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THE NEWEST Edinburgh school

was officially opened by the

Minister for Higher and Further

Education and Science, Shirley-

Anne Somerville.

The opening ceremony included

the school’s pipe band, the rock

band and the whole school sang

the school song.


Photo Credit: Greg Macvean

Thousands took part in PROCESSIONS 2018 - Pg 12

Pop Up Bob, keeping an eye on you - Pg 4

2 GENERAL NEWS The Edinburgh Reporter

Boroughmuir High School

now officially open

Cllr Cammy Day, Deputy Council Leader, Cllr Alison Dickie Vice-

Convener of Education, David Dempster Headteacher, Minister for

Higher and Further Education and Science Shirley-Anne Somerville and

Council Leader Adam McVey

STAIRWAY TO Heaven played

at the opening was particularly

appropriate as there is a huge

staircase leading up to the atrium

where the entire school gathered.

The pupils have been in the new

school building since February

and some of them told me that

they are really enjoying the new

building which has a sports pitch

on the roof. Edinburgh Leisure are

standing ready to run the sports

facilities for the public during out

of school hours.

Council Leader Adam McVey

agreed with The Edinburgh

Reporter that this is the school of

the future. He said : “I think it is

when you look at the design and

the spaces which can be used for

a multitude of purposes. We have

just seen a massive space used

by every student and teacher the

school, all coming together in one


It is also a school built to tailor

the needs specifically of how this

school wants to operate and how

they are aspiring to give

Pupils filled the atrium at the new school for the opening ceremony

the young people who study here

the absolute best start in life so

they can reach their full potential.”

The next school to be built

in Edinburgh will be the new

secondary school in South

Queensferry which is starting

now. There will be increased

provision for swimming there

which is something that arose

during consultation. Cllr McVey

concluded : “We have worked

really hard to make sure that

that school emulates many of the

standards and successes that this

school has become.”

Deputy Council Leader Cammy

Day explained that the council

plans to build on the success of

this school for the next Wave 4

schools they hope to build across

the city. He said : “This is a great

day for Boroughmuir and a great

day for everyone in this building.

It’s your school, enjoy it!”

Headteacher David Dempster

welcomed all to the new school for

the official opening.

He said : “This is indeed a historic

day for the school and one it has to

be said we have waited quite a bit

of time for. However I am sure you

will agree that this has been worth

the wait. This great school has

long held a high profile position

in this great capital city and this

building can only enhance our


Pupils played all kinds of music during the opening


Awards for

new school

Boroughmuir High School was

designed by Allan Murray Architects

and has now won two awards.

The Edinburgh Architectural

Association named the school as

their building of the year, and the

new building won the RIAS Award

2018 and RIBA Award for Scotland


The Viewforth building will be

developed into residential units

by Cala who have bought the site

from the council at a reduced

minimum price of £11.7m, a

reduction of £3m on the original


The deal is still subject to

planning permission and the

builder has recently submitted

new revised plans.

AT THE official opening ceremony

at Boroughmuir High School, a

woman threw a bag of flour at the

Secretary of State for Scotland in


This was not at the recent

opening ceremony of the sparkly

new school on the side of the canal

with its rooftop sports pitch. Then,

the ceremony went off without

incident - and the plaque was

unveiled by a woman, Scottish

Government Minister, Shirley-

Anne Somerville.

There was a lovely ceremony

with rock and classical music,

speeches from the Minister, the

Council Leader and the Deputy

Leader, the headmaster David

Dempster and a rendition of the

school song sung by all pupils and


Dr Helen Coyle told us about the

1914 incident apparently involving

a suffragette.

According to newspaper reports

the former school building on

Boroughmuir FPs

THE SCHOOL has many notable

names among its alumni over the


These include:

Ronnie Browne of the Corries,

Dr Richard Henderson, a joint

recipient of the 2018 Nobel

prize for Chemistry who visited

recently, Tom Palmer England

rugby player, Dale Carrick, Willie

Duff and, Scott Robinson all Hearts

footballers, Sarah Smith, Journalist,

Annette Crosbie, Actor, Robin

M Hochstrasser, award winning

scientist, Lawrie Reilly and Jordan

Foste both Hibs footballers, Sir

Alex Trotman, CEO Ford Motor

Company, Neve Macintosh, Actor,

and Ian Murray, footballer.

Does your school have some

famous former pupils?

Then why not tell us about them?

Our contact details are below

The building has already won awards

Minister attacked

at school opening

Viewforth was opened on 19

January 1914 by the Secretary of

State for Scotland Mr McKinnon

Wood. During the ceremony he

was made to ‘look like a miller’ by

an unnamed woman who threw a

bag of flour at him shouting ‘You

are torturing women’.

The Manchester Guardian

reported that : ‘The bag burst over

the Chairman and covered his

clothes and Mr McKinnon Wood

was besprinkled’.

The Courier and Argus explained

that Mr McKinnon Wood said : ‘I

see you are generous enough to

forgive my personal appearance.

Nothing would have been further

from my mind than to appear

before a fastidious Edinburgh

audience in this guise’.

The new school at Viewforth

cost £52,000 in 1914 providing

accommodation for 1230 pupils in

40 classrooms. The 2018 version

cost £35m and has capacity for

1200 pupils.

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@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter BUSINESS NEWS 3

Edinburgh Trams in Profit

Edinburgh Trams continue to improve figures


reported their financial results

with a pre-tax profit of £1.6m. The

figures show that the company's

income grew by 24% last year and

the total number of passenger

journeys was up by 19 per cent to

6.6 million.

This exceeds all original predictions

by The City of Edinburgh

Council which suggested the

tramway would return a profit of

£333,000 in 2017.

Lea Harrison, Edinburgh Trams’

Managing Director, commented:

“In 2016 we returned our first

operating profit a year ahead of

schedule and, in 2017, financial

performance has continued to

exceed expectations.

“The introduction of a new

timetable at the start of the year

played a major part in this success,

with a 23 per

cent increase in

services encouraging


people to take

the tram when

visiting the city

for business or


“We’ve also

worked hard to

reduce journey

times, with a

trip between


Airport and the

city centre taking less than 35


“Alongside these operational

improvements we’ve continued

our commitment to providing

the best possible service to our

customers, rolling out a series

of successful initiatives. These

include the introduction of a

contactless payment system and

running additional trams when

continue our efforts to further

improve the customer experience.”

George Lowder, Chief Executive

of Transport for Edinburgh, added :

“These are fantastic results for the

tram operator and help demonstrate

why the city’s tramway

plays a vital part in Edinburgh’s

integrated transport network.

2018 is already showing sound

performance and we look forward

to a positive political decision at

the end of the year around taking

trams to Newhaven.”

Transport Convener Councillor

Lesley Macinnes, Chair of

Transport for Edinburgh, said :

“Public transport is going from

strength to strength in Edinburgh

and these annual accounts

from both Edinburgh Trams and

Lothian Buses are evidence that

residents, commuters and visitors

continue to value the excellent

services both operators provide.

“As a Council, we’re absolutely

committed to promoting public

transport, alongside walking and

cycling, as a cost-effective, safe,

convenient and reliable way to get

from A to B in the city.

“We look forward to continuing

our productive partnership and

working relationship with both

companies as we work to deliver

a sustainable and truly integrated

public transport system for

Scotland’s Capital.”

Edinburgh is Airport

of the Year

Pictured Piper Conner Pratt pipes off the first flight from Edinburgh to

China | Photo Credit: Ian Georgeson

the city hosts major events.


Airport of the Year at the Scottish

Transport Awards . It is the

busiest in Scotland with over 13.4

million passengers last year - up

8.6% on 2016.

34 new routes were added to

and this award is for all of them as

they make the airport what it is,

but it’s also for those passengers

who choose to fly from us and take

advantage of the fantastic routes

and links that we have.

“We’ve just had our busiest ever

“This passenger-focused

the destinations board, including year, and the busiest one ever

approach has seen Edinburgh

Trams named as Operator of the

Year at the prestigious Global

Light Rail Awards and receive

numerous accolades for excellence


Edinburgh Airport CEO, Gordon

Dewar, said: ”This is a fantastic

achievement and one which is

thoroughly deserved given the

for a Scottish airport, and we’ve

continued that momentum into

2018 with more passenger growth,

more new routes and a terminal

expansion which will open this

in customer service.

amount of hard work and the level summer to provide improved

“We’re delighted at the support

we’ve received from the travelling

public, which is reflected in

these financial results, and we’ll

of commitment shown by our staff

every single day.

“There are so many people who

work behind the scenes and who

are the beating heart of the airport

facilities and increased capacity.

“We are going from strength to

strength and this reinforces our

position as Scotland’s busiest, and

I feel best, airport.”

Lothian is on the rise Business news

LOTHIAN which is the new

shorter name for the Capital’s bus

company has improved its performance

and profits at the same


The profit has risen from £6.8m

up from £6.6m last year. The 2017

annual report also highlights a

4.1% increase in turnover from

£146.9m in 2016 to £152.9m in 2017.

Jim McFarlane, Chair of Lothian,

said: “I’m really pleased that our

accounts demonstrate that we

continue to buck the national trend

experienced by much of the bus

industry by increasing customers,

revenues and investment while

maintaining profitability and our

ability to provide a dividend to our

local authority shareholders.

“Having a strong and embedded

strategy, coupled with the

outstanding performance, dedication

and ongoing commitment of

Two Lothian buses outside the zoo

our management

team and staff at

all levels allows

our business

model to serve

the City of

Edinburgh and

the surrounding

Lothian councils

with innovative


bus services.”

“We continue

to grow and

expand, creating

new jobs and

opportunities by focusing on highquality


coupled with

strong delivery by

our teams, whilst

increasing the

levels of transport

provision for our


Richard Hall,

M a n a g i n g

Director of

Lothian, added:

“Lothian contributes massively to

both the local and wider Scottish

economies, whether that be

through employment opportunities

or our supply chain. It is

now critical that we future-proof

our business by investing in new

opportunities and markets as well

as improving the profile of our

fleet and assets.”

“Significant investment in new

buses to enhance the customer

experience and meet emissions

targets is a key critical path. Such

investment, growth and expansion

creates new jobs whilst increasing

levels of transport provision and

improving the overall customer


“Partnership working is vital to

the future success of our operations

and we need to continue

to work closely with the City

of Edinburgh and surrounding

Lothian councils to ensure that our

buses are able to move efficiently

around the city and its environs

which in turn allows us to deliver

a high level

of service

for all of our


“Buses are

the solution,

both now and

in the future

to combat

rising congestion




The company invested £26.2m,

buying 86 new passenger vehicles,

adding around 10% to the size of

its total fleet.

Over the last 10 years, the

company has generated revenues

of over £1.3 billion, and returned

a dividend of £40.8 million to the

council. During this period it also

carried over 1.1 billion passengers.

in brief

A Class 365 train at Eastfield

Depot, Glasgow | Photo Credit:

ScotRail Alliance

THE INAUGURAL flight from

Beijing arrived in Edinburgh in

June. This is regarded as a coup

for Edinburgh Airport who are

delighted that Hainan Airlines has

decided to choose Edinburgh as

one of the hubs. The hope is that

the flight will add to the £26.5m

tourism spend from this valuable

market and allow any produce to

and from China to have a longer

shelf life.

Scotrail have introduced new ten

electric trains which they have

hired to increase capacity on the

main Edinburgh to Glasgow line

until their new Hitachi Class 385

electric trains are ready. They

expect them to be delivered in a

few months time.

Edinburgh is the best place for

tech companies looking to grow,

access funding and do business

in, according to TheTech Nation

2018 Report sponsored by property

firm JLL. But they said that one of

the main challenges to business

is room to grow. Craig Watson,

director within JLL’s office agency

team in Scotland, said “Edinburgh

is clearly a great place to be for

tech firms and very popular for

millennials to move to. Aside from

opportunities for growth, access

to finance and getting down to

business, there is also real value

when it comes to the annual cost

of running an office, especially

when compared with other cities

like Bristol or Birmingham.

“The key issue for Edinburgh is

building new Grade A office stock,

and refurbishing existing stock

quickly enough to meet this rapid

growth. The future is certainly

bright for Edinburgh as it transitions

from a hub of finance, to one

which also packs a mighty punch

when it comes to producing some

of the world’s most productive and

profitable tech employers.”

