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Selwyn Times: July 11, 2018


11 Presenting your home for sale? The presentation of your home doesn’t mean spending thousands on an upgrade either! So why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to make it appealing to prospective purchasers? Street appeal The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see, so the property needs to look well-kept and inviting. Take a look at your place from the street and see it through a buyer’s eyes. So, cut the lawns, trim trees, plants and hedges, add some garden lights and place a nice pot or plant by the front door. Ensure the house exterior is cleaned or freshened with new paint if necessary, hose down drives, paths and fences, put stylish new numbers on the house and perhaps buy a funky new letter box! Make an entrance Even if your entrance or hallway is small, you can still give it some wow! A large mirror adds light and makes an entrance look twice the size. Fresh flowers, candles or a stylish piece of art create an inviting first impression. Ensure floors are clean whether timber, tiles or carpet. Create space Light, air and space are three key factors in presenting a home to the best advantage. Open up curtains and windows and use lamps and light fittings for mood and ambience. Arrange furniture to maximise space and remove items that make the room appear cramped. Fresh feel Freshen rooms with new paint if necessary, but aim for neutral tones which are more versatile for buyers. Add a splash of colour in cushions, throws, artwork or a vase of flowers. Invest in a new duvet or bedspread and always make the bed! Clear out clutter Storage space sells but clutter complicates! Clean out your cupboards, shelves and garage, and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Buyers inspect wardrobes and cupboards so tidy them up and reduce the number of photos, books, nicknacks on display – they distract buyers, too! Beautify the bathroom Replace or resurface fittings if necessary, but otherwise you can simply beautify your bathroom with thorough and fastidious cleaning, thick opulent towels, a tray of beautiful soaps and some lush, green plants. Invest in a new shower curtain or laundry hamper, and maybe a sleek, modern towel rail. Clean clean clean Cleaning is a mandatory part of selling your home: have carpets, rugs and upholstery commercially cleaned and sanitised, clean drapes and blinds to look like new, polish glass and furniture, wash down all surfaces and fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, clean all light fittings, wash windows inside and out, deodorise your home to eliminate any odours from pets, cooking or smoke. Outdoor spaces Even a small patio, deck or terrace can be enhanced with a café table and chairs. Add some colourful accessories – placemats, candle lamps, pots and plants, and there you have an extra living area. If space is not limited, hang a hammock, string some outdoor lights, position a garden sculpture or create a water feature that buyers will love. Hire a handyman Squeaking doors, dripping taps, cracked tiles, broken fences, leaking toilets or appliances that don’t work are a turn-off for buyers. If you can’t repair or replace things yourself, then hire a handyman to make sure everything in your home works as it should. Finish it first Buyers want to see a finished home, not one that’s still being fixed! So finish everything before you list your home for sale, then launch it onto the market when it looks its absolute best – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!