El Dorado County Foothills, July 2018

In addition to an adorable pictorial of local “People and Their Pets” (page 27), which features in-depth “tails” about three particularly top dogs, we also have an article on “9 Ways Animals Help Heal Us” in Health & Wellness (page 18), “5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions” to protect your pad against our dear animals’ antics in Home Design (page 24), and more! Whether you’re a pet parent or not, and whether you fancy felines or prefer puppies, there’s plenty of cuteness and interesting info to go ’round.

In addition to an adorable pictorial of local “People and Their Pets” (page 27), which features in-depth “tails” about three particularly top dogs, we also have an article on “9 Ways Animals Help Heal Us” in Health & Wellness (page 18), “5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions” to protect your pad against our dear animals’ antics in Home Design (page 24), and more! Whether you’re a pet parent or not, and whether you fancy felines or prefer puppies, there’s plenty of cuteness and interesting info to go ’round.


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JULY <strong>2018</strong><br />

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& THEIR<br />

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Jody Gray<br />

THE ARTS<br />

Red Dirt Ruckus<br />


9 Ways Animals Help<br />

Heal Us<br />


Operation Good To Go<br />


All About Acorns<br />

48 SWAG<br />

14 Pet Products We<br />

Love<br />

43 42<br />

eat & drink<br />

42<br />


CT European Café<br />

and Grill<br />


NOSHES<br />

// Back Bistro<br />

44<br />

// Range Kitchen and<br />

Tap<br />


The Gold Digger Bar<br />


6 Best Ice Cream<br />

Shops<br />

46 TASTE<br />

Seasonal Recipe and<br />

Beer Pairing<br />


Wine Steals<br />

20<br />

27<br />




P ET 34<br />

SENIOR<br />


38<br />

Do you know what the phrase “dog days of<br />

summer” actually means? I always assumed<br />

it referred to the sticky, sweltering days<br />

of the season when man’s best friend<br />

lethargically lazes around<br />

panting in the heat. Silly me.<br />

According to Wikipedia, the<br />

expression has nothing to do<br />

with Fido and was originally<br />

coined by ancient Greeks and<br />

Romans when the “dog star,”<br />

Sirius, shined the brightest—<br />

typically in late <strong>July</strong>—which they believed,<br />

when combined with the sun’s intensity,<br />

caused blisteringly hot summer temps. You<br />

learn something new every day, right?<br />

I still prefer my interpretation<br />

(astrology’s never been my strong suit) so I<br />

find it particularly fitting that this month’s<br />

issue is dedicated to actual dogs—and<br />

all our other beloved furry and feathered<br />

friends—that we lovingly call family.<br />

In addition to an adorable pictorial<br />

of local “People and Their Pets” (page 27),<br />

which features in-depth “tails” about<br />

three particularly top dogs—from Eros,<br />

a justice-seeking K9 at the Roseville<br />

Police Department; to a mocha-colored<br />

Labradoodle, Max, who works as a therapy<br />

pup at Marshall Medical Center; and the<br />

first-ever certified dual purpose running<br />

guide dog in the U.S., Klinger—we also<br />

have an article on “9 Ways Animals Help<br />

Heal Us” in Health & Wellness (page 18),<br />

“5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions” to protect<br />

your pad against our<br />

dear animals’ antics<br />

in Home Design (page<br />

24), and a rundown<br />

of “Pet Products We<br />

Love” (all available at<br />

area mom-and-pop<br />

shops) in Swag (page<br />

48). Whether you’re a<br />

“The world would<br />

be a nicer place if<br />

everyone had the<br />

ability to love as<br />

unconditionally<br />

as a dog.”—M.K.<br />

Clinton<br />

pet parent or not, and whether you fancy<br />

felines or prefer puppies, there’s plenty of<br />

cuteness and interesting info to go ’round.<br />

Animals aside, we have much more in<br />

store too. For those nearing or who have<br />

reached retirement, I recommend reading<br />

“Senior Center Activities for All” (page 36).<br />

You might be surprised to learn about the<br />

array of offerings available, which definitely<br />

go beyond bingo (think clogging, crafts,<br />

computer classes, monthly movies, and so<br />

much more). My grandma—who turns 97<br />

next month(!)—is living proof that staying<br />

active and connected to community are key<br />

components to aging gracefully.<br />

<strong>July</strong> also happens to be National<br />

Grilling and Ice Cream Month and—with<br />

Independence Day, and blazing temps,<br />

upon us—it’s a prime time to indulge in<br />

both. Invite your friends, neighbors, and<br />

family over for a backyard BBQ starring<br />

juicy, build-your-own cheeseburgers with<br />

homemade pickles (see page 46 for the<br />

recipe) and make sure to save room for one<br />

of our six frozen favorites in “The Cool List”<br />

on page 44.<br />

As we journey into the upcoming “dog<br />

days,” I hope you find somewhere nice and<br />

cool to flip through the pet-filled pages of<br />

this issue. Cheers!<br />

— Megan // megan@stylemg.com<br />

Editor’s Letter photo by Christopher Lim.<br />

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Megan Wiskus<br />


Tara Mendanha<br />


Annie Biederman, Sabrina Gonzalez, Ashleigh Gruenwald,<br />

Alyssa Mielke<br />


Jerrie Beard, Heather L. Becker, Julie Burnsides, Amber Foster,<br />

Tina Helm, Kourtney Jason, Kerrie L. Kelly, Sharon Penny,<br />

Emily Peter, Lorn Randall, Greg Salva, Janet Scherr<br />


Andrea Holden<br />


Gary Zsigo<br />


Ray Burgess,<br />

George Kenton Design, gkenton@verizon.net<br />


Karsen Kehlet<br />


Dante Fontana<br />


Justin Buettner, 916.220.0159,<br />

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JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 5

get to know<br />

Jody<br />

Gray<br />

Q &A<br />



Life’s biggest mistake is being<br />

afraid of making one.<br />


Being organized.<br />


Dishonesty, people who blame<br />

everyone else for their problems,<br />

or people who don’t admit when<br />

they’re wrong.<br />


My relationship with my family.<br />



Follow your gut instincts—they’re<br />

usually correct.<br />

Growing up in South Lake<br />

Tahoe, Jody Gray often<br />

dreamed of owning a<br />

horse. “In junior high,<br />

I’d save up my lunch<br />

money—a dollar a day—<br />

until I had the $5 it cost to<br />

rent a horse at the stable,”<br />

she recalls. Her parents divorced when she was a<br />

child, and her mom, a casino worker, raised four<br />

children on her own. Gray was the youngest, and<br />

although times were hard, the strong women in<br />

her life—including her mother and grandmother—<br />

instilled in her a strong work ethic and the belief<br />

that you can accomplish anything with hard work<br />

and dedication.<br />

These days, Gray is the CEO of the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

<strong>County</strong> Fair Association, a group that hosts the<br />

annual fair, provides a central meeting place for<br />

the community, and supports local nonprofits.<br />

In addition, she’s a member of Women’s Fund<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong>, a collective of women who pool<br />

funds for philanthropic grants. “Community<br />

[involvement] shapes where we live,” Gray<br />

asserts. “Being a positive part of it makes [our<br />

region] a better place to live.” In her spare time,<br />

she competes in cutting horse competitions<br />

and volunteers as a coach for Ponderosa High<br />

School’s Future Farmers of America horsejudging<br />

team. And, of course, she now owns<br />

horses—five of them, with two more on the<br />

way. “Horses soothe me—I love the feel of<br />

riding such majestic animals,” she shares.<br />

–Amber Foster<br />

favorites<br />

Escape:<br />

Riding my horse on the beach<br />

Guilty pleasure:<br />

Ice cream<br />

Local landmark:<br />

American River<br />

Memory:<br />

The day my husband and I decided to<br />

have a baby<br />

Movie:<br />

Big<br />

Musician/band:<br />

Brad Paisley<br />

Place to buy a gift, locally:<br />

Cool Florist and Gifts<br />

Local nonprofit:<br />

MORE (Mother Lode Rehabilitation<br />

Enterprises)<br />

Do you know someone in the community<br />

who makes a difference or is particularly<br />

interesting that we should Get to Know?<br />

Email their name, where they live, and<br />

why they should be featured to megan@<br />

stylemg.com.<br />

photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

6 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

what’s up<br />


All photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

The Wildlife Care Association<br />

is in need of volunteers to<br />

help take in, care for, and feed<br />

orphaned wildlife (birds and<br />

other small creatures) among<br />

other tasks. For more info, email volunteer@<br />

wildlifecareassociation.com...The Union Mine<br />

High School (UMHS) yearbook, the Rattler, was<br />

one of 413 yearbooks out of 2,000 entries featured<br />

in Jostens Look Book <strong>2018</strong>, which celebrates<br />

the best of the best in yearbook design and<br />

coverage. Congrats to Kaylie Jonutz, Kami Kaku,<br />

and Shaelyn Lapeyrade, the senior editors<br />

who created the book under the direction of<br />

Susan Sager. <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> High School’s yearbook<br />

program received the <strong>2018</strong> Jostens’ National<br />

Yearbook Program of Excellence Award, which<br />

recognizes engaging yearbooks that reflect a<br />

broad representation of the student body while<br />

helping students develop 21st-century skills...<br />

Congrats to Paul Tomei, the recipient of the<br />

Normadene Carpenter Award for <strong>2018</strong>. Tomei<br />

has been the drama teacher at <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> High<br />

School for 19 years and has helped over 3,000<br />

students gain confidence, find their voices,<br />

and communicate through the powerful<br />

medium of dramatic<br />

art...The first Eagle Scout<br />

Service Project at the<br />

Community Observatory<br />

in Placerville—two<br />

benches and an<br />

information kiosk to<br />

provide seating and act<br />

as a posting board for<br />

general information,<br />

news, updates, and<br />

pictures from the new imaging dome—was<br />

completed by recent Ponderosa High School<br />

graduate Thomas Ridgeway...From <strong>July</strong> 21-22,<br />

American River Conservancy (ARC) volunteer<br />

Tom Dodson is leading an overnight Granite<br />

Chief Picayune Valley Backpacking Trip. The<br />

moderate, 12-mile hike will pass by the Middle<br />

Fork of the American River, an old growth<br />

forest, waterfalls, Indian petroglyphs, and<br />

alpine meadows with wildflowers. Hikers<br />

must be at least 12 years old with backpacking<br />

experience; well-behaved, leashed dogs are<br />

allowed. To sign up, email julie@arconservancy.<br />

org...<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Area Agency on<br />

Aging has a limited supply of senior farmers’<br />

market check booklets—which include five<br />

checks redeemable for $4 each at <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

<strong>County</strong> Certified Farmers’ Markets—available<br />

toqualified seniors. For more info, call 530-621-<br />

6251...Congrats to local students Rachel Gray<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 7<br />

and Molly Varozza for receiving the 4-H Memorial Scholarship, which recognizes<br />

and financially assists 4-H members who have made outstanding<br />

contributions to 4-H during their academic years and have a desire to<br />

continue working in 4-H...Sierra Wildlife Rescue is offering a “Tracks<br />

and Scats” class on <strong>July</strong> 14 from 10 a.m. to noon at 777 Pleasant Valley<br />

Road in Diamond Springs. The fun and useful course will display a<br />

wide variety of wild animal tracks and their eliminations and teach<br />

attendees how to identify wild animals by examining these clues. To sign<br />

up, call 530-621-2650...Beginning <strong>July</strong> 9, applications are available for Lean Up—a<br />

free, eight-week wellness program at Broadstone Racquet Club, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills<br />

Sports Club, and Johnson Ranch Racquet Club. From September 10 through<br />

November 2, selected individuals will attend a small group boot camp three days a<br />

week, in addition to weekly personal trainer sessions, and receive free, unlimited<br />

access to their chosen club and all its amenities. Area residents (ages 13+) who<br />

have had a lifelong struggle to be fit and healthy are invited to apply. For more<br />

info, visit leanup.net... That’s all for now, but check back next month for Style’s<br />

Hops & Grapes feature.<br />


CARPET<br />



2009 • 2010 • 2011<br />

2012 • 2013 • 2014<br />

2015 • 2016 • 2017<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />

10 %<br />

OFF<br />

$<br />

30<br />

OFF<br />

*MIN. 300 SQ. FT ask for details<br />


OR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

AREA RUG<br />


Min. charge applies<br />

Area Rugs Cleaned Off-Site.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />




Carpet• Tile & Grout • Hardwood • Upholstery<br />



*ask for details<br />

—Ashleigh Gruenwald<br />

TILE & GROUT<br />

Call Today For Your<br />


916 933-7807<br />

www.CartersCarpet.com<br />

NEW & IMPROVED! Now Carpets Dry BEFORE We Leave!*<br />

OR<br />


10 %<br />

$<br />

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OFF<br />

PET ODOR<br />


Min. charge applies.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

OFF service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

81 916 933-7807 81<br />

81<br />


Please present coupon at time of service. No coupon redemptions<br />

after work is completed. No coupon refunds mailed. Not good with<br />

any other offer. Call today!. 916 933-7807.<br />



Min. 1000 SQ FT OR<br />

$25 OFF Min. 750 SQ FT.<br />

Please present coupon at time of<br />

service. Not valid with any other offers.<br />

916 933-7807<br />

2006-2013<br />

2012<br />

2006-2013<br />

81<br />


local matters<br />

Placerville Recreation and Parks<br />

Endless Summer by JULIE BURNSIDES<br />

Adventure and exploration aren’t<br />

just for teenagers—adults can enjoy<br />

it, too! Did you know the City of<br />

Placerville offers over 25, three-hour kayaking<br />

classes? These stress-free, low-impact<br />

paddles, running through fall, are the new<br />

activity of choice for family baby boomers<br />

and beyond. Pick from courses that deliver<br />

the essentials (proper equipment selection<br />

and fit, basic safety, and paddling skills) or<br />

full moon/sunset kayaking where you glide<br />

across Lake Natoma beneath the light and<br />

shadows of the setting sun and rising moon.<br />

Don’t forget to keep the kids engaged<br />

this summer in one of the Star Wars-themed<br />

camps, including Jedi Engineering and Jedi<br />

Master Engineering—where students can<br />

explore engineering principles by designing<br />

and building projects using various LEGO®<br />

materials from a galaxy far, far away—from<br />

<strong>July</strong> 16-20.<br />

Cameron Park Community Services District<br />

Jump into <strong>July</strong> by TINA HELM<br />

Bring your family and camping<br />

gear to the Community Campout<br />

at Cameron Park Lake from <strong>July</strong><br />

21-22. Attendees can partake<br />

in a barbecue dinner (included<br />

with fee), swimming, crafts, campfire songs,<br />

storytelling, stargazing, sleeping under the stars,<br />

and breakfast. Pre-registration is required.<br />

Don’t miss Trucks and Tunes at Christa<br />

McAuliffe Park on <strong>July</strong> 11 from 5-8:30 p.m.,<br />

featuring SactoMoFo food trucks, live music, kids’<br />

activities, and vendors.<br />

Weeklong summer camps for ages 5-12<br />

are available and feature sports, swimming,<br />

gymnastics, fun field trips, and more. Every<br />

Friday, kids can dress for the weekly theme and<br />

win cool prizes. Other youth programs and camps<br />

include hula, tumbling and gymnastics, a Kiddie<br />

Horse Day Camp (ages 4-6), Equestrian Day<br />

Camp (ages 5-17+), Spy Academy (ages 6-12),<br />

UK International Soccer Camp, and Sterling<br />

“Smooth” Forbes Basketball Camp. Four-week<br />

tennis lessons—taught by Andrew Webb and held<br />

at Cameron Park Lake—are offered throughout<br />

the month for ages 4 and older.<br />

Grown-ups can get into the action too with<br />

a basketball league, Zumba, yoga, tai chi, and<br />

water aerobics.<br />

For a complete listing of summer programs and<br />

to register online, visit cityofplacerville.org or<br />

teamsideline.com/placerville.<br />

The UCCE Master Gardeners and Master Food<br />

Preservers of <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> are joining forces<br />

to present a free “All About Berries” class on <strong>July</strong><br />

11 from 9 a.m. to noon.<br />

Seniors are invited to the 50+ Room on<br />

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for<br />

pinochle, bingo (<strong>July</strong> 10 from 1-3 p.m.), bridge,<br />

quilting (Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon), lunch<br />

(Mondays and Fridays at noon), and an arts and<br />

crafts corner (Fridays at 12:45 p.m.). Other<br />

classes include “Tai Chi for Better Balance,”<br />

Modified Zumba, “Sit and Be Fit,” and chair<br />

yoga.<br />

Swim lessons for all ages, water aerobics, and<br />

public and lap swim are also available at the pool,<br />

in addition to boat rentals, tennis, pickleball and<br />

other activities at Cameron Park Lake.<br />

To view a complete listing of these programs and others,<br />

visit cameronpark.org or call 530-677-2231.<br />


Summer Concert<br />

Series Roundup<br />

Summer’s here…and so is a plethora of live music<br />

at local outdoor venues. Grab your calendar and<br />

make note of the various concert series happening<br />

all season long! The <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Community<br />

