The Deli NYC #55 - Half Waif, NYC MixCon 2018

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Von Sell

Like the mesmerizing blur of the world passing by as seen

through a car window, Von Sell’s newest single “Digital

Sleep” swirls with detail faster than we can understand. In

a flurry of voices, delayed and warped into the dominant

texture of the track, “Digital Sleep” urges us towards attention

while never offering a chance to focus. The track

plays true to the idea of short-sightedness but also acknowledges

its own investment in the beauty of so much

sensory content, constantly veering in new directions,

collaging together seemingly unlinked sections. The effect,

particularly Von Sell’s production of his vocals into an

ethereal backing, is dazzling. (Cameron Carr)

Your newest single, “Digital Sleep” sounds more “avant”

than your 2016 debut EP.

I think there’s always been two sides to me and my music. I have

the urge to make music that’s accessible, but and the same time

I always want to challenge the listener to some degree... bridging

that gap (if there is one), or finding the sweet spot, is just

always a little like shooting at a very small target from very far

away: almost impossible to hit perfectly. As a result I just happen

to sometimes end up slightly more on the experimental side

Thermionic Culture Rooster

and other times on the more “conventional” side.

Synthpop Avant-Pop

Was there a piece of gear that inspired the abstract sounds

in the track?

Not really. I recorded these piano chords originally and it just

sounded a little boring to me. So I ran it through God knows

how many plug-ins until it didn’t sound like a piano anymore.

That kind of laid the foundation, and I ended up approaching

a lot of the sounds in this song that way—but in the creative

process I didn’t even have any gear other than my laptop, a

mic, a midi keyboard and a preamp… In the mixing stage, I

remember running a lot of sounds through the Thermionic Culture

the Rooster.

What do you like the most about the recording process?

What do you like the least?

What bugs me more than anything is when I record a sketch

of a certain element, that lacks the precision or quality of a legitimate

recording but is still somehow magical... and then you

record it for real but it loses its magic and you know you’ll never

get it back. What I love the most are happy accidents; you put

something on the wrong track or the wrong place or turn it up or

down by mistake, but it ends up sounding amazing!

26 the deli Summer 2018

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