The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Bedroom Pop Dream Pop

Based in Brooklyn by way of Miami, Mons Vi combines

an electronic-influenced, lo-fi aesthetic with

emotionally-charged lyrics. The Columbia grad got

us hooked in 2017 with tasteful tracks that blended

the songwriter’s melancholic and atmospheric pop

with occasional edgier tunes reminiscent of the early

Strokes. Latest single “Divina,” on the other hand,

seems to represent a successful transition towards

crisper and livelier electro-pop instrumentation, with

an added multicultural flavor represented by Adrianne

Gonzalez’s voice, sharing lead vocals duties—in

Spanish. (Pearse Devlin)

Your 2016 EP is entitled Indie Rock Bullshit, and it sound

a lot more “indie rock” than your following material. What

inspired that title and the transition to the more electronic

and chilled sound of the latest singles?

I got bored of indie rock. It’s all I hear in Brooklyn and the

rest of the world isn’t listening. That’s because there’s very

little innovation happening in indie rock. There’s also little

space for anyone who isn’t a white guy. So, I’m seeking

creativity in other places, using elements of indie rock

where they make sense to make something new.

This evolution must have implied a change of instrumentation,

what were the tools that inspired this new course?

When people say they play instruments nowadays, they

tend to leave out the DAW. That’s the instrument everyone’s

using, and it’s what’s bringing you your favorite music.

I play Logic. It’s what I play more than anything else.

Photo: Derek Jay

There’s still a lot of guitar in the new material, are you a

fan of stompboxes?

Straight ahead guitar has been explored up, down, left, and

right. So, anything that can change the sound is welcome. I

use the ZVEX Lo-Fi Junky a lot.

On your single, “Divina,” the lyrics are both in English and

Spanish. How did this idea come to be?

Everyone who works on Mons Vi right now is from Miami,

so when I asked Adrianne to sing on “Divina,” it felt natural

that her lyrics came out in Spanish. She’s also half Venezuelan

and half Cuban, so doubly natural.

ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Apple Logic

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