Fix “Paper Has Run Out ” Error Of Hp Printer


If you’re facing “paper has run out” issues on your HP printer and want to fix it on your own without wasting your time and money then check here the best troubleshooting steps to fix that issue.

How to Troubleshoot the Error ‘paper

has run out’ of HP Printer?

Hewlett Packard is a well-renowned brand in the electronics world. Till

today, this brand has launched a vast range of electrical products which

make our work very easy. From laptops & printers to desktop &

photocopier HP provides us with the latest technologies to ease our

office work. However, we are living in the twenty-first century where

everything is digital, but we cannot deny the fact that paper documents

are still necessary to keep the office workflow effective as they are

easier to read, safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

Being an electrical device HP Printers can also face technical or

mechanical faults and this generally occurs due to low-maintenance, so

to get rid of such hp printer problems it is imperative to take

maintenance service. The most common issue that an HP Printer user

might face is “Paper Has Run Out. This error occurs due to two reasons:

either the printer is indeed run out of paper or even after loading the

sufficient amount of papers in the printer, the error is still showing due

to some technical flaws.

To dwindle this situation, we are providing some troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Thoroughly check and then load the papers again

Check the previously loaded paper carefully and if you find any paper

which is torn, damp, bent, or not in a proper size then replace it. Also,

remember that the papers placed in print tray must not be exceeding

than 25 sheets.

Step 2: Check the rear panel cover of the device

Another reason for getting this error is that the rear panel is not in the

proper place. The reason behind this is there might be a paper jammed

there. Remove the rear panel carefully and pull out the wrinkled paper,

then place the cover back to the printer.

Step 3: Reset the printing device

Without shutting down the printing device remove its power cable.

Now, wait for 5 minutes and plug the cord again. Check whether your

device is giving the same error, if yes, then it is wise to take help from

HP printer support .

Step 4: Enable the Print Spooler

Print Spooler is very essential as it stores the printing job. Switching

this feature on might help to resolve the ‘paper has run out’ error. Use

the Cortana Button to check whether your print spooler is enabled or


Select the services from the availability list> Double-click on the service

you want to open.

Press the Start button> click on OK button.

Step 5: Update your printer’s drivers

Generally, hardware related issues resolved by upgrading the device

driver with its latest version. Therefore, it is imperative to check if there

any new version is launched.

These are some way via which you can resolve the error ‘paper has run

out’ in your HP Printer. Use these troubleshooting methods to fix the



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