Services District's Summer Concert in the Park<br />

runs on select Fridays through August, with local<br />

band Clean Slate taking the stage <strong>July</strong> 20. The free<br />

concert is held at the EDH Community Park and<br />

offers food for purchase, a bounce house, and<br />

other children's activities. "Our free concert series<br />

at the CSD is the best venue in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills to<br />

enjoy entertainment in a fun, safe, and familyfriendly<br />

environment," explains Michael Cottrell<br />

of the EDH CSD. Lava Cap Winery's Summer<br />

Music Series begins <strong>July</strong> 14 and continues every<br />

Saturday from 4-8 p.m. through the end of the<br />

month. Artists include Late for Dinner, EZ Street<br />

Band, and Roharpo and the Bluesman; guests are<br />

encouraged to bring their own chairs, blankets,<br />

and picnics, but there’s open seating as well as<br />

deli items and wine available for purchase in the<br />

tasting room. "Direct support of a local agriculture<br />

business like ours allows us to play a greater role in<br />

programs such as Ag in the Classroom and Mother<br />

Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises (MORE). It’s an<br />

awesome way for families and friends to spend<br />

summer evenings," explains Kevin Jones of Lava<br />

Cap Winery. Additional concert series include the<br />

admission-free Live on the Boulevard at Steven<br />

Young Amphitheater in the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Town<br />

Center every Thursday through September 13<br />

from 7-9 p.m., Helwig @ Dusk every Friday through<br />

September starting at 6:30 p.m. at Helwig Winery<br />

($5 cover charge), Second Saturday Concerts at<br />

the Shingle Springs Community Center through<br />

September at 7 p.m. ($10 cover charge), Sunset<br />

Sippin' at Boeger Winery every Friday through<br />

August from 6-9 p.m., and Music in the Courtyard<br />

at The Cary House Courtyard in Placerville every<br />

other Saturday through September from 2-5 p.m.<br />

—Emily Peter<br />

For more information, visit eldoradocsd.<br />

org, lavacap.com, edhtowncenter.<br />

com, helwigwinery.com,<br />

shinglespringscommunitycenter.org,<br />

bogerwinery.com, and facebook.com/<br />

totemcoffeeco.<br />

Placerville Rec & Parks photo courtesy of PlayWell. All other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

8 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf





2802 MALLARD LN.<br />


www.drmcdonald.com<br />

(530)626-8440<br />

Board Certified in<br />

Treatment and<br />

Management of Ocular<br />

Diseases. Member of<br />

Both American and<br />

California Optometric<br />


local matters<br />

Secret Menu Items<br />

Fancy a covert mission? We do, which is why we went undercover to uncover the following secret and off-menu<br />

items. Go now, on your own mission to sample these delicacies—no codenames, disguises, or secret handshakes<br />

required. In no particular order…<br />

The 10 Spot<br />

Julian's<br />

Pâtisserie<br />

and Café in<br />

Folsom has<br />

some sweet<br />

surprises up<br />

its sleeve.<br />

Firstly, all of<br />

their crêpes are<br />

customizable,<br />

so instead<br />

of getting their raspberry Nutella crêpe<br />

with candied almonds, you can go crazy<br />

and change it to strawberries, bananas,<br />

and whipped cream instead. And if you’re<br />

crazier still, try the awesome Frozen Hot<br />

Chocolate, which comes in traditional,<br />

caramel, and Oreo flavors. julianscafe.com<br />

La Provence<br />

Restaurant<br />

and Terrace<br />

in Roseville<br />

has a secret<br />

tapas menu<br />

and weekly<br />

“surprise”<br />

specials menu<br />

that are only<br />

available<br />

on Fridays in their lounge. Past items<br />

have included Deviled Eggs and Pork<br />

Belly with gherkins, croissant crostini,<br />

frisée, and maple sriracha. Don’t think<br />

that’s going to stay a secret much longer!<br />

laprovenceroseville.com<br />

Ask for the Penne<br />

Toscana next time<br />

you visit Vaiano<br />

Tratorria in<br />

Granite Bay.<br />

It begins with<br />

the browning of<br />

crumbled sausage,<br />

before red onions<br />

and red wine are added to<br />

the mix, after which their homemade meat<br />

ASK THE Expert<br />


sauce is incorporated and tossed with penne<br />

before folding in fresh spinach. Salivating<br />

yet? We are. vaianotrattoria.com<br />

Roll into Folsom’s Hisui Sushi and ask for<br />

the Yost Roll that boasts shrimp tempura,<br />

spicy tuna, crab, fried asparagus, avocado,<br />

fresh ahi tuna, mushrooms, jalapeños,<br />

tobiko, spicy garlic aioli, and unagi sauce.<br />

Now that’s one satisfying mouthful.<br />

hisuisushi.com<br />

Citrus Toro is an über delicious chef’s<br />

special that’s available at Mikuni in Fair<br />

Oaks.<br />

Chef Ule<br />

serves<br />

white<br />

tuna<br />

toro<br />

sashimi<br />

smeared with garlic, garnished with orange<br />

slices, green onions, and chili powder before<br />

being delicately finished with a ponzu and<br />

miso dressing. Talk about a feast for the<br />

senses. mikunisushi.com<br />

Yes,<br />

Wally’s<br />

Pizza Bar<br />

in Cameron<br />

Park has<br />

some<br />

amazing<br />

pizzas—<br />

including<br />

their rotating pie-of-the-week (Latin Luau,<br />

Chicken Chili Verde, St. Patrick’s, etc.). But<br />

what we spied with our greedy eyes was<br />

the Sriracha Breakfast Potatoes that are<br />

At what age should I enroll my child into pre-K?<br />

We believe that education can start as early as 18<br />

months old, as toddler programs offer children an<br />

environment where he/she can learn to socialize and<br />

use large and small motor skills, as well as be exposed to sensory<br />

building, music enrichment, and movement. The younger you<br />

can introduce your child to these things, the better prepared<br />

he/she will be. With that, a pre-K classroom usually starts at<br />

the age of four, where children learn to expand their learning<br />

served for breakfast on weekends. Their<br />

already amazing breakfast potatoes<br />

are tossed in garlic butter and<br />

sriracha seasoning along with<br />

peppers and onions. It’s<br />

the perfect wake-up call!<br />

wallyspizzabar.com<br />

Sienna has not one,<br />

not two, but a host<br />

of secret menu<br />

options to choose<br />

from. Think Skirt Steak<br />

Risotto (pictured),<br />

blackened prawn salad,<br />

and a Philly-style French<br />

dip. Not to be outdone,<br />

their sister establishment,<br />

Land Ocean, offers their own<br />

menu of crab cake sliders, chicken<br />

teriyaki over rice, and The Lavish chicken<br />

sandwich. siennarestaurants.com;<br />

landoceanrestaurants.com<br />

The Cali Hot Pastrami<br />

at Guy’s for<br />

Lunch in Roseville<br />

has been named<br />

the Cadillac of<br />

sandwiches—one<br />

customer even<br />

jokingly calls it the<br />

Tesla. The tender-spicy<br />

pastrami comes with ripe, smooth avocado,<br />

crispy bacon, and juicy tomato slices with<br />

homemade smoky jalapeño mustard and<br />

a bit of mayonnaise—all between a freshout-of-the-oven<br />

soft sourdough roll.<br />

Acquaint yourself with this beauty the next<br />

time you visit Guy’s. guysforlunch.com<br />

Visconti’s<br />

Ristorante in<br />

Folsom offers<br />

meatballs that<br />

can be added<br />

to any menu<br />

item or as a side<br />

option to any dish. What many don't know<br />

about their Baked Meatballs is that they’re<br />

twice baked, which includes being topped<br />

with parmesan and mozzarella then baked<br />

in the oven until sinfully melty. Have them<br />

on a sandwich, with spaghetti or plain, in all<br />

their delicious glory. viscontisristorante.<br />

com<br />

Fusion Taps<br />

is Folsom’s<br />

newest<br />

gastropub.<br />

Their offmenu<br />

Tilapia<br />

Larb is an<br />

authentic<br />

Thai dish<br />

that would<br />

make any fish lover happy. Marinated<br />

with fresh lime juice, tossed in herbs like<br />

lemongrass, mint, cilantro, and galangal,<br />

along with roasted rice powder and chili,<br />

this delicacy is served with lettuce and<br />

cucumbers and makes for a healthy<br />

dining option. fusiontaps.com<br />

through name writing, counting, math skills, and phonics. It’s<br />

important to find a pre-k that offers extracurricular activities—<br />

such as Spanish, ballet, and soccer—to further enhance their<br />

growth and abilities.<br />

Jennifer Kelly, Owner/Director // The Gift of Kids // 5130<br />

Golden Foothill Parkway, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills // 916-521-1835 //<br />

thegiftofkids.net<br />

Julian's, La Provence, Vaiano, Hisui, Wally's, Visconiti's,<br />

and Sienna photos by Dante Fontana. Other 10 Spot<br />

photos courtesy of their respective restaurant. Ask<br />

the Experts photo ©Panya Studio - stock.adobe.com.<br />

10 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



916.369.6518<br />

Our 34rd Year<br />

in Business<br />

54 NARI Awards<br />

Proven to be the best…<br />

always a great value!<br />

Lic # 659954<br />

Social_Rescue_Style-0518-QTR.indd 1<br />

4/16/18 11:53 AM

calendar<br />

JULY<br />

<strong>July</strong> is National Month<br />


1<br />


for fresh fruits and veggies,<br />

homemade honey, jams, and other<br />

household items along Town Center<br />

Boulevard and Vine Street from 8<br />

a.m. to 1 p.m. edhtowncenter.com/<br />

upcoming-events/farmers-market<br />

(ALSO 8, 15, 22, & 29)<br />

3<br />

1<br />


Head to the Dan Russell<br />

Arena for three days of fun,<br />

including a Rodeo Queen<br />

Contest, live music and<br />

entertainment, mutton busting,<br />

nightly fireworks, a professional<br />

bull jumper, and plenty of<br />

rodeo action. folsomprorodeo.<br />

com/events<br />

(THROUGH 3)<br />


CONCERT. Celebrate the<br />

Fourth of <strong>July</strong> at the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills<br />

Town Center with entertainment,<br />

food trucks, face painting, fireworks,<br />

and more. The all-ages event<br />

starts at 6 p.m. and goes till 11 p.m.<br />

edhtowncenter.com<br />

4<br />

FAMILY BLAST. Bring a<br />

propane barbecue, ice chest,<br />

football, and dancing shoes to the<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fairgrounds at 4<br />

p.m. for this annual family-friendly<br />

Fourth of <strong>July</strong> event featuring<br />

kids’ mazes, an inflatable bounce<br />

house, water slides, and live music.<br />

Pets, outside alcohol, charcoal<br />

barbecues, and glass containers are<br />

prohibited. eldoradocountyfair.org/<br />

blast.html<br />

4<br />


CAR SHOW. From 10 a.m. to 3<br />

p.m., join Terra d’Oro Winery for this<br />

annual event featuring live music,<br />

a barbecue, wine tasting, and a car<br />

show. sframe@tfewines.com<br />

12<br />

6<br />

SPYQUEST. This musical<br />

comedy presented by <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

Musical Theatre is a secret agent<br />

spoof that includes spy devices, a<br />

villain trying to take over the world,<br />

and plenty of singing and dancing.<br />

Weekday and Saturday shows start<br />

at 7 p.m. with additional weekend<br />

matinees at 2 p.m. harriscenter.net<br />

(ALSO 7-8 & 11-15)<br />

7<br />


THE FARM. Enjoy a summer<br />

night featuring everything the<br />

Apple Hill Grower’s Association has<br />

to offer—beautiful views, a threecourse<br />

meal, berry-inspired desserts,<br />

endless hard cider and wine, and live<br />

entertainment—all at Delfino Farms<br />

from 6-10 p.m. Proceeds benefit 4<br />

Directions Farm and their lavender<br />

field project. visit-eldorado.com/<br />

event/farm-to-fork-dinner-at-applehill<br />

13<br />

Notable<br />

Happenings<br />



Get whisked away on a Tilt-<br />

A-Whirl of fun at<br />

Cal Expo as you<br />

indulge in carnival<br />

rides, games,<br />

concerts, animal<br />

exhibits, and crazy<br />

foods. Main gate<br />

hours are 11 a.m.<br />

to 10 p.m. Monday<br />

through Thursday,<br />

LIVE ON THE BOULEVARD. Head to the Steven Young<br />

Amphitheatre at <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Town Center at 7 p.m. (set-up<br />

begins at 5:30 p.m.) for live music that’s guaranteed to make you get out of<br />

your seat and dance. Be sure to bring blankets and chairs. edhtowncenter.<br />

com/upcoming-events/<strong>2018</strong>-live-on-the-boulevard<br />

(ALSO 19 & 26)<br />

and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through<br />

Sunday.<br />

(THROUGH 29)<br />

14<br />


WELLNESS EXPO. Head to<br />

Broadstone Racquet Club from 10<br />

a.m. to 3 p.m. for body fat testing and<br />

a health screening, kids’ activities,<br />

food trucks, vendor booths, and<br />

more. Proceeds support Front Street<br />

Animal Shelter, and admission is free.<br />

broadstonerc.com<br />

14<br />



The UCCE Master Gardeners<br />

and Master Food Preservers of <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>, in collaboration<br />

with the Shingle Springs Band of<br />

Miwok Indians, are presenting a<br />

workshop about how to develop<br />

and maintain a garden that doesn't<br />

require costly or wasteful chemical<br />

additives and how to get started<br />

growing cost-effective, nutritious<br />

food at the Shingle Springs<br />

Rancheria from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.<br />

mgeldorado.ucanr.edu<br />

21<br />



Bring your camping gear and<br />

enjoy a family-friendly weekend<br />

under the stars at Cameron Park<br />

Lake. A barbecue, crafts, stories<br />

by the campfire, swimming, and<br />

breakfast in the morning are all<br />

part of the fun. cameronpark.org/<br />

events/cameron-park-communitycampout<br />

24<br />

BRIDGEFEST. Head to<br />

Earthtrek Campground<br />

from 6-10 p.m. to celebrate the<br />

completion of the Highway 49 Bridge<br />

and the wonderful communities<br />

of Coloma and Lotus for their<br />

contributions to the project. The<br />

night includes food, beer and wine,<br />

and live music. Funds raised benefit<br />

the Community Art Work Project<br />

which will be installed on the new<br />

retaining wall at Lotus Road and<br />

Highway 49. coloma.com/calendar/<br />

bridgefest<br />

26<br />


Enjoy live music, awardwinning<br />

wine and beer tasting, the<br />

Miss Amador Scholarship Pageant,<br />

a Junior Livestock Auction, carnival<br />

rides, games, food, and more at this<br />

year's annual; fair. amadorcountyfair.<br />

com (THROUGH 28)<br />

Ice cream photo ©Jenifoto - stock.adobe.com. Fireworks illustration ©Noppasinw - stock.adobe.com. Folsom Pro Rodeo photo by Menka<br />

