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July 2018













Volume 15, Issue 5

Dan Roberts

Ray Sarbacker

Debbie Landry

Rana Goodman

Evan Davis

Sam Wagmeister

Stu Cooper

Rich Natole / Jon Lindquist

Michael Roberts

Diedre Wells

Bill Caserta


July 2018


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We’ve very proud that in 2017,

The Vegas Voice received a total

of 8 state & federal awards for

our publication; including the

Nevada Press Association’s “Best

Investigative Story” and its

“Freedom of the Press Award” for

upholding the principles of the

First Amendment and protecting

the public’s right in exposing

the Clark County guardianship


Mary Richard

Crystal Sarbacker

Victoria Seaman

Jim Valkenburg

Beverly Washburn

Devon Wickens

Vicki Wentz

James White

One Final Rant

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

Enough already. Get off the soapbox!”

Apparently, my Rana was not amused.

I admit that it was a role reversal – yours truly

using her soapbox to rattle on and on (and on) about the “social

injustice.” But I was on a roll.

Am I the only person that feels this way? Have I aged into a grouchy


In my previous columns, I have opined about my airport experience.

Please permit me one last temper tantrum concerning the “boarding


Now, I’m not going to name names (Hint: What’s the opposite of

northeast?) and let me add that to this airline’s credit they don’t nickel-

&-dime you for check-in luggage. Nor is their experience any worse

than any other airline.

My beef is over the entire boarding procedure - starting with a seat


I do not understand why, when you purchase a flight, you cannot get

a seat assignment. What’s so difficult in “first come, first served?”

But no, you have to wait 24 hours before your scheduled flight to

select, not your seat, but when you can board.

Now if you’re as crazy as I am, you anxiously sit by the computer and

obsessively check the time. You count down to exactly the permitted

second and hope that you are placed in the “A” listing.

What I find amazing is how many fellow lunatics are also waiting

for that same moment. And god forbid you do so 5 minutes past the 24

hours window.

Perhaps you’ll get that “B” category, but more likely you’ll receive the

dreaded “C” classification. Make no mistake. “C” means center seating

– and odds are you’ll be sandwiched between a “calorie-challenged”

heavyweight and some screaming kid.

The good news however, is that for only $15 (and we are back to

the nickel-&-dime way of airline life) you can be guaranteed an “A”

listing. Wow, what a deal!

As an aside, how many times before even boarding do you hear the

standard announcement that there is a delay or a problem and “we

apologize for the inconvenience”?

You really believe they’re sorry? Wouldn’t you at the very least,

welcome some honest statement that reflects what they really mean:

“Yeah, we’re going to be late. Get over it! You don’t like it, take a


But I digress. Let’s get back to the boarding process.

Once they announce your letter, the cattle call begins. Like obedient

school children, you form two rows and start comparing numbers with

your fellow passengers.

“I’m 31, you’re 44, get behind me.” And woe to the person who

tries to cut in front of you. (“Hey, you’re only 52, move buddy!)

Wait, there’s more. As you enter the plane, we now play Musical


Quickly eying your prospective seat, you hope (pray) that the person

ahead of you does not grab “your” seat and there is still room overhead

for that carry-on bag you’ve been dragging around for (it seems) 3


(And how did we ever survive with luggage that did not have wheels?

But once again, I digress).

Then to cap off all the fun, the flight attendant states that the “plane

cannot leave the gate until we’re all seated, so let’s …” as if the

delay is our fault.

Finally, to add insult to injury, if you pay the $15 and out-maneuver

the exit row seat from some old lady, the flight attendant asks (after

once again “apologizing” for the delay) that for the privilege of

paying the extra money and sitting in seats that don’t recline, “in an

emergency, are you prepared to assist other passengers?”

Perhaps you can now understand why Rana took away that soapbox

when I cheerfully answered: “Ma’am, this flight is now 2 hours late

and we’re packed like sardines. If there’s an emergency, you better

believe that after I get Rana off the plane, the next thing you’ll see is

my ass running like hell off the plane.”

Naturally the flight attendant (and my Rana) were “shocked,

shocked” by my response. But all ended well – I quickly “apologized”

for my statement.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer and vacation plans too.


Get Ready for Cool Entertainment

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

As the summer gears up and the heat

kicks in, we start to look for some cool


Come on out to the Adelson Campus on Sunday,

August 19 th for our 3 pm “Sizzzlin’ Summer” spectacular.

With many people heading out of town to avoid the 110-degree

temperatures, we’ll provide some cool music hosted by Chadwick

Johnson and Jonathan Karrant. Chadwick, a pop artist, singer

and songwriter and Karrant the modern-day equivalent of jazz singer,

Mel Torme, will co-host the show. Of course, I will stick my nose out

on stage from time-to-time just because I can.

As for our scheduled lineup of talent, I can’t think of six other

performers I’d rather have sharing the stage for this event. Of course,

no offense to the 100’s or other performers that I love and adore, but

you can only do so much in 90 minutes!

Looking at the diverse talent, I would like to give you a taste of what

you can expect.

Let’s start with the lead singer of the Checkmates, Sonny Charles.

His hit, Black Pearl, put him on the entertainment map and then he

later toured with the Steve Miller Band.

That performer alone would be enough to make the show a big hit,

but let’s bring in Travis Cloer. A true Broadway star who performed in

Jersey Boys as Frankie Vali to name just one show.

And then there’s

the Vegas icon Chris

Phillips, better known as

Zowie Bowie. You can

find him everywhere from

downtown to the strip.

“Zowie Bowie is to Sin

City what Frank Sinatra

and Ann-Margret were to

With my co-hosts Chadwick Johnson &

Jonathan Karrant

Vegas back in the ’60s.” – a quote from the Las Vegas Magazine.

And how about the gals! Anne Martinez has performed in many

shows on the strip and is currently performing in “Baz” and Alice

“Steam Punk Concert.”

Elisa Fiorillo a backup singer with Prince and the New Power

Generation for five years, has been singing with Bruce Harper’s big

band here in town. And then we have a wonderful jazz singer from the

Bay Area, Amanda King, who has made her home in Vegas and has a

style that’s reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald.

There’s no better way to spend a hot summer Sunday then with some

cool friends. I promise you - you’ll have your socks knocked off.

Get your tickets now!

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:


July 2018


The Checkmates’ Sonny Charles

By: Joey Kantor / Vegas Retrospective

Publisher’s Note: We are very pleased

to introduce Joey Kantor as our new

columnist. His column “Vegas Retrospective”

says it all and to add to our good fortune,

Sonny Charles will be performing at our August 19 th Sizzlin’

Summer Show.

Welcome to the very first Vegas Retrospective.

I don’t know where my blue silk tiger tie and white shoes are anymore,

but as a child, they accompanied me into a world most people never

got to experience - the world of Old Vegas. My father, Sol Kantor, was

a waiter in the showroom at the Riviera Hotel from 1959 until 1980.

In the 1960s and 70s I saw a lot of legendary acts. Through that child’s

eyes it was pure magic; the darkened showroom, the full orchestra, a

glittering world filled with the classiest of ladies and gentlemen.

Needless to say, I was excited when I got the opportunity to debut

this column with a look at a Las Vegas musical legend, the voice of

Checkmates Ltd. - Sonny Charles.

Checkmates Ltd. started out as a group of sixteen-year-olds in 1956:

Sonny Charles, Bobby Stevens, Sweet Louie (Marvin Smith), Bill Van

Buskirk and Harvey Trees. In 1963 they rolled into Vegas to audition at

the Thunderbird.

They were told they were good but didn’t have an “act.” They were

told to go get one then come back. They were still given “the talk.”

“Whatever you do don’t do it here in the casino. The girls might

come after you, but don’t do it here,” Charles said they were instructed

by these exquisitely dressed men.

Seating at clubs was segregated. Blacks couldn’t attend shows in the

showrooms. My father, the waiter, a Bronx Jew, often ate dinner with the

legendary Mills Brothers…in the kitchen.

They didn’t give up on Vegas. In 1964 they began playing at the

Pussycat a’ Go-Go, a classic go-go club where the Wynn is now. Jazz

great Nancy Wilson connected them to Capitol Records and CMA, a

major booking agency. Sinatra loved them and had them play at his

private New Year’s Eve party which got them a contract at the Sands.

They blew up. Their shows at Nero’s Nook, a lounge at Caesar’s

Palace, was one of the hottest tickets in town. Charles said they were

the first R&B act to go mainstream in Vegas, playing both lounges and


They counted Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and even Elvis as their fans.

One day Sammy invited him to dinner.

“He goes ‘Why don’t you say anything?’” Charles remembers. “I

said, well, I’m a kid from the hood. I don’t talk like everybody else.

He goes, ‘You talk street! Do you know how important that’s going to

be? I talk like I went to Oxford! I’d trade places with you right now

because you are what’s happening now!’ And I haven’t shut up yet!

That’s mentorship. That’s really profound for me.”

In 1969 Checkmates Ltd. played seventy-two variety shows on

television, including the Ed Sullivan show. They scored a number six

hit on the top 100 with Black Pearl in 1969, produced by Phil Spector.

“So many guys who came back from Vietnam said that was the song

they would listen to because it made them think about their girls back

at home,” Charles said.

The band broke up in 1970. The record company wanted to cut out

some of the players. Charles wasn’t having any of it and walked.

“That whole thing that made it work was that chemistry we had on

stage and that chemistry was five friends,” he explained.

Charles continued to make records as a solo artist and to tour

internationally. He was in The Steve Miller Band for seven years. You

can still catch him live at Piero’s with Pia Zadora most weekends.

“I’ve been doing this sixty-one years,” he proclaimed.


July 2018

Joey Kantor is a journalist and award-winning fiction writer. He

is also the founder of The Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts.

Joey also writes, produces and directs documentary films for

seniors at

A National Anthem or Song?

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

The word anthem means song. A national

anthem, such as our Star Spangled

Banner is a special kind of song about a country’s

residents’ love and high regard for it.

