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Blockchain Life: inside a start-up on

speed – Eventum – Medium - Shared by altcoinhunter

In the meantime, co-founder Luka Perović and the other developers have

been holding the fort back at base in Ljubljana, Slovenia, running new

Eventum alpha tests and building on the core code of the …


Sammy Sosa on Skin Bleaching: 'I

Do Whatever I Want' - Shared by Yazoo Law

Sammy Sosa’s appearance—his ever-lighter skin tone, to be exact—has

confused people throughout the world for years. It was recently referenced

in the Teddy Perkins episode of Atlanta Robbin’ Season, …


How Sendy Works for Email

Marketers – Sendy Token – Medium - Shared by jyoti anand

Sendy is built to improve engagement with marketing emails and give back

value subscribers by rewarding them for their attention. Over the last 5

years building Sendicate and SmartrMail — we’ve seen …



Federal officials launch two reviews

into Trump’s handling of migrant

children - Shared by Chris Hayes

People who have been taken into custody related to cases of illegal entry

into the United States rest in one of the cages at a facility in McAllen, Texas.

| U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Rio G…


Bitcoin Adding Woes to Weakening

Housing Market as Millenials Invest

More - Shared by Fatih Ahmad

The housing market's latest client base is not as enamored with it as

previous generations. The millennial movement which is now approaching

an age where they want to invest their money is not lookin…


Chinese Banking Regulator

Suggests Allowing ICO and Crypto

Trading Through Licenses - Shared by Fatih Ahmad

Two kinds of research from CBRC have published a research dedicated to

development and regulations regarding Blockchain accounts and crypto

industry. The paper mentions a variety of different attempt…


Blockchain Big Companies to

Proceed With Suing Facebook on

Crypto Ads Prohibition - Shared by Fatih Ahmad

Earlier this year, in spring, official crypto societies around the world

announced an intention to file charges against Facebook and other Internet

giants for banning adverts supporting virtual coins…


Crypto Debit Cards Are Here. Well,

Almost: Past-ICO Review - Shared by Fatih Ahmad

Coming out of crypto valley in Zug, Switzerland, the company Monaco,

which has no relations to the principality of Monaco, has come out with an

app and a debit card to make it easier to spend crypto …



What a terrible week for crypto traders! After establishing new lows, the

price remains flat as market participants seem to have no idea where to

drive cryptocurrencies. The good news here is that th…


Germany National Team Promo |

adidas US - Shared by SOLE LINKS






ピーチ 井 上 CEO「バニラ 統 合 でアジア

けん 引 」 ANAHD 株 主 総 会 - Shared by Aviation Wire

ANAホールディングス(9202)は6 月 28 日 、 都 内 のグランドプリンスホテ

ル 新 高 輪 で 第 73 回 株 主 総 会 を 開 催 した。 配 当 や 取 締 役 、 監 査 役 選 任 の3 議

案 をすべて 可 決 して 閉 会 した。 グランドプリンスホテル 新 高 輪 で 開 催 した

ANAホールディングスの 株 主 総 会 =18 年 6 月 28 日 PHOTO: Yusuke

KOHASE/Aviation Wire 総 会 で 議 長 を 務 めた 片 野 坂 真 哉 社 長 は、 前 日 の27

日 夜 の 羽 田 発 鹿 児 島 行 …


名 鉄 バス、「セントレアリムジン」に

早 朝 便 新 設 7 月 21 日 から - トラベルメ

ディア「Traicy(トライシー)」 - Shared by トラベルメディア「Traicy(トライシー)」

名 鉄 バスは、 名 古 屋 市 内 と 中 部 国 際 空 港 を 結 ぶバス「セントレアリムジン

」に 早 朝 便 を 新 設 する。 運 行 期 間 は7 月 21 日 から2019 年 3 月 31 日 までで、ヒ

ルトン 名 古 屋 を 午 前 5 時 45 分 、 中 部 国 際 空 港 を 午 前 8 時 15 分 に 出 発 する1 往

復 を 新 設 する。 空 港 着 では 既 存 便 より50 分 早 く、 空 港 発 は 既 存 便 より1 時 間

早 く 到 着 する。 名 古 屋 市 内 発 は 名 鉄 バスエンター、 伏 見 町 には 停 車 しない

。 大 人 片 道 運 賃 は1,200 円 、 小 児 半 額 。 「セ…


Opinion | With Kennedy Gone,

Justice Must Be Won at the Ballot

Box - Shared by James Woods

Under the arrangement that sustained the legitimacy of the court for

generations, until last year, the replacement of a swing justice would trigger

a battle in the Senate, as the minority party wield…


HERE IT IS: Trump Says He'll

Choose One of These People to

Replace Justice Kennedy - Shared by Diamond and Silk®