Belgal. Other photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

12 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


more events<br />

ITALIAN PICNIC. From 6-9<br />

1 p.m. at the Italian Picnic<br />

Grounds in Jackson, join the Italian<br />

Benevolent Society for a fun night<br />

of wine, beer, and olive oil tastings.<br />

italianbenevolentsociety.com<br />

4<br />


FARMERS’ MARKET. Peruse<br />

and purchase fresh produce, flowers,<br />

and other items from local farmers and<br />

vendors from 4-8 p.m. at the Bell Tower<br />

on Main Street in Placerville. placervilledowntown.org/events<br />

(ALSO 11, 18, & 25)<br />

9<br />


THE SIERRA. Little ones ages 4-8<br />

are invited to expand their knowledge<br />

on all things that take flight through<br />

imagination, art, science, and more at one<br />

of American River Conservancy’s summer<br />

camps. arconservancy.org/event/<br />

nature-camp-soaring-sierra<br />

(THROUGH 29)<br />

11<br />


WORK DAY. Head to the site of<br />

the first Japanese Colony in America,<br />

Wakamatsu Farm, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.<br />

for a work day in the giving garden.<br />

Assist with native plantings, harvesting,<br />

weeding, mulching, and maintenance.<br />

Gardeners and landscapers of all ages<br />

and abilities are encouraged to attend.<br />

arconservancy.org/event/wakamatsugiving-garden-work-day<br />

(ALSO 31)<br />

11<br />

TRUCKS AND TUNES. Gather<br />

up the kids for an evening in<br />

Christa McAuliffe Park, complete with<br />

live music, SactoMoFo food trucks, kids’<br />

activities, and a variety of vendors.<br />

Admission is free, and doors open at 5<br />

p.m. cameronpark.org/events/trucksand-tunes<br />

14<br />


WAKAMATSU. Witness the<br />

celestial beauty of a clear <strong>July</strong> night<br />

from 9 p.m. to midnight at the American<br />

River Conservancy. Listen as volunteers<br />

provide knowledge on the variety of stars<br />

and planets, and peek through telescopes<br />

to view the Milky Way, Jupiter, and Saturn.<br />

arconservancy.org/event/summerstargazing-at-wakamatsu<br />

14<br />


MEADOW WALK. Join four<br />

volunteers from American River<br />

Conservancy on a four-mile, highelevation<br />

hike through the Middle Fork of<br />

the Cosumnes River from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.<br />

arconservancy.org/event/cosumnesheadwaters-meadow-walk<br />

16<br />

KIDS ART CLUB. Let your little<br />

ones’ (ages 4-5) creative juices<br />

flow at this five-day learning experience<br />

where they can enjoy socialization,<br />

gallery time, art education, and working<br />

on art projects. crockerart.org/index.<br />

php/event/1659/<strong>2018</strong>-07-16<br />

(THROUGH 20)<br />

19<br />


an evening of good food and<br />

games to benefit the Shingle Springs<br />

Community Center. Dinner begins at 5:30<br />

p.m. and features summer salads and ice<br />

cream floats; game and door prizes will be<br />

awarded. 530-306-4614<br />

21<br />

FAMILY CAMPOUT. Spend the<br />

night under the stars at Fairytale<br />

Town, complete with exclusive playtime<br />

inside the park, a theater performance,<br />

arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, and<br />

bedtime stories with a sing-along. Wake<br />

up to a continental breakfast under a<br />

canopy of trees. The fun starts at 5:30<br />

p.m. and goes until the next morning at<br />

7 a.m. fairytaletown.org<br />

21<br />


Don’t miss the world’s oldest<br />

triathlon—presented by Eppie’s<br />

Wellness Foundation in benefit of<br />

Therapeutic Recreation Services, a<br />

Sacramento <strong>County</strong> program for people<br />

with special needs and developmental<br />

disabilities—featuring a 5.82-mile<br />

run, 12.5-mile bike race, and 6.10-<br />

mile paddle along the American<br />

River Parkway starting at 8 a.m.<br />

eppiesgreatrace.org<br />

11<br />


AUGUST<br />

20 MILE TASTE. Celebrate the<br />

bounty of <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong><br />

from 6-9 p.m. at the Davies Family<br />

Inn at Shadowridge Ranch. Hosted by<br />

Ag in the Classroom, the fund-raiser<br />

includes seasonal food prepared by<br />

area chefs alongside locally produced<br />

beer and wine, live music, a raffle, and<br />

live auction. agintheclass-edc.org/<br />

event/20-mile-taste<br />

18<br />


the Make-A-Wish Foundation<br />

and help grant wishes for children in<br />

our community with life-threatening<br />

medical conditions at this 9 a.m.<br />

morning walk with friends, family, and<br />

co-workers. Meet at the State Capitol<br />

at 8 a.m. for registration and check-in.<br />

necannv.wish.org<br />

25<br />

RACE FOR THE ARTS. Don’t<br />

miss this one-of-a-kind<br />

5K run/walk and kids’ fun run at<br />

William Land Park featuring a mini<br />

art festival that benefits PlacerArts,<br />

Emerald Brigade Boosters, Roseville<br />

Theatre Arts Academy and other local<br />

nonprofits. Check in and registration<br />

is at 7 a.m. raceforthearts.com<br />




<strong>July</strong> 5th<br />

No Concert – Enjoy the 4th of <strong>July</strong> Week!<br />

<strong>July</strong> 12th<br />

Life in the Fastlane – Eagles Tribute<br />

<strong>July</strong> 19th<br />

Zeppelin Live – Tribute<br />

<strong>July</strong> 26th<br />

Cripple Creek Band – Rock/Country<br />

August 2nd<br />

Dept of Rock – Get Ready to Rock!<br />

August 9th<br />

Super Huey – The Ultimate Huey Lewis Experience<br />

August 16th<br />

Forejour – Tribute to Foreigner & Journey<br />

August 23rd<br />

Kenny Metcalf as <strong>El</strong>ton John<br />

August 30th<br />

Joy & Madness – 9 Piece Soul & Funk Explosion<br />

September 6th<br />

Folsom Lake Symphony – Steppin’ Lively<br />

September 13th<br />

Skynnyn Lynnyrd – Tribute<br />

7:00 - 9:00pm • Steven Young Amphitheater<br />


R isk Managed Solutions<br />




JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 13

outtakes<br />



May 23 // Placerville<br />

Shakespeare Club<br />

A sold-out crowd of 136<br />

attendees dressed in little black<br />

dresses and pearls enjoyed a<br />

luncheon followed by a spring<br />

fashion show featuring items<br />

from Chico’s, Combellack’s, Off<br />

Broadway, Sierra Western Wear,<br />

and Sole Desire. The event also<br />

included a silent auction and<br />

the opportunity to win door<br />

prizes.<br />

1 Lola Brumson, Carole Burnley, and<br />

Anita Young 2 Theresa Sorenson,<br />

Carol Kenworthy, and Judy Muetz 3<br />

Mary-Jane Ruggieri, Anita Young, Patty<br />

Easley, and Peg Campbell 4 Dolores<br />

Hardy, Lynette Lerza, and Andi Winter<br />

5 Patty Easley 6 Betsey Coco<br />

Photos by JOY NORRIS<br />

1<br />

3<br />

2<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />


May 19 // Private Residences, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong><br />

Inspiration was found at every garden showcased during Assistance<br />

League of Sierra <strong>Foothills</strong>’ (ALSF) ninth annual fund-raiser tour<br />

and art event. Proceeds will benefit two of ALSF’s largest programs:<br />

Operation School Bell and Sports Locker, which addresses the needs<br />

of underprivileged and homeless children on the Western Slope.<br />

1<br />

2<br />

1 Freddie and Gloria Jackson 2 Ashley Williams and Linda Klein 3 Linda Klein<br />

and Ashley Williams 4 Pamela Hoover 5 Bill and Alice Carpentier<br />


3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

14 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



April 28 // Pioneer <strong>El</strong>ementary School<br />

Attendees indulged in a pancake breakfast,<br />

received free basic health checks (sponsored<br />

by the community dental van and Marshall<br />

Hospital ENT and Hearing Program), and<br />

recieved information on CPR training, fire<br />

safety, and evacuation scenarios, and signed<br />

up for CodeRED emergency notifications at<br />

this fun-filled event.<br />


1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />


May 20 // Main Street, Placerville<br />

Guests at this annual event enjoyed viewing and<br />

learning about 150 classic cars while savoring<br />

food and drinks from Main Street businesses.<br />

Funds raised will go toward supporting the<br />

Placerville Lions Club’s Community Fund.<br />

1 Dave Hellinge 2 Gary Janco 3 John Bathurst 4 Ty and<br />

Keith Peters 5 Tom Chieslak<br />


1<br />

2 3<br />

4<br />

5<br />


TO<br />


JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 15

the arts<br />

Doug Neal, Dan Abbot, Rob Keedy, and Lisa Bond<br />

Red Dirt Ruckus<br />

Music for the Masses by HEATHER L. BECKER // Photo by DANTE FONTANA<br />

Choosing a name that pays homage to their Coloma roots while also<br />

hinting at the down-home rowdy dance party vibe they bring, Red<br />

Dirt Ruckus (formerly the Rusty Buckets) has been making music<br />

since 2010. Currently, the crew is comprised of Doug "Not Josh" Neal on lead<br />

vocals/guitar/mandolin, Dan “Mad Monk” Abbott on lead vocals/bass, Lisa Bond<br />

on fiddle/back-up vocals, Eddie Tharp on lead guitar/vocals, and Rob Keedy on drums. “Music<br />

is truly the universal language; we’re lucky to be able to jump around from genre to genre<br />

and hopefully give everyone we play for something they love,” shares the band. “We just hope<br />

everyone at our shows is having as much fun as we are on stage.” After releasing their successful<br />

debut album, Lotus Delight, earlier this year, the band is in the process of recording their next<br />

full-length album, slated for release next year. Catch the “ruckus” this month at Boeger Winery’s<br />

Sunset Sippin’ on <strong>July</strong> 13 and Marco’s Café on <strong>July</strong> 20.<br />


RDR: We pride ourselves on being able to switch through many genres of music on any given<br />

night. While we all coalesce around the bluegrass/jamgrass scene, our songwriters come from<br />

artbeat<br />

<strong>July</strong> 6-15 – SPYQUEST.<br />

Don’t miss this full-length<br />

musical comedy from <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> Musical Theatre that<br />

includes spy devices and<br />

a villain trying to take over<br />

the world. Secret messages,<br />

elaborate production<br />

numbers, and a battle<br />

between good and evil<br />

round out the fun. Shows<br />

are at the Harris Center<br />

and times vary. edmt.info/<br />

spyquest<br />

different backgrounds and musical influences, ensuring there’s<br />

always something fresh. Someone once described it as “rude<br />

boy jamgrass. “We feel like the foothill area is a breeding ground<br />

for this kind of sound, so we morphed that into our tagline of<br />

“Foothill Rudegrass.”<br />


RDR: Generally, Dan or Doug will write a song, then<br />

introduce it to the group where it gets the Ruckus treatment.<br />

Rob has a lot of experience teaching drum lines and is great<br />

about getting our arrangements tightened up and polished<br />

on stage.<br />



RDR: The amount of support the community<br />

gives to musicians. It’s a welcoming<br />

environment—meaning it’s OK to just get<br />

out in front of people and show them what<br />

you’ve got. You’ll always find a genuinely<br />

appreciative crowd of all ages that isn't afraid<br />

to get up and dance. There doesn't seem to<br />

be a jaded feel, which you can experience<br />

playing in bigger cities.<br />



RDR: We’ve had some members come and<br />

go over the years, due to shifting priorities or<br />

some who weren’t ready for the heavy gig<br />

schedule. Luckily, everyone in the band is<br />

well-seasoned in that we’ve all been playing<br />

professionally for 15-20 years. What’s more,<br />

we’re all thick-skinned, and we can say<br />

what’s on our minds without having to worry<br />

about someone getting too bent out of shape.<br />

The fact that we can bag on each other and<br />

laugh about it helps us produce the best<br />

music we can. It also comes across in our<br />

stage presence; we have a great time because<br />

our friendships are solid. reddirtruckus.com<br />

16 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


health & wellness<br />

Power<br />

of Pets<br />

9 Ways Animals<br />

Help Heal Us<br />


About 95 percent of pet owners consider their furry friends to be<br />

family members, and about half will buy them a birthday or holiday<br />

present this year, according to a Harris Poll. But did you know these<br />

relationships also have positive effects on your physical and mental<br />

health? Read on for the myriad of ways pets help humans heal.<br />

1 The Feeling is Mutual<br />

“There have been studies [done proving that] the benefits are mutual, and<br />

the relationship is essential to the well-being of both the human and the animal,”<br />

says Wendy Goossen, CTR, director of cancer services at Marshall Medical Center.<br />

“Studies have shown that oxytocin levels are increased in dogs when they interact<br />

with their owner as opposed to strangers.”<br />

2 Unconditional Love<br />

Something that makes the human-animal relationship so easy is that it’s<br />

not complicated, says Jeremy Ernst, DO, psychiatrist at Marshall Medical Center.<br />

Top photo ©Tatyana Gladskih - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo<br />

©Nadezhda - stock.adobe.com.<br />

18 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Photo © PETER KIM/fotolia.com.<br />

“It allows people to have nonjudgmental<br />

love,” he continues.<br />

3 Let’s Get Physical<br />

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, a<br />

veterinarian at Goldorado Animal Hospital<br />

in Cameron Park, says dog owners, on<br />

average, tend to walk almost twice as<br />

much per week as non-dog owners, and<br />

are 54 percent more likely to meet the<br />

recommended levels of physical exercise.<br />

4 Allergy Alleviation<br />

Having a family pet will benefit the<br />

health of your kids, too. “In young families,<br />

according to a study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, children exposed to pets in<br />

their first year are less likely to suffer from allergies and eczema as adults,” Garlinghouse says.<br />