House of Fraser is to close the

former Binns’ store at the West

End after agreeing terms with its

creditors. 127 jobs could be lost

there, but the store was already on

the market for sale.

4 COUNCIL NEWS The Edinburgh Reporter


Sign up Now

For garden waste collection

IF YOU ARE a vehicle driver in

the West End of Edinburgh then

watch out for Pop Up Bob.

There is a pop-up Bob in

Eglinton Crescent in the West

End where we stopped to have a

look. At first local residents told

us it was a council initiative, but it

seems to be something employed

by Police Scotland.

Superintendent Mark Rennie

of Edinburgh’s Police Division

said: “Alongside high-visibility

patrols and safety

cameras, the ‘pop-up

Bob’ prop is used in

areas to help deter

speeding and is a visual

reminder to drivers to

make sure that they

drive in a responsible


“The cut out of a

police officer

holding a

speed gun,

which is

not used

in place of



can be

deployed to

areas where

speeding has been reported as an


“Road safety is important to

those who live and work in the

city and as such is a divisional

priority that we are committed to

tackling along with our partners.”

There may be other pop-ups

elsewhere in Scotland too so keep

your eyes open and let us know if

you spot any others.

Wherever you stand he has his eye on you!

Edinburgh is now a 20 mph city.

The final phase of the new speed

limits across the capital came

into effect on 5 March 2018.

Council Leader Adam McVey

the council leader told The

Edinburgh Reporter that as part

of the agreement the the council

has with Police Scotland, drivers

have been charged with speeding

in all areas of the city including

20mph zones. But the overwhelming

message from Cllr McVey at

a recent SPOKES meeting

was that peer encouragement

will in the long run

work better than enforcement.

He suggested that it will

take a change in culture to

stop everyone speeding in

the city.

Professor David

Begg, a former




who spoke

at the

s a m e

e v e n t



for introducing

the lower speed limit, but had a

rather more radical solution. He

said : "In my day it was speed

bumps that were introduced. But

the solution is that drivers should

not control the speed of their

vehicles. The answer is autonomous


Whatever the solution, we quite

like Bob, and would love to have

him on our street!

Saughton Park Restoration making progress

Cllr Cathy Fullerton, Cllr Karen Doran Vice-Convener of Transport and

Environment, Pete McDougall Project Development Officer and Linda

Anglin, Project Manager at Saughton Park


brown bin collection.

In this year’s

Council Budget, it

was agreed that a

charge of £25 per year

would be levied on

any household which

requires garden waste

collected. The brown

bin service will be

increased from three

weekly to fortnightly.

Now it is time to

register for the service i f

you need to, as the new arrangements

will start in October.

You will receive a letter with full

details of how to sign up for the

service until 22 July. You can do

so either online or at one of the

five local council offices.

This move will save the council

around £1.3 million a year.

Transport and Environment

Convener, Councillor Lesley

Macinnes, said: “We’ve been

working hard behind the scenes

to ensure changes to the service

are made as smoothly as possible.

“Beginning the process now will

THE COUNCIL’S £6.7 million restoration

project at Saughton Park is

making good progress, but it will

not open to the public till August

with some parts only due to be

completed at the end of the year.

The plan is to refurbish the

Winter Garden, build a new café,

replant some of the floral beds,

provide new garden furniture

and also to renovate the fabulous

bandstand. Now thousands of

roses and shrubs have been

planted and when we visited

work was progressing on the 110

year-old bandstand.

Councillor Karen Doran told us

how pleased she was to see the

give plenty of time for

residents to sign up

and for us to create

new collection routes and


“We’ll be keeping

residents fully informed

about how this will affect

them, and will be writing

to households as well as

running an awareness

campaign with details on

registration and how the

service will work.

“By introducing this charge

we will be able to increase collections

from once every three weeks

to once every two weeks, while

also saving the Council around

£1.3m every year, enabling us to

continue to deliver a whole range

of essential services to residents.”

You can sign up for the service,

until 22 July, during which time

additional web capacity and

contact centre resources will be

put in place to manage demand,

as well as an awareness campaign

to highlight changes.

Following 22 July, there will be

a period when people will not be

work progressing. She said : “What

a great resource this will be, and

yes even these days we still really

need bandstands. There is over £7

million being spent on this project

with grants and funding support

from a variety of organisations

and in my view it is well worth

every penny.

“There is going to be an Italian

garden, a café and a community

area, and various groups are

working in Saughton at the

moment helping to develop the

place for the community.”

Pete McDougall is the Council’s

Project Development Officer at

Saughton Park. He is in charge

able to register while re-routing

is carried out. Registration will

reopen at intervals throughout the

year though households will have

to pay the full amount for the year

ending October 2019. People who

receive Council Tax Reduction

(formerly called Council Tax

Benefit) will continue to receive

the brown bin collections for free,

but they will still need to register.

Anyone who chooses not to

receive the new garden waste

collection service is encouraged

to continue to recycle as much as

possible by using a compost bin or

one of the city’s household waste

recycling centres.

Unwanted brown bins can also

be taken to recycling centres or it

can be arranged for the Council to

collect them in October. Further

advice on composting is available


Further information can be

found on the Council website,

including a series of FAQs, which

will be updated in the lead-up

to the introduction of the new

service with any additional

questions from the public.

Council plans more

vehicle-free days

FOLLOWING AN experiment

on Clean Air Day when city

centre streets were closed to

traffic,Transport Convener Lesley

Macinnes said there might be

more regular, vehicle-free days in

the capital’s city centre.

Not everyone thought it a

good thing. Some bus passengers

complained at delays to bus

services on streets nearby.

This policy aligns with the

council’s aim of giving more space

to pedestrians and active travel.

During a speech at the Edinburgh

Summer Summit Cllr Macinnes

said she wants to improve the air

quality which will improve public


She said : “Our ambition is

to work toward implementing

regular vehicle-free occasions in

Edinburgh’s centre which reflect

this aspiration. We will work with

residential and business communities

and elected members to

ensure that it is planned and

undertaken in a collaborative

manner. This can be a wonderful

opportunity for people to enjoy

parts of Edinburgh in a different

way to our current expectations

and to see the benefits of a more

people-oriented city.”

The announcement forms part

of the Central Edinburgh Transformation

project, the council’s

ambition to return space to pedestrians,

encouraging active travel.

of the day to day and enjoys this

‘hugely’. He told The Edinburgh

Reporter : “I have worked here

for four years. I was employed to

help deliver the project and I think

I have the best job in the world. I

love it.

“This is an exciting phase at the

moment. We are now well through

the construction phase and there

are lots of changes happening

which, until now, only existed in

two dimensions on paper. What

really excites me about this is

what the park will do for people.

It will bring people into the park

where we have an exciting range

of activities planned.”

@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter LOCAL NEWS 5

Underbelly’s Hogmanay a hit

Makeover at

Waverley Mall

Princes Street from the west

Midnight Moment


appointed in March 2017 to

run Edinburgh’s Christmas and

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay for the

council. Now they have reported

details on the 2017/18 event and

more importantly, the numbers.

It was Unique Events under the

leadership of Pete Irvine who

put Edinburgh on the map at

Hogmanay. Now there are images

sent worldwide of our processions

and fireworks displays.

At the 2017-18 Christmas event

ticket sales rose by 9.1% on the

previous year. The organisers

counted almost 1 million people

in St Andrew Square, 1.3 million

in George Street and 3.4 million

people across all of the Christmas


The payment which Underbelly

must hand over to the council

for Edinburgh’s Christmas is

commercially sensitive, but the

council confirmed that the sum

due has been paid in full. For

Hogmanay the council confirmed

that the subsidy they paid was

within budget.

At Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 40,000

people took part in the Torchlight

Procession and 75,000 people at

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2018 | All Photos by Martin P McAdam

the Concert in the Gardens with

an estimated 100,000 watching the


Charlie Wood and Ed Bartlam,

directors of Underbelly and

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay said :

“In conceiving our inaugural

programme for Edinburgh’s

Hogmanay we wanted to honour

and build on the first 24 years of

this amazing winter festival to

ensure that the event continues

to re-invent itself; to capture

the world’s imagination; and to

entrench Edinburgh’s position as

the home of Hogmanay.”

There were other events like

#Scotword to mark the beginning

of the Year of Young People,

Message from the Skies which

lasted till 25 January and music

Human League’s Philip Oakey

from Niteworks, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

and the Human League.

A survey conducted found that

Hogmanay was the main reason

why those attendees asked came

to Edinburgh.

The study also claims the

economic impact of Hogmanay

is £39.2 million. 2813 people were

directly employed on Edinburgh’s

Hogmanay staff and all were paid

the National Living Wage with no

zero hours contracts used.

The council have now set out a

clear Code of Practice regarding

volunteers at festivals. This was

demanded in response to criticism

of the practice of using volunteers

when there is a commercial

contract involved.

Charlie Wood and Ed Bartlam

continued : “We’re delighted by

the increased economic impact

of the event on Edinburgh and

Scotland; to be an event that both

encourages people to visit and

creates employment in the city; to

have people from 80 countries buy

tickets for the event but also see a

strong local audience that engages

and participates. And we’re very

proud of the volunteering opportunities

that we created with the

Hogmanay Ambassador scheme

and pleased to see an event that

directly employs so many people.

“We are very grateful to all our

sponsors and partners including

the Edinburgh Festivals Tourism

Innovation Fund, Edinburgh

Airport, Carlsberg and Edinburgh

Gin; and to Edinburgh Trams and

Lothian Buses who once again

provided free transport home

at the end of the 31 December

celebration. Also a massive thank

you to all the people on the ground

who made the events happen on

the days and nights, especially

City of Edinburgh Council, Police

Scotland, Scottish Ambulance

Service and Scottish Fire and

Rescue Service.

“Tickets for Edinburgh’s

Hogmanay 19 are already on sale,

with 10,000 Street Party tickets

available at a discounted rate

for Edinburgh residents. We will

announce the full programme in

September this year and hope

to show that we are building on

what we achieved in our first year

to make Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

an even bigger and better worldleading


WAVERLEY Mall is now in

the hands of asset manager

Moorgarth who say they will make

this the natural place to meet in


They want to develop the roof

to become a market-style piazza

and will create a new entrance

on Princes Street and Waverley

Bridge to allow full disabled

access. They also want to

improve circulation at the top of

Waverley Steps which is always

so congested, and they will double

the width of the pavement leading

towards the Scott Monument.

They already have permission

to widen the entrances at

Waverley Steps and there will be

some internal work carried out to

revive the shopping mall. We have

also been told that there will be

some tartan deckchairs arriving

there on the roof any day now

with pop-ups during the summer

before the work commences.

6 LOCAL NEWS The Edinburgh Reporter

Speaking with Sorcha Carey

SORCHA CAREY is Director of

Edinburgh Art Festival and when

we met she only had two chairs

in her new meeting room at the

French Consulate. All the other

furniture and the contents of their

old office was about to be delivered

the next day, but she assured me

they will definitely be in the swing

of it by the time the festival starts

at the end of July.

The EAF this year features

around 50 exhibitions across 30 or

Sorcha Carey, Director of Edinburgh Art Festival

more venues. There is something

happening every day of the week,

with a great programme for

children and young people.

In this new space an information

kiosk will be set up in the

foyer which opens onto Parliament

Square. It has been popping

up in the last few years to offer

information about this largely free

festival which has venues across


Carey is excited about the move

as she thinks that being there puts

the EAF at the ‘heart of Festival


This is perhaps one of the

smallest teams at any festival

in the city, with a small core of

three full time and one part-time

members of staff collating and

curating work by artists both well

known and just beginning their


It is supplemented by around

five more during the festival but

crucially is manned by a large

team of volunteers. They give

information on the programme

and are a ‘critical interface’.

The new code introduced by the

council to govern the use of volunteers

in any of the city’s festivals

is not a huge concern to the EAF

who already adhere to the principles

of it.

Sorcha said that many of the

volunteers come back each year

which is the best verdict on the

experience that they enjoy during

the festival.

You will be able to get information

at the kiosk from the volunteers

and also pick up written materials

about the various things to go and

see. And importantly you can buy

the EAF bag (rather good quality it

is too).

The work to be shown at the

French Consulate is a new

commission in a special project

space there.

