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12 x July 5 — 18, 2018

12 x July 5 — 18, 2018 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 enriching your life! Traditionally, libraries are known as places for books, but they offer so much more! Many libraries host events and classes that provide a chance to develop a new skill or gain a new experience. So the next time you can’t think of something to do or find yourself looking for a healthy getaway, consider a visit to your local library! Healthy Self-Worth by Adam Langley, M.D. PremierMED Family & Sports Medicine 407-581-9065 Do you love and accept yourself just as you are? For many of us, it is difficult to accept our less-attractive features or character flaws. Possibly, you have an idea of how you should appear based on comparisons, judgements or a “perfect image.” In our current culture of social media, superficial comparisons can lead to feelings of inadequacy, which can lead to negative self-talk. When considering personal health goals, a vital part of that journey begins within a person’s heart and mind. Finding confidence and acceptance of one’s self-worth as a human being is crucial to starting and sustaining any health regimen. Once our internal perspective is on solid ground, we can better focus on our external influences and goals. There are several avenues people can take to start the process of self-acceptance. Obstacles that can get in the way of selfacceptance are shame, doubt and delusions. Problems are just opportunities. Before we are able to make progress discovering the best version of “us,” we must first look at our imperfections or problems as opportunities to become the best versions of ourselves. How do we do this? First, we must look at ourselves honestly, not critically; second, we can accept that we are human and flawed; and finally, we must be intentional and realistic in our steps toward change. Throughout our culture and society, there are continual messages that convey we are not good enough, and happiness is just out of reach. This message is rooted in toxic shame, and it fuels the confusion surrounding quick-fix, fad diets and weight-loss supplements. Toxic shame prevents us from loving ourselves. Toxic shame requires identification, correction, healing and elimination. When you find yourself hearing an inner-voice of judgement, contempt, self-labeling or comparison, ask yourself this question: Would you speak to a child or friend this way? If not, why are you speaking to yourself this way? At this point, I will leave you with a challenge. Set your timer for 10 minutes. Go into your bathroom with a mirror. Look into your eyes and relax into your unconditional positive regard. Tell yourself you are worthy, and you are loved. The practice of positive self-talk allows us to own the changes we want to see, rather than letting them control us. I hope you continue to grow and change on your path to self-worth. The Importance of Hormones as People Age by John C. Carrozzella, M.D. MSMS, ABAARM, FAARFM Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness 407-507-3837 Many of us already know that hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, decline with age, and along with that decline comes a significant reduction in sex drive and physical intimacy. What is not commonly known is that hormonal decline is also associated with a number of diseases of aging. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE, AND FEEL AND LOOK YOUNGER LONGER? Effective yet affordable results Whether it’s to improve your memory, feel energized, get relief from seasonal discomforts, or shed a few pounds, you’ll want to call now to experience increased vitality ... To regain your vitality, call Windermere Med Spa 120 E. 5th Ave., Windermere, FL 34786 407-876-0575

After menopause, women see a dramatic rise in the incidences of heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. These diseases are associated with very high death rates. Similarly, men, whose testosterone levels fall every year after the age of 25, also see similar increases in age-related diseases. The secret that so many traditional doctors either do not know or are unwilling to accept is that restoring hormone levels to those that are common and normal in younger women and men can promote healthy aging and reduce death rates. Many medical journal articles have correctly condemned the use of synthetic hormones as dangerous. However, the literature on the use of bioidentical hormones has been conclusive about the fact that bioidentical hormone therapy is safe and effective at reducing disease and improving health and longevity in those who are properly treated. If you are looking to maintain your health and vitality well into your senior years, bioidentical hormone therapy is an essential treatment that will help you do so. It may also help you have a little more intimate “fun” along the way. Heart Health submitted by Southwest Orlando Family Medicine, P.L. 407-352-9717 When it comes to blood pressure, 120/80 is a good thing, right? Not necessarily. Health is more than just a number. It’s important to consider your work/life balance, social and spiritual health, daily nutrition, sleep schedule and even stress. A wellrounded approach that goes beyond just medication is just what the doctor ordered. Making time for regular checkups with your primary care provider is essential to maintaining your heart health. It gives your doctor an CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 x July 5 — 18, 2018 x 13 401 Main Street, Suite A, Windermere, FL Windermere Center for DENTISTRY Emilia M. Godoy-Rapport, D.M.D. Always Friendly & Gentle Cosmetic and family dentistry (407) 909-1097 DIGITAL HEALTHCARE MARKETING Attracting patients with a patient-friendly, engaging digital experience will set you apart and make your digital presence stand out. Reach. Engage. Deliver. • Branding • Search Engine Marketing • Local and Reputation Management • Social Media • Websites and OnSite Optimization Schedule your Konsultation today! 407.670.7765 Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors, Medical Clinics, Individual and Group Practices, and Hospitals.