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9 Animal Magic<br />

12 ‘Every child deserves a chance’<br />

16 Tuck-shop treats remembered<br />

20 The ice-cream van bringing a<br />

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23 Act FAST to save lives<br />

25 The plastic waste warriors<br />

31 Try beekeeping!<br />

Star chat<br />

10 Cover Sue Johnston<br />

14 Cover Yours chats to Colin Firth<br />

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18 Where are they now?<br />

Magpie’s Jenny Hanley<br />

28 Nicola Walker on the new series<br />

of Unforgotten<br />

130 Life lessons with the<br />

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Your best life now!<br />

34 Cover Ditch the diet – stay slim!<br />

36 Soak up the sun<br />

40 Cover Fashion: summer tops<br />

42 Superfood beauty<br />

45 Supplements tried and tested<br />

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63 Caring for children and animals…<br />

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68 Switch banks the easy way<br />

Nostalgia<br />

52 In foreign climes…<br />

54 Sewing with Mother!<br />

Leisure time<br />

77 Cover Heavenly herbs<br />

83 Cook with the Hairy Bikers<br />

85 Cover Summer holiday crafts<br />

93 48 hours in Tunbridge Wells<br />

94 The best breaks for foodies<br />

97 The Ventnor Fringe arts festival<br />

98 Yours Travel Club<br />

Your favourites<br />

49 Meeting Place<br />

57 Roy Hudd<br />

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118 Cover FREE tote bag<br />