It is part of the COMMISSIONS


Sorcha explained that you might

start at The French Consulate

to see the work by Adam Lewis

Jacob. Jacob is a Glasgow based

artist and his work was shown

at Collective last year in a one

person presentation. He studied

in Bournemouth, Los Angeles

and then at Glasgow School of

Art. “Then you would go out onto

George IV Bridge and walk along

to the former Fire Museum on

Lauriston Place. There you would

encounter an extraordinary sound

installation by an Indian artist,

Shilpa Gupta. You might then nip

down through the Grassmarket

and up the steep steps to pop

in to Johnston Terrace which

we opened up last year with the

wonderful Palm House by Bobby

Niven. We are reopening that

very secret Geddes garden on

the Patrick Geddes steps for the

festival this year.

“Here you will find a whole range

of free activity but also magic

performances which have been

devised by the artist Ruth Ewan

in collaboration with magicians

here in Edinburgh and elsewhere

in the UK. They will be popping

up across the city as part of the

Commissions programme.

”This started with a magician

from London called Ian Saville

who describes himself as a

Marxist magician. He aims to

make capitalism disappear,

using his magic to talk about his

personal convictions.

“One of the things about EAF is

that it introduces people to art in

all its possible forms.”

There is the familiar and the

unfamiliar with a sound installation

by Shilpa Gupta which

Sorcha describes as a ‘technical

feat’. There is poetry involved in

that all about freedom of speech

and expression, asking all of us

to engage with words that others

have tried to suppress.

Sorcha continues : “Walking

into the former fire museum on

Lauriston - that amazing old fire

station - you will hear voices

speaking poetry in English and

original languages from all over

the world. A voice will speak

an extract of poetry and then a

chorus of 99 voices will repeat that

extract. This has been recorded

and the artist has edited it into a

sound experience. It will have a

real spatial quality to it. The sound

will move through time and the


“To attempt to realise this installation

is a huge challenge."

For the rest of the journey read

more online at:

@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter GENERAL NEWS 7

Ross Fountain Top 10 Facts

1. The renovation started in July

2017 and has cost £1.9million

2. The statue on the top is in

nine pieces and weighs two


3.Water has not flowed through

the fountain since 2010

4. The Ross Fountain is

probably the largest and most

ornate cast iron water fountain

in the UK.

5. Each of the four bows in

the main Quatrefoil weighs two


6. Combined the bowls have the

capacity to hold 12 cubic metres

of water. As this bowl has water

spouting from the golden masks

adorning the outer wall the water

never reaches capacity. Approximately

6 cubic metres is held

when the fountain is running.

7. Each of the muses is made up

of three to six pieces and weigh

between 1.5 and two tonnes

8. The renovation of the Ross

Fountain was commissioned

by the Ross Development

Trust in partnership with City

of Edinburgh Council. It is

supported by Edinburgh World


9. Edinburgh World Heritage is

a charity. It has provided a significant

grant towards the removal,

repair, restoration and reinstatement

of the Ross Fountain.

10. The Ross Development

Trust’s project to restore the Ross

Fountain is part of their wider

ambition to regenerate West

Princes Street Gardens.

Royal Mile Primary

book swap library

Former Lord Provost dies

THE MAN who was elected The

Rt Honourable Lord Provost of the

City of Edinburgh in 2007 and who

served as the city's first citizen

until 2012, died in early June.

George Grubb was the Liberal

Democrat councillor for Almond

Ward which includes South


Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

for Edinburgh Western

tweeted : “Former Lord

Provost George Grubb

quietly slipped away

from us on Saturday

night. He served

Queensferry with love

and community spirit

both as a Minister and a

Lib Dem Councillor.

He was my

mentor and

my friend.

The Ferry,

and the City

are all the



for his


Born in

Edinburgh in 1935

he attended James Gillespie's and

the Royal High School. He was

ordained as a minister in 1962 and

then became parish minister at

Craigsbank Church from 1971.

George Grubb studied at

Edinburgh University, the Open

University and the San Francisco

Theological Seminary.

He married Liz in 1960 and they

had two children Rhoderick and


The Rt Honourable Lord Provost,

Frank Ross said: "I only met my

predecessor George a few times,

but I recall the politeness of a kind

and thoughtful man who had a

great amount of wisdom about

civic life, having served

many years in the Royal

Air Force in his youth, and

a great many more as a

Parish Minister.

“A true gentleman,

George was the first

Liberal Democrat to

become Lord Provost

of Edinburgh. He

was a local





he lived

with his

wife Liz.

The two

Former Lord Provost George Grubb became

very close

to a great number of people in

the area. On behalf of everyone

in the city he represented for so

long, I wish to pass on my sincere

condolences to Liz and the rest

of the family. He will be missed

by and remembered fondly by all

who knew him.”

Citibank’s community charity group helped convert the police box into a library

THE ROYAL MILE Primary School

worked with the community

charity group at Citibank to

convert the Police Box in the

school playground into a Book

Swap Library for children and


The volunteers cleaned and

painted the box in blue. They

renovated the inside and installed


They are holding a book drive

for children and adults books.

The idea is to promote recycling,

promote reading and all its

benefits for mental health and

learning which will also involve

parents. Citibank are also funding

meals for schoolchildren during

the summer holidays.

The official opening at Royal Mile Primary School

8 LOCAL NEWS The Edinburgh Reporter

Get holiday ready with

Chamomile Sanctuary

THERE ALWAYS seems so much to

do to get ready for holidays – don’t

forget your own beauty regime!

Everything from waxing and spray

tan to manicure and pedicure all

make us feel lighter and help set

the holiday mood.

Chamomile Sanctuary at

Edinburgh’s West End offers

a range of holiday packages

including Holiday Essentials –

2hrs 15 mins; £85 - ensuring that

you are bikini ready! The package

includes Shellac Mini Mani and

Pedicure together with exfoliation

ahead of a Spray Tan.

The award-winning spa boasts

an iconic state of the art Nail

Room where you will be looked

after by one of Chamomile’s team

of experienced therapists. Here,

the hardest decision you will have

to make is which of the vast array

of gorgeous colours to choose!

One top tip, book your appointment

in good time. Call the spa

reception on 0131 220 1000.

Drawing behind the

gates with the

Edinburgh Sketcher

Edinburgh Sketcher is running a workshop at Holyrood Palace

Talking isolation

with Legion Scotland

LEGION SCOTLAND, the charity

trying to tackle isolation and

loneliness among the Armed

Forces community, has launched a

recruitment drive for its Veterans

Community Support Service. This

was launched last year, and the

charity is asking people to spare

a few hours in order to improve

support for veterans and their

families in the community.

Kevin Gray MM, Chief Executive

Officer of Legion Scotland, said:

“We have experienced a huge

increase in demand for our unique

service since it was launched

in July 2017. In this time, we

have helped nearly 300 veterans

get back on their feet and feel

confident with their surroundings,

and this is all down to our

fabulous volunteers who give their

time freely to help others. There is

more to be done and we need your

help to do more for those who

have served the nation.

“The ethos of military life and

the importance of comradeship

that is achieved through that bond

of friendship found during service

can never be underestimated. It’s

hard to imagine that any veteran

could be suffering from isolation

and loneliness and struggle to

settle into a community – but

it happens, and it’s a genuine

problem that is increasing. We

must tackle it now, but we need

your free time. It only takes an

hour or two a week to make a

difference to someone’s life.”

The incredible value of the

service was highlighted when a

veteran that was struggling badly

with loneliness was referred

earlier this year. He was visibly

distressed and spoke of desperation

and isolation. The veteran

explained that he only had the

birds that he feeds in his garden as

company and that he’d seen very

few people between Christmas

and spring.

Legion Scotland took the initiative

and followed up to put his

mind at ease. Recently, the

90-year-old Royal Horse Artillery

veteran spoke positively, and

loneliness was not discussed. He

talked about the difference in his

life since his new Legion Scotland

volunteer started visiting. He said

he looks forward to her visits and

that they always have plenty to

talk about.

For more information on volunteering

with the service, which

runs in tandem with the Unforgotten

Forces project, please email,

or call the support team on 0131

550 1560.

Chamomile Sanctuary at the West End



SAVE LEITH Walk appears to have

some political backing. Campaigners

went to the City Chambers

to discuss the application with

Council Leader Adam McVey and

other local councillors recently.

They also have backing from

Edinburgh Band, Young Fathers,

and there is to be a fundraiser on 1

July at Leith Depot when Stephen

McLaren Errant Boy will play in

the afternoon from 2.00pm. More

information on their Facebook


The City Observatory is progressing

on Calton Hill. It will become a

contemporary art gallery.

The former Sick Kids might

become a 323 unit student

building with some commercial

and community space according

to the recent planning application


315 new homes will be built at

Gilmerton Station Road South by

Barratt and 293 by Persimmon.

Plans for the new 263 room

Moxy Hotel in Fountainbridge

have been approved. Includes

office and retail too. And an online

consultation has opened about

the Ross Bandstand with the first

drop-in session set to take place

on Wednesday 18 July (2pm-7pm)

at the Assembly Rooms on George


MARK KIRKHAM is better known

as the Edinburgh Sketcher,

capturing buildings across the

city and sharing them widely. He

will lead an afternoon sketching

workshop, capturing the spirit of

the city, inspired by Canaletto.

BANANARAMA are the ultimate

female 80s group and now we

have the chance for you to win one

of three pairs of tickets to their

concert at Edinburgh Castle on 20

July 2018.

This will be their first ever

outdoor gig.

To win one pair of tickets for

the Bananarama concert on 20

July 2018 at Edinburgh Castle

please answer the question in our

competition here by 12 noon on 13

July 2018.

This workshop involves walking

and takes place in The Queen's

Gallery, the Palace grounds and in

Edinburgh's Old Town. Materials

are provided.

More details on


@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter NEWS 9

Bute House Taking the tram to


Bute House, the official residence of the First Minister | Photo Credit

Martin P McAdam

BEFORE THE Edinburgh International

Book Festival takes over

Charlotte Square for the month of

August, stop a while and have a

look at the building on the north

side of the square. This the First

Minister’s official residence.

Work to restore and repair

18th century Bute House was

completed a couple of months

ago and it is now available again

both to the First Minister and the

Scottish Government.

The house is used by the First

Minister when she is in Edinburgh

and it is used as a government

building for cabinet meetings.

Repairs were carried out to

the ornate plaster ceiling in the

drawing room and to strengthen

the floors above at a cost of


Stonemasons from Historic

Environment Scotland worked on

the external wall and the interior

wall at the stairwell to make

pockets for new steel beams.

Traditional skills were employed

in retaining the ornate plaster

decorations on the ceiling, cornice

and frieze.

While the work was carried on

the chandelier had to be removed

and the opportunity was taken to

rewire it and clean it. All of the

bathrooms in the building were

replaced and modernised at a cost

of around £96,000.

It was first discovered in

October last year that immediate

work would be required to fix the

ceiling. In terms of the lease from

National Trust for Scotland the

government is responsible for all

repairs and maintenance.

The First Minister was put up

in accommodation nearby at a

cost of £19,220 which includes the

amount of rent (£11,008) paid for

Bute House over the period when

work was being carried out.

Fiona Hyslop, Culture Secretary,

said : “Designed by Robert Adam,

Bute House forms the centrepiece

of Charlotte Square and is one of

the finest architectural achievements

of Georgian Edinburgh.

“These necessary repairs and

refurbishments mean Bute House

can continue to be available

for official Scottish Government

business, as well as being

preserved as an important historical

and cultural asset for the


“My thanks go to Historic

Environment Scotland and the

skilled team of craftsmen and

women who were part of what was

a complex restoration project.”

WHEN THEY were elected last

year the two parties who now

run the council, SNP and Labour,

formed a coalition.

It took a little time before the

agreement could be signed, but

both the Council Leader and

Depute Council Leader said that

the terms were relatively easy to

identify. It was simply that the

General Election got in the way of

the agreement being formalised.

One of their jointly held aims is to

extend the tramline in Edinburgh

to Newhaven.

There are of course complications

with this. The first part of

the tram line was over time and

over budget, and it fell far short of

what it was supposed to be. At one

point the council voted in favour

of only building the tramline

from the Airport to Haymarket,

as the budget and the project had

become unmanageable.

So much so, that there is an

inquiry into what went wrong.