There were plenty of reasons to vote for Donald Trump. He was better than

Hillary Clinton on every issue and clearly he was the right person for the

job. One of the biggest reasons to vote for Donald…


Nike "Just Do It" Pack Where To Buy

| - Shared by Sneaker News

Nike Sportswear’s upcoming “Just Do It” pack is one of the largest

collections the Swoosh Brand has delved out this year, and it highlights the

30th anniversary of its iconic catchphrase created by W…


American money flowing back into

America - Shared by FOX Business

White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett on

mounting U.S. trade tensions with China. Despite President Trump's tit-fortat

trade barbs, America’s CEOs are not wasting anytime i…


Trump Threatens Countries With

Sanctions If They Import Any Iranian

Oil - Shared by The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump will be forgoing sanction waivers and is warning

countries to bring oil imports from Iran down to “zero” by November, or

face sanctions, a senior U.S. State Department official…


CNN Legal Analyst Laments

Overturning Roe v. Wade – Gets

Reminded Of His Own Inconvenient

History - Shared by The Daily Caller

CNN’s Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin spent hours on air Wednesday fear

mongering that another Donald Trump appointed justice to the Supreme

Court would spell the end of abortion rights in America. Toob…


Transfer news latest updates

including Arsenal, United and

Liverpool gossip - Shared by Mirror Football

Wayne Rooney is on the brink of completing his move from Everton to DC

United. A year on from returning to his boyhood club after a recordbreaking

spell at Manchester United, the 32-year-old is set …


Anthony Kennedy: Swing justice

wielded quiet power in a range of

high-profile cases - Shared by FOX & friends

In his decades on the court, Anthony Kennedy has crafted a powerful, if

hard to define, judicial legacy -- seemingly in the forefront of every major

ruling during his tenure. (Associated Press) A lo…


Alemania nunca había caído en la

primera fase de un Mundial - Shared by Radio ADN

Las grandes favoritas están logrando sus objetivos, a duras penas, en este

Mundial de Rusia. No así Alemania. El combinado de Joachim Löw ha

confirmado los peores pronósticos y que su victoria milagr…


Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael

Avenatti, also represents planned

pot farm: report - Shared by Fox News

Federal bankruptcy court judge in Southern California ordered a law firm

managed by Michael Avenatti to pay $10 million to a former colleague who

claims the firm misstated its profits. Before he gain…


Hilary Duff Couldn't Be Happier to Be

Having a Baby Girl: See the Moment

She Found Out - Shared by billboard

After announcing a few weeks ago that she was expecting a baby with

boyfriend Matthew Koma, Hilary Duff shared a very special moment with

her Instagram followers: The 30-year-old actress and singer p…


8 reasons why Trump's tariffs may

push the U.S. into a recession - Shared by CBS News

Global stock markets tumbled on Monday as Europe and China warned that

President Donald Trump's tariffs risked an all-out trade war. Then U.S.

motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson (HOG) said it would mov…


World Cup latest - Germany's shock

exit & England build-up - Shared by BBC Sport

You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC

programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law. Germany's earliest World Cup exit for

80 years Build-up to England v Belgium at 19:00 BST Japan, S…


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win stuns

Democrats, puts new attention on

Pelosi - Shared by Fox News

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes down the chairman of the House

Democratic Caucus in a stunning primary result; reaction and analysis on

'Fox News @ Night' from Mark Penn, former pollster and adviser t…


UK criticised over role in US

rendition - Shared by BBC News (UK)