Some call an anthem a hymn. There are rules and propriety

pertaining to a national anthem. It is requested that the audience

stand, sing along and if possible, follow with a standing ovation.

Since 1931, our country suggests that we place our right hand over

the heart. Men in uniform salute the flag. Some people working for

human rights, raise a black-gloved fist.

There are many American patriotic songs which could serve as our

national anthems. These songs too, are about the sacrifices of our brave

young men and women, defenders of our country in war(s) and ending

with hope for peace.

They include: S. F. Smith’s/ H. Carey’s song, America, (also known

as My Country ‘tis of Thee,); and Philip Phile’s Hail Columbia which

early on, was sung as our national song but now used to recognize our

vice president.

There are other great songs that could be sung as our national

anthem. They are songs about our patriots, our hope in preserving our

country’s beauty, or desire for respectful brotherhood through kindness,

security, peacefulness, love and unity.



Introducing Brilliant, the newest

interactive experience at The Neon

Museum. This revolutionary art form

uses sight and sound to transport you

through time and bring long dormant

signs back to life. If all this seems hard

to picture, that’s because it is. You

literally have to see it to believe it.

George M. Cohan’s You’re A Grand Old Flag tells of our hope that

our flag will fly in peace and be an emblem of the land we love; K. L.

Bates/S.A. Ward’s America the Beautiful, talks of appreciation of peace,

brotherhood, beauty of our land, and fruits of our plains; while Irving

Berlin’s God Bless America speaks of God’s protection.

Others, more instructive, are the spiritual. A few examples are: Ain’t

Going to Study War No More, John Lennon’s Imagine, Bob Dylan’s

Blowin’ in the Wind, Ben E. King’s Stand by Me, Woody Guthrie’s

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land, Lee Greenwood’s God

Bless the USA, and Bill Backer’s, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in

Perfect Harmony.

Someday, possibly, one of these songs could be a national anthem

too. Imagine that.



$23 • $15 Nevada residents, active military,

veterans, students and seniors

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She reports about

music on Alive! You can contact her at www.


From Baby to Man

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

For the last 23 years, my grandson Alex has

been (at least in my eyes) “my baby.” Those

of you who are grandmothers will understand

what I’m saying. The guys may not get it, but I’m sure you will.

Once our children grow up and marry, and present us with

grandchildren, it is a totally different feeling than we had with our kids.

I mean we no longer must be the disciplinarian. We “earned the right”

to spoil them and then, if there are any “issues,” just send them home,


Well, Alex was the youngest of my daughter Michelle’s three kids. So

I think, (ok, I admit, I know) I spoiled him the most. After all, he was

my baby. Anyone who has been in my home can attest to that from the

dozens of photos showing him at many stages of his youth.

This month however, I had to finally admit it was time to let go. “My

baby” Alex graduated University of Nevada, Reno with 4 engineering

degrees! Without any bragging (okay, maybe a little), he is on his way

to set the world on fire…. GO BABY GO!

But all is not lost for this grandmother. On the horizon, living in

Texas (San Antonio, to be exact) I have another crop. Three greatgrandchildren:

ages 3, 2, and 10 months. And compounding my joy,

across the state in Austin, next month, balloons and shouts will be

heard with the birth of yet another baby girl. I still can’t believe it! 4

great grandchildren!

How in heaven’s name did I get to be 50 years old with four greatgrandchildren?

Just kidding. I like to believe I’m counting backwards

each birthday now - that is until my daughters remind me it doesn’t


Nonetheless, walking around my backyard enjoying the beauty that

is our summer with flowers blooming everywhere, it is easy to put the

stress of every day aside and soak up the sun.

With great grandson Cohen

I can sit back, smile and just concentrate on the good things we have

in this world. I’m glad to say that family, friends, great children (yes,

I still refer to them as children even though many of them have

children of their own) within my and extended family, along with all

the dogs are what makes this a reality. Reflecting on that, I wouldn’t

change places with another soul.

*I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer and hope to see

you at our Vegas Voice Sizzlin’ Summer show on August 19 th . I promise,

it’s going to be the entertainment show of the year.

This is What We Do!

The Vegas Voice received a Proclamation from

the Las Vegas Mayor and City Council last

month for its efforts in protecting seniors. The

award recognized “The Vegas Voice for being an

exemplary example of bringing awareness of

elderly abuse to the community.”

Publisher Dan Roberts and political editor Rana

Goodman thanked the public officials for the

prestigious honor and recognition.

Happily, and proudly standing with the award are

(left-to-right) Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Vegas Voice

president Ray Sarbacker, Rana, Dan, Councilwoman

Michelle Fiore, Councilman Bob Coffin, Vegas Voice

project Manager Bill Caserta and Councilman Cedric

Crear. Photo: Michael Roberts.


July 2018


Heather’s Tips - Summer Travel

By: Heather Latimer / Helpful Hints

Summer is here! Restaurants, theatres,

planes and cruise ships await you. GO! If

you’re healthy don’t you dare forego a pleasant

trip because you have no one to accompany you.

Think of it!

You’ll be able to go where you want, when you want - instead of

frequently giving in to the wishes of a companion. Further, you’ll be

refreshed by meeting new people in diverse walks of life; instead of you

and your companion constantly rehashing familiar happenings and

troubles back home.

However, if you contemplate a long guided tour or cruise, and still

want to consider having someone with you, here are some thoughts:

Guided tours provide plenty of company. You can take your walker

or cane. There will also likely be other single travelers present. Most

importantly, if anything goes wrong, there’s a guide to help.

If you think about taking a grandchild with no strings attached –

fine. However, if you’re expecting an ever-present watchdog, you need

tolerance for a youngster’s excitement over the adventure. Daytime

activities may be irresistible and sneaking away whilst grandma sleeps

is a common occurrence.

Many elderly world travelers actively seek chaperones and pay their

expenses. This frequently appeals to professors on sabbatical, teachers

on summer vacation, caregivers, retired doctors, and nurses. Also

Flying Companions (888-350-8886) is a worldwide service that has

been supplying bonded, trained, experienced assistants and caregivers

for eleven years.

Although the standards of yesteryear marked the two latter

arrangements as “shocking” and “immoral” I can assure you they are

acceptable these days.

Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books. Her biography,

and latest book “How to Overcome Once-Easy Tasks That Are Now

Pains in The You-Know-What,” are accessible on



July 2018

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

Grandpa Knows Best: Four years old Hunter

was staying with his grandfather for a few days. He

was playing outside with the other kids when he

came into the house and asked: “Grandpa, what’s

that called when two people sleep in the same

bedroom and one is on top of the other?”

His Grandpa was a little taken aback, but he decided to tell him the

truth. “Well, Hunter, it’s called sexual intercourse.”

“Oh,” Hunter said. He went back outside to play with the other kids.

A few minutes later he came back and said: “Grandpa, it isn’t called

sexual intercourse. It’s called bunk beds. And Jimmy’s mom wants to talk

to you.”

The Art Collector: A New York attorney representing a wealthy art

collector called his client.

“Saul, I have some good news, and I have some bad news.”

The art collector replied, “I’ve had an awful day. Give me the good

news first.”

The lawyer said: “Well, I met with your wife today and she informed

me that she just invested $5,000 in two pictures that she thinks will bring

a minimum of $15 million to $20 million. I think she could be right.”

Saul replied enthusiastically, “Well done! My wife is a brilliant

businesswoman! You’ve just made my day. Now I know I can handle the

bad news. What is it?”

The lawyer replied, “The pictures are of you and your secretary.”

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:



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Complete details at Rewards Centers. Sign up for Station Casino’s MyGeneration today!

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Summer Camp at PawPaw and Nonnie’s

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

Assembly Instructions for the Mickey Mouse

futon/bunk bed! Please read CAREFULLY:

1. Unpack all materials and compare list of

items with the items in the box. Ha Ha! We’re just

kidding, there’s no way you’ve got all the items on the list.

Head to the hardware store, because your grandchildren arrive in

four days and there’s zero chance we can send you the stuff we left out

for at least a week! Ha Ha! (again).

2. Line up your materials the way they are shown in Diagram A.

This won’t help in any way, but it cracks us up to know you’re trying

to do it!

3. Attach the two railings (1a) to the two bottom struts (2a) as shown

in Diagram B, using the small screws (3) and washers (4). Except,

you’ll need four of those washers, and again, you only have three...

(Ha Ha once again). No we are NOT laughing at you, we SWEAR!

You might check your tool box, but you won’t have one, so back to

the hardware store. You should maybe start a tab while you’re there.

4. Attach the two larger struts (2b) to the other two railings (1b).

(We notice that you bought several of those washers, just in case. A

wise move, as you can plainly see.)

5. Now, fit both of the pieces together, as shown in Diagram C. What

do you mean, they don’t fit?

Of course, they fit...uh...well, they will fit if you just loosen those




screws a bit, so you’ve got a little give in there. So what if it wiggles, it’s

for kids! It’s gonna wiggle eventually, trust us!

6. Attach the ladder to the frame, as shown in Diagram C. Take the

ladder and hold it against the frame with your right hand, threading

one of the six large screws (3a) into a washer (4a) then insert it into

the appropriate hole (7) with your left hand.

With your third hand, spin the nut onto the end of the screw (3a)

to tighten, and while still holding the ladder AND the screw in place,

use your fourth hand to tighten the screw with your new electric

screwdriver…which you forgot to charge last night, so put everything

down, go plug it in, then go find your old regular screwdriver.

Repeat eight times until the ladder is firmly attached to the frame.

Remember, this bunkbed is for the grandkids, not you. We KNOW

the box says: “Supports up to 250 pounds”, but…well, we wrote that

part the night of Ernie’s (up in Accounting) bachelor party, and tell

you the truth, we weren’t all that...uh...precise about it, so GET THE


And just between you and us, I wouldn’t feed the kids too much if

they’re about to climb up there, either, but so what, there IS an obesity

crisis in this country, you know. Don’t shoot the messenger!