Closing submissions were made

to the inquiry before Lord Hardie

on 24 May 2018. His Lordship will

make his findings public on the

inquiry website. (All the evidence,

both written and oral, is already

online) There is no definite time

for the report to be produced but

the terms of reference are clear,

and it is hoped that his report will

be made public in the autumn.

From the council’s point of view it

might be helpful to their plans to

extend the line if the result of the

inquiry is made public.

The council has not stalled in

moving towards delivering the

tram extension or completion,

depending on how you look at it.

There is a definite desire to extend

the tramline to Newhaven, but it

has to be built on a robust business

case. They believe they have.

We asked if they felt that the

public view is more favourable

towards trams.

Councillor McVey said : “I had a

Leith Walk business at my surgery

just recently, and they were very

supportive of the tram extension,

accepting that it might not all

be smooth running if you’re a

business on Leith Walk. They

said they supported the tramline

extension and could understand

the reasons why we hope to do it.

“I think some of the evidence

shows that people particularly in

Leith are leaning towards it and

appreciate what it can bring for

the city. Those who live in Leith

will both benefit and also have

the disruption throughout any

construction. But people appear

to understand that to improve air

quality and public transport this

might be a good thing.”

Edinburgh Trams has just

reported some very positive

numbers. Does that help?

Councillor Day agreed that it did.

He said : “There is a 24% increase

and a 99% satisfaction with trams

shows us that this is what people

want. I accept there will be disruption

if we proceed with a major

infrastructure project like this, but

the end result is that it is hugely

successful. We will be pushing as

hard as we can to get the decision

to take the tram to Newhaven. I

hope that might also include Line

1B in time too, and extend it across

the city.”

Commitment 22 in the

Council’s Business Plan:

to deliver the tram extension to

Newhaven by 2022 after reviewing

the business case and delivery plan

to ensure they are robust.

News In Brief


Scotland has advised that there

were 2,060 more deaths and 539

fewer births registered in Scotland

between 1 January and 31 March

2018 than in the same period of


The publication, ‘Births, deaths

and other vital events, 2018 Q1’,

shows that the number of births

registered was 539 fewer than in

the same period of 2017 and the

lowest quarter one total since


At 17,771, the number of deaths

registered was 2,060 more than in

the same period last year. Between

2000-2005 the number of deaths

in the first quarter continued to

fall from 15,073 in 2008 to a recent

low of 13,959 in 2014. Since then,

numbers have been increasing

and 2018 has the highest first

quarter total since 1986.

10 POLITICIANS HAVE THEIR SAY The Edinburgh Reporter


By Jeremy Balfour MSP for


AS AN MSP, I have noticed an

increasing number of charities

coming to meet with me at Parliament,

in disarray and shock

as they have had their Lottery

funding lifeline cut. Since the

Big Lottery’s inception back in

2004, not only has it provided the

chance of winning a life-changing

amount of money for the odd

lucky individual, its proceeds

have funded wide ranging charity

and community projects across

the country, totalling £6 billion

to date. To these organisations,

Big Lottery funding has meant

the chance to change lives and

develop their programmes to

support many disadvantaged

communities and groups.


must be given to everyone

involved in the Save Our Schools

campaign. The community should

be hugely proud of their efforts in

securing the future of the four local

schools – Balerno Community

High School, Currie High School,

Woodlands Special School and the

Wester Hailes Education Centre

(WHEC). They have campaigned

every day, since the proposal was

first announced in December, and

made a very strong and successful

case for all four schools to remain.

I am delighted to see the

Committee accept the overwhelming

opinion of the communities,

however this is not the end.

This is, and has always been,

about ensuring that every young

person attending Balerno, Currie,

But the Big Lottery has become

a victim of its own success, and

many charities and groups have

been caught out, when their

reapplication for funding has been

turned down, even groups that

have received continued funding

for many years or from their initial


One such group I met with

are AMIS – Abused Men in

Scotland. This charity is unique

in providing a telephone helpline,

face to face support and a refuge

for men who find themselves

victims of domestic abuse in

Scotland. These men tend to be

the hidden victims in domestic

abuse cases. Women have a

much stronger support network

and voice, through Women’s Aid

and other large organisations, but

men are left without anywhere

to turn and often this can lead

to suicide, mental & physical

health problems, drug abuse and

self-harm. Police Scotland statistics

for 2016/17 show that 20% of

domestic abuse victims are men,

a much higher percentage than

I think most of us would realise.

Yet AMIS are faced with the heart

breaking decision of having to

close their doors permanently

by the end of July as they have

been turned down for Big Lottery

funding in their last application

round and cannot secure the funds

they need from other sources.

Having met with representatives

Save Our Schools

Campaign efforts

By Gordon Macdonald MSP for

Edinburgh Pentlands

Woodlands and Wester Hailes

have access to the best possible

education and opportunities. It

is completely possible that each

of these schools can be truly

comprehensive without losing the

campus in each community.

A particular focus as we move

ahead must be on making the

WHEC a more popular choice for

its catchment population and

rebuilding or refurbishing the

current site – which is at the

heart of the Wester Hailes and

Calders communities – so it can

act as a catalyst for regenerating

the wider community, as is

the council proposal for the new

Craigmillar High School.

Another part of attracting more

parents and students from its

catchment population will be

ensuring that the same breadth of

curriculum available to students

in Balerno and Currie, is available

to students at the WHEC. Schools

have already collaborated for

many years to ensure the widest

curriculum is available across

neighbouring schools - through

Neighbourhood Arrangements.

The community have done a

sterling job, campaigning, so far

- but now the focus must be on

making sure that there is major

investment in the school estate

and that all four schools are made

fit for the 21st century.

from Big Lottery, this situation is

unavoidable. Big Lottery’s pool

of money has remained constant

for many years now, whilst the

amount of applications they

have received have soared. In

2016/2017 alone, they fulfilled 1511

grants in Scotland totalling £75.8

million. And whilst they stress

they are keen to continue supporting

existing projects, this can’t be

at the expense of allowing new

ventures to begin and flourish.

Big Lottery acknowledge that

many charities become reliant on

the funding and build the grants

into their plans and visions, but

without the concrete guarantee

that their funding will be renewed.

And as more and more groups

apply for funding, and become

more skilled in submitting their

applications with the correct

information, the competition for

grants has never been tougher.

Some months, all applications

going in front of the Big Lottery

Commission are extremely

worthy recipients and if so, tough

decisions have to be made.

So if you are reading this as a

recipient of a Big Lottery fund

then take note. Your funding may

seem secure for now, but there

are no guarantees for the future.

Make the most of the funding

you are currently receiving and

start putting robust plans in place

to ensure a continued income

stream for the future.


Canabis laws

By Tommy Sheppard MP for

Edinburgh East

LAST MONTH I set out my stall

and started a conversation about

drugs. Since then the conversation

in one area has moved on significantly

– cannabis for medical

use. What we’ve seen is the power

of the media to force political

change. The harrowing stories

of Alfie Dingley, Billy Caldwell

and others have highlighted the

archaic nature of our drug laws.

So I welcome the Home Office

decision to review the scheduling

of marijuana for medical use. And

it’s a decision that has crossed the

political divide. Politicians from

every party want to see a change.

We all have examples from our

By Christine Jardine MP for

Edinburgh West

ON CLEAN AIR DAY 2018, Christine

launched a petition calling for

improvements in the air quality in

her constituency. She has tabled a

motion in parliament.

Research undertaken by Friends

of the Earth Scotland has shown

that St John’s Road which runs

through Murrayfield and Corstorphine

- was the second most

polluted street for nitrogen

dioxide in Scotland in 2017.

It is estimated that air pollution

is responsible for over 2500 early

deaths every year in Scotland and

costs the Scottish economy over

£1.1 billion annually.

THERE ARE innovative renewable

energy proposals the length and

breadth of these islands and

one was refused in the House

of Commons Last month (25th

June). The Swansea Bay Tidal

Lagoon Project was dismissed by

UK Government Ministers, in part

own constituencies where law

abiding citizens are having to

take huge risks simply to access

a drug that can significantly

improve their medical condition.

I cannot imagine, for example,

being a parent of a child with

epilepsy whose seizures might be

prevented by use of this drug and

being able to do nothing. Or risk

being prosecuted for getting their

hands on the right treatment.

The Minister spent a considerable

amount of time during his

statement reassuring people that

this review was purely about

The petition welcomes

Edinburgh City Council’s consultation

into establishing a Low

Emission Zone in the city, but

calls on the Council to ensure

that any future LEZ will cover

Corstorphine, Murrayfield and

Queensferry Road.

Speaking at the launch, Ms

Jardine said:”I’m delighted to be

launching our petition on Clean

Air Day 2018.

“Air pollution from traffic fumes

has a devastating impact on

health, especially on children

and people with existing health


“Setting up Low Emission Zones

in towns and cities can make a

real difference in reducing vehicle

emissions and improving the

health of people growing up in

polluted areas.

“Given that the west of Edinburgh

is centred on two of the most

polluted roads in the country, it

is obvious that any future Low

Emissions Zone needs to extend

beyond the city centre.

“I encourage as many people as

possible to sign our petition.

We must show the Council loud

and clear how important it is to

residents that our area is covered

by the LEZ, so that we can start

to take concrete steps towards

getting clean air for Corstorphine.”

Renewable energy

By Deidre Brock MP for Edinburgh

North and Leith

because other projects like wind

power are expected to provide

cheaper electricity.

An average strike price - a

guaranteed price for the electricity

generated - of £89.90 per

megawatt hour was what the

developers were after. Hinckley

C nuclear power station was

given the go-ahead by the same

Ministers with a strike price of

£92.50 MWh.

Given that a tidal lagoon is an

innovation and new technology

costs money to develop you would

expect it to be more expensive but

it turns out to be cheaper than the

nuclear plant that got the nod. The

UK Government seems to want to

save the planet one penny at a

time but it might be a better idea

to start investing in the schemes

that might actually contribute

towards stopping environmental

chaos. This was an opportunity


medical cannabis and certainly

wouldn’t be a step towards a

change in the law for recreational

use. Yet clearly that’s a debate we

do need to have. When even people

like William Hague are talking

about decriminalising cannabis

the tide has certainly shifted.

Are we really content that

our young people can end up

with a criminal record for using

cannabis? Is it really a priority for

our police service? Or is it time to

reconsider the legality of cannabis

more widely. The conversation


@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter FEATURES 11


THOUSANDS turned out for

PROCESSIONS 2018 in June

making their way in ribbons of

green, white and violet from The

Meadows to Holyrood Park.

This recreated a similar procession

in 1918 when some women

first got the vote.

Politicians of all parties attended

the event.

The procession as viewed from the Scott Monumentt

Thousands of women from all over Scotland took part

The banners had all been handmade

All photos: Martin P McAdam

12 FEATURES The Edinburgh Reporter

Five Telegrams

Melody Mummies

Five Telegrams will open this year’s 2018 Edinburgh International

Festival | Photo Credit: 59 Productions

15,000 FREE tickets for this year's

opening event are being released

on Monday 2 July 2018.

The Aberdeen Standard Investments

Opening Event - Five

Telegrams will be a sound and light

spectacular that we are becoming

accustomed to in Edinburgh. In his

first year Festival Director Fergus

Linehan brought us the light show

at Usher Hall and in the following

year on Castle Rock.

To mark the 70th anniversary

last year the light show moved

quite fabulously to St Andrew

Square and this year it will be

back at Usher Hall. The show will

include illuminations on a big

scale as before with projections

on to the facade of Usher Hall

accompanied by a new work for

Branding | Print | Web | Display

Like what you see?

Supporting Edinburgh’s

local newspaper

0131 202 1873

orchestra and chorus composed

by Edinburgh's Anna Meredith.

Hundreds of young people will

feature in the opening event

with live performance running

alongside the music and illuminations.

This year is one hundred

years since the end of World War

One and the event is a collaboration

between the EIF, 14-18 NOW

the UK's arts programme for the

centenary and for the very first

time, BBC Proms.

The way that this partnership

works is that the production on

3 August will also open the BBC

Proms on 13 July 2018 at the Albert

Hall in London. While the work

will be similar, we are assured

it will be quite different in both





MELODY MUMMIES was set up by

music teacher Lynnette Cruickshank

and women's fitness coach,

Elspeth Alexandra, in September


When Lynnette's daughter,

Korra, was just 9 months old she

went walking with Elspeth who

organised buggy walks in Leith.

