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Canada Day 2018



President’s Message - Lori Brendel

Happy Canada Day! And Happy 65th Anniversary to LLBC.

We have had an exceptionally busy first couple months at the club

already. Virtually all our corporate events have taken place already as

well as our Victoria Day Fun Day, the Joe Davis Tournament, and the

Novice Open Triples Tournament. The biggest event so far was the Open

Fours Provincial competition which Leaside hosted. As the President of

LLBC, I could not be more proud of the hospitality that was shown to the

competitors, the great food we served, and the terrific greens. We

received much positive feedback in addition to letters of thanks from the

OLBA for hosting the event.

Successfully hosting an event such as the Open Fours Provincial

competition can only be done through the hard work of all the

volunteers. I would like to publicly thank the many volunteers for their

commitment and countless hours of work (and worry!) they put in to

make this such a great event. Thank you Dorothy Robertson, Phillip

Francis, Shirley Bayes, Suzanne Gourley, Marilyn Pearson, Linda

Davidson, Eric Evans, Cathy Wright, Diane McDermott, Meno Jose,

Sherry Lim, Diane Gore, Betty Lemon, Eileen Jamieson, Jenny Gzowski,

Maureen Morrice, Don McCowan, Cecilia Scott, Jerry Michaels, Mike

Julian, Gloria Paisley, Bill Phillips, and Jim Elliott.

July is shaping up to be another busy month with Lawn Summer Nights

kicking off and the East York Challenge on July 6. Let’s bring the trophy

home again this year! Also on tap for July is the open Ladies Luncheon,

the in-club Memorial Tournament, as well as the open Mixed Pairs

Tournament. In addition to Sunshine bowling, Tuesday night bowling,

and Friday 4-3-2-1, I am hoping the Monday night Team Entry League

will start up again.

As most of you know, I will be heading off to Regina in August with my

team (Mary Lou Richards - skip, Cathy Larking – vice and Lan Tran – lead)

to represent Ontario as the silver medalists in the Canadian Lawn

Bowling Championships for the Women’s Fours competition. I expect

you will see me, and most probably my team mates, putting in lots of

practice hours. So when I say “See you on the green” I am being quite


Good bowling everyone. Enjoy your summer. And see you on the green!


The OLB Can’t Thank Us Enough


Lori Brendel


Leaside Lawn Bowling Club.

Via email:


June 4 , 2018

Dear Lori

On behalf of the OLBA competitors, members and the Board of Directors I want to thank Leaside Lawn Bowling

Club for providing an exceptional venue for the 2018 OLBA Provincial Fours Championships.

The effort to prepare the club and greens was readily apparent to all of the competitors, many of whom expressed

their appreciation and commented on the friendliness of the club volunteers when requesting assistance. The

greens provided by Mary Louise Matthews and her team were first rate. Shirley Bayes and Susan Gourley and their

team off assistants did a marvelous job in catering to such a large group of competitors over the three days and

deserve the accolades that I received on their behalf during the event by many of the competitors and spectators.

The assistance provided by Dorothy Robertson in coordinating the event and assisting me in the scoring for the

event was greatly appreciated. Please pass onto Jerry Michaels my gratitude for his assistance in inputting the

results onto the OLBA face book page. I am sure his efforts were also appreciatd by the bowlers of Ontario who

were following the event on the OLBA face book page.

On a personal note I want to congratulate you on the results of your team and extend to you best wishes at the

Canadian Nationals in Regina.

Go lawn bowl – a sport for life!

Yours Sincerely

Phillip Francis

Vice President and Director,

Ontario Lawn Bowls Association.


President OLBA



I want to personally thank you for all your help during the recent Open

Fours held at Leaside. You did a great job in the organization and also

your work on the draw. You were the key person in the success of this

Provincial Championship. Your club with all the volunteers did a fantastic

job, everything ran very smooth even when It turned out to be a lot

bigger event than anyone could of imagined. Everyone at your club

seemed to take it in stride and got the job done!!!

Thanks again



Getting to the Canadian Lawn Bowling

Championships is a ton of work. It's not

just about competing in the Provincial

championships and winning either Gold

or Silver but it's the countless hours of

practice, both mental and physical, that

give all competitors that solid foundation

to compete. My team (Mary Lou Richards

- skip, Cathy Larking – vice, me - second and Lan Tran – lead) started practising together back in March –

going up to Stephen Leacock to practice on Fridays – and as soon as the weather got nice, we spent many

evenings on the green at Leaside and played in every 4's tournament there was in Ontario. The weekend

of June 1, 2 and 3 came very quickly and felt super early in the season for such a big event.

Our first game on Friday June 1 was a solid win and we were feeling pretty punchy after that game. Our

second game on Friday was against the #1 ranked team (Hassan) and we held our own, managing another

win. Saturday morning, however, was a different story: we lost against team Wright (who went on to win

Gold) which meant we had to take the longer route to play the gold medal game. Team Wright had the rest

of the day off and we ended up with a bye for the next game and our last game on Saturday was against

team Hassan again. It was a tough game – this was the game to decide if we were moving forward to play

for gold. Thankfully we played much better in the afternoon resulting in another win. At this point, we

knew we were going to Regina. The question now was: Gold or Silver?