The UK tolerated "inexcusable" treatment of US detainees after the 9/11

attacks, MPs have found. The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC)

said it was "beyond doubt" the UK knew the US mistreated…


Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, and

the Joy of Barely Cooking - Shared by Vogue Magazine

Poor Antoni Porowski has not been able to catch a break this season on

Queer Eye. As the show’s resident food and wine expert, his (non-)cooking

abilities have been intensely scrutinized and critique…


'Start Here': Supreme Court upholds

travel ban in narrow ruling - Shared by ABC News

It's Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Here are some of the stories we're talking

about on ABC News' new daily podcast, "Start Here." Yesterday, the

Supreme Court ruled that the third version of President Do…


Takeda shareholder group proposal

fails to pass at AGM - Shared by Reuters Top News

TOKYO (Reuters) - A group of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (4502.T)

shareholders trying to build support to block the $62 billion acquisition of

London-listed Shire Plc (SHP.L) failed to get a proposa…


Apple, Samsung settle U.S. patent

dispute - Shared by Reuters Top News

(Reuters) - Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday

settled a seven-year patent dispute over Apple’s allegations that Samsung

violated its patents by “slavishly” copying the design of t…


Deported after Trump order, Central

Americans grieve for lost children - Shared by Reuters Top News

CHOLOMA, Honduras (Reuters) - Before deporting him in shackles last

week, U.S. immigration agents handed Honduran asylum-seeker Melvin

Garcia his few possessions and a small blue wallet belonging to …


Trade war fears grip stocks, dollar

drives higher - Shared by Reuters Top News

LONDON (Reuters) - Pressure on world shares from a U.S.-driven trade

dispute mounted on Thursday, as a fast-charging dollar and a jump in oil

prices also cranked up the pain in emerging markets. Euro…


How China Got Sri Lanka to Cough

Up a Port - Shared by The New York Times

• During the 2015 Sri Lankan elections, large payments from the Chinese

port construction fund flowed directly to campaign aides and activities for

Mr. Rajapaksa, who had agreed to Chinese terms at e…


Why we live on a remote island - Shared by BBC News (World)

"Everyone is related in some way," laughs Connel Gresham, one of the 600

residents of Unst, Shetland. The island is the most northerly inhabited place

in the United Kingdom - sitting 212 miles from t…


Tour an Abandoned Village in the

Hills of Southern Italy - Shared by National Geographic

But you won't find a temple to Apollo, or urns painted with striding athletes

in the abandoned hillside village of Roghudi Vecchio. The artifacts here

include a pizza oven and Coke bottles. Nonethele…


Mattis assures South Korea on U.S.

troops, says commitment 'ironclad' - Shared by Reuters Top News

SEOUL (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday assured

South Korea of an “ironclad” commitment to its security, including keeping

U.S. troop levels unaltered, even as diplomats seek …


'Space kingdom' seeks citizens for

life beyond Earth very soon - Shared by Reuters Top News

VIENNA (Reuters) - Feel like the world is going to the dogs? Want to get

away from it all? Here’s a solution: become a citizen of the nation of

Asgardia and hope it makes good on its promise to colon…


DNC members groan when hearing

news of Kennedy’s retirement - Shared by Fox News

'Fox News @ Night' host Shannon Bream gives an inside look at Justice

Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court, the Left's panic

and vow to block President Trump's handpicked 'conservative…


Employee hailed as a hero for saving

a choking customer - Shared by ABC News

A Texas Chick-Fil-A employee is hailed as a hero for saving a customer who

choked on food while eating, according to a co-worker and the restaurant's

owner. The unidentified victim, a man apparently …


Authorities arrest 40, seize more

than $3.6 million in gold bars in 1st

darknet bust - Shared by ABC News

It's widely known that the things that happen on the dark web are often

illegal -- but in a first, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

agency along with law enforcement partners took down 40…


Could This Restaurant Be the

Sweetgreen of Chinese Food? - Shared by Vogue Magazine

Most New Yorkers like boasting about their food as much as eating it.

There’s the perennial city-wide argument about which joint—or borough—

serves the best pizza, then there are stubborn nostalgists …


3 Writers On Living Sustainably In

2018 - Shared by Vogue Magazine

The decision to move to Maine, which I did in 2009, was made at least

partly for the benefit of living in harmony with nature and raising my future

children in a not entirely frenetic world. My husba…


Mexicans face 'void of proposals' on

security in election - Shared by The Associated Press

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Dominga Garcia Lopez's only son, Francisco