120 Short story part 2 –<br />

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The coolest<br />

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40<br />

Like many of you I do try my best to be ‘green’. I<br />

recently bought a reusable water bottle instead of<br />

buying single-use plastic ones. Last week I went<br />

on a family holiday to Rome for a few days and was<br />

delighted to find that all over the city there are water<br />

fountains where you can fill your bottle with clean,<br />

cool water for free. Such a great idea (especially in the<br />

32°C heat!) and what a difference it would make if we<br />

could adopt something similar over here. Perhaps it’s<br />

something the Friends of the Earth volunteers we<br />

meet on page 25 could suggest as part of their battle<br />

against plastic waste in their own communities.<br />

Refusing single-use carrier bags is another way<br />

we can all do our bit for the environment. And I for<br />

one will be using my new Love Life,<br />

Love Yours tote bag next time I go<br />

shopping. We’re giving these handy<br />

bags away to readers absolutely free –<br />

find out how to get yours on page 118.<br />

See you<br />

next issue<br />

Sharon Reid,<br />

Editor<br />

83<br />

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eal life<br />

Serena Watts explains why managing hives is the<br />

bee’s knees, giving her friendship, escapism and<br />

something to pass on to the next generation<br />

Try something new:<br />

Beekeeping<br />

By Katharine Wootton<br />

Dressed in her<br />

full beekeeper’s<br />

smock, wellies<br />

and gloves,<br />

Serena Watts<br />

carefully peels back the<br />

tops of her eight hives. She’s<br />

checking on the 50,000-<br />

plus bees that live in each<br />

one, making sure they have<br />

everything they need and<br />

extracting the sweet honey<br />

so she can fill jars to sell in<br />

the local shop.<br />

Since 2002, Serena has<br />

been a parent to several<br />

million bees. She came to<br />

the hobby after meeting<br />

another beekeeper who<br />

lived near the school where<br />

she worked. From there,<br />

she joined her local branch<br />

of the British Beekeepers<br />

Association (BBKA) who<br />

introduced her to lots of<br />

fellow beekeepers and<br />

helped get her started with<br />

beginners’ lessons and a<br />

second-hand kit.<br />

Serena says: “The<br />

association let me see how<br />

I would cope with a colony<br />

of bees flying around –<br />

not everyone knows how<br />

they’ll react to that.”<br />

As she got to know<br />

other nature lovers and<br />

learned from their<br />

years of experience,<br />

Serena started building up<br />

her own colonies as well<br />

as taking exams in basic<br />

beekeeping and general<br />

husbandry, which is<br />

like an A-level in the<br />

hive.<br />

Today she<br />

has eight hives<br />

that she keeps in<br />

various locations<br />

from farmer’s fields to<br />

the grounds of a National<br />

Trust property.<br />

“You can’t just set up a<br />

hive anywhere – you have to<br />

listen to the advice of other<br />

people. The largest number<br />

of hives I’ve ever managed<br />

at one time is 16, but you<br />

usually want at least two<br />

or three so the hives can<br />

support each other. If there’s<br />

a disaster in one, you can do<br />

a bit of jiggery pokery from<br />

the other hive to sort it out.<br />

“You have to visit<br />

your bees when you have<br />

enough time to sort them<br />

out properly. You need to<br />

dedicate at least an hour and<br />

a half a week in the summer<br />

months to them and about<br />

an hour a month in winter.”<br />

As well as keeping her<br />

own bees, Serena is also<br />

passionate about nurturing<br />

the next generation of<br />

young beekeepers to<br />

support British nature for<br />

the future and so helps<br />

youngsters involved in the<br />

International Meeting of<br />

Young Beekeepers. As a<br />

primary school teacher, she’s<br />

also in the process of trying<br />

to get beekeeping classes at<br />

her school.<br />

“What makes beekeeping<br />

such fun is that all hives are<br />

different! You have to work<br />

with the individual bees in<br />

your colony and sometimes<br />

Did you know? In any hive there are<br />

three types of honey bee: a queen, thousands of<br />

female worker bees and, in the summer,<br />

hundreds of male drones. The drones<br />

do no work and in the autumn they<br />

are evicted by the workers and die!<br />

Serena gets a buzz from passing<br />

on her skills to others and would<br />

would love to run beekeeping<br />

classes at her school<br />

what you read in a book<br />

won’t necessarily work for<br />

