In a tiny corner of the Aegean Sea, hidden among the numerous
isles of the Mediterranean, lies a hidden treasure, a small beachfront
haven of opulence and hedonism. The island is Mykonos,
the beach is Psarou, and the slice of heaven that will captivate
your senses and your heart is Nammos. You may have heard of
places that once visited, remain forever in the memory.
Nammos is one of them.



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vol.3 | summer 2018


Once Up on

a Summer

In a tiny corner of the Aegean Sea, hidden among the numerous

isles of the Mediterranean, lies a hidden treasure, a small beachfront

haven of opulence and hedonism. The island is Mykonos,

the beach is Psarou, and the slice of heaven that will captivate

your senses and your heart is Nammos. You may have heard of

places that once visited, remain forever in the memory.

Nammos is one of them.

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The pop-up store will be open from June 20th until end of season,

from 11am until 11pm daily.



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Restaurant by the Sea S.A., Psarou Beach, Mykonos.


Years of A LEGEND

This is not just another summer on the beach of Psarou, but time moments when we surrendered to Mykonos beauty; the times

to celebrate. For here at Nammos we are celebrating our 15th we danced, the nights we partied and the tastes that have

birthday! Born under the bright sun of the Aegean, illuminated become more and more delicious year after year. We thought

by Apollo’s light, nestled in the golden sands of Psarou beach about our new concepts -Nammos Village, Nammos Spa by

and nourished by the breeze and the tastes of summer, our little Sisley, the Cabanas- and everything else that has combined to

endeavour has grown over the years and been embraced by make Nammos the ultimate summer destination! And, above

many! We are so grateful for all these precious moments. What all, we thought of all of you, our guests and how your love for

started as a seaside restaurant has now become a benchmark Nammos has helped us become what we are today. We really

for gastronomy, style, fun and for life itself! And we are determing can't thank you enough!

to carry on offering the best summer experience for many years So, welcome to the summer mecca of luxury, refined gastronomy,

to come!

ultra-chic beach life and fashion. We may be feeling a little nostalgic

Here in this anniversary edition of Nammos Magazine we present but that doesn't mean we can't look forward to the summers that

our latest news together with our best and fondest memories, lie ahead. And above all we can promise you one thing: that we

all the things that have helped to create the legacy of Nammos will continue to define what makes your Nammos experience

over the summers that have passed, the summer we are living so outstanding, an exciting feeling, a sprightly party, a mouthwatering

bite, a luscious sip. It's all these priceless details that make

now and all the summers we have yet to enjoy. We have cast

our minds back to every single year, recalling the passionate Nammos so memorable. All the things that make you fall in love!

Let’s move on now to the experiences we will remember for another 15 years to come!



It is 15 years since the idea became a reality. You see, Psarou Beach already had a repution for hosting the best beach

parties; all it needed was a boost of creativity to transform it into a beach venue, a destination, the spot we all have

come to love over the years. Since that first headline, when Nammos was described as a sensation, a place-to-be, the

destination of a lifetime; we have lost count of the many other accolades that we have been privileged to receive since

2003. What matters is that we have never stopped having fun, we have never stopped trying to keep the beach of Psarou

the best place-to-be in the Mediterranean, and we have never stopped loving you! This edition celebrates the 15 years

of Nammos’ glory; a reminder to all of us of what Nammos truly is. Over the next few pages you will discover the true

essence of Nammos through a list of the 15 things that define Nammos and the story of the Psarou beach. Let’s raise our

champagne glasses and toast to the 15 years of Nammos- and to the next 15!



years of

celebrating life

It is already 15 years since that first party, the very first fiesta that placed Nammos on the map of global

beachside entertainment. The Grand Opening of Nammos, back in 2003, was the day when everything

changed for the island of Mykonos; and we couldn’t be prouder of the long way we have come.

What started as a seaside restaurant on a quaint beach has become a worldrenowned

destination for luxury lounging, a spot where refined gastronomy and

VIP services meet the stunning beach of Psarou. It is already 15 years and we

cannot stop counting all the things that have changed and, at the same time, all

the things that have remained the same. We have come a long way since then…

15 years creating an unforgettable experience for all those reaching the shores

of Psarou; 15 summers leading the way and setting new trends for gastronomy,

lounging and partying! 15 years striving to offer you the best of summer, the best

this fabulous island has to offer and the best time of your life! And we have ventured

even beyond the fabulous Psarou beach. We brought Ling Ling by Hakkasan to

the Mykonos’ Chora, we redefined fashion and shopping at Nammos Village,

and we travelled to the top of the world -to the French Alps- to bring a touch of

that inimitable Nammos mystique with Nammos at Courchevel 1850!

These past 15 years have been full of memories and full of you, our valued visitors.

Nammos would be nothing more than a simple beach venue if it had not been

for its devoted fans, all of you who have shared the beauty of the Aegean Sea,

who have danced under the sun and the moon, who have spent the greatest

moments of your lives here on the golden sands of Psarou. So, bring along all

your own most treasure memories of this amazing place, and join us in creating

many more. Explore all the new things Nammos has in store for you, indulge

in tastes, feelings and sensations and let Nammos spoil you to the max! Fun,

elegance and endless pleasure that only our exclusive and impeccable services

could provide.

Still, after all these years, all the headlines, so many brand new ideas, countless

parties, thousands of people having the time of their life, innumerable champagne

bottles and immeasurable sensations, one thing has remained the same: our true,

undeniable love for Psarou Beach and Nammos! Here’s to another 15 summers

of celebrating life.