7. Attach the two hinged levers (5) to either side of the lower frame,

and then attach the bottom platforms to those hinges, enabling the

futon to glide easily from a sitting position to a full-size bed. Using

Diagram D as a reference, place two of the largest screws (6AA), and

their accompanying washers with one hand against the hinges, and

with your other right hand...oh, please, you know the rest.

8. Congratulations! What do you mean, it doesn’t “glide easily”? Of

course, it glides easily! Try it again! Huh?

Well, obviously you did something wrong.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at

Paid for and Authorized by Friends for Steve Sisolak.


July 2018


Lowes, Home Depot,

Costco & JC Penney!






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Duette® Architella® from

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A Winning Nail Polish

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

I am so excited for summer. It’s my favorite time

of the year! Vacations, BBQ’s, and lots of time at the

pool means easy summer beauty is a must!

This month I finally found my answer to nail

polish that lasts even after a day in the water. And the best part is it’s

inexpensive and I can do it myself at home!

As much as I love having my nails done, unless I use a gel polish, my

manicure never lasts very long. And even though the gels look great, I

have never found it to be the best option as my nails are very thin after

wearing it.

I’m always concerned about the safety of the curing process. I’m sure

many women love it anyway, but you know I love alternatives!

Recently I went to a salon in Vegas and the manicurist suggested for

my “at home option” to try the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel two-part polish.

I picked it up on my last visit to CVS and I am so happy I did! I was

traveling non-stop and had no time to fit in a professional manicure, so

I figured it was worth a try.

For the two-part process, you need both the color of your choice and the

Miracle Gel Top Coat which comes in a black bottle. Make sure you grab

the gel and not one of their regular versions of polish on accident.

The Miracle Gel paints on easily and once you apply the top coat you’re

done! No light curing necessary and I made it through all my travels

without a chip! When it was time to remove it, it came off normally with

Designer Roller



$ .00

2ft x 3ft opening

Essential 20 for

Faux Wood $ 1,495


2” Blinds Installed! Max Size 60”x60”

Visit our showroom and get a $100 gift card

nail polish remover and my nails were still in great shape.

Sally Hansen has a nice range of colors and being able to pick it up at

the drug store, which of course is one of my favorite stops, made this a real

keeper for my beauty arsenal!

Going into summer months with lots of activities and playtime with

the grandchildren, having one less thing to worry about makes this an

even better find. Now if only I had an easy solution for squeezing into a


Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website



Household Mysteries

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

Everyone in the world (well almost) knows

about the sock fairy. If you do laundry and

wear socks, sooner or later the sock fairy shows up

and there you are with odd socks.

You can tie them together but, in the end, there’s no getting around

it. I’ve accepted that.

I’m still baffled by other laundry mysteries, like why all the pockets

turn inside out when you wash them. I don’t do it. It just happens.

Moving on to the kitchen - every Thanksgiving we buy a turkey

baster. Last year I was sure I had at least 5 or 6 of them so I didn’t

bother getting a new one. As usual, there was not a one to be found in

the house.

I had plenty of string to sew up the turkey but alas, no baster. It

probably went the way of the socks.

How about spatulas? The only one I still have is about 40 to 50 years

old with a green handle and it belonged to my parents. But I recall

buying a cute set of silicone ones, getting some from casino promotions

and seeing several in the drawer. Where did they all go?

And most curiously, is my mother’s spatula holding some secret

power that makes it appear every time I need it? Maybe it scares off all

the younger spatulas.

The most annoying of all kitchen tales has got to be lids and

containers. Show me one person on the planet who can tell me they

have never had mismatching lids and containers.

I even bought a set where there are only 3 sizes and all the lids are

interchangeable. I think they shrunk because now they don’t all fit.

Storage space holds quite a challenge too. How is it that when you

organize your entire home, clear out older things and have leftover

shelf space, it magically fills up while you sleep!

And last but not least, is the collection of mugs coming out of the

dishwasher. Buy one more mug as a souvenir of places visited and the

whole balance of the kitchen dish cabinet is thrown off. I spend too

much time making all the handles line up for that one extra little guy

that reminds me of a great vacation.

As trivial as this all is, the answers still escape me. In the meantime,

I’m headed to the dollar store to buy spatulas.

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.





Experience quality assisted living in our

beautiful, newly remodeled community.

• Senior-centered activities and wellness programs

• Restaurant-style dining

• Transportation

• Housekeeping and laundry services

Call 702.369.6964

to schedule a

personal tour.

2205 East Harmon Avenue • Las Vegas, NV 89119



July 2018

A Raunchy Crazy Ride

By: Dianne Davis / That’s Entertainment

Opium: It’s campy. It’s crazy, It’s fun and

funky. It isn’t for everyone. Speigelworld, the

creators of Absinthe, are at it again.

If you enjoyed Absinthe, check out Opium at the

Cosmopolitan. It’s Las Vegas so the show includes a variety of acts. But

not always the usual ones.

A sword swallower – first time we’ve seen one of them in Vegas up close

and personal. How the heck does he not only seem to swallow a straight

sword, but a twisted one as well?!

A woman who ends up in a huge balloon. Yes, really. A Juggler. I guy

who says, “I never ever do cocaine, but I do like the smell.” and “We’re

gonna need to see your d....”

Photo: Erik Kabik/Spiegelworld

Get the picture? Not for immature audiences. Scottie, the maintenance

man is the best Hula Hooper we’ve seen.

You get an inkling of what’s coming when you meet Captain Ann

Tennille. Then there’s Leslie the Activities Director who says, “I’m not a

ho, just the right amount of slutty.”

Oh, I forgot the hula hooper. And the announcement that “The whole

crew is available for casual sexual encounters after we land.”

Ah, about the landing – The premise is silly. A space ship called Opium

is traveling to Las Vegas. These characters are the passengers and crew.

There is a scene involving bananas but we aren’t even going to discuss

it. It’s too mushy. And a guy with a chihuahua.

Bottom line: Prudes stay away. The comedy is raunchy and edgy

(translate- sometimes vulgar but hilarious), the musical numbers are

well done, and the show is a great fit in Vegas. (Some suggest a bit of

legal weed prior to the show.)

Shoot into outer space with Opium in the 262 seat intimate theater at

the Cosmopolitan. Check for show packages. And enjoy!

Dianne Davis is also a reporter for Sun City Anthem TV (SCA-

TV) specializing in entertainment, and LV Associate Editor

of She hikes, travels with her husband Burt, and

works on her stand-up comedy.




July 2018

(L to R) Joe Darro, Kirk Kuykendall, Jimmy Racey, Tony

Pereira & Joyce Carole. Photo by Susan Cramer.

Jazz Diva Back on Stage

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

After too many years away from the

microphone, Joyce Carole stepped before an

all star band last month at the iconic Dispensary

Lounge; a salute to the nights when sultry singers and Carole herself

ruled Las Vegas saloons. The dainty vocalist with a rich, throaty voice

had teased audiences at The Dispensary and other local night spots in

her tune-or-two guest appearances with iconic headliners.

Retired tech executive and killer guitar guy Tony Pereira had become

one of Joyce’s lounge fans. “I’ve never heard a better torch singer”

when he stumbled across a 15-year old poster announcing a long ago

performance at DeSteffano’s, the fabled Las Vegas nightspot of the past.

“When’s the next show?” Pereira texted her. He accepted the challenge

when she replied, “When you book it.”

Carole was born into a show business family. Her father was a regular

background figure in Our Gang and many feature films. He provided

an entrée into movies, and a hallway gallery in her home boasts

personalized, autographed photographs signed by the Gables, Monroes

and Doris Days of the era.

Her sultry, Peggy Lee-like voice led Carole to a successful career in Los

Angeles lounges and then Canada where she hosted a television loungethemed

show, outdrawing the popular Dragnet in the ratings. She

returned to the States to care for her ailing father before later resuming

her career, but again, walked away from the spotlight for 18 years after

the birth of her son.

One of the kings of Vegas keyboards, Joe Darro, first met Carole when

she guested at downtown’s long-gone Take One Lounge. The two moved

on to DeSteffano’s. When Darro teamed with Michael Delano for their

Last Sunday of the Month shows at Dispensary, Joyce and her friends


For what she calls “the most exciting night of my life,” she commented,

“I had the best local singers in attendance.” Their consensus was that

Joyce Carole was a member of their ranks.

The Dispensary, 2451 E Tropicana. See their music schedule at:

Shane, Shane, Come Back

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought I’d write this month about another

I favorite film of mine: “Shane.” For those

of you who have seen it, how could you not

remember those famous words “Shane, Shane, come back” spoken by

the wonderful child actor Brandon De Wilde playing the part of Joey


The year was 1952, and I was cast as one of the Lewis children whose

father was Edgar Buchanan. That’s me, the little girl on the right in the

attached photo.

Although I only had a small part, it was a thrill for me since we filmed

most of it in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We were on location for three

months. It was so beautiful with the Teton Mountains and everything

about the movie serves as one of my most treasured memories.

It was directed by the legendary George Stevens, but as I have

mentioned in prior columns, working with such a famous director had

no meaning to me at the time as I was only nine years old. It wasn’t

until my later years, that I realized just how fortunate I was to have

been directed by such a movie icon.

The film starred Alan Ladd, and as a little tidbit, I thought I’d share

something with you. One Saturday, on our day off, we all decided to go

up the mountain on a chair lift. Well, apparently Alan Ladd was afraid

of heights and once he got up to the top, he refused to go back down.

The studio had to send a helicopter to pick him up!

Here he was, Alan Ladd, this famous macho western hero and he

Foundation Assisting Seniors

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On June 12, 2018, the Foundation Assisting Seniors hosted a ribbon

cutting ceremony, which was presented by the Henderson Chamber of

Commerce, to celebrate the foundation’s new location. The foundation

provides free services including home maintenance and durable medical

equipment maintenance and delivery, as well as essential programs like

the HowRU and the Medication Reminder.

was too afraid to go back

down! What made matters worse

is that the next day, the entire

cast and crew kept teasing him

and then added: “Little Beverly

didn’t seem to have a problem.”