I don't know if you remember what Sunday morning was like but I am just going to say, the weather was

dramatically different: It was COLD! No excuses though, we bowled our hearts out and it was tied coming

home in the last end. We gave up one in that last end losing a second time to team Wright. We were

ecstatic as we were on the road to Regina. We have completed the first step in getting to Regina. Now the

hard work really begins. We have July and most of August to practice as a team so we can be more

competitive at the Canadians

than last year. No doubt you will

see me on the greens throwing

bowl after bowl by myself or

with my team mates. While our

performance on the June 1, 2,

and 3 weekend opened the door

for us to go to Regina, we need

to step up our game to be strong

competitors at the national level.

Thanks to everyone who came

out and supported us and thank

you in advance for your

continued support. And…. if you

are looking for a wonderful

vacation spot over the summer,

you might want to consider

Regina Saskatchewan. I hear

there will be some really

excellent lawn bowling the week

of August 22 to August 26




Our volunteers (Erman, Mike, Paul, Herb and Don) have verticut our greens 3 times this season with our new

machine. This action removes thatch from the surface of the grass for a healthier turf. We are doing our own lawn

mower maintenance now and Don, Paul, and Mike will be doing this every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

morning. It is very important that the machines are calibrated properly for a good cut.

We have had our second application of wetting agent applied to the greens which is suppose to help with our

localized dry spots. We are yet to see results. The city laid new turf along the east side of the east green that

necessitated much watering, and thanks to Gundrun and Dale for helping out with that. It has a long way to go to

look good.

You may see Robert changing the numbers and boundary pegs on the greens every week so that we don't get

wear marks on the turf. He could always use some help but won't ask.

Our original dew remover didn't work so member Herb made a new one that works much better and looks like a

work of art hanging on our garage. Thanks to Eric for removing the dew when no one is around.

We have gone back to the 3 days a week mowing as mowing every other day didn't show any improved



The property was spruced up for the Provincials with the painting of the garage and sheds.

Thanks to Paul, Don, Dale, and Mike for a great job. New benches should be arriving in 3 or 4

weeks so the few benches that are remaining along the walkway and picnic tables were touched

up by yours truly.

You will notice our hanging planters have finally arrived. They have been fertilized but need watering every

Monday and Friday so please do your part. And we seem to be getting many incidents of high winds lately. The

white chairs are really getting a beating as they are tossed all over the place. Please stack them in at least threes so

they wont blow away.

Thanks to John Adams for anchoring the draw board to its frame so it will no longer blow away and for installing

new latches on our equipment sheds.


Just a quick reminder that the parking lot repaving and drainage construction will be on-going from July 3 until

approximately August 15. Although the city has assured us that we will have access to the west parking lot that

was repaved a couple years ago, we should not count on that. We will continue to have access to the club through

pedestrian access.

There is limited street parking in the neighbourhood and as such you may want to consider car pooling, walking, or

taking public transit to get to the club. Remember, for evening bowlers, that there will be all the soccer/baseball

folks trying to park around the sports field and club as well. And, don’t forget, there is a city-wide bylaw that

prohibits parking without a permit for more than 3 hours at any one time. You will want to keep this in mind if you

are parking on the side streets. Our patience will be rewarded in the end with more parking spaces that are clearly

marked and no more flooding of cars during torrential downpours.



Janet Anderson

Patricia Frenette

Patricia Badali

Dorothy Godbold

Nancy Baldwin

Betty Hicks

Dave and Ginny Bates

Marilyn Holmeshaw

Gerlad Belanger

Kathleen MacLean

Eileen McManamon

Ruth Bridge

Dan Massaro

Angela Burley

Sylvia Moustacalis

June Chiu

Lawrence Partington

Lucy Collin

Carol Patterson

Thank you to all the members who came out for our two

day open house to meet, greet, and demonstrate bowling to

the 23 visitors. Of these 23 visitors 8 have joined to-date.

A special thank you to Gloria Paisley for all her publicity work

and Dennis Sullivan for his art work. And to many of you who

posted our Open House flyer as a number of the visitors came

because they saw our flyer.

If you encouraged a person(s) to give lawn bowling a try and they joined our Club be sure

to fill out a ballot form to possibly win a $50 cash prize. Please ask me for an entry form.

It is not too late to bring anyone you may know who is interested, just note that an

appointment should be made prior to their first visit. We have a pro-rated fee for anyone

starting for the first time later in the season.