Ramirez Garcia, had nearly completed a master's degree in psychology, and

at 36 was supporting the parents who had toiled to give hi…


C-Flap helmets may look weird, but

MLB stars are picking safety over

aesthetics - Shared by Washington Post

A year before the most important decision of his life, Bryce Harper made

one with that future in mind last winter, one on display every time he’s

stepped into the batter’s box this season. It’s a pie…


Crowley’s loss divides stunned

Democrats about the future of party

leadership - Shared by Washington Post

House Democrats felt the sting Wednesday of the growing progressive, antiestablishment

movement that felled one of their rising stars, leaving the

future of party leadership up in the air as they he…


Pruitt seeks to limit EPA’s authority

to halt projects akin to Alaska’s

Pebble Mine - Shared by Washington Post

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt directed the

agency’s staff Wednesday to craft a rule limiting the agency’s ability to

preemptively halt projects on the grounds that they w…


Kid writes hilariously brutal answer

to homework question about his

favourite book - Shared by Mashable

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If

you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which

helps support our work. When it comes to writing jokes a…


Rihanna Named A New Fenty Beauty

Eyeliner "Cuz I'm Black" - Shared by ELLE Magazine (US)

When it comes to playfully and subtly throwing shade, Rihanna is no

amateur. Who could forget when she gifted the Twitterverse with her classic

line, "Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of"? On…


Why tiny Neanderthal brains are now

growing in petri dishes - Shared by NBC News

Neanderthals went extinct about 40,000 years ago, but thanks to cuttingedge

science, there is now a lab in California that has petri dishes filled with

pea-sized versions of the cavemen's brains. Wh…


Jacob Rees-Mogg at Irish border:

'UK can win game of chicken' - Shared by Sky News

He insisted last month that a visit to the Irish border wouldn't give him

anymore insight "beyond what I can get by studying it", adding: "My going

and wandering across a few roads isn't going to tel…


Melania Trump visits child migrant

detention centre - Shared by Sky News

The first lady met doctors, social workers and those providing medical and

educational services to some of the 2,300 children split from their families

on the US-Mexico border, amid controversy over …


Online hotel booking sites

investigated over misleading claims - Shared by Sky News

As part of an ongoing investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority

(CMA) has identified widespread concerns about the practice of reserving a

room online. :: How hotels are ranked in search r…


Retired police officer among 10

charged over plot against Muslims - Shared by Sky News

Nine men and one woman, aged 32 to 69, were arrested in raids across

France on Saturday. They were charged with "criminal terrorist conspiracy"

when they appeared before a judge on Wednesday evening.…


‘This is bull----’: Inside the GOP’s

immigration meltdown - Shared by POLITICO

Moderate House Republicans suspected they were being played. For weeks

they’d been negotiating with Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows in

a quest to clinch an immigration deal that could pass the H…


Propuesta de impuestos a Amazon,

Spotify y Netflix: ¿Qué servicios y

productos pagan IVA en Chile? - Shared by 24 Horas

"Uber, Netflix y Spotify pagarán impuestos en el marco de la modernización

tributaria". Ese fue el anuncio que hizo este jueves el ministro de Hacienda,

Felipe Larraín, agregando que en septiembre pr…


Costa Rica and New York City FC

winger Rodney Wallace shares his

playlist - Shared by Major League Soccer

For MLS fans, Costa Rica’s roster at this year’s FIFA World Cup reads like

an album of familiar faces. With Los Ticos taking their place in the

tournament for the fifth time, they’ve proved one of th…


Kendall Waston scores for Costa

Rica in consolation draw at World

Cup - Shared by Major League Soccer

Costa Rica concluded their 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign on Wednesday

with a spirited 2-2 draw against Switzerland in Nizhny Novgorod. The

Ticos, already eliminated from advancing out of group play fo…


En España están furiosos por esta

restauración que arruinó una figura

del siglo XIV - CNN Chile - Shared by CNN Chile

Las iglesias españolas tienen una herencia de arte e historia centenarios.