By chance she mentioned that she

is a music teacher specialising in


Lynnette explained : "I had

always wanted to run my own

choir and Elspeth suggested

setting up a maternity choir. It

almost seemed like a throwaway

comment, but over the following

week or two, I began to realise that

this was an amazing idea! I told

Elspeth that I was going to do it

and she wanted to help me set it


"It was perfect, because I could

take Korra with me while I took

the choir and Elspeth could look

after Korra and help out with the

teas and coffees after we sang.

Now that Korra's at nursery, I run

the choir on my own and I love it."

The Edinburgh Reporter went

along to one of the Melody

Mummies sessions when they

were learning A Whole New World

and Feeling Good.

What struck me was that the

babies were spending quality time

with their mothers, away from

mobile phones and housework

and everyone was getting

something out of it. Even the baby

who simply fell asleep straight

away! Babies and toddlers were

there and mostly they were fairly

quiet during the rehearsal.

Lynnette continued : "The thing

that stood out to me when I was

a new mum was that there were

loads of groups and classes and

such for new babies, aimed at

them. This is fantastic, and I really

appreciate that, but there doesn't

seem to be much for the mums or

dads themselves.

"With Melody Mummies, the

focus is on having something fun

for mums to do that they can bring

their babies along with them. The

bonus is that babies love to hear

their mums sing. I thought that

having something for the mums

Melodie Mummies is a choir for mums with babies or toddlers

Lynnette Cruickshank

was so important, as it fosters a

sense of self as opposed to just

being 'mum,' and since I suffered

from post-natal depression, I

thought this was so important for


"Singing is also known to

help a lot with mental health,

not to mention the fact that it

is a fantastic way to socialise,

especially if you're a bit of an

introvert, and joining these groups

is daunting. If you don't want to

chat, then you can sing!

"I had originally wanted it to be

a parent choir, and I know shared

parental leave is becoming more

and more popular, but my worry

was that since men have such a

different voice type to women, if

Baby escaping!

only 1 or 2 men showed up, their

voices would be too obvious which

could make them feel somewhat


"My plan for the near future

is to start an evening choir for

mums as some of the mums only

left because they had to go back

to work, and some have told me

since how much they missed it.

"My plan for the not so near

future is to set up a Dad's choir

and perhaps even have them

sing together in shows, and also

a parent and child choir to foster

parent-child relationships. A

family that sings together, stays


Melody Mummies meets at

Leith St Andrews Church every

Wednesday at 1:30-3:00pm.

Scan above to hear the choir


@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter FEATURES 13

Rich Dyson Out of Africa

A petrified camelthorn acacia tree in Sossusvlei, Namibia


just returned from seven weeks in

Namibia. During his time in the

beautiful southern African desert

country he co-hosted a photography

tour of ten eager snappers,

keen to develop their camera

skills. With pink flamingos,

big cats and sand dunes higher

than Arthur’s Seat, Namibia is a

photographer’s paradise.

Back in Edinburgh, he’s busy

again running his Switch to

Manual workshop that helps

novice photographers get to

grips with their DSLR or bridge

cameras. He also has an array of

other workshops suitable for all


You can find out more at www.



Rip it Up

at the museum

A female cheetah in Okonjima Cheetah Reserve in Namibia


with us!

Social Media




Edinburgh Futures Institute

Image courtesy of Bennetts Associates

Alice Wyllie and Katie McAllister from National Museums Scotland

listen in to the soundtrack of Scotland at the opening of Rip It Up, The

Story of Scottish Pop, which runs until 25 November at the National

Museum of Scotland | Photo Credit: Neil Hanna


Scotland are about to open their

first major exhibition dedicated to

Scottish pop music.

Rip It Up shows the costumes,

memorabilia, instruments and

props provided by musicians

including The Proclaimers,

Shirley Manson, Lulu, Midge

Ure, Simple Minds, Annie Lennox,

Gerry Rafferty, Alex Harvey,

Texas, Franz Ferdinand, Young

Fathers, and more. Many of the

300 objects on display are being

lent to the exhibition by the artists

themselves and in many cases

have never before been on public


Some highlights included a

guitar painted for Gerry Rafferty

by fellow Paisley buddy, John

Byrne. It ranges across the ages

from punk and new wave to rock

and country. There will be an

audio-visual installation recreating

a live concert which you can

sit and watch.

Stephen Allen, Exhibition

Curator said: “Popular music is a

shared experience, and a really

important one in many people’s


“We want the exhibition to

capture people’s imagination and

allow them to reflect on their

own experiences of listening to

and enjoying music. Between the

objects, the AV and the music,

people will be able to learn more

about their favourite artists

and see their treasured objects

up close, but also to discover

music that is new to them in

a whistlestop tour of over six

decades of Scottish pop.”

A programme of musical events

will allow audiences to participate

in and experience Scottish

pop music first hand through live

performances, talks and discussions

hosted at the National

Museum of Scotland. Additionally,

associated programming is

included as part of the Southern

Exposure festival at Summerhall

and during the Edinburgh International

Festival as well as new

Edinburgh music walking tours.

BENNETTS Associates are the

architects who have designed the

new Edinburgh Futures Instiitute.

And behind Bennetts Associates

are the two founding partners,

Denise and Rab Bennetts.

Denise and Rab Bennetts of

Bennetts Associates outside the

Edinburgh Futures Institute

This major project is in safe

hands. These two studied at

Edinburgh University, Rab’s

mother still lives here and with

one of their three offices located

in in the capital there is a strong

connection to Edinburgh.

I visited the former Royal

Infirmary of Edinburgh to find out

what they are creating their for

the University. It turns out that

there will be a lot of modernisation

along with much deference

to the building’s former life and a

healthy respect for the building


Rab explained : “There will be

a new series of lecture spaces in

a new building. We are going to

put back the old windows on the

main frontage which were similar

on every floor. Some of them are

still there and some of them are

now missing but we will patch in

salvaged stone.

“The major issue with the

building is the great big flight of

steps right up to the front door

where the clock tower sits above.

We wanted to bring the main

entrance back into focus as the

centrepiece of the whole scheme.

Nearly everybody from Edinburgh

would know it from the A&E

entrance round the back as that

was where you could get a vehicle,

usually an ambulance, in.

“You can’t do that here because

of these steps. So what we’re

proposing is to bring in a new

square which rises up, a bit like

a ramp, so you can go up to the

top step without having to go

up the flight of steps. The steps

will survive in the middle but

the new square will make this

place a complete transformation

right from one side to another for

events on top where people gather

and then space underneath it as

well.“ Denise said : “It is important

that you see the building as it

progresses. I am Edinburgh born,

bred and educated so am well

aware that the old Royal Infirmary

is a building that like many people

in Edinburgh I have known since I

was a child. It is a case of knowing

the building well but also wanting

to come and see it as it is being

unpicked, as its later accretions

are removed to see that everything

is proceeding as we anticipated.”



The Edinburgh Reporter

Edinburgh International Jazz

and Blues Festival 2018

FROM 13 TO 22 July there will be

jazz all over the capital with music

legends and many newcomers too.

This festival celebrates the

300 years of music from New

Orleans with many Crescent city

musicians like the Soul Brass

Band, the all-female Shake ‘Em

Up Grammy award-swimming

trumpeter Kevin Harrold, Mud

Morganfield and some newer

names like Earl Thomas and Blind

Boy Paxton.

There will be musicians from

the Caribbean and Europe as well

as Scottish musicians such as

Seonaid Aitken with a 24 piece

string orchestra and The Scottish

Swing Orchestra with Evan Christopher.

Reflecting the Year of Young

People the 20 year-old bassist

Mark Hendry showcases Octet

and has been commissioned by

the Festival to write music for a

large ensemble of 23 musicians.

The jazz gala will feature Brian

Kellock, Tommy Smith and

Carol Kidd, and the blues gala

will feature Maggie Bell, Bernie

Marsden and Tim Elliott.

Jools Holland will feature along

with The Scottish National Jazz

Orchestra and the Average White

Band at the Festival Theatre,

and there is a new venue in the

Assembly Hall.

Councillor Donald Wilson,

Convener, Culture and Communities

Committee, City of Edinburgh

Council, said: “For 40 years,

Edinburgh’s Jazz & Blues Festival

has entertained audiences of all

ages with its vibrant showcase

of ragtime, Latin, big band and

jazz. With new venues in the city

centre and across communities,

this year’s Festival will bring live

music to Edinburgh’s intimate

corners and grand spaces in its

anniversary year. The programme

offers something for all ages

across a huge range of styles, from

established stars to an amazing

new wave of Scottish jazz

musicians for the Year of Young

People 2018.”

Jason Rust, Chair of EJBF

said “We are celebrating our

anniversary with a bang. A

stellar international line-up

with musicians converging on

Edinburgh from all over the


Keyon Harrold cover star

HAILED as the future of the

trumpet by Wynton Marsalis, and

one to watch by Rolling Stone,

Keyon Harrold is one of the world’s

most sought-after young trumpeters.

He makes his Scottish debut

on Saturday 14th July at George

Square Spiegeltent.

After a decade or so as the

Keyon Harrold

session and touring go-to for

some of the jazz and pop world’s

biggest names (Beyoncé, Gregory

Porter, Common), Keyon, finally

earned a quasi-star turn as the

voice of Miles Davis in last year’s

Don Cheadle-helmed biopic

Miles Ahead for which he won a

Grammy Award.

His emotionally-charged debut

album The Mugician - inspired by

the police shooting in his home

town of Ferguson, Missouri, is a

sonic blend of past, present and

future (Downbeat) and features

his crack young band in music that

can be sweeping and cinematic,

dense with contemporary beats,

and true to the jazz tradition?

Keyon said : “I want anything

I do to be singable. I don’t like to

purposefully go over somebody’s

head. A better term for myself

would be ‘social music activist.’ I

have a platform to say something

to people who may think they’re

on the right path who may

not realise that racism is still

a problem, injustice is still a


The haunting “Stay This

Way” takes the now-ubiquitous

marriage of hip-hop and jazz to

richly textured new heights, as

Bilal and Big K.R.I.T. join Harrold

over a beautiful refrain.

Tickets are available online at

and via Hub Tickets on 0131 473

2000, Festival Theatre on 0131 529

6000 or in person.

New Restaurant

for Port Edgar

A NEW restaurant and bar is being

created at Port Edgar Marina in

South Queensferry, offering you

another reason to get out of town.

The location is stunning with

three bridges as its backdrop,

Scotts will open later this summer

and owned by hospitality group

Buzzworks Holdings it will bring

qualities that the brand is now

known for to the new outlet.

The company is already well

known on the west coast in

Ayrshire and this is the first on the

east of the country.

There will be an extensive all-day

menu starting with breakfast or


Kenny Blair, Buzzworks Holdings

MD, said: “We were thrilled to pick

up the keys to our new venue and

begin bringing our vision for our

first Scotts in the East to life.

“We pride ourselves in creating

fabulous venues offering delicious

food, superb cocktails and

outstanding service and what we

are planning to create here at Port

Edger will certainly not disappoint.

“This is another great step

forward in our continued growth

strategy as we branch out from the

west of Scotland.

“The venue not only brings a new

dining experience to compliment

the area, but with over 75 jobs

being created, it’s an ideal opportunity

to work with a company

ranked within The Sunday Times

100 Best Companies to Work For.

“The restaurant will quickly take

shape and we look forward to

opening our doors in the coming


@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter WHAT’S ON 15

Edinburgh Art Festival

26 July – 26 August 2018

Edwin G. Lucas: An Individual Eye is on display at the City Art Centre


Programme supports Scottish and

international artists to develop

ambitious new projects as part

of the Festival. Aiming to bring

artists into conversation with the

city, the Commissions Programme

takes work out of formal gallery

settings and into public spaces,

often offering rare public access

to key buildings or sites, and

always engaging local residents

and international visitors alike

in citywide debates around wider

social issues.

Shilpa Gupta

For, in your tongue I cannot hide:

100 Jailed Poets

Venue: Engine House, The Fire

Station, Edinburgh College of Art,

76-78 Lauriston Place, Lauriston

Campus, EH3 9DE

This multi-channel sound

installation by internationally

renowned Indian artist, Shilpa

Gupta, gives voice to poets who

have been jailed through the

centuries. Bringing together

fragments from the work of 100

poets from around the world,

Gupta will offer a powerful reflection

on freedom of expression.

