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The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Feature | Record Industry “Are CDs becoming the hip, dead medium on an upswing?” “Reviews and media coverage have less impact on sales than they used to.” NYC Record Industry Alive and Streaming Three Brooklyn Indie Labels Share Their Thoughts on the State of the Industry written by paolo de gregorio 10 the deli Summer 2018

“Is ‘ Pe ak Vinyl’ a myth?” “physical media is still 46% of the market.” “Cassettes aren’t "Social Media and Playlist are the main promotional force." dead qui te yet!” In the early aughts, some kind of “slow earthquake” triggered the end of the record industry as we knew it. Originated by the advent of the MP3 format, which allowed listeners to easily download and stream music, that seism brought about an era of revenue and job losses that lasted almost 15 years. Starting in 2015, the sector finally began to show signs of growth again, driven mostly by new revenue from streaming music services like Spotify and YouTube, but also by the unexpected resurgence of vintage formats like vinyl and audio cassettes. We caught up with three very different trend-setting Brooklyn-based labels—Fools Gold, Captured Tracks and Partisan Records—to see how they are navigating these relatively uncharted waters and to ask them a few questions our musician readers might find helpful for managing their careers. the deli Summer 2018 11

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