Pero cuando la restauración de ese patrimonio se convierte en inevitable,

los problemas pueden comenzar. Los cambios realiza…


Autoridades firmaron acuerdo para

concretar trazado de Américo

Vespucio Oriente - CNN Chile - Shared by CNN Chile

La puesta en marcha del primer trazado del proyecto de la autopista

subterránea Américo Vespucio Oriente generó discrepancias con los

municipios de Las Condes y Vitacura. El proyecto contempla una pi…


La ‘maldición’ de la Confederaciones

y cómo Alemania continuó con el

mito - CNN Chile - Shared by CNN Chile

Este miércoles los alemanes y actuales campeones del mundo, quedaron

eliminados de Rusia 2018 tras perder por dos goles a cero ante Corea del

Sur. Esta derrota viene a ‘confirmar’ el mito que existe …


Buckingham Palace to move 10,000

artworks during refurbishment - Shared by Guardian news

A major “decant” of 10,000 works of art at Buckingham Palace, including

paintings, porcelain, tapestries and furniture, is being organised as part of

its £369m refurbishment. The whole of the east wi…


MoD campaign to stop killing of

songbirds on Cyprus hailed a

success - Shared by Guardian news

When Britain’s armed forces minister, Mark Lancaster, assumed office he

was surprised by the amount of letters in his mailbag regarding an issue the

military would not ordinarily address. One after t…


Student debt: how the government's

Hecs changes will affect you - Shared by Guardian news

From Sunday, thousands of students and graduates across the country will

have to start paying off their debts earlier than expected. In the coming

financial year, which starts on 1 July, anybody earn…


9 Tips You Can Actually Use If You

Plan to Start a Clothing Line - Shared by Marie Claire

Many successful businesses are born out of a consumer need for a product,

which Petite Studio's founder Jenny Wang honed in on when she started

her company. Wang's two-year-old fashion label caters t…


Former Twitter executive: Trump is

in denial over social media threat to

midterms - Shared by Yahoo News

SAN FRANCISCO — President Trump often complains about “fake news,”

but with the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, his administration

has done little to try to combat those who would use it to …


Hollywood Implodes over Justice

Kennedy Retirement: 'This Is How

You Lose a Country' - Shared by Breitbart News

“ok, dems. this is real. all y’all paying attention? this is how you lose a

country,” actor Don Cheadle said on Twitter. “all of our rights are in the

balance. urge your leadership to resist when tru…


But Why? Crypto Looks for Answers

As Facebook Eases Ad Ban -

CoinDesk - Shared by Ricardo Nester

North Korea is still expanding its

nuclear facilities, say experts - Shared by The Last Word

Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that

matter, delivered weekday mornings. WASHINGTON — North Korea

continues to make improvements to a major nuclear facility, raisin…


Butchers Plead for Protection

Against Militant Vegan 'Terror'

Campaign - Shared by Breitbart News

There are organisations and individuals seeking to “sow terror” in France,

the French Confederation of Butchers, Delicatessens, and Caterers (CFBCT)

warned, asserting that animal rights extremists “h…


Nick Foles: I’m excited to wear that

Eagles jersey for “at least one more

year” - Shared by NBC Sports

Nick Foles remains in Philadelphia with a restructured deal. But with

Carson Wentz returning, it begs the question of how long the Super Bowl

MVP will stay around as a backup? While promoting his new…


Quick count shows blank box wins,

setting up Makassar mayoral election

in 2020 - Shared by The Jakarta Post

Quick counts by numerous pollsters have shown that a majority have voted

for a blank box in the Makassar mayoral election, leaving behind sole

candidate pair Munafri Arifuddin-Andi Rachmatika Dewi. T…


School zoning system benefits

students, parents and schools - Shared by The Jakarta Post

Two years ago when Abdul Muhi was a 16-year-old junior high school

student, he rode a bicycle for 30 minutes to get to school every day because

his school was located far from where he lived in Cilod…


Eastbourne 2018: Day 5 Order of

Play and Match Points - Shared by WTA

The rivalry between Angelique Kerber and Daria Kasatkina has swung back

and forth over the last three years - but today's encounter will be their first

off hard courts. Kerber won their first match i…


Malaysian police seize haul of cash,

luxury items from former PM Najib's

premises - Shared by Global Times

Malaysian police said on Wednesday they have seized the total value of cash

and luxury items from premises related to former Prime Minister Najib

Razak between 910 million ringgit (226 million U.S. d…


Iran dismisses U.S. efforts to ban

Iranian oil as - Shared by Global Times

The U.S. efforts to ban Iran's oil exports will be futile as it is not an easy task

to block the country's crude from the global market, an Iranian oil official

said Wednesday. Although some European…


Malaysia’s ex-PM says seized items

were gifts, US$273m value ‘inflated’ - Shared by SCMP News

Former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak said a huge haul of jewellery

