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18 x July 5 — 18, 2018

18 x July 5 — 18, 2018 x PLEASE TAKE NOTE Espe Almarza Anderson, M.A., SFR, is a member of the Coldwell Banker International Diamond Society, not the Coldwell Banker International Sterling Society. For more information, call 407-421-6679 or email CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17 earth. Yet, many cultures moved away from this intuitive understanding of wellness, relying instead on chemicals that are mass-produced by large companies. If your instinct says there is a better way, you are right! Make this the day you reconnect with a healthier, simpler lifestyle. It’s easier than you think, more affordable than the way you are already living, and beneficial in ways you will see both immediately and for years to come. Choose a spa that is helping people reconnect with a healthier lifestyle through the use of products and tools such as doTerra medicinalgrade essential oils and supplements, Zyto Balance bioscan software, ionizing foot detox baths, and a Bemer circulation mat and vibrating machine. We are all exposed to negative impacts on our bodies within our deficient diets and toxic environments. These tools assist the body to rapidly cleanse and detoxify while building strength, lasting health and vitality. An accurate Zyto Balance bioscan report will show what deficiencies and/or levels of toxicity are in each of the 172 vital body parts. Essential oils will deliver an immediate shift on those levels and leave you feeling better than you have in years. Empower yourself in the knowledge of better selfcare through the support of using a completely natural approach. ª Live Your Best Life Our services can help you reduce stress, enhance your sexual wellness and heighten your self-image. We simply want you to live the healthy and fulfilling life you desire. John C. Carrozzella MD, ABAARM, FAARFM Amazing physician with an excellent staff. Dr. C takes his time with each visit to ensure patient satisfaction. -Latosha L. 407-505-6345 Meet Dr. John Carrozzella live and learn about BioIdentical Hormones and living life full of vitality! Our next LIVE seminar is July 21st at 10 am RSVP TODAY: 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd. | Suite #370 | Orlando, Fl 32819 x July 5 — 18, 2018 x 19 Maria Mandry, PA-C Dr. Jose Mandry • Diabetes Mellitus • Thyroid Disease • Lipid Abnormalities • Metabolic Diseases New Patients Welcome! Se Habla Español “We are currently looking for clients of Asian, Hispanic and/or African decent for a study looking at individuals that are not well controlled with basal (one shot a day) insulin. Candidates must be over 18, have A1c between 7.5 and 10, and taking one or two oral diabetic drugs. If you qualify, you will receive compensation for your participation, basal insulin, blood glucose monitoring supplies, and medical and lifestyle counseling. There is no co-pay or cost to you to participate. Call Today For More Information and to Schedule Your Appointment 407-480-4830 1510 Citrus Medical Court, Ocoee, FL 34761 Together we can help work toward lowering blood glucose for patients with Type 2 diabetes. Call Dr. Mandry Today!