your specific hive. You can<br />

ask three beekeepers the<br />

same question and get three<br />

different answers but that’s<br />

what makes it so exciting.<br />

“I’ve made a network of<br />

firm friends through this<br />

and I find going into the hive<br />

is wonderfully calming, it’s<br />

escapism. You don’t find<br />

yourself thinking about<br />

what you’re having for tea or<br />

anything else!”<br />

n To find out more, contact the<br />

British Beekeeping Association<br />

on 0247 669 6679 or visit<br />

www.bbka.org.uk to find your<br />

nearest branch<br />


31<br />


As Walkers Crisps turns 70 this<br />

year, it got us thinking about the<br />

savouries and sweets we couldn’t<br />

resist at the school tuck shop<br />

Sugary sweets and<br />

chocolates – the perfect<br />

breaktime pick-me-up!<br />

Sweet<br />

mem<br />

ries<br />

By Katharine Wootton<br />

As soon as<br />

we heard the<br />

sound of the<br />

school bell<br />

for playtime,<br />

we knew exactly where<br />

we would be heading. The<br />

school tuck shop was an<br />

institution of our childhoods<br />

– the place we could stuff<br />

our faces with rubbish out of<br />

sight of our parents, giving<br />

ourselves a massive sugar<br />

rush just in time to sit down<br />

for double maths.<br />

And with Walkers Crisps<br />

– a staple of any reputable<br />

tuck shop fare – celebrating<br />

its landmark 70th birthday<br />

this year, we’ve got the<br />

perfect excuse to go back,<br />

change-purse in hand, for<br />

one more visit to the school<br />

tuck shop of yesteryear to<br />

see what other favourites<br />

we can remember from<br />

those days.<br />

The tuck shop was an<br />

opportunity to encourage<br />

enterprise in school as<br />

pupils, either the goodytwo-shoes<br />

or the naughty<br />

children who’d been forced<br />

to do it as a kind of penance,<br />

ran the stall on a rota.<br />

The idea, we think, was<br />

that it would teach those<br />

who ran it how to sell and<br />

handle money, but in later<br />

years we can’t help but<br />

wonder if it was really just<br />

an excuse for the teachers to<br />

have a well-deserved cuppa<br />

in peace and quiet.<br />

With no grown-ups<br />

around, many school<br />

tuck shops witnessed<br />

embezzlement of the<br />

highest order, as few tuckshop<br />

stallholders could<br />

resist the temptation of a<br />

mouthful of flying saucers<br />

during a quiet moment…<br />

Money, too,<br />

sometimes<br />

vanished as fast as the<br />

sweet and savoury items,<br />

while we’re quite sure<br />

we were twizzled out of<br />

a fair few shillings thanks<br />

to a tuck-shop stallholder<br />

who hadn’t quite got his<br />

arithmetic right.<br />

Nevertheless, the tuck<br />

shop was a hub where we<br />

made friends – and gobbled<br />

down more additives than<br />

we’ve probably ever done<br />

since. While it’s good that<br />

today’s school tuck shops<br />

are far healthier, we do still<br />

love reminiscing about<br />

all those tasty treats on<br />

which we wasted our<br />

pocket money aged 11.<br />

16<br />


news nostalgia<br />

Did you know?<br />

’Tuck shop’ is thought<br />

to come from the phrase<br />

“to tuck into a meal”<br />

and is closely related to<br />

the Australian English<br />

word “tucker” meaning<br />

food. The phrase first<br />

appeared in 1857 in<br />

the novel Tom Brown’s<br />

School Days<br />

Sweets for my sweet!<br />

Depending on which school you went to, some tuck shops had a sweetie<br />

section to rival Woollies’ pick ‘n’ mix counter; there was just so much<br />

choice. If you wanted a back-of-your throat sugar wake-up, Sherbet<br />

Fountains or dip dabs were the order of the day, while Opal Fruits could<br />

keep us chewing away for hours. We may as well have booked the dentist’s<br />

appointment right then and there when we handed over our pennies for<br />

chewy Black Jack or Fruit Salad – both stalwarts of the much-loved mix-up<br />

bag, as were cola cubes (below), gummy bears, Rowntree’s fruit gems and<br />

Parma Violets (even if they did taste of washing-up liquid!).<br />

Seventies children will of course remember the space<br />

obsession that invaded everything of that decade,<br />

including our school tuck shop, meaning we spent<br />

many of our school days with a flying saucer<br />

permanently stuck to our tongues.<br />

And who could forget Spangles, that happy,<br />

fruity, post-war creation that came in fun<br />

stripy packaging and nearly shut down<br />

school learning altogether when it launched<br />

a mystery Spangles flavour, over which<br />

we still have an ongoing bet that it<br />

was actually<br />

grapefruit!<br />