The installation will comprise

of 100 microphones suspended

above 100 metal rods, each

piercing a page inscribed with

a fragment of poetry. In turn, a

single microphone plays these

verses, echoed by a chorus of the

other 99. Lasting over an hour, the

sound piece alternates between

English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian,

Azeri and Hindi, amongst other

global languages. A chorus of

voices shift across the space,

forming an ongoing sequence of

haunting recitals.

Working across a wide range

of media, Gupta demonstrates a

deep engagement with the power

of language, the written word,

and the role of the individual vis

à vis those structures that seek

to define and control mobility,

whether of the body or the

imagination, through the use of

mechanisms such as censorship

or borderlines. This newest work

will draw directly on the work of

poets who over centuries have

found themselves in conflict with

political powers as a direct result

of their written ideas, highlighting

the fragility and vulnerability of

our right to freedom of expression


There will be an associated

performance taking place at the

Burns Monument.

Co-commissioned with YARAT

Contemporary Art Space, Baku.

Supported by the Scottish Government’s

Festivals Expo Fund and

EventScotland, part of VisitScotland’s

Events Directorate.

Ruth Ewan

Sympathetic Magick

Performances across the city

Sympathetic Magick is a new

project devised by artist Ruth

Ewan which will use the ancient

art of street performance to

bring magic onto the streets of


Based in Glasgow, Ewan has

created artworks as a direct

response to particular public

spaces, and her projects involve

a process of focused research and

close collaboration. This newest

work responds to the extraordinary

explosion of street theatre

in Edinburgh at festival time, and

is developed in collaboration with

magician Ian Saville, who has

worked with Marxist magic and

ventriloquism for over 30 years.

Ewan and Saville will work

with professional and amateur

magician collaborators to bring a

series of socially engaged magic

tricks to infiltrate the streets of

Edinburgh. Visitors can expect

to encounter magical experiences

such as ‘The Class Struggle

Rope Trick’ popping up as part of

the street performances around

West Parliament Square, or in

programmed performances in

spaces including Edinburgh’s

gardens, museums and pubs.

Ross Birrell & David Harding


Venue: Trinity Apse, Chalmers

Close, High St, EH1 1SS

During their 12-year collaboration,

artists Ross Birrell and David

Harding have continually explored

the thresholds between music and

politics, poetry and place, composition

and colour.

Their new project for Edinburgh

Art Festival will reflect on

themes of flight and dispossession,

through an installation in

the historic setting of Trinity

Apse. Framed by the high vaulted

arches of the former kirk will be

a film documenting the powerful

recital of Henryk Gorecki’s

1976 Symphony No. 3: Symphony

of Sorrowful Songs, initiated by

the artists for documenta 14 and

performed in the Megaron Concert

Hall, Athens by the Athens State

Orchestra, with the Syrian Expat

Philharmonic Orchestra, and

featuring Syrian soprano Rasha


Newly edited across three

channels, the film will sit at

the heart of a wider architectural

installation which directly

transposes musical notation

into a design of colour and light

resembling a shattered mosaic.

The installation will include two

versions of the score of Fugue

– a composition jointly evolved

between Ross Birrell and Syrian

composer/violinist Ali Moraly,

which provided a starting point

for the larger project reflecting on

the shared etymology of the words

‘Fugue’ and ‘refugee’.

Adam Lewis Jacob

No Easy Answers

Venue: Institut Français d’Écosse,

West Parliament Square, EH1 1RF

For the 2018 Festival, Adam

Lewis Jacob will present No

Easy Answers, an experimental

moving image installation

combining manipulated animations,

found material and

interviews between the artist and

his Nan, which are interrupted by

short narrative excursions. Using

the language of video advertising,

No Easy Answers takes as

its focus the contradictory nature

of the shopping centre as both a

‘nurturing space’ and ‘decaying

womb’, a contested political

arena representative of Britain’s

shift from industrial producer to

service provider.

The work takes J G Ballard’s

novel Kingdom Come, Brexit and

the increasing abstraction of

economics as starting points that

force a questioning of the role

these spaces play in the construction

of identity and political

opinion within late capitalism.

Platform: 2018

City Art Centre, 2 Market Street,


Platform: 2018: Selected from

an open call by artists Jonathan

Owen and Hanna Tuulikki, this

year the Festival’s dedicated

showcase for emerging talent will

feature work by four early career

female artists, continuing the

emphasis on work by women at

all stages of their artistic career at

the Festival this year.

Edwin G. Lucas: An Individual

Eye is part of this year’s EAF


16 WHAT’S ON The Edinburgh Reporter

Things to look out for

in August

What’s on at


YOU MAY need some time to get

ready for this!

In August Summerhall has a

full programme of Festival events

from dance to music, art to food

and drink.

Every Saturday in August

Rhythm Machine takes place in

The Dissection Room. Rhythm

Machine is a night of dance music

and performance art.

Each week DJs Yves, William

Francis + special guests play

dance music from around the

world – rooted in the international

new wave scene – as guest artists

create new work for the space;

approaching it as if creating

for a gallery while utilising and

responding to the unique context

of the nightclub space.

Every night is simultaneously

an opening and closing party for

each artist’s exhibition. Outside

of the festival, Rhythm Machine

exists at venues throughout

Edinburgh and Glasgow, serving

as a platform for young, forward

thinking contemporary artists

from across the country.

BOOK NOW! T 0131 560 1580

Make The

Scottish Arts

Club your


IN AUGUST, The Scottish Arts Club

becomes Festival Fringe Venue

310 and will also become the

ClubFest home to local, national

and international performers at

selected times each day.

Why not get your Edinburgh

Festivals off to a good start with a

Whisky & Salmon Tasting evening

on 3 August 2018 then follow up

with jazz, poetry, classical recitals,

cabaret, a Gin Tour of Scotland,

harp music or a touch of Arthur

Sullivan, during lunchtime or

evening performances.

The club will welcome Ron Davis’

SymphRONica jazz ensemble

from Canada.

International concert pianist

Elena Fischer-Dieskau, harpist

Phamie Gow will perform with

literary giant Professor David

Purdie, cabaret artiste Cat Loud,

sparkling fun and nonsense with

“Cox & Box” and poetry and music

from French pianist Alexandre

Prévert who will all take you on a

journey through time and history.

At the Museum of Childhood

Growing Up With Books

At the Museum of Childhood

until 9 December 2018

This promises to be a magical

journey through centuries of

children’s books. Perhaps the

most wonderful element of the

collection is the souvenirs and

messages which have been found

scribbled in margins and tucked

away into book pages by previous


For example, it isn’t known

where the previous owner of

Little Women picked the flowers

they kept inside it, or why they

kept the bus ticket that is tucked

beside them, but it is fascinating

to wonder what memories they

prompted. The oldest book in the

collection, Grammatica Philippi

Melanthonis which was written in

1554 carries the intriguing inscription

- “David Peirson est huius

codicis verus possessor” which

translates as “David Peirson is the

true owner of this book”.

Growing up with Books is also

accompanied by a great series of

events for all the family to compliment

the exhibition.

Councillor Donald Wilson, Culture

and Communities Convener, said:

“This display celebrates that one

childhood activity that never

gets old – the joy of a good book.

A love of reading is developed at

a young age and travels with you,

and these books have clearly been

treasured and on a few journeys!

“As the first exhibition to open

at the newly refurbished Museum

of Childhood, Growing Up With


ON 28 JULY 2018 the National

Museum of Flight once again

plays host to Scotland’s National

Airshow 2018 and tickets are

already flying out the door!

Back for 2018 are the Red Arrows,

the supersonic RAF Typhoon and

the Battle of Britain Memorial

Flight, featuring the Lancaster,

Hurricane and iconic Spitfire.

There will also be displays from

the MiG-15 fighter, a pair of de

Havilland Vampires, the fantastic

Fireflies aerobatic display team,

a Bristol Blenheim bomber, plus

more to be announced before the

big day.

Tickets at or 0300 123



Ceilidh Club

Tuesday 3rd July: Pentland

Ceilidh band at Summerhall, 8pm

Tuesday 10th July: Heeliegoleerie

at Summerhall, 8pm

Friday 13th July: Teannaich at

the Assembly Roxy, 7:30pm

Tuesday 17th July: The Sensational

Jimi Shandrix experience at

Summerhall, 8pm

Books is a great opportunity for

visitors to explore the new ground

floor space before enjoying a trip

through centuries of children’s

literature. I am particularly

pleased that from 1 June all of the

Council’s Museums and Galleries

will be open seven days a week,

which means everyone will be

able to enjoy the new space and

this exhibition all summer long.”

Your Favourite Book Character

Friday 6 July,

1pm - 4pm

Bring your favourite book to

the museum and Broons and Oor

Wullie artist Stephen White will

draw you a special portrait of your

favourite character. Free drop-in

no need to book.

Bookmark Beasts

Saturday 7 July,

10.30am - 12.30pm or 1.30pm -


Come along and make beautiful

bookmarks from cardboard and

wool to create fantastical beasts

and creatures to live in the pages

of your books. Decorate your

bookmarks with wool tails or firebreath!

With artist Katie Forrester.

Free drop-in no need to book.

Take up the challenge with

Edinburgh Leisure

WITH THE summer holidays upon

us you could set your child up for a

summer challenge by taking part

in Edinburgh Leisure’s Summer

Swim Passport.

Not only will your little one keep

active and try out new challenges,

but they could win a month’s free

swimming for the whole family.

The Edinburgh Leisure Summer

Swim Passport offers your child

the chance to try different waterbased

activities, all chosen from a

list provided.

Once the challenge is achieved,

the child gets their passport

signed by a member of staff. After

seven challenges or signatures

have been achieved, the passport

can be handed into any one of

Edinburgh Leisure’s centres,

where it will be entered into a

prize draw to win unlimited family

swimming for a month (terms and

conditions apply).

Any child feeling really energetic

Family Storytelling Sessions

Sunday 19 August,

1pm - 3pm and 3.30 - 4.30pm

Puppets and Prose

Inspired by the Growing with

Books exhibition, join storyteller

Julie Bannatyne to hear some

enchanting children’s prose

brought to life with puppetry and


Free drop in, no need to book.

Family Performance

Sunday 12 August,

1pm and 3pm

The Bureau of Untold Stories

In sock drawers, notebooks, and

the minds of people just like you,

are tales of significant importance,

waiting for discovery. The

inspired inspectors who uncover

these fables are members of an

elite unit known as the Bureau of

Untold Stories, and these are the

stories you’ve shared.

Unravel the hidden stories of

the audience with our inspectors

as they utilise live sound effects,

improvisation and their unconventional

storytelling skills to

immerse you into the excitement

of an old radio mystery.

Free event, but booking essential.

To book, Telephone: 0131 529 4142

can complete more than one

passport over the summer.

From simple things like going

for a swim to more challenging

suggestions like diving from a

board at the Royal Commonwealth

to doing a somersault in the

water, there’s plenty of activities

to choose from to keep the kids

amused. Cost of the activities will


The Summer Swim Passport

takes place from 30 June to 13

August. Some of the Edinburgh

Leisure pools may be closed for

a few weeks over the summer

so check first. (For example, the

Royal Commonwealth Pool will be

closed in the run-up and during

the European Championships

Glasgow 2018, where the diving

element will be taking place from

1-13 August.)

To find out more visit their

website at www.edinburghleisure.

@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter WHAT’S ON 17

Top 5 Bookshops in Edinburgh


EDINBURGH, Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

The streets are teeming with

hidden treasures that are as rich

as the ideas that made our city

known across the world.

For my money, it's always been

the myriad and eclectic conflation

of old and new bookshops in

the oddest of places which make

Edinburgh so special.

Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't

matter, there's more to browse

than you can dream of. If you

know where to look...

1. The National Library of


National Library of Scotland

George IV Bridge,


I'm cheating, but I won't be moved.

Situated on George Bridge, the

NLS is not only architecturally

stunning but home to the very

essence of literature in Scotland.

And it has a copy of most of it too.

Everything from its grand

entrance to its immaculate reading

rooms makes it a natural home

for the studious; often unfairly

ignoring its lovely cafe and wideranging

selection of Scottish titles

to buy. While not strictly speaking

a bookshop, it has a small Scottish

selection to buy from and we as

having a variety of events and


Whether you're in the mood for

a blether in nice surroundings

or have a project that needs a

thrashing with fantastic resources,

this is the place to go. It's easily

one of the most wonderfully regal

and welcoming atmospheres in

the city.