5 Bonded for Life<br />

According to Garlinghouse, “Studies have indicated that young adults with deep<br />

bonds to a pet feel more connected in relationships and to their communities, and are<br />

more likely to take on leadership roles than those without pets.”<br />

6 No Judgement Zone<br />

Garlinghouse says pets don’t care how you look, how much money you make, or what<br />

kind of car you drive—they’re just happy to be with you and to have your attention. “A good<br />

portion of these feelings of higher self-esteem probably stem from that. It’s hard not to feel<br />

better about yourself when your dog thinks you’re terrific just the way you are,” she says.<br />

7 Creature Comforts<br />

And it’s not just dogs that help our well-being. “A lot of these benefits come from<br />

caring for almost any pet,” Garlinghouse says. “In one study, stressed adults decreased<br />

their anxiety levels when they stroked a rabbit or a turtle but not when they handled a<br />

toy rabbit or turtle.”<br />

8 In Sickness and in Health<br />

Facility dogs Henry, Penny, Marty, Feather, and Glimmer are graduates of Canine<br />

Companions for Independence who, along with child life specialists at Sutter Children’s<br />

Center, help make life in the hospital a little less stressful by providing joy and comfort<br />

to pediatric patients and their families. [Studies show that] pain reduction is four times<br />

greater in children undergoing animal-assisted therapy compared to those relaxing for 15<br />

minutes,” says Amy Medovoy, child life coordinator at Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento.<br />

“Patients feel less lonely, less depressed, and enjoy the change in routine. For inpatient<br />

adolescents, the presence of a dog on the unit improve outcomes by redefining the inpatient<br />

environment and providing unconditional acceptance.”<br />

9 Mood Booster<br />

Forming an attachment to animals is a combination of both biological and social needs.<br />

“Those endorphins released when we have a positive interaction with an animal just makes<br />

you feel good,” Garlinghouse says. “No matter how rotten your day has been, no matter how<br />

judged or criticized you might feel from people around you, no matter how lonely or isolated<br />

you might be feeling, it’s a great feeling to come through the door and know your pets are always<br />

delighted to see you and think you’re absolutely wonderful.”<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 19

cause & effect<br />

S<br />

Operation<br />

Good<br />

To Go<br />

Lincoln Garel and Tracey DiVita<br />

On the day I caught up with<br />

Tracey DiVita, he was<br />

searching the streets of<br />

Mather, the former Air Force Base east<br />

of Sacramento. As one of many gathering<br />

spots in the area for homeless veterans,<br />

DiVita visits the locale frequently. He’s a<br />

friendly face and a morale booster for the<br />

veterans that could use one.<br />

As the founder of Operation Good To<br />

Go, a nonprofit based in <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> that<br />

seeks out veterans who are homeless and<br />

in need, DiVita’s search takes him up and<br />

down California, from Placerville and<br />

Yuba City to Napa (his hometown) and<br />

Serving Those Who Served<br />

by JANET SCHERR // photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

San Diego. Even when he goes to Hawaii<br />

on vacation, he finds himself stopping by<br />

the local VA to do his “reconnaissance.”<br />

A United States Marine Corps combat<br />

veteran deployed early in the Iraq War,<br />

he served on the “front of the front lines”<br />

and was decorated for his service upon<br />

completion. Back home, he became<br />

a deputy sheriff—a fitting and proud<br />

profession for the former soldier—but<br />

after a time, he succumbed to PTSD,<br />

spending years in the throes of severe<br />

depression. It was during those dark days<br />

that DiVita learned a Marine buddy—a<br />

comrade whom he had served with for<br />

20 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

three years—committed suicide.<br />

“It slapped me in the face. I was close to<br />

suicide myself, so it was just a matter of who<br />

went first. My buddy left two daughters, and it<br />

really woke me up,” he says. “I started looking<br />

into others from my platoon and found out<br />

that my brothers are hurting; they are falling<br />

left and right. I was screaming ‘enough is<br />

enough’ in my head.”<br />

DiVita’s life turned around when he<br />

encountered a homeless veteran in Placerville.<br />

“The vet asked me for $10, so I offered him my<br />

bag of recycling,” he recalls. “As he walked<br />

away, I saw the guy had his belongings in a<br />

trash bag. My light bulb moment right then<br />

was ‘seabag’—for survival in the field of<br />

homelessness.”<br />

It made total sense. Seabags are the large<br />

duffle bags that military personnel put their<br />

life in. Soon after, DiVita began filling them<br />

with supplies like sleeping bags, small tents,<br />

toiletries, and new clothes. After connecting<br />

with a vet, he takes him or her to lunch and<br />

gets their clothing sizes, then he heads to<br />

the store to buy new shirts, pants, shoes, and<br />

socks. “It’s like Christmas for them,” DiVita<br />

says. “I walk away with my head up knowing<br />

that they’re ‘good to go.’”<br />

In addition, DiVita does special projects<br />

for children of veterans who have committed<br />

suicide, in honor of his friend and countless<br />

others.<br />

Recently, Operation Good To Go was<br />

the recipient of the Certificate of Special<br />

Congressional Recognition from Congressman<br />

Tom McClintock. The organization also had a<br />

successful fund-raiser in early spring.<br />

“It’s exciting as we discover more ways to<br />

help our vets and their families,” exclaims<br />

DiVita. “Businesspeople—like dentists,<br />

hairdressers, and dog groomers—are<br />

donating their services, and we’re reaching<br />

out to high schools to help kids of veterans<br />

who need lunch cards, yearbooks, and prom<br />

clothes. Currently, I’m working with a fifth<br />

grader whose dad is a veteran. This young<br />

man is stepping up to volunteer and collect<br />

seabag supplies at his school. If you lead by<br />

example, people will follow.” facebook.com/<br />

operationgoodtogo<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 21

in history<br />

Native Nourishment<br />

All About Acorns by JERRIE BEARD<br />

Trees have leafed out, spring flowers have<br />

faded, and oak trees are covered with the<br />

beginnings of the fall acorn harvest. For<br />

the Miwok tribes who inhabited these<br />

regions prior to the discovery of gold,<br />

the health and well-being of the tribe<br />

depended on the acorn crop.<br />

The Miwok were hunters and gatherers<br />

who relied on the land for their sustenance. Family groups<br />

inhabited several camps throughout the year, moving from one<br />

to the next to take advantage of the natural crops available<br />

each season. The Natives knew the importance of sustainability,<br />

taking only what they needed to survive and allowing plants to<br />

regenerate for the next season.<br />

Acorns—which contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and<br />

tannic acid, the latter of which makes them bitter and (in some<br />

cases) toxic if eaten raw—were a wholesome addition and main<br />

staple of the Miwok diet. In the fall, families collected and dried<br />

the acorns then stored them in the family granary, or cha’ka, for<br />

future use. Resembling a large basket on stilts with upright poles<br />

interwoven with willow or other brush, the cha’ka also contained<br />

a thatch roof of white fir or cedar boughs to help protect the<br />

harvest from rain and snow, with an interior lining of pine needles<br />

Cha’ka at Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park<br />

Grinding Rocks<br />

and wormwood to stave off insects and rodents. Each family had<br />

several granaries, which provided a supply of acorns until the<br />

next harvest.<br />

To make the nut edible, the Miwok learned to process it, which<br />

was done at the chaw’se, or grinding rock, by the women. These<br />

grinding rocks can still be found throughout the county near<br />

rivers and streambeds, including one at Marshall Gold Discovery<br />

State Historic Park above the picnic area. The largest example,<br />

Cha'ka photo by Lindsey Edwards.<br />

Grinding rocks photo courtesy of<br />

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic<br />

Park.<br />

22 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

however, can be found at Indian Grinding Rock<br />

State Historic Park in Amador <strong>County</strong>.<br />

John Doble, a miner in Volcano, described<br />

the scene at a chaw’se in his journal in 1852.<br />

He noted that the squaws were seated on a<br />

flat rock “each had between her legs and in<br />

a small round hole in the rock a small pile of<br />

acorns on which they were pounding with<br />

an oval-shaped stone about eight inches long<br />

with all their power…They thus begin to pound<br />

their acorns on the smooth surface of the rock,<br />

but the continual pounding soon wears a hole,<br />

which gradually deepens until it becomes too<br />

deep for use.”<br />

The fine meal produced at the chaw’se was<br />

then leached to remove the tannins. According<br />

to Doble’s account, this process involved<br />

digging a circular hole about three inches deep<br />

and placing the ground meal into the hole to a<br />

depth of two inches. Water was heated in finely<br />

woven baskets by placing hot stones from the<br />

fire into the water. Once the water was boiling,<br />

it was poured over the meal in the hole. The<br />

acorn flour would settle to the bottom, while<br />

the reddish husk would settle on top.<br />

The red top layer was scooped away, placed<br />

in a basket, and thinned with boiling water<br />

to produce a thick soup; the middle layer of<br />

white flour was removed and made into oblong<br />

cakes; while the bottom layer was scooped<br />

into a basket, with as little dirt as possible, and<br />

thinned with water to settle out the dirt and<br />

make soup.<br />

With a good acorn harvest and a few sound<br />

cha’kas, a Miwok family could supplement<br />

their diet with acorn flour for most of the<br />

year.<br />

Photo by Lindsey Edwards.<br />

sources<br />

www.parks.ca.gov/pages/553/files/indiangrindingrockfinalweblayout020917.pdf<br />

John Doble’s Journal & Letters from the Mines,<br />

Volcano Press Inc., Copyright 1962, pages 48-49.<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 23

home design<br />

When it comes to protecting furniture against furry friend’s antics, it’s<br />

imperative to have durable décor—think easy-to-clean furnishings,<br />

area rugs, and slipcovers. Read on for the best accessories and our top<br />

tips to keep interiors in pet-proof shape.<br />

1<br />


Both pets and humans are guilty of being<br />

the culprits behind upholstery stains. To make<br />

sure your new couch or favorite chair stands the<br />

test of pets, kids, and time, stick to Fido-friendly<br />

fabrics, like indoor/outdoor and stain-repellant<br />

options. Crypton can endure both dirty pet tracks<br />

and party spills and is surprisingly comfortable;<br />

ultrasuede is also a great option, as spills can be<br />

easily wiped up and won’t get caught in little<br />

claws due to its weave; while leather repels<br />

stains and dirt but could potentially be damaged<br />

by rebellious scratching claws.<br />

Durable<br />

Décor<br />

5 Stylish Pet-Proof Solutions<br />


If shelling out for a pet-friendly upholstery<br />

piece isn’t on the home improvement to-do list,<br />


slipcovers are easy upgrades that can help immensely when feathering your nest.<br />

Just be sure to keep an eye out for ones that don’t require dry cleaning. Investing in<br />

furniture with slipcovers can save you both time and hassle, keeping the focus on<br />

enjoying your furry friends instead of keeping everyone off the white chairs.<br />

Top photo ©seventyfour - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo courtesy of Brian Kellogg.<br />

24 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

3<br />


Rugs are must-haves<br />

for every major room, tying in<br />

the décor and creating a cozy<br />

place for pets to curl up (that isn’t on your brand-new furniture).<br />

Opt for a pet-proof rug like an indoor/outdoor one that’ll keep<br />

stains away. The beauty of them is their ability to deflect dirt,<br />

spills, and stains—all while providing a relatively comfortable<br />

feel under those paws. Great for high-traffic areas and available<br />

in just about every pattern and color imaginable, they double as<br />

a way to play up your interior palette. If an indoor/outdoor one<br />

isn’t for you, stick to those with low-piles, small patterns, and<br />

dark colors, as they’ll make stains and dirt harder to see and keep<br />

cute little paws and claws from unhooking loops and destroying<br />

it come play time.<br />

Top photo ©bormanr - stock.adobe.com. Bottom photo courtesy of Brian Kellogg.<br />


Switch out seasonal accessories for ones that add pizazz<br />

and durability. A festive throw isn’t only great for providing extra<br />

coverage on sofas and seating areas, but it also adds a pop of color<br />

and pattern. Sisal rope can be a great remedy for unwanted cat<br />

scratching when wrapped around chair legs or poles; spice it up<br />

with alternating colored rope for a two-in-one decoration.<br />


Pet-friendly furnishings aren’t the only things you need<br />

to consider, however: Outdoor accents like cut flowers and<br />

landscaping need to be kitty- and pup-friendly, too. Azaleas<br />

and lilies are well-known no-nos around animals, due to their<br />

toxicity, but many lesser-known ones are still commonly found<br />

in backyards and public spaces. Check the ASPCA’s poisonous<br />

plants list (aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-andnon-toxic-plants)<br />

to make sure those beautiful flower centerpieces<br />

won’t harm your beloved pet.<br />

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an award-winning<br />

interior designer, author, product developer, and<br />

multimedia consultant helping brands reach the<br />

interior design community. To contact her, visit<br />

kerriekelly.com or call 916-706-2089.<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 25