Chocolate delights<br />

If you reached break absolutely<br />

starving, there was nothing for it<br />

– you had to have a Mars bar, or a<br />

Wagon Wheel the size of your head,<br />

packed with pillowy marshmallow<br />

and with enough calories to feed the<br />

entire class. Marathon bars (which<br />

later became Snickers in 1990)<br />

were also bestsellers as were the<br />

long-lived Rolo, KitKat and Fry’s<br />

Chocolate Cream.<br />

Savoury, salty<br />

and scrummy!<br />

Sometimes we just didn’t<br />

fancy the sweet stuff at<br />

which point a rummage<br />

through the crisp and<br />

savoury section seemed<br />

a good substitute.<br />

Crisps-wise there were all the<br />

Walkers classics which of course led<br />

to the argument of the playground<br />

– ready salted or salt and vinegar? If<br />

you liked the latter, Chipsticks were<br />

another big favourite, especially<br />

when you got to the end and gulped<br />

back up all the sharp, salty dust left<br />

at the bottom so it made your eyes<br />

water. Others were more of a fan of<br />

the likes of Salt ‘n’ Shake with the<br />

excitement of adding your own salt!<br />

All Stars, Piglets, Monster Munch<br />

and Golden Wonder were the other<br />

big-hitters if you went to school<br />

in the Seventies. And if you didn’t<br />

much like crisps, there were<br />

always TUC biscuits or Jacob’s<br />

Cheeselets, both of which were<br />

terrifyingly addictive.<br />

n What are your memories of your<br />

school tuck shop? Let us know at<br />

the address on page 3<br />


17<br />


take a trip<br />

Best breaks for<br />

food lovers<br />

See the sights, soak up<br />

the culture and tantalise<br />

your tastebuds with a<br />

gourmet getaway<br />

By Gabrielle Albert<br />

PICs: alamy stock photo, shutterstock. *SOURCE: BOOKING.COM<br />

Peckish in Porto<br />

Warm weather, sandy beaches and idyllic<br />

scenery make Portugal a perfect holiday<br />

destination. But if food is top of your<br />

agenda, you’ll want to visit the northern<br />

city of Porto. With fresh fish from the<br />

Atlantic, meats and produce from nearby<br />

farms and the Douro vineyards just a<br />

few miles away, its restaurants<br />

are guaranteed to serve the finest<br />

local ingredients.<br />

The city’s most famous dish is<br />

Francesinha – a hearty open sandwich<br />

with layers of smoked garlic sausage,<br />

roast steak or pork, ham, melted cheese<br />

and a spicy tomato sauce made with beer.<br />

But if this all sounds a bit too rich for you,<br />

Porto is also awash with superb seafood,<br />

so you can try everything from simple<br />

sardines and traditional Portuguese salt<br />

cod to grilled octopus and lobster.<br />

n Sample some of the finest regional<br />

food and wine on a tasting tour in the<br />

picturesque Douro Valley. From £86.<br />

Call +351 224 041 536 or visit<br />

www.meridian4people.pt<br />

Picture perfect –<br />

the Portuguese<br />

city of Porto<br />

Tempting tapas<br />

If you’re a real foodie, then a visit to San<br />

Sebastian in Spain’s Basque country is a<br />

must. This city boasts more Michelin stars<br />

per square metre than almost anywhere else<br />

in the world. Its most iconic dishes include<br />

cod fried in olive oil (bacalao pil pil), goose<br />

barnacles (percebes) and hake and cod<br />

cheeks (kokotxas).<br />

Be sure to sample the famous pintxos –<br />

delicious Basque-style tapas found in bars<br />

throughout the city which is<br />

made up of small pieces of<br />

bread, topped with ham,<br />

prawns, anchovies,<br />

cheese, chorizo or<br />

wild mushroom<br />

croquettes.<br />

94<br />


Bon appétit!<br />

Not only is the French city of<br />

Lyon strikingly picturesque,<br />

it’s definitely the place to be if<br />

you love fragrant cheeses and<br />

delicious deli meats. And, in<br />

true French style, it has enough<br />

patisseries and chocolatiers to<br />

satisfy any sweet tooth.<br />

A trip here wouldn’t be<br />

complete without a meal at one<br />

of its many bouchons. These<br />

simple family restaurants focus<br />

on traditional dishes, such as<br />

quenelle (creamed fish mixed<br />

with breadcrumbs), Rosette de<br />

Lyon (cured sausage), coq au<br />

vin (a braised chicken dish)<br />

and pistachio sausage (served<br />

with mashed potatoes and a<br />

cream sauce).<br />

Walk it all off with a trip to<br />

the market, Les<br />

Halles de Lyon<br />

Paul Bocuse,<br />

which is a<br />

food lovers’<br />

paradise,<br />

More than 61 per cent<br />

of travellers choose a<br />

holiday destination for<br />

its great food or drink*<br />

That’s amore…<br />

The city of Bologna, capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna<br />

