Guide to Orchestra Headphones



Ultimate Guide to Orchestra Headphones

About the expert

For the past 12 years, Mike Olson has been working

at Headroom (, where

learned each make and model of headphones

through his day-in and day-out experience and

through the experiences of his customers.

has conducted thousands of headphone

reviews over the decades.

Head Room was founded in 1992, and they were

one of the first research labs to build headphone

amplifiers. Later in this guide, you will learn more

about when headphone amplifiers are needed.

Avoid these headphones

There are certain brands of headphones that won’t

represent the quality of the orchestra very well,

and you should avoid them at all costs. Most of

the popular manufacturers for consumers are designed

with popular music in mind, not classical

or orchestral. These headphones just don’t have

a flat response, good stereo field, and articulate

sound—the qualities that are needed for great orchestra


Avoid these brands: *Beats, Soul republic, V-moda,

Monster, Bose, Skull Candy, and any brand of

cheaper headphones.

*These names are trademarks of their respective


Later in the guide, I will reveal the one brand of

headphones that Mr. Olson says “is the best overall

for classical music.”

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