Stylish, Comfortable, Reliable, Functional<br />

The Plymouth Collection<br />

The Plymouth boasts a shabby<br />

chic design with paneled construction.<br />

With an overall whitewash<br />

finish, Plymouth is ideal<br />

for those who like a bit of vintage<br />

design in their modern lives.<br />

12125 Folsom Blvd.<br />

Rancho Cordova<br />

916-351-0227<br />

www.naturwood.com<br />

Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm<br />

Sat 10am – 6pm<br />

Sun 11am – 6pm

People<br />

and Their<br />

Pets<br />

According to the<br />

American Pet Products<br />

Association’s National<br />

Pet Owners Survey,<br />

68 percent of U.S.<br />

households own a<br />

pet. What’s more,<br />

we spent $69 billion<br />

on them last year.<br />

Clearly, we love our<br />

animals, and we’ll do<br />

(and pay) whatever it<br />

takes to make them<br />

happy. Read on for<br />

a pictorial of local<br />

pets, plus three top dogs<br />

making a difference<br />

in the community,<br />

pet-friendly patios, a<br />

roundup of local shelters,<br />

and more.<br />

Picture Perfect<br />

by Megan Wiskus<br />

Paws for a moment to drool over these local animal<br />

companions.<br />

Maks with Kylee (human)<br />

“We rescued Maks as a puppy, and he’s absolutely the best dog! He loves his<br />

family and going on road trips to the ocean.”—Kari McKinley<br />

Angel<br />

“Angel has one blue<br />

eye and one green eye.<br />

Her hobby is chasing<br />

bugs when we’re in<br />

our backyard.”—<br />

Gilbert Carma<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 27

People<br />

Pets<br />

and Their<br />

Crosby<br />

“Crosby (named after hockey player<br />

Sidney Crosby) was adopted from<br />

Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras<br />

in April. He’s a border collie mix so<br />

is very smart and loves to tip over<br />

my coffee and lap it up as fast as he<br />

can!”—Wendy and Kevin Martin<br />

Kyle<br />

“Kyle’s hobbies<br />

are napping and<br />

watching animal<br />

shows on TV; in this<br />

photo, he’s tuned<br />

into a show about<br />

birds.”—Sue Goetz<br />

Hadley<br />

“Hadley is a rescue Keeshond<br />

whose favorite pastime is<br />

waiting for the lizards to come<br />

out from under the hot tub and<br />

chasing them back in.”—Linda<br />

Rodenspiel<br />


By Alyssa Mielke<br />

Itching to welcome a furry<br />

friend to your family? Check<br />

out these local animal rescues<br />

to find your perfect pet match.<br />

All About Equine Animal Rescue,<br />

Inc.<br />

Rescues, rehabilitates, and<br />

rehomes abused, neglected,<br />

and abandoned horses. 2201<br />

Francisco Drive, Suite 140-174,<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-520-4223,<br />

allaboutequine.org<br />

Animal Outreach of the Mother<br />

Lode<br />

Provides a safe and caring nokill<br />

haven for shelter animals<br />

until adopted. 6101 Enterprise<br />

Drive, Diamond Springs, 530-<br />

642-2287, animaloutreach.net<br />

<strong>El</strong>sa<br />

“<strong>El</strong>sa is a 13-year-old löwchen.<br />

Though she needs glasses<br />

now, it doesn't stop her from<br />

reading. She loves to dress up<br />

for holidays and is part owner of<br />

Good Dog Mobile Grooming.”—<br />

Jean Gould<br />

Bella<br />

“Bella is a nine-year-old<br />

Pomeranian. She loves salmon<br />

and burgers, is afraid of highpitched<br />

beeping sounds, and<br />

was just diagnosed with mitral<br />

valve heart disease.”—Karen<br />

Peters<br />

Bailey with Adam (human)<br />

“Bailey lives for food! He literally<br />

performs flips and partial<br />

somersaults as he awaits the<br />

delivery of his food bowl. His<br />

BFF is his ‘brother’ Adam.”—Jen<br />

Kosciuk<br />

Colleen<br />

“Colleen is notorious for stealing<br />

food; she swiped this waffle right<br />

out of the toaster!”—Wendy and<br />

Kevin Martin<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> German<br />

Shepherd Rescue<br />

Provides shelter and care<br />

for displaced, quality dogs<br />

until they find caring homes.<br />

5820 Marybelle Lane, Shingle<br />

Springs, 530-677-6444,<br />

edcgsr.com<br />

Fat Kitty City<br />

Unique, no-kill shelter serving<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills that functions<br />

as a place of refuge for<br />

hundreds of abused and<br />

abandoned pets until they’re<br />

adopted. 916-939-3418,<br />

fatkittycity.org<br />

Foothill Dog Rescue of the<br />

Sierras<br />

Nonprofit dedicated to<br />

rehoming dogs from high-kill<br />

shelters and owners who can<br />

no longer care for them. 4131<br />

South Shingle Road, Suite<br />

14, 530-676-3647, Shingle<br />

Springs, foothilldogrescue.org<br />

Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary<br />

Dedicated to protecting<br />

and improving the lives of<br />

homeless and abused animals<br />

while offering adoptable adult<br />

cats and dogs. 6001 Folsom<br />

Boulevard, Sacramento, 916-<br />

556-1155, happytails.org<br />

Lil Camero with Robert (human)<br />

“Lil Camero is a beautiful bed hog who loves her food and is full of<br />

energy. She’s the best part of coming home every day!”—Robert Yanke<br />

Lilly<br />

“Lilly is a doxie-pin. She was a rescue<br />

from Rail Road Flat and loves<br />

running up and down our 1.25-acre<br />

property.”—Jeanetta Crowell<br />

Sacramento <strong>County</strong> Bradshaw<br />

Animal Shelter<br />

Helps connect cats, dogs, and<br />

other furry friends to loving<br />

homes. 3839 Bradshaw Road,<br />

Sacramento, 916-368-7387,<br />

bradshawshelter.net<br />

28 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Photo of Rickard Hunter and Klinger by Menka Belgal.<br />

Lucy<br />

“Lucy is an energetic two-yearold<br />

who plays hard—running and<br />

jumping high off the floor. She<br />

loves water with ice and waits for<br />

it every evening by the fridge.”—<br />

Kathleen Emami<br />

Precious<br />

“Precious, aka ‘Preshy,’ begs for<br />

food by praying, can play soccer,<br />

and loves eating anything with<br />

chicken or cheese. When he<br />

sleeps, he hides his eyes behind a<br />

chair, a post, or anything to block<br />

out his eyes from the light.”—<br />

Janet Wong<br />

Sunny D<br />

“Sunny D was rescued from a box near<br />

the airport when he was a kitten. He<br />

enjoys terrorizing his sister Mazzy,<br />

getting his teeth cleaned and basking in<br />

the sun.”—Gary Zsigo<br />

Chiko<br />

“Chiko loves his walks and<br />

playtime at the dog park. His two<br />

favorite things are chillaxing on<br />

the couch with his favorite pillow<br />

and sleeping under the covers<br />

with Mom. He’s an American<br />

Bulldog mix and was adopted<br />

two-and-a-half years ago from the<br />

Placer SPCA.”—Larissa Parecki<br />

Ike<br />

“Ike is deaf, and his favorite<br />

game is fetch; he’ll bring the<br />

ball to your feet and push it<br />

closer and closer until your<br />

shoes get dirty or you throw<br />

it.”—Walee Sitachitt<br />

Aphrodite<br />

“Aphrodite is our one-yearold<br />

chicken. She loves to<br />

free-range and lays about<br />

five eggs per week.”—Dean<br />

and Karen Carter<br />

Top Dogs by Alyssa Mielke<br />

Every dog has its day, but the following pups and their<br />

people are doing big things day in, day out.<br />

Richard Hunter and Klinger<br />

Five-year-old Klinger is the first-ever certified dual purpose<br />

running guide dog in the U.S. Add to that the bond he has with<br />

his owner, Richard Hunter, and the dog is one of a kind.<br />

Hunter, an avid runner and former commissioned Marine<br />

officer, lost much of his sight due to retinitis pigmentosa, but<br />

his blindness hasn’t stopped him from achieving a long list of<br />

accomplishments—some<br />

of which include running<br />

the Boston Marathon<br />

multiple times, being the<br />

second blind American<br />

runner to complete a 100-<br />

mile endurance run, and<br />

receiving the Sacramento<br />

Running Association’s<br />

2017 Community Runner<br />

of the Year Award.<br />

After he was struck<br />

by a car while riding<br />

his tandem bicycle and seriously injured, Hunter’s middle<br />

daughter encouraged him to get a guide dog. Unfortunately,<br />

guide dogs who could go on runs didn’t exist. Enter Guiding<br />

Eyes for the Blind. With assistance from the nonprofit’s<br />

CEO, Thomas Panek, Hunter helped create a special training<br />

program for running guide dogs. Hunter says Klinger’s success<br />

has “paved the way for other blind runners to be partnered<br />

with running guide dogs across<br />

the U.S.” and is what makes him<br />

proudest of his dog.<br />

Klinger, with his undying<br />

stamina, offers Hunter a new<br />

sense of freedom within his<br />

Folsom neighborhood. The<br />

German shepherd is his most<br />

frequent running guide and is<br />

always rewarded by “a game of<br />

fetch with a tennis ball after<br />

every single run.” In addition,<br />

Klinger has a friendly and<br />

gentle disposition and is the<br />

Q&A<br />

Favorite food: Blue Buffalo<br />

Grain-Free Chicken; Charlee<br />

Bear Dog Treats<br />

Favorite activity: Chasing<br />

after tennis balls<br />

Guilty pleasure: Anything<br />

with the scent of peanut<br />

butter<br />

Hidden talent: Catching a<br />

tennis ball over his shoulder<br />

while running<br />

Favorite local landmark: The<br />

park or zoo<br />

Favorite toy: Tennis balls<br />

poster pup for guide dogs everywhere. At press time, Klinger<br />

was a semifinalist for the American Humane Hero Dog<br />

Awards, an annual campaign that recognizes heroes on both<br />

ends of the leash.<br />

Wendy Goossen and Max<br />

There’s just something about seeing a large, mocha-colored<br />

Labradoodle bounding down a medical center hallway that<br />

brightens up the whole atmosphere. At Marshall Medical<br />

Center in Placerville, Max raises the spirits of each patient<br />

fighting cancer when he comes to work with his owner, Cancer<br />

Resource Center Director Wendy Goossen. For many patients,<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 29

People<br />

Pets<br />

and Their<br />

the treatment they receive<br />

is part medication and part<br />

love from the soft dog. “I<br />

love that Max makes so<br />

many [patients] smile. It<br />

really makes their day to<br />

have someone to hug,”<br />

Goossen says.<br />

Thanks to initial<br />

funding from Wells<br />

Fargo and supplemental<br />

contributions from<br />

community members,<br />

Marshall Medical Center raised money for pet therapy<br />

program. Once Goossen was approved for a canine therapy<br />

dog and realized the dog couldn’t shed, she was led straight to<br />

Max, who’s hypoallergenic so can be around patients with fur<br />

allergies.<br />

The four-year old pup has<br />

been with Goossen since he was<br />

nine weeks old, when she and<br />

Max bonded especially well<br />

at one of Goossen’s visits to<br />

Brasken Labradoodles in San<br />

Luis Obispo. Now, Max visits the<br />

patients each day to make sure<br />

they feel loved and supported.<br />

Greeting the people who come<br />

through the door is his favorite<br />

thing to do, but he also loves to<br />

Q&A<br />

Favorite food: Anything he<br />

can’t have<br />

Favorite activity: Chasing<br />

balls<br />

Guilty pleasure: Sneaking<br />

into the neighbor’s yard<br />

Hidden talent: Swimming<br />

Favorite local landmark:<br />

Historic Main Street in<br />

Placerville<br />

Favorite toy: A monkey that<br />

he’s had since puppyhood<br />

hang out with the patients receiving treatment.<br />

On Max’s days off, he loves going hiking and playing in<br />

the water. Goossen says, “It’s so much fun to watch him [play]<br />

outdoors and appreciate being in nature.”<br />

Officer Gage Lawley and Eros<br />

Don’t let Eros’ dashing good looks deceive you. This fierce<br />

K-9 officer on the Roseville Police Department loves tug-ofwar,<br />

chicken, and justice. The handsome sable colored dog is<br />

originally from Germany and was sent to Canada where he was<br />

unfortunately injured.<br />

In August 2010,<br />

Eros was transferred to<br />

California and paired<br />

with his owner, Officer<br />

Gage Lawley, where<br />

he underwent what is<br />

equivilent to the police<br />

academy for dogs—a 12-<br />

week intensive training<br />

session. In addition to<br />

initial certification, each<br />

K-9 team trains two days a<br />

month with other K-9 units<br />

in the region to stay sharp in the field.<br />

“Eros is always wanting to work,” Officer Lawley says, and<br />

he appreciates that.<br />

...continued on page 32...<br />

Bailey and Charlie<br />

“After a full day of chasing<br />

squirrels and turkeys off our<br />

property, Bailey and Charlie love<br />

to snuggle up for a nap. They live<br />

a ‘ruff’ life!”—Stephanie Turner<br />

Sadie<br />

“Sadie is a recent adoption from<br />

Foothill Dog Rescue of the Sierras,<br />

but withher silliness and love, I<br />

think she rescued us.”—Lisa Peene<br />

Dreamie<br />

“Dreamie is a four-year-old<br />

huacaya alpaca who lives on<br />

our ranch, Alpacas of Somerset<br />

Farm. We plan to use her in<br />

weddings, since she has a<br />

sweet disposition and is very<br />

affectionate. This beautiful<br />

girl is also a part of the ranch’s<br />

mentoring and education<br />

program. Unlike most alpacas,<br />

she loves hugs and kisses!”—<br />

Jack and Dianna Jordan<br />

Magpie<br />

“Magpie loves hanging out on<br />

the fence waiting for birds.”—<br />

Stephanie Turner<br />

Piper<br />

“Piper is a two-year-old terrier<br />

rescue from the pound. She’s very<br />

smart and sweet and loves her new<br />

forever home.”—Bonnie Wagner<br />

Olive<br />

“When Olive<br />

gets tired of<br />

chasing lizards,<br />

she enjoys a nice,<br />

relaxing belly<br />

rub.”—Max Lee<br />

Photos of Wendy Goosen, Max, Office Gage Lawley and Eros by Dante Fontana. Photo of Dreamie by Menka Belgal.<br />

30 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


By Alyssa Mielke<br />

The following establishments<br />

welcome well-behaved furry friends<br />

on their patios with open paws.<br />

Allez!<br />

Pick up healthy, fresh, delicious, and<br />

made-to-order food to go, along with<br />

a selection of local and imported<br />

cheeses and wines. 4242 Fowler<br />

Lane, Suite 101, Diamond Springs,<br />

530-621-1160, allezeldorado.com<br />

Sadie Precious<br />

“Sadie Precious is our four-anda-half-year-old<br />

bubbly little girl<br />

who keeps us going. She’s crazy<br />

about the snow and her Kong.”—<br />

Jen Yanke<br />

Riley<br />

“Riley lives the ultimate life. He<br />

loves tackling pillows and<br />

watching television.”—Nick<br />

Comstock<br />

Bella Bru<br />

This local favorite serves more than<br />

coffee. Enjoy the burgers, crab, or<br />

chorizo at this bustling restaurant<br />

disguised as a coffee shop. 3941<br />

Park Drive, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-<br />

933-5454, bellabrucafe.com<br />

Bene Ristorante Italiano<br />

Their signature pizza and pasta<br />

dishes bring the taste of Naples<br />

to Placerville with high-quality<br />

ingredients. 423 Main Street,<br />

Placerville, 530-303-3415,<br />

eatpizzabene.com<br />

Pepper Garcia<br />

“This is Pepper Garcia enjoying<br />

the beautiful river at Coloma<br />

Resort. She is just happy to be<br />

wherever the family is and loves<br />

cheese and bacon.”—Maria Garcia<br />

Mazzy<br />

“Mazzy found us at the SPCA.<br />

She’s very talkative and always<br />

plays hard to get. She loves<br />

bird watching, belly rubs and<br />

chillng in the cat tree. —Rachael<br />

Lankford<br />

Finn<br />

“Finn is a corgi and going<br />

to be a therapy dog when<br />

he grows up.”—Margaret<br />

Ervin<br />

Fernando’s Costa del Sol<br />

Catch the <strong>El</strong> Salvadorian and<br />

Mexican flair at this restaurant with<br />

burritos, pupusas, and house wine.<br />

2650 Cameron Park Drive, Suite<br />

170, Cameron Park, 530-676-4460,<br />

fernandoscostadelsol.net<br />

Flightz Restaurant<br />

They support local breweries and<br />

wineries and the local community<br />

while providing you with great food<br />

and service. It’s a win-win! 3907<br />

Park Drive, Suite 110, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills,<br />

