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65 th Annual Awards Day 2018

9 March 2018

This year marks Beatty’s

65 th Anniversary. As a

distinguished institution,

Beatty Secondary School has

reached several milestones.

These milestones and

memories were captured in

a video and photo gallery

exhibition which were the

highlights of this year’s preceremony

segment. The

Annual Awards Day ceremony

celebrates the achievements

of Beattyians, and this year,

being a special year, it was

celebrated with a very fitting

theme, ‘Celebrating 65 Years –

One Beatty Together’.

Mr Chee Hong Tat, Adviser

to Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

Grassroots Organisations,

graced the occasion as Guestof-Honour,

highlighting the role

that the school plays in the Toa

Payoh community. In addition

to the parade segment which

involved all the Uniformed

Groups, the Boys’ Brigade

bagpipers also provided the

fanfare for the arrival of the

Guest-of-Honour. The concert

segment showcased a Wushu

martial arts performance, a

precision drill by National

Cadet Corps, a fusion dance

and a musical ensemble

performed by the Secondary

2 Normal Technical students,

incorporating instruments from

the Brazilian Samba Percussion

and Afro-Cuban Percussion

that got everyone grooving

to the exhilarating rhythm.



Joie de Vivre 2018

21 April 2018

Joie de Vivre was

conceptualised to provide

a platform for Beatty’s

Performing Arts groups namely

Band, Chinese Orchestra, Choir,

Drama, International Dance

and Malay Dance to showcase

their talents. ‘Joie de Vivre’

is a French phrase often

used in English to express an

enjoyment of life; an exultation

of spirit. Each performance

in the concert programme

was specially curated,

choreographed and/or written

to express the different ways

that we experience joy, through

Work, Play, Beauty, Love, and


It was a memorable night of vibrant performances as well as a

joyous commemoration and celebration of our 65 th anniversary

with one and all.



Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight Programme

15 February 2018 - 2 March 2018

The Mother Tongue

Languages Fortnight

Programme 2018 kicked off on

the eve of Chinese New Year

with the Chinese New Year

concert. This year, the theme

was ‘Joy of Learning’.


11 - 13 April 2018

Students were provided various

platforms to delve deeper into

traditions practised in the

past, for instance, appreciating

tea sessions at Tea Chapter,

trying their hand at traditional

handicraft like kite-making,

fan painting, seal carving,

and Chinese calligraphy;

composing Tamil folk music

(Villupattu) and attending a

Celebrity Talk cum Motivational

Workshop conducted by

a popular celebrity from

Vasantham Central Channel;

exploring Kampong Glam

through a heritage trail and

making delicious traditional


The students enjoyed these

fun-filled activities immensely.

Through the gamut of cultural

activities, the students gained

a deeper insight into their

own culture and understand

that their respective mother

tongue is still a living language

that extends far beyond the


This year, the school

collaborated with The

Singapore Children’s Society

(SCS) to run the bully-free

campaign. The purpose of

the campaign was to raise

awareness on issues pertaining

to bullying among youngsters


and equip the school population

with some practical tools to

manage and address bullying.

Some highlights for the week

included a pledge booth, a

games extravaganza booth

and an assembly talk.

The three-day campaign was

conducted during the various

recess periods in the canteen.

At the pledge booth, students

wrote meaningful pledges

on coloured paper to affirm

their commitment towards

a bully-free environment in


their class and the school.

At the games booth, they

enthusiastically smashed

down cans with labels like

‘cyber bullying’, ‘exclusion’,

‘put downs’, ‘threatening

Secondary One Design Camp

19 March 2018

others’, ‘nasty remarks’ and

‘name calling’. Through their

active participation in the

Bully-Free Campaign, the

students become more aware

of the issues of bullying.

Bully-Free Campaign, the

students become more aware

of the issues of bullying.

The assembly talk titled ‘’BYE’’

to Bullying touched on topics

like what is bullying, signs

The Great Outdoors

and symptoms of bullying,

effects as well as the impact

of bullying, methods to

minimise bullying and how to

be a responsible and active

bystander. From students’

keen participation during the

assembly talk, it was evident

that the students had a fruitful

time learning about promoting

a bully-free environment.

The Design Camp conducted

on 19 March 2018 was

a thoroughly enriching and

inspiring programme for the

Secondary One students.

This was achieved through

the hands-on activities, which

introduced various design

ideation and methodologies

to the students. They had to

Secondary Two Adventure Camp - CAMP UNITY

19 March 2018 - 21 March 2018

be creative and think critically

to come up with a design that

could be made into a prototype

using cardboard. Students

also learnt about teamwork

as they worked in groups. At

the end of the learning journey,

our students were very excited

to present their prototypes to

their classmates and teachers.