I was totally embarrassed by

that and was afraid he would

be upset with me. Thankfully he

took the ribbing in stride. And

he even gave me a hug.

I was so relieved! He was extremely nice and I’m grateful to have

been a part of such an iconic film.

Sadly, Brandon De Wilde was killed in an accident in 1972 at the age

of 30. He was such a typical little boy when we were filming - always

pulling my pigtails and teasing me.

He was nominated for an Oscar for that role as best supporting

actor and I’m sure, had he lived, that he would have gone on to major

stardom. It makes us all realize just how fragile life can be.

Until next time, remember: “It only takes a smile to make a dark day

seem bright.”

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@ Check out her awesome, new website: www.

More than forty community supporters, Henderson Chamber of

Commerce representatives, and foundation members were present at the

ribbon cutting ceremony. In addition, City of Henderson Councilwoman

Gerri Schroder and representatives from the office of Senator Deal Heller

and Congresswoman Jacky Rosen presented certificates to the Foundation

Assisting Seniors in honor of its new location and continued dedication to

Henderson’s senior community.


Please support the organization that

contributes so much for the good of the

game. If you are already a member of the USGA

you know what I’m talking about; but if not,

consider joining. The cost is only $25 for a year’s

membership. And for joining, you will receive a 2018 U.S. Open Hat

(this alone is worth the price). You’ll also receive a USGA Member Bag

Tag with your name on it.

Plus, you will receive the e-newsletter on all things golf. Additional

benefits include discounts at and advance

opportunity to purchase U.S. Open ticket packages. I can tell you from

personal experiences it can be difficult to get those if you are not a


If interested in joining

golf clubs that organize

tournaments for their

members, please consider

the Nevada State Senior Golf

Association ( or

the Winterwood Men’s Golf

Association (

I’ve been a member of both

clubs for many years and

enjoy the comradery and

competition of every event.

For the Love of the Game

By: Mike Landry / Golf Fore Ever

Mike Landry resides in Sun City MacDonald Ranch and is a member

of both the Nevada State Seniors Golf Club and Winterwood Men’s

Group. He can be reached at:

Achieving Khechari Mudra

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

According to “Yoga Practices”, Khechari

Mudra is considered the king among mudras

(poses). In Sanskrit the word “kha” indicates

supreme reality, and “chara” means movement.

This gesture enables a practitioner to reach blissful states of higher

consciousness, erotic sensations and helps overcome thirst, hunger,

decay and even death. Yet, it is the least practiced of all Yoga postures.

“Khechari has the strongest influence over our brain’s

neurochemistry”, explains Kevin Curtis, “It’s powerful influence over

the brain is due to the direct stimulation the tongue has upon five

of the cranial nerves and the erectile tissues in the nasal cavity - the

stimulation of which is directly linked to left and right brain dominance

(which plays an important roll in the awakening process).”

Also known as tongue-locking or tongue-swallowing techniques,

Yogis claim that one of our most ecstatically sensitive organs is located

around half an inch above the roof of our mouth. This spot can be

reached with the tongue, which is what some claim that Khechari

Mudra is all about. Their message is that, “Sex seems pleasant to you

now, but when you discover the joy of real inner union, you will see

how much more wonderful that is.”

The key and greatest challenge to Khechari Mudra is to gently stretch

out the frenulum membrane under the tongue. It takes time, patience

and practice to get this inflexible membrane to allow the tongue to roll

back far and up enough to be able to insert it into the nasal cavity.

The Yogi’s ultimate goal is to reach and experience blissful sensations

and taste the “Amrit”, a sweet, good flavored nectar which energizes the

body and flows from the roof of the nasal cavity.

To learn more about Ali, spiritual consultations, coaching, classes,

workshops, and readings, call, give her a call: 702/373-9081.

“Since they cut out all the salami and hot-dogs, I don’t feel

quite myself.”


July 2018











FRIDAY, Sept 28


Nizar Ibrahim




Kara Cooney


FRIDAY, June 14


Steve Winter




“We found an entire lost world; a window on a moment

of major evolutionary change.”—Nizar Ibrahim



Travel back thousands of years to ancient Egypt during a time

when women ruled supreme.


“By saving the world’s top predators, we save huge forests, rivers,

wildlife, and ultimately, our planet.” — Steve Winter


702.749.2000 | TTY: 800.326.6868 or dial 711 | Group Inquiries: 702.749.2348 | 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106

The D.A. is Illegitimate!

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

This election “circus” is an abomination! If

you think your voice will be heard through

the ballot box you are in for a huge surprise!

If you are a registered Republican, Independent or Non-Partisan

YOU CAN’T VOTE for the District Attorney (D.A.)! It’s true!

A state law passed in the 2017 forbids anyone, other than the shared

party of the candidates, from voting for the DA! That meant that only

registered Democrats can vote for the DA this election because there

were only two Democrats running for the office!

And “congratulations” to the winner of the Democratic primary:

Steve Wolfson.

If you are not a Democrat, did you notice that the D. A. was not on

your ballot? Does anyone, (besides me) see that this action is dead

wrong? Yet, no one is challenging this despicable violation of our rights!

The D.A. is THE chief law enforcer of protecting the public - all of us,

including Republicans,

Independents and

Non-Partisans. This

should worry you. The

D.A is illegitimate!

How’s that for

conclusively proving

that this state is a

cesspool of political

zealots with no concern

about protecting your


D.A. Wolfson

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He served as Chair of the City of Henderson’s Senior

Advisory Commission. He can be reached at:

Rotary Club of Green Valley

On Memorial Day weekend, the Rotary Club of Green Valley

presented its inaugural Field of Honor at Cornerstone Park

in Henderson. More than 800 American flags were displayed

honoring heroes: veterans, active duty military, first responders and

community members whose lives reflect the Rotary motto: “Service

Above Self.”

The sea of red, white and blue provided a powerful visual experience,

not to be forgotten. Fifty-eight flags stood slightly apart from the main

field. Each one of these flags represented a victim of the senseless 1

October shooting that rocked the Las Vegas valley.

More Common Insurance


By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight


. My insurance company will pay off my

loan if my car is totaled or stolen. FACT:

Maybe yes, maybe no. The insurance company will pay fair market

value which is the original cost less depreciation.

If this amount is less than the balance of your auto loan, you will

be responsible for the difference. Adding “gap” insurance on your auto

policy when you buy a new vehicle will solve that problem.

It’s important to know that you should add “gap” coverage to your

insurance policy and NOT buy it from the dealer. Why? Because you can

delete it from your policy when it’s no longer needed, but if you buy it

from the dealer, it is added to your loan and you’re paying for it as long

as the loan is outstanding – with interest!

2. Your insurance rates increase when you get older. FACT:

Yes and no. Once you turn 50 or 55 your rates with most companies


This is strictly based on loss statistics – people over 50 have

significantly fewer and less costly accidents. However, those statistics

change over 70, so don’t be surprised if your rates increase at 70 or 75

and, especially 80.

You can consider several things to lower your costs such as (a) taking

a defensive driving class, (b) make sure you’ve changed your usage to

pleasure (from to/from work use) once you retire, and change your

annual miles driven. Not all companies rate on usage or annual miles

but many do, so it pays to check.

I would also ask your agent what the discount would be if you take

a defensive driver class – some give sizable discounts and some are

extremely low. That discount, however, lasts for 3 years.

3. Your personal auto policy covers the business use of your car.

FACT: Absolutely not for most businesses. If you are a realtor, marketing

rep, attorney or other occupations that means driving often during the

day, you can make the car you drive “business use” on your personal

auto policy.

However, if you have a business, you need commercial insurance.

Today many people are working part-time as Uber or Lyft drivers.

These companies provide insurance only when you have a passenger

– but not going to or

from passenger pick-up.

There are companies

now that will actually

provide coverage for you

on a personal auto policy

if you are one of these


Still more next month.


July 2018

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.

If You’re Hot, so is Your Car

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

Ah, summertime. Swimming, barbecues,

shorts, and road trips. We’ve waited all year

for school to get out, so we can go with the kids

and grandkids on a family vacation.

We pile up the car with everything from luggage to pool floats and

head on down the road. If you’ve lived in Las Vegas long enough, you

know that summer can be 10 times worse than many other cities.

The average temperature in July can be 105 degrees. No problem,

you say. Just flip on the air conditioner and everyone is happy and


But what about your car? If it’s also not happy and comfortable,

you’ll be spending a good hour by the side of the road waiting for help

while your car sits there, overheating.

How can we make sure our vehicle stays cool during the hot summer

months? First, remember to keep up with regular maintenance.

Checking radiator fluid is one of the services performed during these

intervals. You also should check your coolant level a day before you

head out on the road.

Don’t wait for the warning light to come on the dash before deciding

to do something. Checking your coolant is relatively simple, but there

are precautions.

The easiest way to do it is, if you can see the coolant reservoir, see if

the fluid is filled to the “full” line. If so, that’s good, and you don’t need

to do anything else.

If not, make sure the engine is cool before opening the radiator cap

to check the level. You could burn yourself if the system is pressurized.

If you need to add coolant, see your owner’s manual for what kind

and how to do it. Don’t add coolant to an overheated engine; it could

do more damage than just overheating.

Also check the radiator hoses as well. If you see bulges, cracks or

leaks, get them replaced before getting on the road.

Keeping your cool this summer is as easy as keeping your vehicle the

same way.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at


Death with Dignity

IBy: Rana Goodman/Political Editor

n the last state legislative session, a bill to legalize “Death with

Dignity” - a physician assisted procedure of taking one’s own life

when terminally ill, never came to the floor for discussion.