916-805-5128, flightzwinepub.com<br />

Main Street Melters<br />

Tasty melts with the highestquality<br />

meat and cheese make this<br />

small-town shop shine. 589 Main<br />

Street, Placerville, 530-303-3871,<br />

mainstreetmelters.com<br />

Relish Burger Bar<br />

Classic and creative burgers<br />

(Bordeaux Burger? Yes please!) all<br />

in a stylish space. 1000 White Rock<br />

Road, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-933-3111,<br />

relishburgerbar.com<br />

Sweetie Pie’s<br />

They offer classic breakfast dishes<br />

and baked goods with a homecooked<br />

feel to bring you back<br />

to Grandma’s house. 577 Main<br />

Street, Placerville, 530-642-0128,<br />

sweetiepies.biz<br />

Pokie<br />

“Pokie loves to run and play and cools off on the tile floor or bathroom<br />

sink.”—Gayle Beane<br />

Madison and Quinn<br />

“Madison and Quinn are the<br />

babies of the house! They<br />

love treats and belly rubs<br />

from their mom.”—Tanya<br />

White<br />

Wally’s Pizza Bar<br />

Come for the sports bar atmosphere<br />

and stay for the service and pizza at<br />

this local gem. 4079 Cameron Park<br />

Lane, Cameron Park, 530-677-<br />

5205, wallyspizzabar.com<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 31

People<br />

Pets<br />

and Their<br />

...continued from page 30...<br />

The canine is cross-trained in<br />

patrol and narcotics detection,<br />

which means he works on a<br />

patrol team and also detects<br />

narcotics in buildings, vehicles,<br />

open areas, and packages. Eros’<br />

position was funded by drug<br />

asset forfeiture funds, so the<br />

dog is giving back by being a<br />

part of the squad. On occasion,<br />

Officer Lawley and Eros go to<br />

Q&A<br />

Favorite food: Anything that<br />

tastes like chicken<br />

Favorite activity: Working;<br />

playing tug-of-war<br />

Guilty pleasure: Afternoon<br />

naps<br />

Hidden talent: Dropping his<br />

toy in running water so he<br />

can chase and find it<br />

Favorite local landmark:<br />

Sierra Nevada—he loves hiking<br />

Favorite toy: Kong with rope<br />

through it<br />

schools for demonstrations, and each time, Eros is a huge hit.<br />

Officer Lawley says what makes him most proud of the German<br />

shepherd is his ability “to be a ferocious, hardworking K-9, then<br />

go to a demonstration at a school and become a loving, regular<br />

dog.” Because of this, the dog is a reliable worker and even better<br />

pet. Officer Lawley could not have asked for a more perfect fit to<br />

his K-9 team.<br />

Lily<br />

“Lily is a corgi who loves to boss<br />

her big brother, Finn, around.<br />

Although a girl, she hates baths<br />

and getting her toenails done. She<br />

has a mighty voice and always<br />

announces when the UPS driver<br />

arrives.”—Margaret Ervin<br />



By Sharon Penny<br />

Round up the family for a day<br />

trip to one of our region’s animal<br />

sanctuaries that give furry and<br />

feathered residents hope and<br />

plenty of room to roam.<br />

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary<br />

A caring home for rescued<br />

domestic and wild animals. See<br />

mountain lions, coyotes, bears,<br />

peacocks, and even a tiger! Check<br />

out the new Barnyard Experience,<br />

too—an abode for the sanctuary’s<br />

horses, miniature donkeys, and<br />

zebu. The zoo is open Tuesday-<br />

Sunday from 9 a.m. 3 p.m.<br />

through August 31. 403 Stafford<br />

Street, Folsom, 916-351-3527,<br />

folsomzoofriends.org<br />

Blackberry Creek Farm Animal<br />

Sanctuary<br />

A home for rescued farm<br />

animals started by two middle<br />

school teachers. Visit with Bob<br />

the donkey, Blossom the Pig,<br />

Benjamin Franklin the turkey,<br />

Oscar Oswald the tortoise, Ethel<br />

Mae the chicken, and other<br />

sweet barnyard friends. Visitor<br />

Sasha with Mireya (human)<br />

“My German shepherd Sasha is<br />

smart, loving, active, and very<br />

vocal. She knows I would give<br />

my life for her and she would do<br />

the same for me. She loves car<br />

rides and knows about 30 words<br />

(her reaction to any of them is<br />

priceless, too)! I never felt so loved<br />

until I met her.”—Mireya Gaton<br />

Slate<br />

“Slate is six years old and loves<br />

salmon jerky, shrimp, and any<br />

kind of seafood; he also adores<br />

kids and going to his mommy’s<br />

clinic (she’s a pediatrician) to play<br />

with them.”—Paul Ip<br />

Roxy<br />

“This is Roxy the boxer! She loves<br />

to lay in the sun, play with her<br />

many toys, and be vocal as if she’s<br />

talking.”—Angel Galloway<br />

Stella, Max, and Luca<br />

“My three German shepherds—<br />

Stella, Max, and Luca, aka<br />

Medicare Man—were rescued<br />

through Greater California<br />

German Shepherd Rescue. All<br />

three are partners in crime, thick<br />

as thieves, and the biggest lumps<br />

of love ever! They’re smart, loyal,<br />

and formidable looking but the<br />

worst they would do is kiss you to<br />

death.”—Kim Schory<br />

days are held the first Sunday of<br />

most months from noon-2 p.m.;<br />

tours are free, but donations<br />

are welcome. 1170 Pinecroft<br />

Road, Colfax, 530-774-3027,<br />

blackberrycreek.org<br />

Animal Place<br />

One of the oldest and largest<br />

sanctuaries for farmed animals<br />

in the country, Animal Place<br />

is home to 200 permanent<br />

non-human residents including<br />

cows, pigs, chickens, sheep,<br />

goats, rabbits, and turkeys. Pig<br />

belly rubs (ahem, guided tours)<br />

are available Saturdays and<br />

Sundays through fall. Check the<br />

calendar on their website for days<br />

and times (and make sure you<br />

pre-register). 17314 McCourtney<br />

Avenue, Grass Valley, 530-477-<br />

1757, animalplace.org<br />

Stella, Max, and Luca photo by Chasing Tails Photography.<br />

32 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

Unfold the potential of your living space with Milgard's<br />

Bi-Fold Moving Glass Wall Systems.<br />

On display and available at:<br />

The Window and Door Shop<br />

1717 Bell Street<br />

Sacramento, CA 95825<br />

916-915-5103<br />

www.windowanddoorshop.com<br />

“Don’t Get Caught Uncovered”<br />

, Inc.<br />


100% Protection<br />

• Our New CURTAINS<br />

relieve you from that 5-9<br />

Sun & Heat<br />

• Protects Your Patio<br />

Furniture from Sun & Rain<br />

• UV Coating to Protect<br />

916.742.5094 • 500 Giuseppe CT., Ste. 1 Roseville<br />

www.PatioBra.com • Lic. #918270<br />

Against Harmful, Cancer<br />

Causing Rays<br />

• Survives High Winds<br />

• Many Colors & Textures<br />

• Custom Designed for<br />

Your Space<br />

Summer<br />

Discount<br />

10% OFF<br />

Mention this coupon.<br />

Offer ends 08/31/18.



P ET<br />

Goldorado Animal Hospital<br />

3460 Palmer Drive // Cameron Park<br />

530-677-8387 // www.goldoradoanimalhospital.com<br />

facebook.com/goldoradoah<br />

From adorable puppies to horses, exotic iguanas and<br />

everything in between, there is a pet for everyone, and<br />

they manage to find a way into our hearts! Finding the<br />

right person to trust and help you take care of your<br />

beloved pets can be difficult. Luckily, whether you’re<br />

looking for someone to care for your furry friend while<br />

you’re out of town or gifts to spoil them with, the area has<br />

many resources! Style invites you to take note of some of<br />

the region’s finest in pet care.<br />

Goldorado Animal Hospital has been<br />

serving the community and their pets for<br />

33 years. At Goldorado Animal Hospital,<br />

our experienced team of professionals is<br />

committed to providing high-quality, individualized<br />

care. We serve with passion and a dedication to<br />

excellence. When you choose our hospital, you’re<br />

choosing the best care possible. Stop by for a tour<br />

and meet the “Other Family Doctors!”<br />

34 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



Cindy Long<br />

DIY Dog Wash<br />

Fri 2-7, Sat-Mon 9-4<br />

530-621-0214<br />

Stacie Crow<br />

Grooming<br />

Galleria<br />

25 years experience<br />

530-621-0214<br />

Anglica Bolton<br />

Grooming by<br />

Anglica Bolton<br />

ABC Certified<br />

530-417-3402<br />

Jordyn Gilmore<br />

Barks and Bubbles<br />

Flexible Hours<br />

530-748-8055<br />

Heather Coburn<br />

All in One Mobile<br />

ABC Certified<br />

530-417-7355<br />

Jennifer Gilstrap<br />

Classy Clips<br />

22 years experience<br />

530-409-3215<br />

Grooming Galleria is a Pet Styling Salon located in historic Placerville.<br />

We have recently expanded and are newly renovated to include 6 Pet<br />

Grooming businesses at 1 location. This new “Galleria of Groomers”<br />

includes Stacie Crow “Grooming Galleria”, Jennifer Gilstrap “Classy<br />

Clips”, Grooming by Angelica Bolton, Heather Coburn “All in One Mobile<br />

Grooming” and Jordyn Gilmore “Barks and Bubbles”. Pairing pooches with<br />

the perfect professional has just gotten easier. Maybe your pet doesn’t need a<br />

professional styling? Are you dog-tired of breaking your back and cleaning up<br />

the mess after giving “Fido” a bath at home? New to the “Galleria” is a DIY Dog<br />

Wash operated by Cindy Long. Offering affordable pricing, raised bathing tubs<br />

and maid service! DIY is open on a first come, first served basis Fri 2pm-7pm,<br />

Sat-Mon 9am-4pm. Don’t forget all Pet Stylists offer walk in nail trims 7 days<br />

a week between 9am and 12pm for just $5. Please call any of the Pet Styling<br />

Professionals on their business lines to book your fur kids next appointment.<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 35

seniors<br />

Folsom Senior Center<br />

Beyond Bingo<br />

Senior Center Activities for All by TARA MENDANHA<br />

Gilmore Senior Center<br />

is not lost youth,” said writer and activist Betty<br />

Friedan, “but a new stage of opportunity and<br />

strength.” These golden years are most apparent<br />

at our region’s vibrant senior centers that are<br />

constantly bustling with activity. Research has<br />

“Aging<br />

shown that adults can delay the onset of chronic<br />

disease and improve their physical, social, spiritual, emotional,<br />

mental, and economic well-being through participation at these<br />

centers. If you’re looking to find out more, consider the following<br />

neighborhood locales.<br />

Senior LIFE Center of Loomis was established as an activity of<br />

Soroptimist International of Rocklin and Loomis where seniors can<br />

enjoy leisure, informative, and social activities surrounded by peers.<br />

Challenge the mind, body, and spirit with table games, quilting, tai<br />

chi, yoga, Zumba, performers, lectures, field trips, conversation, and more. Those over age<br />

55 are welcome and can even enjoy a nutritious lunch. 6414 Brace Road, Loomis, 916-660-0543,<br />

loomisseniorlifecenter.com<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

36 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

The Maidu Community Center in<br />

Roseville has a FAB (Fifty and Better)<br />

wing with activities and services for<br />

active seniors over 50. Join fitness classes<br />

at the center, Mike Shellito Indoor Pool,<br />

or Roseville Sports Center; play games<br />

like bingo, bridge, and chess; attend<br />

free seminars and day trips; or join<br />

their various clubs (Road Scholars, Quilt<br />

Club). They also host AARP tax services<br />

in spring, legal counseling year-round,<br />

and a BBQ every fall. 1550 Maidu Drive,<br />

Roseville, 916-774-5960, roseville.ca.us/fab50<br />

The City of Rocklin’s Senior Meeting<br />

Room helps those 55 and older stay<br />

active and connected with their<br />

community through couple’s bridge,<br />

movie day, free information regarding<br />

Medicare (second and fourth Tuesday of<br />

each month), AARP driving courses, and<br />

clogging classes. Aerobics and stretch and<br />

fitness classes are also available. 5460 5th<br />

Street, Rocklin, 916-625-5200, rocklin.ca.us/<br />

general-information/classes-and-activities<br />

Folsom Senior Center serves those<br />

over 55—Folsom resident or not. Free<br />

activities take place in the Senior Lounge<br />

Placerville Senior Center<br />

and include games, movies, book<br />

discussions, bridge, guitar lessons,<br />

“Walk and Talk” guided trail walks,<br />

and driver’s safety courses. Seniors and<br />

caregivers can meet with community<br />

support services, while Meals on Wheels<br />

provides a hot lunch at 11:30 a.m.<br />

Monday through Friday for seniors 60+.<br />

48 Natoma Street, Folsom, 916-355-7285,<br />

folsom.ca.us/city_hall/depts/parks/facilities/<br />

folsom_senior_center/default.asp<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Community Services<br />

District, along with <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>,<br />

facilitates the Gilmore Senior Center<br />

that includes a library with computer<br />

access, card/game rooms, and a<br />

multipurpose room where those over 50<br />

can partake in, ukulele lessons, digital<br />

photography courses, chair exercises,<br />

discussions, etc. Programs are free or<br />

fee-based. They also offer legal services,<br />

caregiver support groups, blood pressure<br />

checks, and more. 990 Lassen Lane, <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> Hills, 916-358-3575, eldoradohillscsd.<br />

org/parks-facilities/senior-center.html<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Area Agency on Aging<br />

and Senior Programs are housed at the<br />

Placerville Senior Center. Offerings<br />

include nutrition and legal services,<br />

caregiver support, Health Insurance<br />

Counseling and Advocacy Program<br />

(HICAP), and more. Popular activities<br />

include the senior lunch program, yoga,<br />

line dancing, fitness classes, card games,<br />

quilting, overnight trips, and a monthly<br />

movie. There’s also a computer resource<br />

center with assistance on Fridays. 937<br />

Spring Street, Placerville, 530-621-6150,<br />

edcgov.us/seniorservice.aspx<br />

The Older Americans Act (OAA) of 1965<br />

has recognized senior centers as being a<br />

community focal point—and rightly so.<br />

You’re sure to find a sense of joie de vivre<br />

at these friendly and affordable places.<br />

Maidu Community Center<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 37



SENIOR<br />


The businesses profiled here<br />

will assist seniors and their<br />

families in finding solutions<br />

that will allow loved ones to<br />

continue enjoying their lives to<br />

the fullest. The following are<br />

experts in their fields when<br />

dealing with issues concerning<br />

services, activities, housing<br />

options and medical care<br />

available for seniors. When<br />

you call these businesses, be<br />

sure to tell them you saw their<br />

profile in Style!<br />

or TDD 800-545-1833x359<br />

Folsom Oral Surgery and<br />

Implant Center<br />

Dr. Gregory G. Olsen<br />

#1 FAVORITE<br />


2370 E. Bidwell St., Ste. 130 • Folsom<br />

916-983-6637 • www.folsomdentalimplants.com<br />

r. Gregory G. Olsen practices a full scope of oral<br />

D and maxillofacial surgery including dental implants,<br />

bone grafting and wisdom tooth removal while<br />

providing exceptional patient care in a friendly atmosphere.<br />

Dr. Olsen graduated with honors from the University of the<br />

Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, San Francisco<br />

and completed his specialty training residency in the field of<br />

oral and maxillofacial surgery at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital<br />

in Chicago. He is a board-certified Oral and Maxillofacial<br />

surgeon, a board-certified dental anesthesiologist and a<br />

fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Dr.<br />

Olsen holds memberships with numerous prestigious dental<br />

organizations including the California Dental Association,<br />

Sacramento District Dental Society and the American<br />

Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons to name a few.<br />

Dr. Olsen and his wife, a dental hygienist, are dedicated to<br />

serving those in need- both locally and internationally.<br />

The team at Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center's<br />

first priority is the safety and comfort of every patient. The<br />

surgical assistant team is fully credentialed and equipped to<br />

handle any emergency. Dr. Olsen works constantly to keep<br />

up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental care. At<br />

Folsom Oral Surgery And Implant Center, you will receive the<br />

highest quality of patient care.<br />

38 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



Eskaton<br />

Independent Living, Assisted Living and<br />

Memory Care Communities Available<br />

5105 Manzanita Avenue • Carmichael, CA 95608<br />

916-334-0810 • 866-ESKATON<br />

www.eskaton.org<br />

Eskaton is celebrating 50 years as a Sacramento-region<br />

E community-based nonprofit organization. Eskaton exists<br />

solely to fulfill its mission of enhancing the quality of life<br />

of seniors. Our dedicated team members provide services and<br />

support for more than 15,000 individuals annually who live in our<br />

communities or participate in our comprehensive Home Support<br />

services. Eskaton’s difference lies in our broad array of choices and<br />

affordable options to engage and support people living in their<br />

own homes, as well as those who choose to live in one of our<br />

communities. Eskaton’s positive reputation extends to our<br />

signature life-enriching programs, innovative health and wellness<br />

initiatives, professional staff training and development, and<br />

generous philanthropy.<br />

Eskaton residential communities offer independent living, assisted<br />

living and memory care options throughout the Greater Sacramento<br />

and Bay Areas, including Burlingame, Cameron Park, Carmichael,<br />

Gold River, Granite Bay, Grass Valley, Orangevale, Placerville,<br />

Pleasanton, Riverside, Roseville, Sacramento and Stockton.<br />

Eskaton communities were voted “Best” by readers of Style<br />

Magazine, Sacramento Magazine, The Orangevale View, The Union,<br />

The Mountain Democrat, Village Life, The Press-Tribune, Caring.<br />

com and others. We love this place! And so do our residents and<br />

their families.<br />

In addition to residential services, Eskaton also offers skilled<br />

nursing, home care, home healthcare, and affordable housing. For<br />

more information about how Eskaton is transforming the aging<br />

experience, go online to eskaton.org.<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 39