This maze is tucked around the

corner on West Port Street, and

for connoisseurs of non-fiction,

and history, in particular, it's the

Louvre of unexpected finds.

In many respects, going to

Edinburgh Books is about

as comprehensive a visit to

Edinburgh as any tour bus. It's

packed with layers of books upon

shelves upon piles of titles which

offer surprises at every turn. It’s

helped nicely along by being a

series of Penrose steps of four

bumpy rooms which you can take

days to saunter through. With its

impressive collection of titles,

beware the basement - it’s a one

way trip to a non-fiction section

you’ll inevitably be heaving bags

up from...

4. Till's Bookshop


1 Hope Park Crescent,


This is the student's Aladdin’s

den. What sets Till's apart is just

how much is jammed into such

a small space. It's also got the

precious novelty of pop culture

memorabilia and a burning hearth

next to wide-ranging classics for

those long winter nights.

It’s very Meadows-esque, and

the cosy smell of incense invites

you into the living room you never

knew you missed. You’re unlikely

to find a better range of used

fiction and classics titles that are

always ebbing and flowing, and

regular visits are recommended

for the fiction fans out there.

5. Blackwell's


53-62 South Bridge,


Kill me although you may, Waterstones

at the West End is not what

it once was. The closure of its

sister branch on George Street

with its oak-panelled walls and

black shelves made the shop the

natural home for serene browsing

but it's now a bank.

The West End has been

converted to a walk-in living

website. A multi-floored magazine

for the latest titles and is missing

the rustic charm of its departed


A happy compromise, and hence

my little cheat here, is Blackwell's.

It's still the academic home

for aspiring students or specialist

and happens to be opposite

Old College which just gives it a

beautiful buzz of activity. If you

have a choice between the two,

come here - you get the best mix

of the new and title variety that we

all need.

Additionally, a cheeky pint in the

Captain’s Bar across the road may

have influenced this pick!

Fringe Festival

Doug’s Story

by Vic Jay


Author Vic Jay’s research on his

father Bob’s war time record led

him on a voyage of discovery

and unearthed some remarkable

stories of courage and sacrifice,

not least that of young Edinburgh

airman Doug Williamson.

Doug was born in 1925 and lived

at Seafield House in Roslin. When

war was declared, he couldn’t wait

to sign up and at sixteen he left

Melville College to join the Home

Guard before enlisting in the RAF

Volunteer Reserve a year later.

By 1945, Bob Jay and Doug then

aged 19 were both flight engineers

on Lancaster Bombers with 75

(New Zealand) Squadron, and on 4

April they were scheduled to take

part in an operation that would

take them further into enemy

territory than they had been


Their target was a synthetic oil

plant near Merseburg, in eastern

Germany, known as the ‘most

heavily defended industrial target

in Europe.’

They had already completed

31 operations, and this was to be

their last before becoming ‘tour


Bob was more relieved than

normal to return safely although

his relief was short-lived when

he heard that Doug’s plane had

been struck by flak and returned

without him.

No-one understood what the

crew meant when they said that

he had ‘fallen out of the aircraft’,

and as Bob glanced at the aircraft

later that day, blackened, charred

and pock marked by flak, he

decided he would avoid asking for


Bob left the squadron three

months later and died in 1974

without ever learning Doug’s fate.

Seventy years later Vic finally

managed to track his father’s

friend down and discover what

had happened on that fateful


To learn more about Doug’s

fascinating story visit our online

edition or check out Vic Jay’s

excellent book ‘The Mallon Crew’

which is available on Amazon.

2. Armchair Books

Armchair Books

72-74 West Port


Located just off the Grassmarket,

Armchair Books is stuffed from

floor to ceiling with second-hand

gems and vintage editions. With

all the love in the world, it's messy,

cluttered saturation is what

makes it a great place to browse.

Something is always peaking out

that's sure to grab your fancy and

it has the rare distinction of being,

just maybe, the only bookshop in

the city that thrives from its disorganisation.

A bookshop, through and

through, and the perfect place to

find the surprise you didn't know

you wanted.

3. Edinburgh Books

Edinburgh Books

145-147 West Port


THE EDINBURGH Festival Fringe

2018 runs from 1-27 August.

This year’s programme covers

a range of themes. There are

new venues, well-known names,

upcoming talent, international

work, and the 10th anniversary

of the Made in Scotland

showcase. 3,548 shows featuring

theatre, dance, circus, physical

theatre, comedy, music, musicals

and opera, cabaret and variety,

children’s shows, free shows,

exhibitions, events and spoken

word will be performed here next

month. If you are bringing a show

to Edinburgh then check out our

keen advertising rates on PAGE 21.

18 PEOPLE The Edinburgh Reporter

Meeting an

Ice Maiden


in the City

Major Sandy Hennis Visiting Edinburgh Recently


Edinburgh earlier this week to talk

of her experiences in the Antarctic

as part of the first successful

all-female team, The Ice Maidens,

to cross from coast to coast using

only muscle power.

The expedition on skis took the

six woman team a total of 62 days

between November last year and

the middle of January.

Major Hennis is an Army

reservist. She started out as a radio

technician and achieved the rank

WORLD famous classical

musicians Nicola Benedetti and

Steven Isserlis feature in a new

short film showing them tutoring

of Corporal. After that she went

to Sandhurst and commissioned

back into the Royal Signals. She

was in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan

before transferring to the

Reserves in 2014.

She visited Edinburgh to

present a series of talks on her

experiences and also used the

occasion to raise funds for ABF

The Soldiers’ Charity. This is the

Army’s National charity since

1944. It supports thousands of

soldiers former soldiers and

pupils from Scotland’s national

music school.

Entitled Playing, the film

showcases two of the musically

their family each year The

charity makes financial grants to

individuals in times of need and

specialist charities supporting the

wider army.

More than a little adventurous

Sandy has led expeditions, both

military and civilian, climbing

and mountaineering in the Alps,

Nepal, the US, Norway, Peru and

of course the UK. She traversed

the Cuillin Ridge and completed

the Devizes to Westminster kayak


St Mary’s Music School on film

Sophie Williams with Nicola Benedetti at a Masterclass.

gifted youngsters who have

studied at St Mary’s Music School

in Edinburgh as they highlight the

message that learning music is a

life-long passion that never stops.

Nineteen year old violinist

Sophie Williams and eighteen

year old cellist Hugh MacKay

discuss their emotions as they

prepare for public performances.

They outline their plans for the

future as they prepare to leave

Scotland’s only s p e c i a l i s t ,

independent music school for

further study and careers as

professional musicians.

The Edinburgh teenagers were

filmed receiving inspirational

teaching sessions with Sophie

working with Nicola Benedetti

at a Masterclass in Edinburgh

and Hugh with Steven Isserlis in


Daisy Narayanan Deputy Director, Sustrans Scotland who leads the City

Centre Transformation Project

MY NAME IS Daisy Narayanan,

Deputy Director, Sustrans

Scotland, and I am currently

seconded to The City of Edinburgh

Council four days a week. I am

an architect and urban designer,

originally from India, but now

very much an adopted Scot. I

live in Edinburgh with my author

husband and two feisty little ones.

Having worked as an architect

for a few years, I decided to take

a career break and pursue a postgraduate

degree at the University

of Edinburgh. It was here that I

found my way into the environmental

design sector

leading to my role

with Sustrans.

I spend my spare

time out and about

with my family enjoying the

wonderful Scottish landscapes.

Reading to my little girl is my

daily joy, I learn so much from her

- a 4 year old’s view of the world is

very interesting!

Edinburgh is very so you can get

around virtually anywhere in the

city by foot or bike. Its celebration

and embrace of diversity

are attractive and of course, its

magnificent architecture - it

would be very difficult to find a

more inspiring place to live and


I especially like the lovely

greenways of Edinburgh where

people smile as you cycle past.

Calm, serene and green, they are

very special.

I don’t have a formal mentor,

but I have worked for over five

years with John Lauder, National

Director of Sustrans Scotland and

I have learned a huge amount from

him. His commitment, passion

and integrity is core to everything

he does.

I currently lead the

Edinburgh City Centre


Project, a hugely

exciting project. The

next year

will be spent listening, learning,

collaborating and working hard

to make our collective aspirations

a reality. The project, whose

outline scope was approved by

the Transport and Environment

Committee in October 2017, is

intended to improve the public

realm in the city centre, and

improve conditions for access for

pedestrians, cyclists and public

transport. Key areas include

Picardy Place, the City Centre

East-West Cycle Link and a

design for George Street and First

New Town (Castle, Frederick and

Hanover Streets).

@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter FOOD & PUZZLES 19

The Shore - with


Answers to crossword on page 21

STARTER: (left) Asparagus, Crispy duck egg, chorizo & lovage | (right) Tempura Soft Shell Crab,

asian salad, soy & wasabi dip



1. Peruse ox, suffering from

extreme cold (8)

1. Bury some silent ombudsmen


5. Place hams on this cab (6)

9. Its reels twist and turn in

endless manner (8)

10. Co-heir turns out to be very

brave (6)

11. Our set, I’m afraid, has been

damaged by dampness (8)

12. Peg I am attaching to this bird


14. From Ohio, emblem identifies

this trailer (6, 4)

2. Trip me up over written

permission (6)

3. Show respect as lute is

displayed (6)

4. Rivers rose to fill these large,

artificial lakes (10)

6. Scores from Vegas are grouped

around middle ranges (8)

7. No crop is spoilt by this

creature (8)

8. Cram leek into this fish (8)

18. Watching developments in

motoring? (10)

13. From Berlin lend aid in calling

to meals (6, 4)

22. Carve stem to resemble

images of natural objects (6)

15. Being a copyist I omit art from

my work (8)

23. Rob’s cars damage part of the

goal (8)

16. Then look through this

aperture (8)

24. In the Metro, picture of a

parallel line (6)

17. A pimento, badly cooked

causes food poisoning (8)

GARY AND Gemma of EdinBraw

visited The Shore in Leith.

When we arrived at The Shore

after our holiday we swung the

door open and tried to remember

how to use the English language

with strangers.

They got the message.

Emergency food was required,

food with flavours.

There was bad news.

An influx of Leithers meant that

it would be 15 minutes before we

could order. We’d waited 4 days

for this, another 15 minutes wasn’t

going to stop us. Plus there was

bread to chew on whilst we waited.

Bread that wasn’t stale. Bread with

a delicious green herb and oil dip,

our taste buds didn’t know what

hit them.

MAIN: Shore Bar Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger, chips & salad


The bread was followed by a

delightfully crispy duck egg, the

golden yolk oozed across the plate

and smothered the asparagus and

chorizo. This is what we’d been


We’d usually share a starter, but

this meal was going to be pure

indulgence. Our other starter

involved some Tempura Soft

Shell Crab with an Asian salad,

drizzled with a soy and wasabi

dip. Succulent crab, covered in a

crispy batter with a flavoursome

salad. Lovely stuff.


I had it on good authority that

the steaks were fantastic at The

Shore Bar and Restaurant. It was.

A huge chunk of meat, a little

unevenly cooked due to the shape

and size, but still tender, juicy and

magnificently meaty.

I was keen to try The Shore Bar’s

burger. It’s the kind of burger

you either have to cut, or forgo

manners and dive face first into

(obviously I opted for the latter).

£15 for a burger is pretty pricey,

but you’d need three hands to

hold it comfortably and it did

come with some chunky chips,

super crispy with a fluffy interior.



The service was friendly, relaxed

and often humorous. We definitely

overate, but this was always one of

our aims. We’ll almost certainly be

25. Made rare concoction with

this sugar (8)

26. Severe problem with these

high officials (6)

27. Link pots using sliding noose


back to The Shore Bar, the fish and

chips looked pretty tempting, as

did the fish pie.

The atmosphere in the bar

seemed pretty inviting, we would

probably have stayed around

after dinner if we weren’t both

absolutely shattered and in urgent

need of a lie-down.

This was everything we could

have hoped for after our holiday

away from flavours, we’ll be back

for Shore.

Our bill came to £78.10, including

a bottle of wine, two starters and

mains and service.