Georgia Danos Lori Patyk Allan and Donna Doerr Ian Robertson Douglas and

Rosemary Duff Paul Spalla Vic Smith (Sept 2017) Jane Wilson Cheryl Bannier

Bob McCormick Christie Stephenson Linda Dresser Roger Pugsley

As Membership Director and an In-Club coach, I wish to thank all the coaches who took part in preparing our new

members for play over the last six weeks. So hats off to Vivienne Putt, Dorothy Robertson, Linda Davidson, Mary

Louise Matthews, Lori Brendel, and also to Janne Burton who took it upon herself to help those who wanted to

learn to use the stick.



MONDAY JULY 9 12:30pm - Instructor: Mary Lou Richards

All are welcome: current Vices, those who want to be promoted to Vice or anyone who wants to understand our game better.

Sign up on the Coaching bulletin board.


The fall AGM will be held on Sunday September 23 at 1:00 pm.

Please mark the date in your calendars.



Once the jack has been delivered by the lead, the skip will position it as close as

they can so that it is centred in line with the rink numbers. Please note that the

following instructions are for a jack that is to the right of centre, as seen by the


2 & 3

1. Make sure you are standing on the centre of the mat.

2. Both hands should be at shoulder height, on the same side of your body as

the jack.

3. The distance between your hands represents the distance you want the jack

to be moved.

4. As your skip moves the jack closer to the centre line your outside hand should

move in closer.

5. If the distance to be moved is small, indicate a roll of the jack by cupping your

hand and showing a rolling motion in the correct direction.

6. When the jack is centred, indicate with a chopping motion vertically in front

of your body. (Editor’s Note: Or you could adopt the ‘Patrick Clap’, though we

are still awaiting LLBC approval for this exciting and home-grown innovation.)


5 6


Leaside LBC has hosted two Open tournaments so far this season: Joe Davis and the Novice.

The Joe Davis tournament held on May 20th had a record number of entries with 28 teams of

triples from 13 different Clubs and the tournament was sponsored by Living Assistance Services.


The Novice tournament, sponsored by Humphreys Funeral Home, was held on June 24 but we

struggled to get 10 teams of triples. The teams came from 4 different Clubs, Balmy Beach,

Cosburn, Lindsay and Midland. 5 teams represented Leaside, many who were first time open

tournament bowlers. With the decision made to bowl, the tournament started off with

enthusiasm even though it was raining. By the 8th end, the enthusiasm was waning as the rain

continued to pour and the greens started to flood. With a daunting weather forecast, everybody

soaking wet and huge puddles on the greens, it became a One game tournament. So a really

huge thanks to everyone who bowled and volunteered on Sunday at the Novice.

Many experiences:.greens running well even though saturated, hard to deliver jacks with puddles

at the hog line, fun (not) putting out and taking in equipment in the rain, trying to write with

pencils on wet and soggy scorecards, wet coats, towels and umbrellas everywhere, and sitting on

a wet chair, but there was camaraderie and laughter. A tournament to be remembered!

There are three upcoming tournaments, Ladies Luncheon on July 10; Mixed Pairs on July 28th

and Anniversary tournament, MT, on August 25th. Please note that more Leaside teams are

needed for the Mixed Pairs and Anniversary tournaments so check your calendars: register at

Volunteers and spectators are always welcome and for more information on Open tournaments,

or assistance in registering, please contact me.

Look forward to seeing you at an Open tournament!




“It's a sad story, and it didn't have to happen.”

“Well, membership is down all over town; not a lot you can do about that if you've pursued all the usual avenues: open

house, flyers, etc.”

“Oh no, we didn't have any trouble with our enrolment, we averaged 150 members a year: basically we just lost heart,

lost our way.”

“I don't understand...”

“Too many members simply didn't realize or accept that our club was their club: they didn't help run it and all the

stalwarts and regulars got tired. I'll give you a very graphic example. At the start of the summer I'm standing in the

kitchen and hear someone say, 'Is there cream for the coffee?' and I replied that no one did any shopping this week

and they said, and there was a lot of people standing around, 'Oh really, why not ..?'

“I shrugged a little and pointed out that, 'Every single aspect of running this club depends on all of us: everything.

Everything from looking after the grass, trimming the flowers, organizing the snacks, and even thinking about buying

band aids and suntan lotion, or replacing the paper towels in the washroom. We have an executive group, and they do

their best, but they can't do it all, and when they ask for help we all need to step up. We all need to be self starters for

our little community to thrive ...'

“I smiled then, standing in a kitchen that had coffee but no cream, surrounded by nice people that I liked bowling with

and enjoyed chatting with at the snack break on Sunshine days. There were looks of puzzlement, consternation, and

impatience, but I didn't see any 'aha!' moments and I knew then we were dead. And it didn't have to happen.

“Gradually stuff didn't get done; those that did the heavy lifting couldn't do it anymore, or maybe didn't want to do it

anymore, perhaps both, and they got tired of reminding everyone that our club was a 'volunteers' club' and basically

the heart went out of the club. It didn't have to happen.”



190 Hanna Road,

In Talbot Park


P.O. Box 43567

1601 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, ON M4G 4G8

416. 483. 1418

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