Laura Rose Nelson<br />

Attorney at Law | Becker Nelson Center & James<br />

263 Main Street • Placerville<br />

530-295-6400 • www.lauranelsonlaw.com<br />

hat is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is the practice of<br />

W law geared towards arranging people’s assets and affairs in<br />

anticipation of incapacitation or death. A typical estate<br />

plan may include a variety of instruments such as a Living Trust, Last<br />

Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and healthcare-related<br />

documents such as an Advance Directive. A properly-prepared<br />

estate plan safeguards your wishes and helps to ease the burden on<br />

your loved ones. It may also reduce the tax liability on your estate and<br />

avoid the lengthy and costly probate process. Advanced methods of<br />

estate planning may even protect your financial legacy for future<br />

generations. Everyone that owns real estate in California can benefit<br />

from estate planning.<br />

Laura Rose Nelson, Attorney at Law represents individuals and<br />

families in achieving their estate planning goals. Ms. Nelson has been<br />

certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as<br />

a Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law. She<br />

works closely with her clients to help them develop an estate plan<br />

customized to carry out their unique goals and wishes. She prides<br />

herself on her attention to detail and focus on integrity, advocacy,<br />

and understanding.<br />

If you are interested in attending a free Estate Planning Workshop,<br />

please visit our website for a current schedule.<br />

40 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf



★ ★ ★ ★ ★<br />

Meet our administrator Doug Hawkins, RN<br />

Western Slope<br />

Health Center<br />

3280 Washington St. • Placerville<br />

Tel: 530-622-6842 • Fax: 530-622-6814<br />

www.westernslopehealthcenter.com<br />

oug Hawkins has been part of our community for<br />

D generations and is giving back to the community he<br />

cares about. "I feel it is my duty to give back to the<br />

people of <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> and help ensure quality healthcare".<br />

Doug graduated from Ponderosa High-School and began his<br />

career as a nurse at age 21. "Working with the <strong>El</strong>derly is a calling<br />

and passion for me", Doug commented, "My goal is to help keep<br />

Skilled Nursing up here in the foothills and for families to not take<br />

their loved ones down the hill for their care".<br />

Doug takes pride in serving as the Hospital Administrator for<br />

Western Slope Health Center here in Placerville. Our hospital<br />

was awarded the Centers for MediCare 5 STAR rating and we<br />

occupy up to 99 people. We average close to 40 admissions and<br />

discharges a month with a home return rate of 92%. Western<br />

Slope Health Center is a Post-Acute Hospital caring for those<br />

requiring short term rehabilitative services. We employ talented<br />

registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists,<br />

speech therapist, registered dietician, nurse practitioners and our<br />

house physician.<br />

“My hobbies, well to know me is to know I enjoy my wife and<br />

children on our small ranch in Shingle Springs. Spring-time is<br />

wonderful: the chickens are laying, the goats are having their kids<br />

and the fields are green. This is my favorite time of year.” Being<br />

an advocate for youth programs, Doug has been active with<br />

coaching soccer and little league, and mentoring 4-H kids with<br />

livestock raising for the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong> Fair.<br />

Stop by and meet Doug and his staff at Western Slope Health<br />

Center.<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 41

eat & drink<br />


CT European<br />

Café and Grill<br />

A World of Possibilities<br />

by SHARON PENNY // photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

Not only does the aptly named CT (short for Crêpe<br />

Town) European Café and Grill in Shingle Springs<br />

serve up the best sweet and savory crêpes<br />

north of, well, anywhere, and a long list of<br />

American brunch classics, but scratch-made<br />

Eastern European eats, too—like cevapicci,<br />

goulash, paprikash, and schnitzel. Since the<br />

owners, Alma and Edi Zildzo, originally hail<br />

from Bosnia and Croatia, rest assured that these time-tested recipes<br />

come with a healthy helping of love.<br />

My husband and I stopped by on a recent Saturday morning and were<br />

instantly charmed by the friendly service and quaint, cozy décor that<br />

boasts both booths and tables, as well as a spacious patio for summer<br />

dining.<br />




I chose the Sunrise Crêpe from their “Favorites” portion of the menu,<br />

which comes standard with scrambled eggs and melty white cheddar<br />

and allows customers to select add-ons for an additional cost—from<br />

bacon and bell peppers to spinach and sausage. Bursting with my choice<br />

of toppings and fresh avocado, the crêpe itself was light, flavorful, and<br />

the perfect vessel for all the tasty toppings. There was no shortage of<br />

cheese either, which is always a good thing where savory crêpes are<br />

concerned. The accompanying hash browns were just the way I like<br />

them, too: golden and delicious.<br />

My husband’s generously portioned pork schnitzel<br />

had the most delightfully crispy coating and<br />

was accompanied by lemon slices and side of<br />

garlicky sour cream that paired perfectly.<br />

The meat itself was tender and flavorful,<br />

and the spaetzel fries were a unique and<br />

tasty surprise; instead of the normal<br />

“scrambled egg” appearance, they looked<br />

like short noodles, resulting in more<br />

spaetzel per bite.<br />

coming back for, and craving more.<br />

Whether dining in for breakfast, brunch,<br />

lunch, or a weekend dinner, CT will keep you<br />

HOURS: 8 a.m.-3<br />

p.m., 5-9 p.m. (Friday-<br />

Saturday); 8 a.m.-3 p.m.<br />

(Sunday-Monday);<br />

closed Tuesday, 8 a.m.-3<br />

p.m. (Wednesday-<br />

Thursday)<br />

TRY THIS: German Pork<br />

Schnitzel, Hungarian<br />

Goulash, Sunrise Crêpe,<br />

Crab Cake Benedict,<br />

Croque Monsieur,<br />

Fettuccine Alfredo,<br />

Cevapicci<br />

DRINKS: Beer and wine<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Online<br />

ordering; available for<br />

private parties and<br />

catering; gluten-free<br />

crêpes ($1 extra); kids’<br />

menu; vegetarian<br />

options; all food is<br />

prepared madeto-order;<br />

shaded,<br />

dog-friendly patio;<br />

occasional live music on<br />

weekends<br />

Top to bottom:<br />

Sunrise Crêpe,<br />

German Pork<br />

Schnitzel, and<br />

Hungarian Goulash<br />

Far left: Creamy<br />

Delight Crêpe<br />

CT European Café and Grill, 4064 Mother Lode Drive, Shingle<br />

Springs, 530-677-5993, crepetowncafe.com<br />

42 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf

neighboring noshes<br />

A guide to getting your grub on beyond <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong>…<br />

Southern Fried<br />

Chicken<br />



“Longtime Folsom favorite Back Bistro recently made the leap from its cozy, neighborhood<br />

location to the glitz and glamour of a 4,500-square-foot destination at the Palladio.<br />

Featuring an impressive craft cocktail bar that commands attention as soon as you enter,<br />

the restaurant also serves up the same quality fare that made loyal fans of its original<br />

customers—with a few new dishes and a boutique wine selection to boot.”<br />


AND TAP<br />

1420 East Roseville Parkway, Suite<br />

160, Roseville, 916-865-4317,<br />

rangeroseville.com<br />

“The process for prepping their<br />

Southern fried chicken is just short<br />

of the medical journal definition of<br />

OCD. First, it's brined for 24 hours<br />

and cooked in sous-vide for two<br />

hours, then chilled and marinated<br />

in buttermilk overnight, and<br />

finally placed in a straightforward,<br />

Southern-style coating and deepfried.<br />

The result is a competitionworthy<br />

marvel of engineering—all<br />

of the things you wish for in fried<br />

chicken but rarely get.”<br />

HOURS: 11a.m.-10 p.m. (Monday-Friday);<br />

3-10p.m. (Saturday)<br />

TRY THIS: Bison Meatball Sliders, Boar Bacon<br />

Artichoke Dip, Beet Carpaccio, Grilled Delta<br />

Asparagus Salad, Southern Fried Chicken, The Broken<br />

Link Pizza, Range Burger, Mom’s Meatloaf, Espresso<br />

Crème Brûlée<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, and cocktails<br />

HOURS: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. (Sunday-Tuesday),<br />

11 a.m.-10 p.m. (Wednesday-Thursday), 11<br />

a.m.-11 p.m. (Friday-Saturday)<br />

TRY THIS: Sautéed Artichoke Hearts,<br />

Warm Arugula Salad, Ahi Poke, Steak<br />

and Potatoes, Loaded Baked Potato<br />

Flatbread, Shrimp and Polenta, Vegan<br />

Fried Rice, Petaluma Chicken, Braised<br />

foodie FIND by HEATHER L. BECKER<br />

The Gold Digger Bar // Since opening on Main Street in early 2017, Gold Digger<br />

has been serving up a lively sports bar scene—thanks to four big-screen TVs, an HD projector,<br />

and plush leather seating. Wanting to provide a place with a “bit of big city feel and just the right<br />

amount of charming mountain flair,” the owners have succeeded with a sizable selection of craft<br />

beers on tap, local wines, cocktails, and small plates that are perfect for sharing amongst friends.<br />

While out on the town for the city's Girl’s Night Out event, a gal pal and I did just that while sipping<br />

frosty beers and munching on their Loaded Nachos. The early evening snack included a heaping<br />

helping of crispy tortilla chips piled high with juicy pulled chicken, a smothering of cheese, fresh<br />

tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and a dollop of sour cream. For only $10, my friend and I were more<br />

than satisfied and satiated. While you’ll have a front-row seat to numerous sporting events of your<br />

choosing, the establishment provides even more entertainment options, too, like live music; game,<br />

trivia, and open mic nights; happy hour; salsa dancing; and a “Sunday Funday” with brunch specials<br />

and bottomless mimosas to kick off the workweek. What’s more, you don’t have to leave the kiddos<br />

at home: They have a special “kids’ corner” that’ll keep young ones entertained for hours. Cheers<br />

to that! 372 Main Street, Placerville, 530-748-3202, golddiggerbar.com.<br />

Short Ribs, Triple Pot de Crème<br />

DRINKS: Full bar; beer, wine, and<br />

cocktails<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Spacious patio; available<br />

for private events and restaurant<br />

buyouts; daily Happy Hour from 4-6<br />

p.m. and 10-11 p.m. (Friday-Saturday);<br />

vegetarian and vegan entrées; daily<br />

lunch menu from 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.;<br />

extensive wine list; monthly, threecourse<br />

prix fixe menu with optional<br />

wine pairings; craft cocktails include<br />

five types of “mules”<br />

TAB: $$<br />

HEADS-UP: Happy Hour (Monday-Friday from<br />

3-6 p.m.) includes $1 off beers, $6 wines, $3 off<br />

pizzas, and $5 BBQ fries; private dining room for<br />

parties of seven or more; kids’ menu; vegan and<br />

vegetarian options; gluten-free pizza crust available<br />

($3); “The Range” pizza changes weekly based on the<br />

chef’s farmers’ market finds<br />

photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 43

eat & drink<br />


Ice Cream!<br />

6 Best Shops compiled by STYLE STAFFERS // photos by DANTE FONTANA<br />

Summer and ice cream seem to be synonymous; it really is the perfect way to beat the heat. Whether you<br />

prefer to keep it classic with vanilla or favor funky flavors, we have the scoop on what’s good here in our<br />

’hood. In no particular order…<br />

“The Niche Ice Cream in Folsom sells fresh-made Gunther’s ice<br />

cream sandwiched inside warm donuts and macarons, or simply scooped<br />

into a cone or cup. Though all of their offerings are sweet (pun intended)—<br />

and they have a rainbow of unique, regularly rotating flavors to pick from—<br />

my go-to is their Taro Macaron Sandwich. It combines my two<br />

favorite food groups—cookies and ice cream—and is pretty much as good<br />

as it gets in the land of frozen favorites.” thenicheicecream.com<br />

The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs<br />

“Hangman’s Tree Ice Cream Saloon in Placerville<br />

scoops up old-fashioned soda shop-style frozen<br />

delights like malts and milkshakes in lovingly restored<br />

surrounds that include vintage tables and chairs, original 1880s<br />

floors, and a mural from 1945. I typically take a trip down<br />

memory lane with their Banana Split. Nothing says nostalgia<br />

like a spoonful each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice<br />

cream alongside hot fudge, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, nuts,<br />

and a perfectly ripe banana. After an afternoon strolling historic Main<br />

Street, it’s the cherry on top.” hangmanstree.com<br />

“For those seeking unique, Italian-style gelato in wild, ever-changing<br />

flavors—all crafted using local, seasonal produce and time-honored,<br />

artisanal techniques—Zia’s Italian Caffe and Gelato Bar in<br />

the <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills Town Center is the perfezionare place. Though the<br />

dairy-based gelato (ice cream’s richer, silkier sister) is hard to resist, the<br />

lactose-intolerant side of me typically selects a scoop, or three, of their<br />

pink grapefruit lemonade and raspberry rosé Sorbetto (flavors change<br />

seasonally) in a house-made Waffle Cone. Some might scream for ice<br />

cream, but I scream for sorbetto!” ziasgelato.com<br />

“Honey Treat Yogurt has been my family’s go-to spot for soft serve<br />

since before I could walk, and it’s right in the middle of Roseville’s primo<br />

shopping spots, so it’s a great pick-me-up while out and about. My favorite<br />

thing to order is their Fudgesicle frozen yogurt piled high with Gummy<br />

Bears and Rainbow Sprinkles. The best part? The prices are<br />

reasonable and the staff is sweet. In a world of ‘pay per ounce’ ice cream,<br />

it’s literally and figuratively refreshing.” 916-781-3047<br />

“For me, The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs in Roseville will win, hands<br />

down, every time. The ice cream by itself is deliciously creamy, sweet, and<br />

heavenly, but then you put it inside of a warm donut and the whole world<br />

just sings at the beauty of it. For the ultimate sandwich, try the namesake<br />