Under several different names, this type of bill has seen much

controversy. It has however, now become legal in California (but subject

to court challenges), in Oregon and is slowly gaining acceptance across

the country.

How many of you have had to care for a loved one with a terminal

illness? Or perhaps watch them waste away knowing there was nothing

you or the medical community could do to help them.

My father had cancer in his bone marrow and the only thing that

kept him going was the steroid Prednisone. His doctor kept trying to

wean him off of it, but he would become very weak and lose so much

weight, they put him back on.

What’s your Opinion?

Death with Dignity

We would favor such law

We would oppose such law





Mail survey to:


2880 Bicentennial Pkwy, Ste 100, #244

Henderson, NV 89044

Or sign the survey online at:

As time went on, each day he would

beg me to help him out of his pain and

suffering. He would grab my hand and

say, “if you loved me, you would help me.”

I would look at all the pills lined up at

his bedside and just tell him, as softly as I

could, “Pa, if you loved me you wouldn’t

ask me to.” Even if I could have brought

myself to do something, my mother would

never have forgiven me.

Eventually, I was able to convince her

to let me place him in Hospice. He passed

away there peacefully two days later. My

mother never forgave me for placing him

there, although I know it was the right thing to do.


My dad,

Donald Gee

Over the years, I wondered if Nevada had allowed “Death with

Dignity” would my father have asked his doctor for that option? I

believe he would have. He was such a proud man. He cared about his

image and appearance so much that toward the end, he would not

allow visitors to see him any longer - not even family.

When I first read a “Death with Dignity” bill I thought, not only of

my father, but also of friends that died from some of the most painful

types of cancer. We all hope and pray that a cure is around the corner,

but I couldn’t tell that to my best friend Jenny, who died of brain cancer

without having a chance to see her two beautiful grandsons.

I also want to quickly add that for those who would oppose such a

law, I understand and respect your belief and feelings unconditionally.

We also know that there is no “right or wrong” position. If ever there

would be an issue that should not be political, it is this one.

At this point, Publisher Dan and I would just like to get a sense as to

what readers believe. What do you think? Should The Vegas Voice

support such a law?

We want to hear what you think. Please feel free to complete the survey

and mail to us or complete on our homepage website: thevegasvoice.



July 2018

Seasonal Allergies

By: Jennifer Leepard, MD

Have you ever been outside on a beautiful

Spring morning with the wind blowing

and enjoying the flowers and the trees only to feel

your eyes getting itchy and you start sneezing?

What’s triggering your reaction?

Well, there are four categories of allergens that can prompt an attack

of seasonal allergies along with ways you can manage them.

Pollens: In the Spring and Summer, allergies are caused by tree and

grass pollens. In the Fall, weeds are often to blame. When the pollen

counts are high:

1. Stay indoors, keep windows closed and use the air conditioner and

HEPA filters

2. If you do have to go outside, take allergy medication 30 minutes

beforehand and wear a facemask. When you come back in, be sure to

shower and put on clean clothes.

Insects: House dust mites, cockroaches, and ladybugs can cause

allergies too. If you’re reacting to these allergens:

1. Encase your mattresses, pillows, and box springs in allergen-proof


2. Wash your bedding weekly in hot water (at least 130° F)

3. Wear a face mask when cleaning your house

4. Change the furnace and A/C filters regularly

Animals: Allergens can come from the animal’s skin (dander) or

fur, from feathers

or saliva. If you’re

sharing your home

with your pet, here are some ways you can

reduce your allergic responses:

1. Restrict your pet to rooms with tiled or

hardwood floors

2. Bathe your pet weekly with warm water

and pet soap

3. Vacuum frequently and use a HEPA filter

4. Choose allergy-friendly pet breeds

Molds: Mold spores usually grow in weather that is humid, wet or

damp, so you’d think that Southern Nevada would be immune to this

allergy risk. However, mold can grow in any area where water is present,

like kitchens and bathrooms. Here are some ways to treat mold and to

keep it from coming back:

1. Use bleach on moldy areas as well as furnace filters, refrigerator,

and drip

2. Fix water leaks

3. Use a dehumidifier

4. Don’t use fans that draw air from the outside and use the A/C


You can learn more or schedule an appointment by calling (702)

910-3950 or visiting




are you looking for new

Primary care provider?

We would LOVE to see you today.

roopa dani, m.d.

ashley mcdowell, pa-c

mary M. nara, APRN, FNP-C

carmelita payos, m.d.

carolyn dechaine, PA-C

sundeep singh, m.d.

jennifer leepard, m.d.

tricia agustin, m.d.

We are experienced doctors with a passion for

serving seniors. New locations are open for

Medicare patients throughout the valley.

kelly watters, DNP, np-c

mailo yang, np-c

robert ritchey, m.d.

schadrey bonds, np-c

lindsey reynolds, pa-c liza bryant, pa-c kate tuttle, np-c

susan shields, pa-c


Seven Hills

(702) 844-4840

880 Seven Hills Dr #140

Henderson, NV 89052


Green Valley

(702) 844-4841

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Henderson, NV 89074



(702) 844-4842

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Las Vegas, NV 89144


Southern Hills

(702) 844-4846

9280 W. Sunset Rd #210

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(702) 844-4848

(Near Mountain View Hospital)


Nevada Democrats

On to November! Democratic voters have

chosen their nominees and it’s now time to

educate all the voters on why they should vote for them in the general


The next Governor of Nevada should be Clark County Commissioner

Steve Sisolak. Mr. Sisolak is considered a moderate who listens to both

sides of every issue.

His opponent has spent most of his life outside of Nevada, and as

Attorney General refused to do what the citizens voted for. Jacky Rosen

aims to bring new life and transparency to the U.S. Senate. Dean Heller

has been running away from the public for years and we have a chance

to elect somebody who represents us.

Many national pundits have written that control of the U.S. House

of Representatives runs through Nevada. If Democrats are to take back

the House we need to keep both CD3 and CD4 “blue.”

Democrats will protect Social Security and Medicare

while Republicans threaten to cut and t a x

both. The current Republican

administration is going so far as

to separate mothers and children.

This is reprehensible and must stop.

Susie Lee wants to represent the people

of Congressional District 3. Her opponent,

Danny oh-for-6 Tarkanian just wants to

represent himself and keeps running and

being rejected by the voters.

Equally significant is Congressional

District 4. Steve Horsford won in 2012 but lost in 2014 when Democratic

voters stayed home (the Republican vote total hardly changed). It is

imperative that Democrats get out the vote this year.

Congratulations to Judge Elissa Cadish who came in 1 st in her Non-

Partisan primary for the Nevada Supreme Court. Judge Cadish will now

move on to the General Election against the 2 nd place finisher.

The Red Rock Democratic Club is holding its annual “Beat the Heat”

Brunch on Sunday, August 5 th at 10 am. Former Congresswoman and

current CEO of Touro University Shelley Berkley will be the MC.

This will be a fantastic place to meet all of the candidates up for

election. For tickets and information please contact Ginny Krueger at

If you live near Henderson: Sun City Anthem Democrats: 2 nd

Wednesday of the month (contact David Hatton djhatton9@gmail.


Southwest Democratic Club: 3 rd Monday of the month. Contact Steve



Democrats in Action

By: Howard Beckerman /

Howard Beckerman serves on the Nevada State Democratic

Central Committee, the Clark County Central Committee, and is Vice

President of the Red Rock Democratic Club. He has been active in the

political scene for over 40 years.

July 2018

Republicans for Election

By: Victoria Seaman / Victoria’s Corner

The long and sometimes bloody primary

battles are behind us. Some of the races

ended up being quite boring, some ended up loud

and messy.

Regardless of whether or not your candidates won, these are now the

candidates that all Republicans must get behind and support through

victory in November.

U.S. Senate/Dean Heller: I understand as Republicans, there are

times when we disagreed with Senator Heller. I also know that there will

never be times when we agree with Rep. Jacky Rosen.

With a Democrat-controlled US Senate, there will never be a Supreme

Court nominee approved with this administration. We have to look at

the bigger picture and elect our nominee.

Governor/Adam Laxalt: There has never been a more critical

time to elect a Republican governor then now. If we don’t have the veto

pen in the hands of a strong conservative governor, we will have no

defense against the Democratic legislature’s effort to turn Nevada into

California east.

Their desires for higher taxes, more

money wasted on a failing education

system, ending your second

amendment rights, and a long list

of other efforts to grow government

will become a reality.

Statewide Offices/

Lt. Governor, Attorney

General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Controller. These

offices cover everything from enforcing our laws, controlling our

elections, investing the state’s money, to paying its bills. We have great

candidates for these offices and it’s critical that these functions stay in

the hands of strong conservatives.

State Legislature: Governor Laxalt’s veto won’t mean much if he

doesn’t have the votes in the legislature to defend it. That is why it’s

critical that we elect the Republican Senate and Assembly candidates

in our districts. These men and women are our front line of defense

against Sanctuary cities, higher taxes, and the rest of the Democrat

agenda for Nevada.

So now the work begins. I ask you to roll up your sleeves and join

with me to get our team elected. There’s a great number of ways you

can help.

As always, these candidates will be going up against well-funded

opponents with large amounts of special interest money and union

support. I encourage you to donate to the candidates you believe in.

In addition to donating, there are volunteer opportunities. Reach out

to the Nevada Republican Party at to learn how

you can help. You can also visit the Battle Born conservative women’s

PAC at for ways to help.

Victoria Seaman is a former Nevada Assemblywoman,

businesswoman and currently a Realtor in Las Vegas. You can

contact Victoria at:


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July 2018

When Your Knees Hurt

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

As individuals get older, many develop knee

pain. There are many potential causes to

knee pain.

There are four major ligaments which help stabilize the femur (thigh

bone) to the tibia (leg bone). Damage to these ligaments is usually due

to some type of sudden trauma to the area of the knee. This type of knee

pain does not usually occur without an event where the person was very

much aware that damage was done to the knee.

