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Optimum Nutrition Summer 2018 PREVIEW



CONTENTS 16 26 32 THIS ISSUE A QUICK-FIX DELUSION? When we want to lose weight, we often want to lose it as soon as we can. Yet quick-fix diets can leave us hungry, bored, and deficient in essential nutrients. Jane Dawson speaks to four ex-dieters and a registered nutritionist KIDS’ PAGE This issue sees the introduction of our new children’s section — created to get your little one thinking about how eating well can help them grow up to be big and strong! Plus a recipe for healthy carrot cake! SKIN-DEEP NUTRITION Summer is here but how much flesh can we safely bare? We look at how good nutrition may help to protect our skin and why, in the future, applying probiotics may help to relieve skin problems Maggie Charlesworth writes REGULARS 8 FOOD FACT FILE Resveratrol is often hailed as a reason for a glass of wine. We find out what the research says, and also look at why some people avoid nightshade foods 12 WORLD CUISINE 20 ON YOUR PLATE Try these four plant-based recipes, perfect for summer, from Cooking for the Senses: Vegan Neurogastronomy by Jennifer Peace Rhind and Gregor Laws 24 LITTLE LIVES 35 DIFFERENT STROKES Apparently Brits are a nation of fridgegazers and snackers. If that sounds like you, then is it time to find a new hobby? Ellie Smith writes 44 FEATURE Jenny Mallins, author of A Grandmother’s Legacy, tells us about Anglo-Indian cuisine, which grew out of a fusion culture in British India, and which continues today Alice Ball looks at the National Child Measurement Programme, and on p.28 Catherine Morgan ponders what to do when a child asks for snacks “with sugar” Now it is summer we’re advised to carry water and keep hydrated. Louise Wates asks how much water we need to drink, and finds out about over-hydration 14 ALL ABOUT 30 RESEARCH UPDATE 47 MOVE IT The environmental impact of plastics is raising questions about whether it should be banned in food packaging. Lisa Patient asks if we should think of our health too Recent research reveals some of the mechanisms that lie behind sleepdeprivation, increased appetite, and difficulty in losing weight We have a quick chat with paralympian Olivia Breen, and find out about the benefits of a five-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine 04 COMMENT / NEWS 38 PRODUCT NEWS 43 IN SEASON 29 BOOK THERAPY 42 KITCHEN CHEMISTRY 50 ION GRADUATE STORY SUMMER 2018 | OPTIMUM NUTRITION 3