19. Peels back a covering whilst

dormant (6)

20. Get hold of boat in trouble (6)

21. Wandering in her rantings (6)

Expect hearty meals at The

Shore Bar in Leith, with friendly

waiting staff and a cosy atmosphere.

You’re unlikely to pass by

the restaurant if you’re having a

daunder around Leith, but we urge

you not to overlook this hidden


The Shore Bar, Leith

3 Shore,

Edinburgh EH6 6QW

(0131 553 5080)

EdinBraw is a locals’ guide to the

best of Edinburgh.

20 POLITICIANS The Edinburgh Reporter



Tommy Sheppard SNP MP

for Edinburgh East

Christine Jardine LibDem MP

for Edinburgh West

Deidre Brock SNP MP

for Edinburgh North and Leith

Joanna Cherry SNP MP

for Edinburgh South West

Ian Murray Labour MP

for Edinburgh South

Jeremy Balfour Conservative MSP

for Lothians

Miles Briggs Conservative MSP

for Lothians

Alex Cole-Hamilton LibDem MSP

for Edinburgh Western

Ruth Davidson Conservative MSP

for Edinburgh Central

Kezia Dugdale Labour MSP

for Lothians

Ash Denham SNP MSP

for Edinburgh Eastern

Neil Findlay Labour MSP

for Lothians

Daniel Johnson Labour MSP

for Edinburgh Southern

Alison Johnstone Green MSP

for Lothians

Gordon Lindhurst Conservative

MSP for Lothians

Gordon Macdonald SNP MSP

for Edinburgh Pentlands

Ben Macpherson SNP MSP

for Edinburgh North & Leith

Andy Wightman Green MSP

for Lothians


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@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter READER’S PHOTO 21

Reader’s Photo



Thanks to David Albury for the



1. Exposure 5. Hansom 9. Tireless

10. Heroic 11. Moisture 12. Magpie

14. Mobile home 18. Monitoring

22. Totems 23. Crossbar

24. Tropic 25. Demerara

26. Reeves 27. Slip-knot.


1. Entomb 2. Permit 3. Salute

4. Reservoirs 6. Averages

7. Scorpion 8. Mackerel

13. Dinner bell 15. Imitator

16. Knothole 17. Ptomaine

19. Asleep 20. Obtain 21. Errant.


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22 SPORTS The Edinburgh Reporter

Women’s Hockey

Celtic & Italian series


SCOTLAND played two of their

three International friendly series

last month.

The women’s team were involved

in both at the National Hockey

Centre in Glasgow and they played

the first series against World

Cup-bound Ireland, losing all three


The second set was played

against World Cup qualifiers, Italy.

Scotland won their first but beaten

in the second match. Italy then

came from behind in the third to

take the result to a penalty shootout,

which Scotland won 3-0 to

win the series 2-1.

The third and final series will be

‘The Atlantic Series’ against the

USA, and that starts on 8th July at

the NHC in Glasgow.

Yvonne O’Byrne scoops the ball past Lucy Camlin in the Scots’ goal

Scotland’s Kate Holmes drives into Irish territory

| All Photos: John Preece

Maomi Carroll drives round the Scotland defenders

Battling Chaz Watson for Scotland

Scotland’s GB Development select L-R: Amy Costello, Sarah Jamieson, Lorna Cruikshank, Laura Swanson,

Millie Brown, Chaz Watson

@EdinReporter /EdinReporter /edinburghreporter SPORTS 23

Strollers are Champions


CIVIL Service Strollers 2004’s were

recently crowned 4th division

champions winning the title with

a few games to spare.

The north Edinburgh club has

had a growing youth section and

has gone from strength to strength

over the past year.

As well as the success of the


ARCHIE Macpherson’s new book

by John Hislop Younger readers

may not be aware that the Scottish

national football team were

regular qualifiers for the World


At one time it was inconceivable

for the tartan army that the most

prestigious football tournament

could take place without their


Unfortunately that ended

following France 98 and the Scots

have been in an international

wilderness ever since.

Between 1974 and 1998, Scotland

featured in six World Cup finals,

playing 18 games

Archie Macpherson commentated

on all 18 of Scotland’s World

Cup matches during that purple

patch from 1974 to 1998, and now

in his Adventures in the Golden

Age, he tells the story of the

matches and the men that raised

and dashed hopes in almost equal

measure at the greatest tourna-

Team photo of the champions working

2004’s winning

their league the

club has seen the

youth section grow

to have over 120

kids taking part in

football each week.

The club has a

partnership with

Lowland League

outfit, Civil Service

Strollers, and the

clubs enjoy a great

ment on earth.

Between the 1974 clash with

Zaire and the defeat against

Morocco in 1998, there were adventures

against Iran, Peru, Costa

Rica, Brazil and many others. And,

throughout it all, Archie was the

voice of Scottish football. He knew

the players, the managers and the


He witnessed clashes of personality,

managerial rages, nocturnal

antics, BBC wranglings, the

shadiness of FIFA and that last

painful evening in France.

Archie Macpherson’s World Cup

adventures are brilliantly entertaining,

capturing a golden age in

Scottish football that may never

be seen again.

“I have some great memories

of watching Scotland in the

World Cup during the ‘golden

age’ between 1974 and 1998. Each

tournament provided something

different but the most memorable

for me was Argentina in 1978.

“The whole thing was extraordi-


The 2004’s manager, Richard

Shortel, said: “This has been a

great year not only for the 2004’

but the entire club.

“My squad has shown great

commitment to the club over the

season and we have never really

had more than 15 in the team, so

it’s been a tough season for them.

“We will now look ahead to

next season and we have already

started planning for playing in the

higher division.”

Thanks to funding received from

the local church there will be one

new team in place for the start of

the next season.

Committee member, Claire Kidd,

explains: “At the Strollers, we have

plans to expand and grow our

youth section, however really, we

want to walk before we can run.

“We have been building up to

where we are now and it’s taken

us a year to do this.

“We don’t have any staff working

for us and we all do it voluntary


“With that in mind we have

achieved so much in the past year

from growing the club and making

what we have sustainable.

“Thanks to the funding from the

church we can now add another

team for the start of next season.”

Fifty years of following Hearts

DOES YOUR life revolve around

your football team? Does your

team's result on a Saturday make

or break your weekend? Would

you leave your wife on the day

she's due to give birth to go to

cup final 140 miles away? Or miss

your daughter's fourth birthday

because you're in Madrid for a

UEFA Cup tie?

If so, The Edinburgh Reporter’s

Mike Smith’s latest book is for you.

The Team for Me is a personal

reflection of the joy and heartache

of football from a fan's perspective.

Written by a Hearts supporter of

50 years' standing (and occasionally

falling over), its tales will

hit home among fans of any and

every club - from the Saturday

morning feeling of anticipation to

regaling your children with what

it means to follow your club; from

pre-match rituals to hammering

your arch rivals in a cup final.

Fans who grew up in the 60s and

70s will also revel in memories of

half-time scoreboards, dashing

to the local newsagent at 5.30pm

on a Saturday for a copy of the

ink-stained 'Football Special'

edition, and of collecting football

cards to swap with your pals.

The Team for Me - with a

foreword from former Hearts

manager Jim Jefferies - will be

published by Pitch on 31st August

and will be available in all good

book stores.

You can pre-order it now from


Archie Macpherson’s New Book

nary. It was played in an continent

that no-one had experienced.

Argentina was a dictatorship and

I would see people lined up with

their noses against the wall being

searched by armed soldiers. There

was a commentary failure in my

first game then the worst aspect

was when the fans turned on

manager Ally McLeod.

“Before that World Cup I had

gone round the country with Ally

holding public meetings which

were sponsored by a brewery, so I

got to know him very well. I believe

that Ally convinced himself that

Scotland would win the trophy.”

“Then of course it culminated

with the uplifting experience of

beating Holland who would go

one to reach the final but by that

time we were all fed up and demob

happy at the thought of going


Archie Macpherson will be

making an appearance at the

Edinburgh International Book

Festival in August.

Hibees in the

World Cup


WITH THE 2018 World Cup in full

swing, John Hislop look back at

the contribution Hibs’ players

have made in the tournament.

Scotland’s first World Cup was in

Switzerland in 1954. Three Hibs’

players were in the initial 22Â man

squad, Bobby Combe, Bobby

Johnstone and Willie Ormond.

Incredibly the SFA decided to take

only 13 players and Combe was

cut from the squad. Johnstone

travelled but returned home with

an injury leaving only Ormond

who played in both games,

a 1-0 defeat to Austria

and a 7-0 thumping from


Four years later at

Sweden, Tommy Younger

captained the squad

which also contained

Eddie Turnbull. Both

played in a 1-1 draw with

Yugoslavia, Scotland’s first

ever World Cup point, and

a 3-2 defeat to Paraguay.

Younger was replaced

by Billy Brown

for the final

game which

ended in a

2-1 defeat to

France. Alex Scott also travelled

with the squad as a Rangers

player but he would later join Hibs

toward the end of his career.

Scotland didn’t qualify for the

1966 World Cup in England but

a former Hibs’ player almost

featured. The legendary Joe Baker

was capped for England whilst

still a teenager at Easter Road

and he was in contention for Alf

Ramsay’s squad but was cut when

the final 40 was reduced to 22.

It would be 1974 before Scotland

featured in another World Cup and

this time Ormond was the team

manager. John Blackley and Erich

Schaedler were selected along

with former Hibs’ keeper Thomson

Allan, and Blackley played in the

country’s first victory, a 2-0 win

over Zaire. Scotland returned from

Germany as the only undefeated

team in the tournament despite

failing to reach the latter stages.

Incredibly Blackley would be the

last Hibs player to actually play

for Scotland in the tournament

whilst still with the club.

Four years later, another former

Hibs’ player guided Scotland

to qualification. Ally McLeod

famously predicted that Scotland

would return from Argentina with

a medal but it was not to be. Future

Hibs’ keeper Alan Rough was still

a player with part-time Partick

Thistle and he featured in all three

games whilst former Hibs’ striker

Joe Harper didn’t manage a game.

In 1982 former Hibs’ manager

Jock Stein led the Scots to Spain.

Rough once again made the

trip along with another future

Hibs’ keeper Jim Leighton. Alex

McLeish who would later manage

Hibs also played in the tournament

as did future Hibs’ striker

Steve Archibald who scored

against New Zealand.

The English squad for that

tournament included a future

Hibs’Â midfielder, Ray Wilkins

who featured in games against

France, Czechoslovakia, Kuwait,

West Germany and Spain.

Sadly Stein died during the

qualification campaign for the

1986 World Cup and Alex Ferguson

took over. Remarkably all three

goalkeepers would eventually

play for Hibs. Rough by that

time was a Hibs’ player but

he did not feature in the

matches. Leighton took

the goalkeeper’s jersey

whilst Andy Goram had

to be content with a place

on the bench.

McLeish and Archibald

also travelled to Mexico

along with future Hibs’

player Eamon Bannon and

future assistant manager

Maurice Malpas.

Wilkins also

played against

Portugal then

was sent off

in the game

against Morocco.

The 1990 tournament was held

in Italy and Andy Roxburgh

selected two Hibs’ players in the

squad, Goram and John Collins.

Leighton, McLeish and Malpas

were also part of the squad along

with former Hibs’ striker Gordon

‘Jukebox’ Durie and future Hibs’

players Murdo McLeod and Bryan


Scotland failed to qualify for

USA 1994 but returned to the

big stage four years later. Craig

Brown’s squad included Leighton,

Durie and Collins who scored a

memorable penalty in the opening

game against Brazil as well as

former striker Darren Jackson

and future manager Colin Calderwood.

Although Scotland have not

qualified for the World Cup since,

another Hibs’ player featured

in three games during the 2002

tournament which was held in

south Korea and Japan. Record

signing Ulises De La Cruz played

for Equador against Italy, Mexico

and Croatia.

Four years later, former Hibs’

player Russell Latapy came on

as a substitute in Trinidad and

Tobago’s final match against

Paraguay whilst Tony Rougier

narrowly missed the squad.

Hibs’ fans had the chance to

watch former player Jorge Claros

in action for Honduras at the 2014

World Cup in Brazil. The popular

midfielder came on as a substitute

in his country’s 3-0 defeat

to France then started in the 2-1

defeat to Ecuador.

This year Jamie MacLaren is

included in the Australia squad.

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