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Be Careful
Rob tells his wife to be careful, then he has an unexpected accident at home.

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Story by Chris Malakar
Pictures by Moira Hanrahan

Be Careful

Story by Chris Malakar

Pictures by Moira Hanrahan

Page Turners Series 6

Be Careful

Story by Chris Malakar

Pictures by Moira Hanrahan


"I'm going for a bike ride," Stella said to

her husband Rob.

"Be careful, Stella. That track can be


"I'll be fine, Rob. Angie is coming with


"Bring Angie home for dinner. I'll cook

something nice."


Rob got out the lettuce, tomatoes,

onions and a red pepper. He got some

herbs from the garden.

He made a big, fresh salad.


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A) Are these sentences true or false? Change the

false sentences to make them true. Then copy the

sentences out.

1 Stella went for a bike ride.

2 Rob wanted to make rice with Bolognese sauce.

3 Rob looked for the can opener in the cupboard.

4 Rob’s back went as he bent over to pick up the can


5 Rob couldn’t stand up or sit down.

6 He started to laugh.

7 Stella and Angie took Rob to the chemist.

8 The doctor said, ”You have to be careful cooking.”

9 After one week Rob’s back was much better.

10 At the end Stella told Rob to be careful cooking.

B) Which of these would you do if you hurt your back

like Rob? Write down what you would do.

• rest

• have a massage

• see a doctor or physiotherapist

• take painkillers

• go for a swim

• exercise gently

C) Look at page 3. What did Rob put in the salad?

What do you like to put in a salad?

How do you make a salad?


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