How to Clean Scanner & Perform Maintenance on HP Designjet HD Scanners?

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When you want to clean scanner & perform scanner maintenance on HP Designjet HD Scanners, you should take complete solutions from certified technical experts. You should call online HP scanner customer support team via calling 1-855-461-5433 to get complete and proper technical guidance over a short period of time.

ong>Howong> ong>toong> ong>Cleanong> ong>Scannerong> & ong>Performong> ong>Maintenanceong> on HP Designjet HD ong>Scannerong>s?

While using HP Designjet HD ong>Scannerong>, you can face some types of technical errors unexpectedly. You

should follow the straightforward procedure ong>toong> clean the scanner successfully and perform the proper

scanner maintenance on HP Designjet HD ong>Scannerong>s. Different scanning quality problems may appear if

the scanner is not properly standardized. Different scanner system error codes or messages may appear,

when scanning or running the scanner maintenance wizard. All these errors can be solved just by

performing a quick cleaning, removing the parameter blocks and run the scanner maintenance properly.

If you have any technical error with HP scanner, you should call Online HP scanner support team ong>toong> get

immediate solutions within few seconds. Plus, you can follow some important instructions given below:-

ong>Cleanong>ing the scanner-

1. You need ong>toong> open the scanner’s cover just by holding down the two lever butong>toong>ns on every side

of it. Then you need ong>toong> flip the cover open.

2. You should clean white background with the help of a lint-free cloth and non-abrasive liquid.

3. You have ong>toong> clean the glass plate just by using a lint free cloth and non-abrasive liquid.

4. Check carefully scrapes on white background and glass plate.

5. You should clean the upper and lower rollers with the help of non-abrasive liquid and a lint-free


6. You must clean the surface of the scanner with aid of a lint-free cloth and non-abrasive liquid.

7. You need ong>toong> close the cover of the scanner.

Running scanner maintenance:-

1. Confirm that the scanner is clean.

2. Make sure that lamp is ON.

3. Confirm that the lamp has not been for more than 4000 hours.

4. Make sure that lamp has been for at least one hour.

5. Check carefully the calibration sheet is in good conditions.

6. Confirm that the cover of the scanner is in the lowermost position.

7. On the panel PC choose, “Setup”.

8. Select, “options”.

9. Select “scanning” option.

10. Select “ong>Scannerong> ong>Maintenanceong>.”

11. Choose “Erase parameter blocks”. A confirmation message will be displayed.

12. Select “No” If a message about resong>toong>ring firmware data from file appears.

13. Select “Next” once the parameter blocks have been removed.

14. Select “Next” ong>toong> run the scanner maintenance just by following onscreen steps.

All above instructions are not sufficient for clean scanner & perform scanner maintenance on HP

Designjet HD ong>Scannerong>s; you should call online HP scanner cusong>toong>mer support team through calling 1-855-

461-5433 ong>toong> get complete and proper technical guidance over a short period of time.

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