Another very common cause of knee pain is damage to the meniscus.

The meniscus is a shock absorber between the femur and the tibia. If

an individual were to try and jump up and down without the meniscus,

the femur and tibia would be slammed together every time your feet hit

the ground.

This would eventually result in damage to both the femur and tibia.

The meniscus helps prevent this damage.

The meniscus itself can become damaged in a number of ways.

Planting your foot solidly on the ground while twisting your body is one

way to damage the meniscus. What happens here is that the tibia stays

stationary while the femur twists.

This creates a shearing effect between the two bones that can tear the

meniscus, a very painful injury. A tear in the meniscus requires surgery.

The meniscus however, can be damaged without any overt injury.

Similar to the intervertebral discs in your back that protect your spine,

the meniscus wears down with time.

As it becomes thinner and thinner, its ability to serve as a shock

absorber works less and less well. It can wear down so much that

eventually you will have areas where there is little to no meniscus and

no shock absorber between the bones. This damages the bone and

periosteum, the outer covering of the bone, which can be very painful.

If you have knee pain while walking up and downstairs, there is a

good possibility that the meniscus is severely worn or damaged. Imaging

is usually done to check the status of the meniscus and to determine if

a knee replacement is called for, or if a more conservative therapy may

help the patient.

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or


By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

Living in the desert southwest, gardeners

must be cognizant of the “How to” and

“When” to properly irrigate our landscape. The

goal is to be certain that the water we are using is

having an optimal effect on our landscaping.

The irrigation drip systems that were installed when our homes were

built may now be due for a major overhaul.

We must consistently check the drip emitters for salt buildup that

clogs the waterflow. Focusing on one section of your garden at a time,

check the flow.

If clogged, remove the emitters and place in a solution of vinegar

and let stand overnight. The next morning, they will be totally clean

and ready to be reinstalled.

Keep in mind that your landscaping has grown over the years. Your

irrigation system needs to do the same.

The amount of water needed has increased and the number and

locations of the emitters need to be addressed as well. Emitters are

labeled with the amount of water that is discharged per hour - ranging

from ½ gallon to 5 gallons.

Therefore as the plants grows, the need for water increases. You must

replace the original emitters with higher capacity ones.

Remember that the root systems have also expanded necessitating

relocating where the emitters should be positioned. Tubing should be

extended and emitters repositioned away from the base of the plant so

that they will water the extended root tip areas of the plants.

Additional emitters should be added to the system as well. With older

trees and shrubs, look at the circumference of the canopy and place

emitters around its edges.

When & how much to water during growing season:

Non-Native Plants: Twice a day (1 hour before dawn and right

after dusk) for ½ hour every day.

Native Plants: 15-30 minutes watering 1-2 times per week.

* I will be presenting a class on “Propagating and Growing Cactus.”

July 18 th at 6 pm at the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension,

8050 Paradise Road. Call 702/257-5555 for free reservations.

Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native











Experience living perfected at

one of our two refined senior

communities serving Southern

Nevada offering strikingly

stylish apartment homes,

best-in-class wellness services

and amenities, and dining

experiences from celebrity chef,

Beau MacMillan.











By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

hear it all the time. “Where do you go at the

I VA for this, or that? How do I get an ID card?

How do I sign up for health care? Can I get a

primary care physician at the VA?, and so on and so on.

Back in my day when you got discharged they did not give you an

operator’s manual on being a veteran. Perhaps we were expected to be

clairvoyant about how to receive entitlements and benefits as a vet. We

were left to our own devices, and sometimes it takes years to find out

about some important things.

One of the challenges for veterans is trying to navigate the system to

figure out what they are entitled to, and what resources are available

for them. I’ve spent many years route-finding the quagmire for my own

uses; and have helped other vets do the same.

With a governmental department that is in constant flux, like the

VA is, things have not been easy for us ordinary veterans to figure out

what’s going on. I still routinely meet Korean and Vietnam era veterans

that are clueless about how to even get enrolled; which means getting

an ID card first to receive services or compensation.

Well, getting an ID card is a pretty simple fix - just go to the

Information Desk at any VA Medical Center and ask for directions. But

what about the myriad other services that are not so easy to find or


Recently I ran across the National Resource Directory and as far

as I can see it may be the ticket for all of us. The Directory is one of

the largest online collections of government and non-government

resources specifically designed for Veterans, service members, their

families and caregivers.

With a unique collection of more than 16,000 organized and vetted

resources, the directory provides information covering a variety of

topics; including benefits and compensation, education, homeless

assistance, housing and other services.

For Veterans looking for reliable resources and information, the


In the Know

July 2018

directory is a one-stop alternative to

searching through multiple websites

and publications to find what you’re

looking for. At, all

resources and information for a topic

area can be found within a single

website and are easily located using the site’s search engine.

The result of a partnership between the U.S. Departments of Defense,

Labor and Veterans Affairs in 2011, the directory has been the go-to

destination for Veterans and their families to find trusted resources and

information. All three agencies are committed to maintaining and

improving the site today and in the future.

Still unable to confront the mammoth VA machine? There are service

officers ready and willing to take the point and guide you through

the swamp. Many veterans do not know that they have free advocacy

available to them through various Service Organizations, such as the

VVA, VFW, American Legion, and Disabled American Veterans. (Google

is always a good way to find the one nearest you.) These folks do all the

legwork for you; and are experts at dealing with the system.

Better yet…it’s free! Just have your DD Form 214 on hand when you

show up.

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.

Nellis Book Signing

By: Chuck Dean

On May 26 th , I paid homage to our fallen heroes in an extraordinary

way. I was honored to sign my books in the mall at the Nellis Air

Force Base Exchange. It was a lovely day and I met some great people.

So why is it so important to write books for veterans and our military?

I write from my own experiences. When I came home from Vietnam,

I never talked about the war and this proved to be a bad idea.

By clamming up, I did a disservice to myself and those around me

by keeping it stuffed inside. It wasn’t until I read some information and

opened up to communicate about my experiences that I began to come

out of a very low slump in my life.

I found that with understanding comes healing. This is why I write

books for veterans to read.

It has become my way of taking some

responsibility for my fellow veterans

and even today’s troops. I write with the

hope that it will provide the right tools to

help them re-integrate and experience a

healthy productive life on the home front.

All my books can be found on Amazon

- both in hard copy editions and Kindle. I

invite you to visit my author page at www.

Get ready for life in a space you love.

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July 12, 1849

By: John Beilun / Time Traveler

The 46 year old beauty picked up her spyglass

and looked in every direction. She had been

doing so for nine hours.

A rider appeared, bearing bad news. Bladensburg had fallen, and

4,000 redcoats now headed her way. She must leave at once, or risk

capture - or worse.

Only a carriage and wagon were available. All other transportation

had disappeared along with the 8,000 residents of Washington City.

Rather than immediately depart, the woman ordered the messenger

and her only remaining servant to help load the vehicles with as much

as they could bear. Eschewing personal possessions, they collected all

the national treasures they could find - including the Declaration of

Independence and the Constitution.

When the wagon was a-brim, the lady sent it off. Only one beloved

item remained: Gilbert Stuart’s famous portrait of George Washington.

Because it was bolted to a wall, the woman ordered the frame be broken

and the canvas removed. She quickly carried it to the carriage and fled.

Shortly thereafter, the British entered the city and torched every

public building - the White House included.

The daring, courageous and patriotic lady was Dolly Madison,

the wife of the President. Along with her many qualities, she had the

foresight to realize the importance of symbols to her nascent country.

In May 1794, she met James Madison through Aaron Burr, a mutual

friend. Although a life-long bachelor and seventeen years her senior,

James was smitten. They married

just four months thereafter.

In 1808, America elected her

husband as President and Dolly

as First Lady. And, by golly, no one

ever took Washington by storm

like Dolly!

Knowing the importance

of image, Dolly decorated an

indecorous White House. Then,

unlike her predecessors, she

commenced holding constant

soirees and teas. Both political

friend and foe alike were invited.

She served such exotic dishes as ice cream and particularly wooed

the wives by asking for recipes and advice. Her charm was also not lost

on the husbands. Although all politicians are inherently contentious,

Dolly’s easy manner magically made them less so.

In fact, her simple presence and natural affability held together a

country that was on the verge of coming apart.

On July 12, 1849, Dolly died – 32 years after having left the White

House. However, her beloved country still remembered and revered her.

Dolly’s passing was honored with the largest funeral procession

theretofore held in our country. As much as George Washington was the

father of our country, Dolly Madison was the mother of our Republic.

And, by gosh, she sure made good ice cream!

Sun City MacDonald Ranch Color Guard

By: Marilyn Sirna / Activities Director


’m proud to announce the formation of the Sun City MacDonald

Ranch Color Guard. Our Color Guard consists of our residentsveterans.

I do not know of any other HOA in the Valley that has their

own Color Guard. It truly is a testament to this great community and

our residents.


July 2018

Our Color Guard consists of six veterans: Jerry Cooper (Navy); Jack

Whitehead (Vietnam-five purple hearts), Nick Fiore (Vietnam era)

and George Barnett, (WWII, Army Air Corps) from the Army; and

representing the Marines - Bob Fiacco and Ron Hansrote.

These are the finest of men that served this country with honor

and many years later, once again, answering that call to duty. I am

humbled in their presence and cannot begin to express what a pleasure

it has been to work with this group.

I salute you fantastic veterans and thank you for your call to duty. We

are a grateful nation.

Chemotherapy & Dentistry

By: James J. White, D.D.S. / Your Dentist

Many times, chemotherapy and radiation

therapy will affect an otherwise healthy


Patients who undergo chemotherapy must have a dental evaluation

to eliminate any manifestation of oral pathology prior to chemotherapy.

Any teeth with abscesses must either be removed or treated with

root canal therapy several weeks prior to beginning chemotherapy.

