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Relaxing Charm

of Mae Hong Son

Tucked away in the northern part of Thailand,

Mae Hong Son offers numerous attractions for

any time of the year. A sanctuary for the body

and soul, Mae Hong Son is proud of its abundant

forests, mesmerising highlands enveloped in

mist and fascinating cultures.

The temple of Wat Phra That

Doi Kong Mu, also known as

Wat Plai Doi, is the heart and

soul of Mae Hong Son. With

two beautiful white-washed

pagodas with gilded parasols

and panoramic views of the

town of Mae Hong Son, the

Buddhist temple has been

sacred ground to locals for

a century.

Take a photographic shot

with the longest bamboo

bridge in Thailand. Su Tong Pe

Bridge is two metres wide,

and 500 metres long. The

villagers built the bridge

stretching over rice paddies

and the Mae Sa Nga River to

pave a path for the monks

and novices to take morning

alms. Travellers may take the

opportunity to give alms on

the bridge around 6.30 to

7.30am in the morning.

Su Tong Pe means “fulfilled

wish” in the Tai Yai language,

so it is believed that if you

make a wish in the middle of

the bridge, it will come true.

Fall in love with the charm

of the Yunnanese people at

Ban Mae Aw, also known as

Ban Rak Thai, the last village

before reaching the Thai-

Myanmar border. Famous for

Ching Ching tea and Oolong

tea cultivation, Ban Rak Thai is

a place to enjoy locally brewed

tea, and delectable Yunnanese

cuisine. Another highlight is

the Chinese Clay House, built

This Page

Lee Wine Lak Thai

Resort, situated

in the Oolong tea

plantation near

Ban Rak Thai



Su Tong Pe Bridge,

the longest bamboo

bridge in Thailand.

from clay and rice straw, and

painted in mustard yellow

with green and red Chinese

patterns on the architraves.

Visitors could experience

the fantastic hot springs

black mud from Phu Klon,

one of the three black mud

resources in the world. Phu

Klon is well known for its

health and beauty enhancing

amenities using natural

mud from the hot springs

which is rich in minerals

Photo Surapol Supawattanakul

Translation Chusri Ngamprasert Photos Courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand



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