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Escorts in Delhi

•Dinner Date With a Delhi

Escort Girl

Dating is such a rollercoaster for most of us. Really, who is not anxious about a

date and imagine dating an escort girl in Delhi. How much should i talk? What

should i wear? What if I hate her? How will my close encounter experience will be

with her? too many butterflies in my stomach. All these butterflies flew away the

moment i met this Escort girl from Delhi. She was wearing a form fitting outfit.

Her dress was feminine, tasteful and stylish and she was wearing high heels. I

took her out in my car and we drove down to Connaught Place. The shock of my

life was that the experience with an escort service girl is totally different from

what you have with any other dinner date. Normally when you have a dinner

with a girl you sit opposite to the girl on the dinner table. Whereas when i went

out with this escort girl in Delhi to a decent restaurant in Connaught Place we

were not sitting opposite. We were sitting on the same side of the table with an

angle of 45 degree to each other. See there is an advantage when you sit on the

same side of the table. It creates intimacy, you can look straight in the eyes of each

other, at time in between the conversation you can react physically or you can

steal or share something from the plate of each other. We had a great Dinner

together. I really love women that eat. I mean with dates with girls they have

maintenance issues. I can't eat oily, non veg blah blah. This Delhi escort girl was

fun to talk to. She knew whats happening in IPL. We talked about travel

destinations as well. After the dinner we went out for walk. We walked holding

hands across the inner circle of Connaught place. Eventually we went into our

hotel and had a memorable time. But i felt like this is the best date i ever had. A

date with a Delhi escort girl is one of the memorable date of my life.

My school, college and post graduation days were the most

disciplined phase of my life. I was always the best student in my

class, tuition or even at home. But all these years i could never

manage a Girlfriend as i was an introvert. But during my college

days I managed to make a girlfriend. We used to date almost

everyday. We used to kiss each other hug each other and some

times when my parents were away we used to get naked and

have fun. But we never had Sex. She was little conservative that

we will only have sex after marriage. So my urge of having sex

was growing with every passing day. Every time i use to convince

her for sex we would end up fighting with each other due to her

reluctance. I was very frustrated with all this and one find day i

confided this to friend of mine. This guy is dude. he is into coke,

night out parties , liquor and all. He suggested why don't you get

an escort service from delhi. I was excited to hear the idea but was

not sure how it work. My friend told me all you have to do is

search on google escort in delhi and then from the listing call few

numbers and the pimp on the other side will send you pics of girls

on whatsapp. You can negotiate a price and either go for a shot or

complete night.

My First Stint- I was partying in Connaught Place in

Tamasha. It is an awesome place to hang out. The crowd is

awesome. I was surrounded by beautiful girls everywhere.

But i was with my gang of boys. There is famous english

proverb "water water everywhere not a single drop to drink".

Suddenly i had this super urge to have sex with female. i

tried to befriend girls in the pub. But then i thought even if

we be friends sex will not happen in the first night. I started

looking for Escort Service in Delhi on google. To my surprise

there were websites with numbers. i was not sure which one

to pick up. But there was this website

with a phone number. I tried that number. I was little scared.

there were different thoughts in my mind. What if its a trap

from Delhi Police. To my surprise i heard a voice from the

other side mentioning escort service . What do you want? I

said I am looking for a Russian girl. The guy said I am

sending you few pictures on your WhatsApp messenger. You

can choose anyone of them. with in few second my

WhatsApp was flooded with 10 odd pics of beautiful Russian

Girls. There was one girl who almost resembled like Katrina

Kaif. I called back the number and told him that i want girl

number 4. We negotiated a price and with in 15 mins the

Pimp was there with the girl in a cab. I passed on the money

to the pimp and took that girl to Lalit hotel in Connaught

place. Boy.. the escorts was professional. She was neat and

very hygienic. I had the time of my life with her

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