region, will capture your heart, soul and tastebuds. The<br />

Bolognese take their food tradition very seriously. In fact,<br />

the city is known as ‘La Grassa’ meaning ‘The Fat One’,<br />

and for good reason! Wherever you go, there’s always<br />

an abundance of tortellini, the moreish mortadella<br />

(a cooked cured pork sausage), Parmesan and real<br />

ragu. You’ll also find a variety of cured meats, such as<br />

prosciutto di Parma and culatello in surrounding markets.<br />

You won’t find too many expensive restaurants here – the<br />

culture is very much about eating local food together in<br />

an informal setting.<br />

n Get an authentic Bologna culinary experience<br />

with a Food Valley Tour and prepare your own<br />

four-course meal under the guidance of a chef.<br />

Prices from £172. Call +39 0521798 515 or visit<br />

www.foodvalleytravel.com<br />

and make a beeline for the Mère<br />

Richard stall, where you can<br />

get your hands on the region’s<br />

best Saint-Marcellin cheese<br />

and have it vacuum-packed<br />

to take home.<br />

Find British food<br />

at its best in<br />

Ludlow<br />

Dane-licious<br />

take a trip<br />

With 13 Michelin-star restaurants, it’s no wonder that<br />

Copenhagen is famed as one of Europe’s gourmet<br />

capitals. But you needn’t spend a fortune to enjoy a<br />

delicious meal here. A huge part of the Danish diet<br />

consists of the inexpensive and popular smørrebrød –<br />

a delicious open-faced sandwich with buttered rye<br />

bread and a choice of meat, fish or veggie toppings.<br />

If you want a hearty meal, try the stegt flæsk. This<br />

national dish of fried pork belly, potato and white<br />

sauce has been around for centuries and can be<br />

ordered in almost any restaurant.<br />

Fancy something sweet? Denmark’s pastry scene is<br />

at its most vibrant in Copenhagen and the city is home<br />

to lots of bakeries serving up traditional treats.<br />

n Learn how to make authentic Danish rye bread,<br />

sourdough buns and pastries at a cooking class with<br />

local bakers. Prices from £94. Call +45 3112 0639 or<br />

visit www.cphcookingclass.com<br />

Scrumptious Shropshire<br />

You needn’t venture abroad – you can enjoy great<br />

food in the UK. The ancient market town of Ludlow<br />

offers something to suit all tastes and budgets. But<br />

don’t let its quaint charm deceive you – it takes its<br />

food very seriously. Walk down the High Street and<br />

you’ll pass farm shops, traditional butchers and<br />

artisan bakeries – each boasting quality, locally<br />

sourced produce that rivals anywhere<br />

else in the country. Visit one of its many<br />

bistros and gastropubs and you’ll<br />

find lots of takes on British classics.<br />

The town likes to celebrate its<br />

culinary prowess and holds a local<br />

produce market on the second and<br />

fourth Thursday of every month. In<br />

September, crowds flock to the annual<br />

Ludlow Food Festival, with plenty of<br />

delicious food and drink to try!