The camp was held from 19

to 21 March at the Boys’

Brigade and Girls’ Brigade (BB/

GB) Campsite in Sembawang.

Attended by 223 Secondary

Two students, the camp

provided a platform for them

to demonstrate the school’s

core values – confidence,

creativity, commitment, care

and integrity, as well as the five

Kouzes/Posner Leadership


It was indeed a fruitful and fun


The camp aimed to strengthen

class bonding, facilitate

teambuilding, develop student

leadership and build selfconfidence.

The camp activities

included the high elements,

a challenge-rope course,

kayaking and rafting, zip line,

abseiling, tree-climbing and



The Great Outdoors

Daily reflections and journaling

were also a huge component of

the camp experience to ensure

that students did not just play

hard but learnt something

fruitful in the process as well.

A large majority of campers

said that the camp fulfilled its

objectives and the students

felt that they greatly benefitted

from the camp which gave them

the opportunity to strengthen

class bonding, to work as a

team and develop leadership


Secondary Three Outdoor Adventure Camp

19 March 2018 - 22 March 2018

The Secondary Three students embarked

on an expedition-based camp all over the

island. Through activities such as cycling, tentpitching,

outdoor cooking and kayaking, the

camp provided students with opportunities to

benefit from outdoor education, and to build

resilience and teamwork. Students and teachers

participated in the activities and got to learn from

one another. In addition, they learned to respect

the natural environment and be compassionate

as well as caring by looking out for one another.


The Joy Of Learning

Secondary One Public Speaking Workshop

In Term One, the English

Language and Literature

Department organised a public

speaking programme for our

Secondary One Express and

Normal Academic students.

In this programme, students

were taught the fundamentals

of public speaking and given

ample opportunities to practise

and hone their public speaking

skills. The programme

culminated in an assessment

where all participants were

given the opportunity to

craft a short speech on any

topic which was close to

their hearts. Thereafter, the

students presented their

speeches to their classmates.

Our Secondary One students

thoroughly enjoyed the

programme and many of

them became visibly more

confident when speaking in

public. Ten of the best orators

were selected to receive afterschool

training to prepare them

for the Plain English Speaking

Awards to be held in Term 3.

Secondary Two Broadcast Journalism Programme

In Semester One, a Broadcast Journalism

programme was conducted for the Secondary

Two Express and Normal Academic students.

This programme aims to give students a

platform to immerse themselves in the

challenging complexities of news reporting.

In the course of this programme, students had

to conceptualise and create their very own

newscast based on the theme, ‘Our School,

Our Heartbeat’. They not only learnt about the

types and stages of production in the media

and filming industry but also had hands-on

experience with the use of DSLR cameras. This

equipped students with the skills to create

professional interview videos. Using video

editing software, students put together the

clips of their interviews and created interesting

photograph captions to make their final

newscast visually engaging to the viewers.

In line with our schools’ vision of being a

distinguished institution of thinkers, learners

and contributors, this programme nurtures our

students to be committed to their project roles,

be confident speakers in front of a camera and

be creative in their video production. Through

this programme, we hope to nurture a generation

of critical thinkers who give deep thought to the

ideas they conceptualise and exude confidence

in their interactions with others. In addition, this

exclusive programme will help students build

their portfolio in Journalism and Broadcasting

and put them in good stead to pursue a career

in the field of media and communications.


The Joy Of Learning

Lower Secondary Science Environmental

and Life Sciences Programme

27 March 2018 & 29 March 2018

Our Secondary One students attended

a Mushroom Growing Enrichment

programme recently in March. This learning

journey provided students with a deeper

understanding of the mushroom kingdom

and their role in the ecosystem. This

was achieved through the topics such as

an introduction to mushrooms, growth

and reproduction in mushrooms and the

importance of mushrooms in the ecosystem

as well as the importance of growing food

and to gain a greater understanding of food


Students were also given the opportunity to

experience how to grow their own mushrooms.

They were thoroughly enlightened and

delighted by the entire learning experience

that allowed them to apply their scientific

knowledge to everyday applications of


Beyond The Classroom

Geographical Field Studies Learning Journey


All Secondary One students

were introduced to

fieldwork in Geography in

January 2018. They worked in

groups to do a geographical

investigation regarding water

quality on several water bodies

around Singapore. Instead of

going to MacRitchie Reservoir

like in the past, the students

explored two new sites –

Lorong Halus and Seng Kang

Floating Wetlands.

Although many Beattyians

reside in the North-eastern

parts of Singapore, many of

them have not been to the

furthest point of Punggol


and Sengkang area. It was an

interesting learning journey to

engage in data collection. Both

sites have unique features

which allowed students to

explore and learn about water

management in Singapore.