Periodontal (gum) disease must be treated and gum infections


A pre-cancer treatment oral evaluation must focus on eliminating

areas of potential difficulty. This will include extracting teeth that

might be a future problem during the cancer therapy.

Emergency dental treatment for patients undergoing cancer therapy

is not indicated for patients undergoing chemotherapy, as such therapy

alters the blood’s chemistry and prevents the blood from doing its job

of helping the extraction site to heal. A person who is fighting cancer

cannot fight other infections well.

If a person is going to begin chemotherapy, they should be seen by

the dentist before beginning treatment. There must be enough time

for the dentist to provide any necessary care. Your dentist should speak

personally with the oncologist and not rely on you, the patient, for facts.

The side effects of chemotherapy and/or head and neck radiation

therapy are often manifested in the mouth. Ulcer development in the

mouth, bleeding gums, dry mouth, tooth decay, bone loss, and even

trismus (pain when opening) can be among the side effects of radiation

and/or chemotherapy.

During the cancer treatment time, meticulous oral hygiene is

essential to prevent bacterial or viral infections. As a matter of routine,

I prescribe antibiotics for any dental procedure while receiving cancer


Any prosthetic appliances (dentures, partials, etc.) that cause

irritations of the mucosal tissues must be dealt with immediately, as

this is not the time to develop a “sore spot” from an ill-fitting denture.

The sore spot is an avenue for infection.

There are things that a dentist can do to help prevent ongoing dental

problems during and after the cancer therapy is finished. The dentist

is the one who is aware of the oral complications associated with the

different cancer therapies.

This is not a happy subject when it comes to dentistry, but my message

is to emphasize the importance of seeing your dentist as soon as you

learn that you need chemotherapy or radiation therapy. I realize that

this is usually the last thing on a patient’s mind, but it is a necessary

aspect of cancer treatment.

Tired of wearing dentures that

don’t stay in place, won’t chew food

well or cause mouth sores from time to time?

Make an investment in yourself!

What would it be worth not to have dentures anymore?

Eat and chew ANYTHING you want. Laugh out loud

without the fear of your teeth falling.

Corn on the cob? Stop remembering “when.”

Get permanent teeth in one day.

Today’s dentistry is amazing!

Phone for a complimentary consultation.

Learn more about Dr. White at:

James J. White DDS

1140 Town Center Drive, # 170

Las Vegas, NV 89144


702/562-7910 Fax

White smiles are for everyone!


Sporting Solidarity

By: Judy Polumbaum / Our View

The Vegas Golden Knights were Cinderella,

newcomer belle of the ball. The Washington

Capitals were Snow White, waking after a long

slumber. Only one of them would get the fairytale ending.

So the Capitals bested the Knights to win the Stanley Cup. Still, Vegas

fans could feel great about their new National Hockey League expansion

team’s phenomenal run in its inaugural season.


July 2018

Why does it matter? Why do people care so much about sports?

First, as psychologists, sociologists, poets and pundits can tell you, sports

encompass the range of what it means to be human. For participants

themselves, athletics incorporate mind and matter, preparation and

instinct, all the senses and feelings. For spectators as well, sports evoke

physical, emotional, intellectual and even spiritual responses.

Second, sports are rule-bound. We may quibble a bit, but mostly a goal

is a goal, a foul a foul. In a world of uncertainty and transgression, the

order and borders of sports are reassuring.

Third, sports produce great stories. Each game (jokes about Vegas

rigging everything aside) has drama and suspense, the conclusion

unknown until the end. Every sport offers compelling characters; in the

case of the Knights, topping the cast is the virtuous gentleman coach

Gerard Gallant, unceremoniously dumped by the Florida Panthers at the

end of 2016, recalled to lead a flock of upstarts.

Vegas had a few more things going: The need for festive relief from the

horrendous reality of the October 1 st shootings, the Knights’ ability to win

games, and the novelty of finally getting major league action.

We know it’s big business. Knights ticket prices are a good clue. So are

players’ salaries, ranging from the minimum $650,000 to upwards of

five million.

Owners get tax breaks and stadium deals. The wheeling and dealing of

the draft (just completed for the NHL) and frenzy of free agency (starting

July 1 in the NHL) remind us that loyalties don’t lie with location.

Some of our favorite guys are Canadian, for goodness sake! Coach

Gallant is Canadian!

Yet sports inspire popular passions beyond just about anything else.

Obviously, the Knights have been good for Vegas. The psychic benefits

are striking. At the very least, arriving to report on the Stanley Cup finals,

Sports Illustrated discovered that Vegas harbors ordinary people living

ordinary lives.

The Knights draw isolated neighbors out of their caves for conversation.

They give strangers cause to exchange smiles and even hugs.

Silly as that may seem, we’ll take it.

Judy is a professor emerita of journalism and a recent transplant

to Las Vegas from the Midwest.

Proper Aerobic Exercise

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

Some people think that exercises must be

done in a gym. Some prefer health clubs

because of the extensive equipment available,

multiple classes and professional instruction. Truth is that you can do

exercises anywhere.

The beauty of aerobic exercises is that there are many options and

you can find which activities suit your needs. I’m fortunate to live in a

55+ community that has multiple exercise classes, multiple equipment

and various clubs to join.

Form is important for aerobic activity because poor form can

endanger your body and cause undue pressure and pain if not done

correctly. For most weight-bearing exercises, this means you should

maintain a stable upright posture with your core muscles (i.e., back,

abdomen, pelvis) in alignment at all times.

For lower body exercises (i.e., jogging, stepping), you should have

the arms and shoulders relaxed. If in doubt with any gym equipment,

seek out a professional who can guide you.

Aerobic exercises usually increase your body temperature, so you will

feel different 10 to 15 minutes into your program than you felt at the

beginning of the exercise. When I teach my Zumba classes, I do 7-10

minutes of warmup prior to the extensive aerobic/cardio activity. Just as

important is a cool down after such activity.

Ensure proper ventilation, particularly when exercising indoors. One

reason that I put all the overhead fans on in my gym when I teach my

classes is to insure correct ventilation!

Dress appropriately (comfortable clothing), correct aerobic closed

toe shoes. Wear breathable fabrics. Wear UV protection in sunny weather

(sunscreen, sunglasses, hat).

Drink LOTS OF WATER. Rule of thumb: Drink at least 8 ounces of

water 30 minutes prior to an aerobic workout, and drink lots of water

during and afterwards. Our body needs water in this dry Las Vegas heat.

As always, check with your physician prior to any extensive aerobic

activity should you have any physical limitations.


Mary Richard was crowned Ms. Senior Nevada 2006, was first

runner-up for Ms. Senior America 2006 and is a life-time dancer.

Mary can be reached at


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Join Vegas Voice Prez Ray & Crystal In Tuscany In 2019

There is a lot of construction

going on in Las Vegas and once

again the “crane” is the unofficial

bird of our hometown. This time

many of the new neighborhoods,

feature svelte residences. But I

prefer the Mediterranean style

with tiled roofs, thick walls, and

flower-filled courtyards. That’s why

the 50+ adult community of Siena

has been, and continues to be, my

home in Summerlin since 2010.

Our Siena is a lovely community

and very suggestive of its Italian

namesake, which has been named

a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With its magnificent culture and

history, Italy tops the list of World

Heritage Sites, and I always try to

seek them out when I plan an itinerary.

So, signing up for Collette’s

“Spotlight” tour to Tuscany was

a “no brainer”. However, I was

really surprised to find that the

original Siena features stunning

medieval palaces and mansions

surrounding the Piazza del Campo,

and is the original site of the historic

Palio horse race which has been

reenacted through Siena’s narrow

streets. Plus, this nine day tour also

July 2018

includes sightseeing in Florence,

Pisa, San Gimignano, the walled

city of Lucca, and an optional day

trip to the colorful hillside villages

of Cinque Terre with its rugged

coastline and terraced vineyards.

Siena’s Piazza Del Campo

Experience the optional excursions!

Choose from a Dinner and Entertainment

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& Dinner in Montecatini, or a picturesque

day trip to legendary Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre Option


This is a terrific itinerary, but what

I really like is that we will be staying

in the Grand Hotel Tettuccio in

the spa resort town of Montecatini

Terme for the entire trip. No packing

and unpacking...Just warm

autumn days filled with enjoying

the wonderful sights in and around

the Tuscan hills, and savoring lots

of good Italian food and wines.

Gelato anyone?

I hope you’ll

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Escaping the Vegas Summer

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Destinations

do not care what anyone tells me. When it

I gets to 105 degrees outside, IT’S HOT! IT’S


So when I call publisher Dan from my office in New York and he tells

me what the temperature is in Las Vegas, I shake my head and wonder

how you all manage during the summer months in Las Vegas.

Another thing I know is that here in New York, in the winter when

the temperature starts to fall below freezing, “snow birds”, head south.

The senior communities empty out and folks head to Florida and other

warm climates.

What do you do in the summer? Based on conversations I’ve had

with Vegas Voyagers, many of you head back from whence you came.

The “sunbirds” head to your original homes.

Because nobody I’ve met in Las Vegas was born in Las Vegas. Most of

you seem to be from the mid-west; Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Iowa

among others. And yes, it is a bit cooler in these parts of the U.S.

But not that much. And then there is the humidity you encounter

in your original hometowns. And Las Vegans hate humidity. Just ask

publisher Dan.

Let me give you a “cooler” idea about summer travel that might

not include a visit home. For one that I really enjoy, check out French

Canada and the Canadian Maritimes. A trip to Montreal and Quebec

City can be a visit to “Europe” here in North America.

Quebec has a distinct French quality that will make you feel as

though you’re traveling in French speaking Europe. A similar European


albeit Scotch

and English

can be enjoyed

when visiting

Nova Scotia, New

Brunswick and

Prince Edward

Island. And the

temperature will probably never get above 80 degrees.

