfect every hearing event by combining your own realtime input with what has already been learned both from you and from millions of other listening experiences around the world. • SMART PHONE CONNECTIVITY • EASY VOLUME ADJUSTMENT • HANDS FREE PHONE CALLS Simply use your smartphone to select the sound level that best suits your environment: the devices remember this for the next time you find yourself in a similar place; easy! • CRYSTAL CLEAR DIGITAL SOUND • PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR NEEDS • 6 WEEK RISK FREE HOME TRIAL 03 974 1658 Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim available for members SHOP 125, THE HUB, HORNBY - WWW.HEARAGAIN.CO.NZ