and valuables seized by police from properties linked to him as part of a

money-laundering probe were mostly gifts and the po…


Flight attendants get cancer more

than the rest of us, new study finds - Shared by SCMP News

Flight crews have higher than average rates of some cancers, according to a

study of more than 5,000 US-based flight attendants. “We report a higher

lifetime prevalence of breast, melanoma and non-me…


Serial killer wanted a firing squad or

poison gas. He got neither - Shared by SCMP News

The US state of Texas on Wednesday executed a serial murderer dubbed

“the ice pick killer,” who had filed an unusual last-minute appeal asking for

execution by a firing squad or lethal gas. Instead, …


‘Shark fin soup breaks my heart’:

free diver calls on Hong Kong’s

conscience - Shared by SCMP News

Free diver Hanli Prinsloo holds her breath for several minutes at a time as

she plunges into the deep blue sea. It may sound terrifying, but what

distresses her more is the way Hong Kong consumes sea…


Father guilty in neglect case

‘regretful’ of what befell daughter, 7 - Shared by SCMP News

A Hong Kong father whose seven-year-old daughter nearly died of neglect

apologised on Thursday after a doctor revealed the child might not live past

the age of 20. “I was wrong,” Rocky Ling Yiu-chung…


Eight ways to help reduce plastic

waste in Hong Kong in July - Shared by SCMP News

The world is in the depths of a plastic crisis: ineffectiveness in recycling

systems has been thrown into the spotlight after China announced this year

it would no longer accept other countries’ rubb…


China Tower gets Hong Kong’s

green light for 2018’s biggest IPO - Shared by SCMP News

Call it the revenge of the old technology. China Tower, the world’s biggest

operator of telecommunications towers for mobile phone networks, has

received the formal approval to raise up to US$10 bill…


China says no to US talks on

‘Orwellian’ airline website dispute - Shared by SCMP News

China has rejected US requests for talks over how American airlines and

their websites refer to Chinese-claimed Taiwan, according to sources,

including a US official, adding to tensions in a bilatera…


China welcomes Trump’s softer tone

over US investments - Shared by SCMP News

Beijing is happy with Donald Trump’s softer stance on Chinese investments

in the US, a senior official said on Thursday, because his new proposals do

not single out Chinese companies. Xiao Yaqing, th…


China’s stock benchmark set for

biggest monthly drop since post-

2015 crash - Shared by SCMP News

China’s stocks fell for a fourth day, sending the benchmark gauge on course

for its biggest monthly decline since the aftermath of a 2015 market rout, as

concerns about a trade war and worsening liqu…


China’s population drive proves

costly - Shared by SCMP News

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants women to have more babies. That’s

proving to be a costly goal. After government-run insurance funds paying

for maternity leave suffered revenue shortfalls for the f…


Germany players head home after

disastrous World Cup campaign - Shared by Mirror Football

Germany's dejected players are on their way home after their shock World

Cup exit. Joachim Loew's men failed to reach the last 16 after their surprise

defeat to South Korea in Kazan on Wednesday nigh…


Rojo reveals what Messi said at halftime

against Nigeria - Shared by Mirror Football

Match-winner Marcos Rojo has revealed Lionel Messi led Argentina’s lastgasp

World Cup victory over Nigeria — not coach Jorge Sampaoli. The

Barcelona superstar joined forces with former club-mate Jav…


Man Utd ready to snap-up 35-yearold

Stoke ace Lee Grant as David De

Gea back-up - Shared by The Sun Football ⚽

MANCHESTER UNITED are set to sign Stoke goalkeeper Lee Grant on a

free transfer. United boss Jose Mourinho is looking to provide cover for

David de Gea and Sergio Romero in his squad at Old Trafford …


Jordan Peterson Praises America

And Critiques Justin Trudeau In Q&A

Session [VIDEO] - Shared by The Daily Caller

Psychology professor Jordan Peterson publicly praised the American

political system during an Oxford Union Society Q&A session in May. “This

is one of the things that’s so great about the way the Ame…


Google Search Results Describe

Justice Neil Gorsuch As A ‘Lib

Owner’ - Shared by The Daily Caller

Google search results described Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch for a

brief period of time as a “world-renowned ‘lib owner,'” according to

screenshots and edit logs from Wikipedia, the information…


Dems Demand GOP Wait Until After

Midterms To Replace Kennedy - Shared by The Daily Caller

Democratic senators are planning on denying President Donald Trump the

opportunity of replacing outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