These destinations can be visited when doing a Canada/New England

cruise of ten days or longer (either round trip from New York or one

way starting in New York and ending in Quebec City). In fact the Vegas

Voyagers will be sponsoring a 10 night cruise on The Adventure of the

Seas in the fall of 2019 starting in New York and visiting Bar Harbor,

Portland, St. John, New Halifax Sydney, Charlottetown, Prince Edward

Island and ending with an overnight stay in Quebec City. A complete

air/sea package for this ten night cruise

starts at just $1,739 per person.

So get out

of the HOT of

Las Vegas. Call

me for this and

other “cool”

ideas for your summer travel.

As always Happy Destinations.





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Beat the Heat & Getaway!

Choose a Collette Spotlight Vacation…

One of my clients, who has traveled all over the world, recently

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She’s been to Italy before, but she was really attracted to the

“Spotlights” concept, which focuses on a more inclusive, more

relaxed style of traveling. And she was really pleased to find that

throughout her entire trip, she’d be staying in a four star hotel in

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Plan now to join your neighbors,

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San Antonio Holiday, 5 days

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New Orleans Holiday, 5 days

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with air!

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July 2018

Stupendous. Spectacular. Adjectives come

easy, yet don’t begin to describe Canada’s

Banff National Park.

Banff is a paradise set against snowcapped glacier mountains where

the wind carries the smell of lush evergreens. Wildlife sightings are

common. At dusk, deer venture from thickets to forage near roadsides.

Commonly overheard, “It’s just so beautiful!”

Established in 1885, Banff is Canada’s oldest national park.

Bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, it

overflows with jagged Rocky Mountain peaks, thick forests, glaciers and

cold clear springs.

Colorful wildflowers tint open meadows and snow-melt waterfalls

cascade swiftly down rock walls. The waterfall area is Canada’s oldest

limestone, dating more than 1.5 million years.

Canada comprises 40% of the world’s sustainable forests. Traveling

the park’s narrow roads, morning gives way to afternoon and the

warming sun is ablaze on the tops of the trees.

Besides verdant evergreens, we glimpse maple trees. With more

than 200 types or varieties of maple trees, it is easy to appreciate why

Canada’s national embalm is the maple leaf and grace the country’s

distinctive red and white flag.

Lake Louise, named for a member of the British monarchy, is

considered the Western Hemisphere’s most beautiful lake, if not the

world. But picturesque Moraine Lake is a sure runner-up and popular

destination. Both Louise and Moraine, sparkle with clear jewel-blue

waters reflecting the mountains around them.

Where Banff is Canada’s oldest national park, Jasper is Canada’s

largest in land. The drive between Banff and Jasper on the Icefields

Parkway crosses to the Columbia Icefields and ranks among the world’s

most scenic drives. The ice age reigns here, as Jasper’s Columbia

Icefields cover more than 3,000 square miles. The Icefield’s literally

spill out of the Rocky Mountains.

Only 38% of North America remains wilderness. Preserving

recreational areas

like Banff and Jasper

assures everyone

that they will have

a North American

backcountry to visit

and enjoy nature at

its best.


these parks are


spectacular - and

an oasis of summer


Oasis of Summer Beauty

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.

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July 2018



The appraisal came in LOW! Now what?

Although some buyers pay cash, many buyers require financing to purchase a home. With the

financing comes the lender required appraisal - and in a rising market, that can sometimes be a

challenge. Although the market looks "forward" when determining the "market value" of a property

(taking into account market trends, supply & demand, etc), an appraisal looks

"backwards" (as transactions closed in the PAST are used to determine the value). This can prove

to be a stumbling block for both buyers and sellers at times.

So, what should you do if the appraisal in your transaction falls short? There are a few steps you

can take:

Laura Harbison


Seniors Real Estate Specialist ® (SRES)

Accredited Buyer Representative ® (ABR)

Graduate, REALTOR ® Institute (GRI)

Equator Platform Platinum Certification

Equator Short Sale Agent Certification

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Advanced Evaluations Certification

At Home With Diversity (AHWD)

Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR)

NVS Institute BPO Certification

Five Star BPO Designation

Certified Distressed Property Expert ® (CDPE)

Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist


NAWRB Certified Delegate Spokeswoman

Distinguished Real Estate Broker ® (DRB)

Call Laura Today!


1. Start by checking the appraisal for small errors that may have an impact on the value, such as

incorrect bedroom count, square footage, or other important details.

2. Check the comparable properties used by the appraiser to see if they are reasonably comparable

(in your neighborhood, similar features, etc). Were there any recent sales they ignored that

are more applicable?

3. If based on your findings in #1 & #2 you feel that the appraiser is incorrect in their assessment,

present your data and ask that the appraiser reconsider their findings. If they will not reconsider,

ask the lender to have a different appraiser give a second opinion.

4. Try renegotiating the sales price and/or the terms of the sale with the other party to see if you

can arrive at an agreeable common ground.

5. If you really feel that the appraisal is incorrect and you can't get the appraisal reconsidered

or corrected, a last resort can be to move the loan to another lender and start fresh with a new


Although you have the ability to research and select the Real Estate Agent that you feel will best

represent you, you don't have that same opportunity with the Appraiser assigned to your transaction.

Mortgage companies are not allowed to hand-select the Appraiser, so they are typically

assigned on a random &/or rotation basis. Remember that an appraisal is just one person's opinion,

and you could have 3 Appraisers do an appraisal on the same house on the same day and literally

get 3 different "values" back from them. There is a certain amount of subjectivity involved,

so don't be afraid to do your own research when it comes to what the home is worth to YOU.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to assist you with your next real estate transaction! I am

here to answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. My office is open 7 days a

week for your convenience, and my cheerful and friendly staff is standing by to jump into action

for you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Sharing your goals,


Realty Executives Southern Nevada Properties


770 Coronado Center Drive, Ste. 100

Henderson, NV 89052

Office: 702-777-1234


July 2018

Sold Is Our Favorite Word...Let Us Make It Yours!

Laura Harbison



770 Coronado Center Dr., Suite 100

Henderson, NV 89052

Office (702) 777-1234

Realty Executives Southern Nevada Properties

Is Independently Owned and Operated

1608 Villa Rica Drive

SEVEN HILLS Highly upgraded 4 BR+2 dens+loft/7 BA, 6409 SF home in guard gated Terracina Estates! Elegant custom

home, upstairs loft with wet bar, theater room, imported marble floors, custom iron stair railing, custom cabinets,

plantation shutters, coffered ceilings. Chef’s island kitchen with professional Wolf & Sub-Zero stainless appliances &

granite counters. Spacious Downstairs Master Suite features Wood Flooring, Gas Fireplace, Private Laundry Room,

and Walk-In Closet / Dressing Room (12x15) with Custom Organizers & Cabinets. Master Bathroom w/ Jacuzzi Tub,

Steam Shower w/Body Jets, Dual Sinks w/Raised Vanities, Make-Up Vanity, and Marble Flooring. Private backyard

with sparkling pool & spa. Grand Entrance with Porte-cochere and Circular Driveway. Much more! $1,778,880

1106 Adcox Court

WELLINGTON MANOR One Story Home w/ RV/Boat

Parking. This 4 Bedroom, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage, 1666 SF

Home sits on a .14 Acre Cul-De-Sac Lot! Kitchen w/ Pot

Shelves, Pantry, Breakfast Bar, Tile Counters, Tile

Backsplash, Stainless Steel Appliances (Gas Stove,

Microwave, & Dishwasher). Master Bathroom w/ Dual

Sinks, Shower/Tub Combo. $299,900

653 Hillside Road

PIOCHE, NV Breathtaking panoramic mountain &

valley views! 4 BR/2.5 BA, 2743 SF home on .49

acre premium hillside lot. RV parking with hook-ups

(electric, water, sewer). Near 5 state parks,

hunting, camping & fishing areas! $268,800

2562 Shellsburg Ave

Sun City Anthem 2 BR / 2 BA, 1632 SF 1-story home.

Fabulous Monroe Floorplan! Hobby Room w/ Built-In

Desk. Upgraded Kitchen w/ Silestone Counters. Breakfast

Bar. Recessed Lighting. Cabinets w/ Pull-Out Shelves.

Master Suite w/ Bay Window, Ceiling Fan and Walk-In

Closet. Covered Patio $335,000

421 Trenier Drive

Henderson Newly built modern one story custom

home on 1.07 estate lot w/ oversized side entry 3 car

garage & RV Parking. Expansive covered patio, 4

Bedrooms + Theater Room, 12 ft ceilings, Quartz

counters, stainless appliances & designer

fixtures. Approximately 4000 sqft. $999,900

2080 Sawtooth Mountain Drive

SUN CITY ANTHEM Popular Madison Floorplan with 1836

SF. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage. Island Kitchen

with Granite Counters, Nook, Pantry, Breakfast Bar, Pot

Shelves, Built-In Oven, Microwave, Gas Cooktop, &

Dishwasher. Finished 2 Car Garage w/Automatic Door

Opener. Covered Front Porch, Front Patio, & Rear Covered

Patio. $359,000

1866 Via Delle Arti

Luxury 2 BR+loft/2.5 BA, 1519 SF townhome-style condo with

cherry cabinets, SS appliances, granite counters, custom paint &

flooring, plantation shutters, alarm system, raised panel doors,

fire sprinkler system. Upstairs laundry room with utility sinks &

cabinets. Ceiling fans & crown molding. Water conditioner & hot

water recirculation pump. Full sized attached 2-car garage with

automatic door opener. $280,000

2257 Turner Falls Street

SUN CITY ANTHEM Gorgeous Yorktown Floorplan! 2

Bedrooms, Great Room, 2 Bathrooms in 2592 SF. Island

Kitchen w/ Granite Counters, Stainless Steel Appliances,

Upgraded Cabinets w/ Pull-Out Shelves. Walk-In Pantry. Great

Room w/ Wet Bar, Ceiling Fan and Surround Sound. Laundry

Room w/ Utility Sink & Cabinets. $470,000


Speaking to and for Las Vegas

Valley Seniors since 2003

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