Beyond The Classroom

Geographical Field Studies Learning Journey


Secondary Three Geography students went

to Chinatown in the first week of April

to research on Tourism field studies. They

interviewed tourists in Chinatown to investigate

the reasons Chinatown has been selected as

one of the places of interest to visit in Singapore

and find out if its rich cultural element is

actually the main reason as cited by tourists.

and teachers had an enjoyable yet enriching

experience throughout this learning journey.

Our students were equipped with iPads and

mobile phones to carry out the interviews.

They had access to the google documents

to share their findings and together analysed

the information gathered. They were able

to quickly conclude that their hypothesis

was true. The majority of the tourists

interviewed were keen to visit Chinatown due

to its rich cultural elements. Both students


Beyond The Classroom

Upper Secondary Art Learning Journey

Visit to CHIJ Graduates Show

27 March 2018

Secondary Four Normal Academic Art

students attended the CHIJ Graduates Show

on 27 March 2018, an art exhibition showcasing

works from the graduating class of 2017. Some

of the works included sculptures, paintings,

digital media and pen drawings.

This learning journey was a departure from the

usual learning journeys

in the past, whereby

students were taken to

a gallery featuring the

works of their peers

instead of galleries

exhibiting works of wellknown

artists. While

exposure to various

artists is important,

we believe that our

students can benefit

from viewing works

done by their peers,

which reflect ideas

and themes that are more relatable and within

their sphere of experience and understanding.

The experience has given our students greater

understanding of the dedication required to

produce a good piece of artwork and provided

them with the opportunity to appreciate art.

Visit to Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

29 March 2018

Secondary Four Express and

Five Normal Academic Art

students visited Singapore

Chinese Girls’ School to

participate in discussions

about art work and art


They were also given a tour

around the school where

students’ art pieces were

showcased, and they had

an enriching time learning

about the various ways

one can conceptualise and

produce a painting. The

students went home with a

better understanding and

appreciation of the art making

process. One key takeaway

was that the process is not

linear and can be approached

in more than one way.


Reaching New Heights

2018 Singapore Math Olympiad Training Programme

for Secondary 2 Students

30 January 2018 - 30 May 2018

The Singapore Math

Olympiad Training

Programme (SMOP) provided

a platform for students

talented in Mathematics to

shine in this competition.

The selected Secondary

Two Express students had

demonstrated the ability to

perform above expectations in

this subject.

This initiative coincides with

SMOP’s objectives of further

developing our students’

aptitude and mastery in

Mathematics. A professional

Mathematics trainer, Ms

Lim Siew Mei, conducted

training sessions in our

school recently to prepare our

students for the competition.

Good luck Beattiyans!

National Earthquake Challenge

It involved teams using MDF

(Medium Density Fibre) timber

strips, boards, glue and cotton

strings to design and fabricate

models of earthquakeresistant

buildings. On the

day of the competition,

models were tested on a

2-Dimensional Earthquake

Simulator to determine the

winners according to the

technical specifications

and competition rules.



School of Architecture

& The Built Environment

organised the 9th National

Earthquake Competition

2018 for the upper secondary

school students in Singapore.

The aim of this competition

was to generate students’

interest in Civil Engineering

and creating awareness

of designing earthquakeresistant

buildings and

earthquake disaster mitigation.

Beatty Secondary School sent

in a team of four students (Nur

Maisarah Bte Abdul Malek,

Lin Ruey Hsuen and Jerod

Lim Yao Wei of 3E3 and Lim

Jun Long Gerome of 3E4).

They spent many hours trying

different ways to strengthen

the support structure and

learnt the importance of

cooperation and teamwork.

In the end, the structure

that they had designed

managed to clinch the 3rd

place in the competition.




Reaching New Heights

National Tamil Debate Competition

Our Tamil Language students participated in

Sorkalam 2018 (War of Words), a National

Tamil Debate Competition for Secondary

Schools. This competition was organised by the

People’s Association Indian Activity Executive

Committee from Central Singapore District,

in collaboration with Mediacorp Vasantham,

Ministry of Education and Tamil Language

Council. A total of 32 schools participated in

the Preliminary Rounds.

Two of our speakers, Periasamy Poorva

Sandhiya of 3E3 and Yuvaraj Mohan of 3E2

clinched the best speaker trophies for Rounds 1

and 2 as well! It was a proud moment for them to

receive their trophies from Mr Vikram Nair, MP

for Sembawang GRC, at the Mediacorp Studio.

Snippets of the semi-finals were also telecast

on Vasantham Channel.

This experience provided an opportunity

for students to learn the importance of

perseverance, patience and most importantly,

accepting one another’s differences to attain


Our students progressed to the semi-finals

beating Queenstown Secondary and Raffles

Institution in Rounds 1 and 2 respectively, and

National Junior College in the quarter-finals.

Though our students did not qualify for the

Finals, progressing to the semi-finals was a very

commendable achievement, a first in Beatty’s




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