There’s nothing<br />

quite like a<br />

good dose of<br />

sunshine to<br />

Soak up<br />

lift your mood<br />

and make you<br />

Sun<br />

feel better – and that feelgood<br />

factor isn’t just in<br />

The<br />

your mind, the sun really<br />

does have the power to<br />

improve your health and<br />

wellbeing. While it’s still<br />

important to protect your<br />

skin from UV rays, studies<br />

show that a sensible<br />

amount of sunshine every<br />

day could help to boost<br />

your immunity.<br />

Uplifting light<br />

Throw open your curtains<br />

and let the morning sunlight<br />

flood in for the ultimate mood<br />

boost. “Sunlight increases your<br />

serotonin levels which, in turn,<br />

may make you happier,” says<br />

Dr Ross Perry, sun expert and<br />

medical director of Cosmedics<br />

UK. “Serotonin is your body’s<br />

natural happy hormone,<br />

an important chemical and<br />

neurotransmitter that is<br />

believed to help regulate<br />

your mood, behaviour,<br />

appetite, digestion, sleep<br />

and memory.”<br />

An early-morning sunshine<br />

hit could also give your energy<br />

levels a boost by regulating<br />

Did you<br />

know?<br />

The sun can help to<br />

warm your muscles and<br />

ease stiffness, reducing<br />

the pain caused by<br />

inflammatory conditions<br />

such as arthritis.<br />

another hormone in your body<br />

called melatonin. “Melatonin<br />

is produced in the pineal gland<br />

of your brain. It’s responsible<br />

for regulating your sleep<br />

cycles,” says Dr Perry. “Studies<br />

have suggested that without<br />

daily exposure to sunlight,<br />

we don’t produce optimal<br />

levels of melatonin, which<br />

could make us feel sluggish<br />

and tired. During the summer<br />

when you’re exposed to the<br />

sun and see more daylight,<br />

you probably notice that you<br />

need less sleep but feel just as<br />

lively. That’s all down to the<br />

sun revving up your<br />

melatonin levels.”<br />

Am I deficient?<br />

By Rebecca Speechley<br />

Used sensibly, the sun can be<br />

the ultimate health booster<br />

– here’s how to get all the<br />

benefits from those rays.<br />

Did you<br />

know?<br />

Getting enough Vitamin<br />

D circulating in your<br />

bloodstream could help<br />

to boost your memory<br />

and reduce your risk<br />

of dementia.<br />

You’re more likely to have low Vitamin D levels in the winter when the<br />

sun isn’t strong enough in the UK to top you up. The most common<br />

symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are general tiredness, aches and<br />

pains and not feeling right. Your GP can give you a blood test to<br />

check your Vitamin D levels. While a dose of sunshine can<br />

help, if your levels are very low you will need to take a<br />

supplement to redress the balance. Speak to your GP for advice.

