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Warwick Boat Club - Court Circular

Warwick Boat Club - Court

TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS TENNIS Court Circular SUMMER 2018 Tennis captain’s report Our summer tennis season is in full swing amidst some of the best tennis weather we have seen for many years. We have had a fantastic season so far, with many positive indicators. Our mix-ins have been very well attended, our group coaching programme is lively, our league teams are performing well, and we have had a wonderful club tournament culminating in a thrilling and enjoyable finals day. All in all, the membership’s main activity of playing tennis is in excellent health! Alongside the ball-striking and the point-playing, your tennis committee has also been working hard to improve the club that we enjoy and want to see maximising its potential.From our contributions to the WBC Vision, Values and Strategy Paper and the Development Plan proposals, to improving how we operate as a club on a day-to-day basis. We are clear that we can benefit greatly from a twelfth tennis court and improved clubhouse facilities to meet the demands of growing numbers of people interested in playing tennis at WBC. We have also been investigating opportunities with the LTA and local partners to create an indoor tennis facility for use by WBC members which would expand our court capacity and provide a facility for guaranteed play in winter conditions. Both of these subjects are part of the club consultation which will take place over the coming months. While I am pleased that we as a tennis committee have a very good governance structure and that we are operating to high standards, we are always looking for ways to improve how we operate and how we meet members’ needs. So far this year we have improved the new member welcome experience, introduced a clearer “Learn to Play” pathway for beginner and returning players, continued to refine how we manage the ClubSpark system, run the club tournament bookings for the first time in the ClubSpark system, and introduced new service agreements that assure the relationship between the club and our excellent group of self-employed coaches. Lastly, we have made a big effort, thanks to a few key people, to introduce more young people to tennis and to WBC. The new ‘Tennis for Kids’ initiative introduced ninety under tens to tennis for the first time. Our relationship with Myton School has developed and about 100 children per week have received tennis coaching after school. This last activity has been made possible by the generosity of 3Difs, who have committed funds to support the coaching time and ultimately bring some of the children into the junior group coaching programme at WBC from September. We have a broad range of objectives as a tennis committee to provide the best service we can to the club and to our diverse membership. I am very pleased that we are making progress in all areas, and I would like to thank all the volunteers, coaches, staff and club supporters for making it possible. Enjoy this edition of Court Circular, and enjoy your tennis for the rest of the summer. See you on the courts! Paul Martin Captain of Tennis tennis.captain@ warwickboatclub. Finals day results and photos inside on pages 3-6 Club Phone No 01926 492 043 Editor Graham Harrington Tennis Manager Gavin Henderson: 07787 568642

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