until after the midterm elections. Sens. Kamala Harris o…


Facebook Ditches Plans To Build

Giant Internet-Supplying Drone After

Number Of Setbacks - Shared by The Daily Caller

Facebook is ditching its plans to build a large internet-supplying drone, the

company announced Tuesday, a significant decision given the investment

and ambition of the project. Known as Aquila, a “n…


adidas X Revolver Present: Beach

Fossils, Nothing, Sheer Mag, More

Live in NYC - Shared by Revolver Magazine

Revolver is proud to present a night of indie and punk as part of the weeklong

Das Days celebration in New York City (July 6th - 14th). Sponsored by

adidas, on July 7th Terminal 5 will become a mix …


Foreign divers and soldiers join

rescue effort for Thai children

trapped in cave | The Japan Times - Shared by The Japan Times

MAE SAI, THAILAND – A team of U.S. military personnel and British

divers joined rescue efforts at a flooded cave in northern Thailand where 12

children and their soccer coach have been trapped for fi…


Suspect in deadly Charlottesville

rally vehicle attack charged with hate

crimes | The Japan Times - Shared by The Japan Times

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA – A reputed Hitler admirer accused of

plowing a car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, killing a young

woman, was charged Wednesday with federal hate crimes in a…


Become Internet Savvy And Use This

Social Media Marketing Advice Burt

Steingraeber Branding Consultant - Shared by Burt Steingraeber

TIP! Make sure your blog is always kept up to date with useful info. Blogs

are a great place to post information on promotions or sales. When it comes

to digital communications, few strategies are as…


Justice Dept. Files Hate Crime

Charges Against Charlottesville

Motorist Accused of Killing Heather

Heyer - Shared by Mediaite

The Department of Justice has indicted James Alex Fields on federal hate

crimes charges after he allegedly ran over demonstrators during the

infamous white nationalist rally last year in Charlottesvi…


Hayabusa2 arrives at Ryugu asteroid - Shared by The Japan News

For the next 2½ years after that, Hayabusa2 gradually reduced its distance

from Ryugu while accelerating from time to time, and stopped its ion engine

on June 3. Since then, the explorer slowed down …


Reducing U.S. forces in ROK may

not be bad - Shared by The Japan News

A: Easing of the economic sanctions is one of its objectives, but that is not

its primary goal. North Korea has developed nuclear and missile capabilities

with perfect knowledge that would result in …


How Nuclear Technology Helps

Women Farmers in Sudan Move Out

of Poverty - Shared by IAEA

In eastern Sudan under the blistering sun, women covered colourfully headto-toe

chatter away as they harvest lush green vegetables to feed their

families, their neighbours and their wallets. Their f…


Driftmoon goes high concept with

'Invictus' - Shared by Driftmoon

Between the two pieces lies a gulf, striking in both size and nature. With

‘Invictus’, in pretty much every way imaginable, Juraj has raised aim, game

and ultimately the Driftmoon name. ‘Invictus’ st…


6 newsroom lessons for addressing

challenges with a design mindset - Shared by European Journalism Centre

The challenges that journalism is facing today have reached an all-time level

of complexity, making it difficult to find appropriate solutions — or even

define the underlying problems. Time and again…


Government upping transport

investment, but Aucklanders face

fuel tax double-whammy - Shared by Politics

Finance Minister, Grant Robertson, and Transport Minister, Phil Twyford,

announce the latest in a series of Government policies on infrastructure and

transport across New Zealand. The Government look…


Why was tiff with Religare not

disclosed: Sebi to LVB - Shared by Ankur

MUMBAI: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has asked

Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) why it did not disclose a dispute with Religare

Finvest in its regulatory filing for rights share issue la…


LVB faces trouble over ₹723-cr loan

to Singh brothers - Shared by Ankur

A 2017 loan of more than ₹723 crore extended to Malvinder Mohan Singh

and Shivinder Mohan Singh, the erstwhile promoters of Ranbaxy and Fortis

Healthcare, by Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB), is likely to pu…


Tasman councillors overturn

planned demolition of Golden Bay

grandstand - Shared by Business

Demolition of the Golden Bay grandstand has been taken off the table. The

Golden Bay grandstand has been thrown a lifeline after a U-turn by Tasman

District Council. At the end of a long discussion o…


What's Going On in Marco Island? -

Vacation Soup - Shared by Vacation Soup

Marco Island is always changing, but the beauty stays the same. It seems

that each visit is always a little different. So, what’s going on in Marco

Island? A few new additions to the island are baby …


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