keeping healthy<br />

A stronger, healthier you<br />

While you’re soaking up<br />

extra energy and a brighter<br />

outlook, your skin is also<br />

using the sun’s UVB rays<br />

to manufacture Vitamin D,<br />

which brings with it all sorts<br />

of health benefits.<br />

Vitamin D deficiency is<br />

actually quite common in<br />

the UK, with one in five of us<br />

not getting enough.<br />

It’s essential for<br />

absorbing calcium, keeping<br />

your bones healthy, and<br />

for protecting you against<br />

health problems later in life,<br />

such as osteoporosis, Type 2<br />

diabetes, multiple sclerosis<br />

and some common cancers<br />

such as breast, prostate and<br />

pancreatic cancer.<br />

“Sun exposure is the<br />

best way to maintain your<br />

Vitamin D levels,” says Dr<br />

Perry. “When the UVB rays<br />

hit your skin, they cause<br />

a chemical reaction that<br />

turns certain cholesterols<br />

in your body into a form of<br />

Vitamin D that your body<br />

can use.”<br />

As well as protecting your<br />

long-term health, topping<br />

up your Vitamin D levels<br />

could help you to keep your<br />

waist trim. Scientists from<br />

the Netherlands found that<br />

people with low Vitamin<br />

D levels are more likely to<br />

be overweight and store<br />

their extra fat around<br />

their middle than people<br />

who get enough of the<br />

vitamin. The experts are<br />

still investigating exactly<br />

how the sunshine vitamin<br />

is linked to weight gain, but<br />

they think that low levels<br />

could affect your insulin<br />

receptors and your blood<br />

sugar balance, which in turn<br />

could bump you up a dress<br />

size or two.<br />

“You don’t need much<br />

sun to get the benefits,” says<br />

Dr Perry. “Just 20 minutes of<br />

sun on your arms and legs<br />

two to three times a week<br />

could be enough to top up<br />

your Vitamin D levels.”<br />

In the winter, the sun in<br />

the UK isn’t strong enough,<br />

so Public Health England<br />

recommends that everyone<br />

should take a 10mcg<br />

Vitamin D supplement.<br />

Staying safe<br />

You don’t need to get<br />

sunburnt, or even have a<br />

tan, to get a health boost<br />

from the sun. In fact,<br />

both are best avoided.<br />

“There is no such thing<br />

as a healthy sun tan,”<br />

says Dr Perry. “A tan is a<br />

response to DNA damage,<br />

whether you get it on<br />

the beach, on a sunbed,<br />

or through incidental<br />

exposure. Tans are caused<br />

by harmful ultraviolet<br />

(UV) radiation from the<br />

sun, and if you have<br />

one, you’ve sustained<br />

skin cell damage. Such<br />

damage is instrumental<br />

in the development of<br />

skin cancer, and it also<br />

accelerates skin ageing<br />

so you’ll have more lines,<br />

wrinkles and age spots.”<br />

Remember, you only<br />

need to be in the sun for<br />

20 minutes a few times<br />

a week to make enough<br />

Vitamin D, after that it’s<br />

important to protect your<br />

skin from UV rays. “Seek<br />

a high SPF sunscreen<br />

(with a SPF of at least 30)<br />

and look for a 5-star UVA<br />

rating, which indicates<br />

maximum protection<br />

against ageing UV rays.”<br />

Make sure you<br />

apply it regularly,<br />

at least every<br />

few hours, and<br />

liberally – most<br />

of us don’t use<br />

enough sun<br />

cream to protect<br />

our skin.<br />

PICs: shutterstock<br />



Best for<br />

1 wrinkles…<br />

Care Collagen Beauty<br />

Formula, £23.95/90 caps<br />

Collagen gives structure and<br />

strength to skin, bones and<br />

muscles but its production<br />

naturally slows as we age<br />

and wrinkles form. This<br />

supplement also contains<br />

skin-healthy nutrients such<br />

as Vitamin C, B2 and B3,<br />

copper, zinc and biotin.<br />

Our tester said...<br />

“My skin feels a lot softer<br />

and looks healthier<br />

overall. The capsules are<br />

large, so are easier to<br />

swallow with a drink.”<br />

3 Best pill-free<br />

choice<br />

LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair<br />

& Nails, £29.99/10 x 50ml<br />

Beauty<br />

Alongside a healthy, balanced diet,<br />

a beauty supplement can help<br />

target issues such as thinning hair,<br />

fragile nails and even wrinkles.<br />

Here’s our top five…<br />

look good<br />

Supplements<br />

on test<br />

By Beauty Editor, Michelle Nightingale<br />

2 Best for<br />

hair growth…<br />

Hairburst Chewable Hair<br />

Vitamins, £19.99/60<br />

gummies (30-day supply)<br />

If you’re seeking healthier<br />

locks and faster hair growth<br />

this supplement is for you.<br />

It contains biotin, selenium,<br />

zinc, Vitamin B12 and<br />

pantothenic acid – all key<br />

ingredients for boosting hair<br />

health and reducing thinning.<br />

Our tester said “These<br />

chewable pastilles taste just<br />

like sweets! After just a few<br />

weeks my hair looks in better<br />

condition and appears thicker.”<br />

Best allrounder…<br />

5<br />

Perfectil Platinum,<br />

£40.35/60 tabs<br />

(30-day supply)<br />

Containing high levels of<br />

marine collagen, hyaluronic<br />

acid, biotin and resveratrol,<br />

this highly concentrated<br />

supplement works on hair,<br />

skin and nails. The liquid<br />

formula is also ideal for those<br />

who struggle to swallow pills.<br />

Our tester said… “My skin<br />

looks fresher and plumper.<br />

A bit costly, but I still saw good<br />

results when taking them every<br />

other day. I liked<br />

the taste too!”<br />

Best<br />

for budget…<br />

Nurture Hair & Nail<br />

Strengthener, £10.95/90 caps<br />

(45-day supply)<br />

Contains very high levels of biotin<br />

(Vitamin B7) which can help improve nail<br />

thickness and strength.<br />

Our tester said... “After<br />

just a few weeks, my nails are<br />

smoother and glossier and<br />

have a natural shine.”<br />

Stockists:<br />

Care Collagen<br />

available from<br />

Tesco 0800<br />

323 4040;<br />

Hairburst and<br />

LQ Liquid Health<br />

available from<br />

Boots 0345 070<br />

8090; Nurture<br />

0800 072<br />

9510; Perfectil<br />

available from<br />

Boots<br />

Although costly, this<br />

supplement has very high<br />

levels of nutrients and is<br />

a complete formula, so<br />

there’s no need to take a<br />

multivitamin, too.<br />

Our tester said...<br />

“I saw results pretty quickly –<br />

particularly in the condition<br />

of my nails and hair. My skin<br />

looks clearer, brighter and I<br />

look less tired! I like that it’s a<br />

general multivitamin too, but<br />

the tablets are huge.”<br />

pics: backup, shutterstock<br />



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