Ice Cream Puff with half 50 Shades of Earl Grey and half<br />

Midnight in Paris ice cream inside one of their freshly made glazed<br />

donuts with a dusting of powdered sugar perfection. Pro tip: On Tuesdays,<br />

puffs are just $2.95. Your waistline might not be happy, but your wallet will<br />

be!” theparloricecream.com<br />

“Forget cardboard-tasting cake cones. At Sweet Dozen Cones in<br />

Historic Folsom, they offer fresh-baked Hungarian-inspired ‘chimney’<br />

cones that are dusted with cinnamon and sugar and reminiscent of a<br />

churro. I’ve sampled almost every offering and keep coming back to<br />

the Cereal N’ Milk that features soft-serve vanilla gelato with Fruity<br />

Pebbles in said cone. Talk about the breakfast (and dessert) of champions.”<br />

sweetdozen.com<br />

Honey Treat Yogurt<br />

Zia’s Italian Caffe and Gelato Bar<br />

The Niche Ice Cream<br />

Sweet Dozen Cones<br />

44 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />






THAI<br />

Thai Unique<br />

Celebrating their 12th year in business,<br />

Heyday Café has been voted Best<br />

Overall Restaurant, Best Salad Place,<br />

Best Casual Restaurant and Best<br />

Wine Bar! Heyday Café presents fresh<br />

California cuisine with international<br />

influences. Lunch 7 days and dinner 6<br />

nights a week. Pouring over 40 wines!<br />

Reservations are encouraged.<br />

Heyday Café<br />

325 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-626-9700<br />

heydaycafe.com<br />

Thai Unique offers <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> <strong>County</strong><br />

<strong>Foothills</strong>’ Best Thai Cuisine as voted<br />

by Style readers every year! Come<br />

enjoy lunch or dinner or even a take<br />

home meal to savor. Indulge your<br />

senses in the freshest seafood, meats<br />

and vegetables perfectly prepared<br />

with exotic spices.<br />

Thai Unique<br />

1160 Broadway<br />

Placerville<br />

530-621-9559<br />

thaiunique.net<br />



Cascada is your Main Street<br />

Placerville destination for the finest<br />

Mexican Cuisine and Best Cocktails.<br />

Stop by and take in the Bell Tower<br />

views while enjoying an authentic<br />

south of the border delight and a<br />

handcrafted cocktail! See why we<br />

are consistently voted a favorite by<br />

Style readers.<br />

Cascada Restaurant & Cantina<br />

384 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

cascadainplacerville.com<br />

The Independent presents an<br />

outstanding American fusion menu<br />

and a top-tier full bar. The scratch<br />

kitchen uses only the freshest, finest<br />

ingredients creating exceptional grill<br />

and seafood entrées. The bar prides<br />

itself on artisanal cocktails, freshsqueezed<br />

juices and house-made<br />

mixers. Beautiful outdoor patio!<br />

The Independent<br />

Restaurant and Bar<br />

629 Main Street, Placerville<br />

530-344-7645<br />

independentplacerville.com<br />



A Family of Candy Makers since 1963.<br />

With 3 generations of candy makers,<br />

Snooks continues the tradition of<br />

producing the finest freshly made<br />

confections on site in Historic<br />

Folsom. Come visit us or shop online!<br />

Snooks Chocolate Factory<br />

731 Sutter Street<br />

Historic Folsom, CA<br />

916-985-0620<br />

www.snookscandies.com<br />

HUNGRY? Welcome to Casa Ramos,<br />

enjoy the RAMOS family recipes.<br />

Ranging from authentic classics like<br />

carne asada, chicken mole, and Borrego<br />

(lamb shank) to Mexican-American<br />

favorites like nachos, chimichangas<br />

and oversized burritos! Whichever dish<br />

chosen, you will leave satisfied!<br />

Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant<br />

6840 Green Leaf Dr.<br />

Placerville<br />

530-622-2303<br />

www.casaramos.net<br />



Executive Chef Michael Liu unites<br />

traditional Japanese cuisine with unique<br />

and contemporary offerings by bringing<br />

you the very best in tasty ingredients<br />

from the ocean & land to your plate.<br />

Tuesday-Sunday 11am-2pm enjoy our All<br />

You Can Eat (AYCE) menu. It has proven<br />

an unmatched offering enthusiastically<br />

received by our customers.<br />

Hisui Sushi<br />

25004 Blue Ravine Rd., #107<br />

Folsom<br />

916-985-7778<br />

www.hisuisushi.com<br />

Great Food and Drink meet at Bricks!<br />

Gourmet crafted burgers, satisfying<br />

salads and hearty dishes will be sure<br />

to delight all appetites! Bring friends<br />

and family to dine in our uniquely<br />

casual atmosphere, or relax at the<br />

bar with a cocktail and a savory<br />

appetizer!<br />

Bricks Eats & Drinks<br />

482 Main Street<br />

Placerville<br />

530-344-7757<br />

www.bricksonmainstreet.com<br />

JULY <strong>2018</strong> // styleedc.com 45

eat & drink<br />

TASTE<br />

Seasonal Recipe<br />

and Beer Pairing<br />

• 1 1/2 lb. freshly<br />

ground beef, 20<br />

percent fat<br />





A weekend BBQ is not complete without<br />

Feast from the Fire:<br />

65 Summer Recipes a classic hamburger. Use high-quality<br />

to Cook and Share beef that has a good amount of fat in<br />

Outdoors by Valerie it—that way you will end up with a juicy,<br />

Aikman-Smith<br />

mouthwatering burger. Homemade<br />

(Ryland Peters &<br />

pickles add a nice tart crunch. Serve<br />

Small, <strong>2018</strong>, $21.95)<br />

with a large platter piled high with<br />

lettuce, tomatoes, and onions so guests<br />

can build their own burger.<br />

• Kosher salt and<br />

freshly ground black<br />

pepper<br />

• 4 slices Cheddar<br />

cheese<br />

• 4 hamburger buns<br />

• Oil, for brushing the<br />

grate<br />


• 2 cups white wine<br />

vinegar<br />

• 1/2 cup white sugar<br />

• 2 tbsp. kosher salt<br />

• 2 tsp. mustard seeds<br />

• 1/4 cup water<br />

TO SERVE<br />

• Lettuce<br />

• Sliced onions<br />

• Ketchup<br />

• 6 Persian<br />

• Mayo<br />

cucumbers, sliced • Tomatoes<br />

into rounds<br />

• Pickled chiles<br />

• 2 bay leaves<br />

1Make the pickles ahead of time, as they<br />

will need to marinate for at least an hour.<br />

Pack the cucumbers and bay leaves into a<br />

sterilized glass jar. Bring the vinegar, sugar,<br />

salt, mustard seeds, and ¼ cup water to a boil<br />

in a saucepan over medium–high. Reduce to a<br />

simmer and cook for 5 minutes until the sugar<br />

has dissolved. Pour the hot mixture over the<br />

cucumbers, cap with a tight-fitting lid, and set<br />

Wine<br />

Steals<br />

Under<br />

$15<br />


Ruffino Prosecco<br />

ABV: 11%<br />


TASTING NOTES: Dry, crisp, fruity, and fragrant;<br />

complex and easy to drink; aromas of freshly<br />

cut citrus with notes of apples, pears, and<br />

peaches; perfect pairing for appetizers like<br />

bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and salted<br />

nuts, or alongside creamy pasta dishes and rich<br />

cheeses<br />

PRICE: $11.99<br />

PURCHASE: Total Wine & More<br />

aside. These will keep for up to 6 months in the fridge.<br />

2Place the beef in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, and mix to combine. Gently shape the<br />

meat into four patties about 1 inch thick. Using your thumb, gently make a small indentation<br />

in the center of each patty. This ensures they will keep their shape when cooking. Heat a grill/<br />

barbecue to medium–high. Brush the grate with oil. Place the patties on the grill and cook for 5<br />

minutes. Flip them over and continue to cook for another 5 minutes for medium-rare, or longer<br />

for well done. For the last 2 minutes of cooking, place a slice of cheese on top of each patty to melt.<br />

3Slice and toast the buns on the grill, then serve alongside the patties, pickles, and platter<br />

of fixings. Serves 4.<br />

Pairs with<br />


ABV: 6.5%<br />

While Crooked Lane, located in Auburn, offers<br />

Established in 1877 in a small town near Florence, Italy, Ruffino has continued<br />

to flourish and is known for clean, balanced, consistent, high-quality wines. For<br />

more info, visit ruffino.com.<br />

Ruffino Sparkling Rosé<br />

ABV: 11%<br />


TASTING NOTES: <strong>El</strong>egant and<br />

effervescent with a beautiful pink hue;<br />

hints of strawberries and rose petals<br />

with lingering notes of berries and<br />

nectarines; crisp acidity; fresh and fizzy;<br />

perfect bottle to bring to a brunch or<br />

summer soirée<br />

PRICE: $12.99<br />

PURCHASE: Total Wine & More<br />

OVERALL RATING is the average score (out of 5) compiled by Style staff tasters. Ratings should be taken with a<br />

grain of salt, as we are by no means “experts”—just hard-working employees who enjoy imbibing.<br />

a vast selection of German lagers, West Coast<br />

and New England-style IPAs, and barrel-aged<br />

sours and ales, their 1-2 Punch is particularly<br />

palatable. The New England-inspired IPA<br />

offers big tropical aromas, a moderate ABV,<br />

and an unbelievably juicy flavor<br />

that’s exactly what your<br />

summer barbecue is<br />

missing. Peach, mango,<br />

and tropical hops<br />

give it a bright, bold<br />

flavor that pairs nicely<br />

with beef and tangy<br />

pickled cucumbers.<br />

With its clean finish and<br />

soft bitterness, it’s the ideal<br />

summertime sip.<br />

—Greg Salva, 36 Handles<br />

46 styleedc.com // JUNE <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />

Recipes excerpted with permission from Feast from the Fire: 65 Summer Recipes<br />

to Cook and Share Outdoors, published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photos by Erin<br />

Kunkel. Beer photo courtesy of Crooked Lane Brewing Company. Sparkling wine<br />

photos courtesy of Shadow.

Your Trees Deserve<br />

Acorn Quality Care<br />

NOW is the time to have<br />

an Acorn Arboricultural CERTIFIED<br />

ARBORIST inspect and prune for<br />

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We wanted<br />

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we could wrap<br />

our arms around!<br />

• Insect & Disease Control<br />

• Tree & Shrub Pruning & Removal<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

• Cabling & Bracing<br />

• Planting All Sizes of Trees & Shrubs<br />

• Fertilization<br />

• Certified Arborist Services<br />

Every tree is a family tree!<br />

Roseville, CA 95678 • www.787tree.com<br />

lic#953007<br />

For All Your Tree Care Needs:<br />

916-787-8733<br />

Acorn Arboricultural Services Inc.<br />


Great shutters don’t<br />

always grow on trees.<br />

Palm Beach Polystain shutters<br />

with DuraLux Finish; Polystain<br />

These gorgeous<br />

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and are guaranteed not to fade,<br />

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6624 Lonetree Blvd. Ste. 500, Rocklin<br />

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Mon-Sat, 9:30–5:30 • Closed Sunday<br />

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www.shutterspot.com Insured • Lic. #714170

swag<br />

Lupine Eco Dog Collar, $9.99+, and Soggy<br />

Doggy Doormat, $21.99+, at Lees’ Feed and<br />

Western Store, 4110 Mother Lode Drive, Ste.<br />

140 Shingle Springs, leesfeed.net<br />

Deluxe Grooming Service, $40+ at<br />

Grooming Galleria, 27 Fair Lane, Placerville,<br />

530-621-0214<br />

The Art of Raising a Puppy<br />

by The Monks of New Skete,<br />

$27 at Face in a Book, 4359 Town<br />

Center Boulevard, Suite 113,<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills. 916-941-9401,<br />

getyourfaceinabook.com<br />

IMAL<br />


Merrick Purrfect<br />

Bistro Grain Free<br />

Real Salmon Dry<br />

Cat Food Recipe,<br />

$14.99, and Kong<br />

Jumbo Stretchezz,<br />

$18.99, at Bark Avenue,<br />

3919 Park Drive, Ste.<br />

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barkavenueca.com<br />

14<br />

Dog Dental Exam, $55<br />

at Veterinary Healing<br />

Center, 2222 Francisco<br />

Drive, Suite 150,<br />

<strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong> Hills,<br />

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vethealing<br />

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com<br />

HOUSE<br />


WE LOVE<br />


Stella & Chewy's Freeze<br />

Dried-Raw Super Beef<br />

Dinner Patties, $32.88<br />

at Togs For Dogs and<br />

Cats Too!, 330 Green<br />

Valley Road, <strong>El</strong> <strong>Dorado</strong><br />

Hills. 916-939-3884,<br />

togsfordogsandcatstoo.com<br />

Nylabone Moderate<br />

Dental Chew, $5.45, and<br />

TropiClean Neem<br />

and Citrus Pet<br />

Shampoo, $11.95,<br />

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Cowboy Magic Shine in<br />

Yellowout Whitening<br />

Shampoo, $12.29,<br />

and Cowboy Magic<br />

Greenspot Remover,<br />

$11.59, at<br />

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Diamond<br />

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e3liveforhorses.com<br />

Works for Treats Dog Bandana, $15 at<br />

Blaq Boutique, 375 Green Valley Road, <strong>El</strong><br />

<strong>Dorado</strong> Hills. 916-933-4888, facebook.com/<br />

shopblaqboutique<br />

Dachsund photo by ©brusnikaphoto - stock.adobe.com. Grooming photo by ©phoenix021 - stock.adobe.com. All other photos courtesy of<br />

their respective companies or organizations.<br />

48 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf


last look<br />

Where We Live<br />

SHOOT IT,<br />

SEND IT<br />

Submit your best shots of our<br />

region to info@stylemg.com and<br />

tell us why, in 20 words or less, the<br />

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The featured photographer<br />

will win a gift card to a local<br />

business. Ready, set, SNAP!<br />

“Our region celebrates the Fourth of <strong>July</strong><br />

by hanging American flags over some<br />

of the most popular landmarks, like the<br />

Rainbow Bridge in Folsom.”<br />

Photo by JIM CUNNINGHAM<br />

50 styleedc.com // JULY <strong>2018</strong> // /styleedc /stylemediagroup /stylemediagroup /stylemagedcf<br />


Live<br />

Confidently.<br />

“I can’t explain how much they have changed my skin<br />

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Now I feel just as pretty without makeup as I do with<br />

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