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Fah Thai Magazine Jul-Aug 2018

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HAPPENINGS CAMBODIA PHNOM PENH / SIEM REAP SPOTLIGHT Creative Mix Hub Since 2007, the Meta House has been a creative space for artists and art lovers in Phnom Penh. The threestorey contemporary gallery located in the heart of the city boasts more than 100 sq. metres of art exhibition space. An open-air media lounge on the rooftop overlooks the city. Photo Michael Klinkhamer Photo Michael Klinkhamer The goal of Meta House is to promote the arts in Cambodia, as well as local artists and their works. As such, the gallery regularly hosts local as well as international exhibitions and workshops. The top floor media lounge also screens documentaries and feature films. Although it’s mostly art, Meta House has also Photo Meta House become a popular meeting place for locals and visitors. There is an on-site café, which serves German delights such as schnitzel and sauerkraut and recently, the establishment has also hosted music events with visiting DJs and musicians. Open 8am-6pm, 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh, PRESERVING CAMBODIAN CUISINE Chef Luu Meng has made it a mission to carry on the traditional Cambodian way of cooking in all of his recipes. The country’s only Master Chef, Meng has been experimenting with flavours and textures and unearthing his country’s culinary secrets to be shared in his restaurant, Malis. Meng created Malis in 2004 out of a desire to promote and highlight Cambodian cuisine. He has been successful too as the restaurant itself has become a culinary attraction in its own right. With the help of his culinary team, Meng has recreated many traditional Cambodian recipes that were lost during the Khmer Rouge regime. Although most of the recipes used are traditional, Meng has injected a contemporary twist to all the dishes that come out from the Malis kitchen. Along with his restaurant in Phnom Penh, Meng also operates an outlet in Siem Reap as well. Open Sunday-Saturday, 6am-10.30pm, 136 Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh, UNIQUE & PERSONALISED DINING Looking for an opportunity to savour service by a private chef and waiter. Cambodian cuisine in an intimate Destination Dining is opened to setting? You don’t have to look outsiders with guests of Sojourn beyond Destination Dining in Siem Boutique Villas benefiting from Reap to get your wish. The restaurant preferential rates. housed at Sojourn Boutique Villas As there is only one table offers a unique concept of dining by available per night, diners are required guaranteeing the utmost intimacy as to book well in advance to ensure it only houses a single table. that their romantic Cambodian dining Although perfect for couples, experience will be available for them Destination Dining can accommodate during their visit to Siem Reap. a small part of six at most. Diners Open nightly, Sojourn Boutique Villas, not only get to enjoy a beautiful Treak Village Road, Treak Village private pavilion sitting over a lotus Siem Reap, pond but also personalised destination-dining HOUSE OF ART When Cambodian artist and designer Lim Muy Theam wanted to promote art in the country, he took it upon himself to open up his home to enthusiasts. Theam’s Home is truly a one-of-a-kind art gallery, being both a place of residence as well as a creative workshop and living gallery. Surrounded by a lush tropical garden, Theam’s House certainly puts one at ease. Step inside the confines of the building and you’ll immediately be opened up to a world of art, curated by Theam himself. The rooms in the home holds a number of art pieces and personal collections of the artist, which were sourced and also created on site. A unique space, Theam’s House provides visitors an insight into a distinctive world of art, as well as instruction into making their own creative pieces – be it painting, sculpting, or lacquer ware. Open daily, 8am-7pm, #25, Veal Village, Khum Kokchack, Siem Reap, 108