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Dennis visited his Grandma every week, but Grandma wasn’t very happy about it.

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Story by Anne Dunn
Pictures by Moira Hanrahan


Story by Anne Dunn

Pictures by Moira Hanrahan


Dennis's grandma moved into a nursing home.

She liked it there. She made lots of friends.

Dennis visited her every week.


The first week Grandma had

grapes beside her bed.

Dennis liked grapes. He ate

them all.


The second week Grandma had strawberries.

Dennis ate all the strawberries.


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Here is the story again, with some mistakes.

Circle the mistakes.

Dennis’s auntie moved into a shop. She hated it there.

She made lots of socks. Dennis visited her every year.

The first week Grandma had chips beside her bed.

Dennis didn’t touch them. The next week she had

strawberries. Dennis didn’t like them so he didn't eat any. The

sixth week she had apples and Dennis ate them all. Every week

Dennis ate Grandma’s slippers. Grandma was very happy about


True or false? Copy out the true sentences, and fix the false

ones so they are also true.

1) Grandma was happy in the nursing home.

2) Grandma had no friends.

3) Dennis never visited her.

4) Dennis liked food.

5) Grandma was happy to let Dennis eat her food.

6) Grandma had very good teeth.

7) Grandma liked chocolate.

8) Grandma didn’t eat peanuts.

Divide this list into things you can eat and things you can’t.

Copy them out.

Peanuts, shoes, bed, lamp, strawberries, slippers, grapes,

books, bowl, teeth, cherries, chocolate, photos, chips, flowers,

magazines, biscuits.


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