What defines Nammos/

Nammos is…

What if there were only 15 elements to define Nammos! What if we had

to describe Nammos in just 15 words! Hard, but let us try! Let’s take a

journey back in time. Let’s count the summers, the moments,

the nights and the tastes that together speak of Nammos!




Back in summer 2003, something changed on

Mykonos! A tiny beach that used to be known only

to a lucky few became an instant sensation as word

of mouth spread about a new beach restaurant that

served great food, played amazing music and gave

everyone the time of their life! Nammos was bound to

become a highly sought-after destination…


Astute, attentive and gracious; these are the words that

best describe the high standards of Nammos service.

In short, your wish is our command. Every year we

strive to add more exquisite services to the Nammos

experience, anticipating every desire and upgrading

your beachside fun!


The tastes

Our culinary exploits have taken us in many directions;

still, one thing has always remained constant throughout

our gastronomic journeys. We have never stopped

serving fresh, high quality food; we have never stopped

striving for the most exquisite tastes; we have never

stopped trying to please even the most highly demanding

and discerning palates!


The Nights

As the sun sets and the stars appear, so Nammos

evolves into a mystifying entity of lavish entertainment and

pleasurable surrender. The shimmering moonlight, the

golden hue of champagne and the fireworks that light up

the sky are sensations that can never be forgotten.

15 years of Nammos nights that we will always cherish

-with many more to come!


If you could paint Nammos with just one colour, it would

have to be gold! From the reflection of the sun on the

glistening waters and the golden sand of Psarou beach

to the vibrant colour of champagne and the twinkling

stars, gold is what sparkles all over Nammos!


No meal is concluded, no summer day is complete,

and no perfection is achieved without a sweet treat

at the end! And Nammos’ desserts are without

parallel! Tempt your palate and indulge.

Truly heaven on a plate!

The View

Early mornings you can spot the fishing boats floating

next to the luxurious yachts! Whether relaxing on the

sunbeds, savouring delicious dishes or just dancing,

the welcoming calm azure waters of Psarou Beach

captivate your senses!


Nammos is a favourite destination for celebrities

from all over the world, who come for the exclusive

lavishness that goes hand in hand with the Nammos

name. They keep returning for the amazing ambiance,

the impeccable service and the thrilling one-of-a-kind

experience that all make it well- worth travelling from

every corner of the world to Psarou Beach!


is what you


what you feel,

what you


what you see


what you



There is something about certain concerts

that moves us in a unique way. Remember the

beachside concerts at Nammos? How the music

seemed different as it echoed over the waves?

How the stars dance to the rhythm of the night and

the sand led your dance steps to eternity? We are

sure you do remember, and we promise many

more summers filled with music!

A Cocktail

Summer infusions that speak volumes; the sea breeze

gently ruffling your hair as you sip on a signature

Nammos cocktail; tastes that bring back memories of

tales lived in the waters of Psarou, and stories written on

the sand. Every cocktail tells a story. What’s yours?


The source of inspiration is the beach of Psarou.

A sandy haven, mostly unaffected by the harsh

northern winds of Mykonos and, immersed in the

wilderness, the perfect spot for unforgettable days.

So, deep down, it all begins and ends with one thing

alone: the gorgeous beach of Psarou.


Nammos is where dance tracks have become instant

classics; where the best events, concerts and parties

have shaped the Mykonos party scene. Nammos

redefined lounging on the beach! What you hear is

not just background music, it is the soundtrack of your

Nammos summer; and it is amazing!


Nammos made dancing on the beach cool again! The

liberating, exhilarating sensation of dancing with your

feet on the sand and splashing in the crystalline waters

is unbeatable, and the reason why Nammos feels like

a party with no ending! Sense the rhythm and start

dancing, that’s what we do in Nammos!


The colours of sea and sand are the colours of

Nammos! Turquoise and white stripes, a sight so

synonymous with Nammos you would recognize

it from miles away. The vibrant blues and golds that

welcome you as you enter the Psarou cove, and as

you walk through the golden sands to your sunbed.

These are the hues that wish you good morning

and bid you farewell.



A Promise

Continuing the legacy of Nammos has always been

our top priority! For the past 15 years we have never

stopped innovating beach entertainment and raising

the bar when it comes to the best possible food,

music, service and fun! We can only promise to

continue for at least 15 more equally incredible years!

chora 84600, MYKONOS

t +30 22890 22102






15 Skoufa str.

10673 Kolonaki, Athens

+30 210 3635600


11 Kolokotroni str.

14562 Kifissia, Athens

+30 210 8016641




+30 2289 022015


14 Kolokotroni str.

14562 Kifissia, Athens

+30 210 8085182



40 Apollonos str.

16671 Vouliagmeni, Athens




Step off the beaten track over the next few pages

we show you another side of Mykonos. Together we

will discover the landmarks that define the island, all

the special corners in and around Mykonos that you

should know about. We will also take an insider’s look

at the beach that hosts Nammos, the amazing Psarou,

and welcome brand new and exciting additions to the

island. Read our special feature on Mykonos to learn

everything about -and make you fall in love with- this

small yet majestic piece of land. It is all in the Mykonos

Insider’s section of Nammos Magazine.




of Mykonos!

For such a tiny island, Mykonos has so much to offer its visitors, from ancient treasures

to every modern and indulgent luxury. If that wasn't enough, this stunningly beautiful

place is the ultimate definition of cosmopolitan life! Come and discover the 15 local

landmarks that complete the Mykonos Experiences in this very special feature!

The ever-proud


of Mykonos

No image is more iconic and more

representative of Mykonos than the

pristine white windmills overlooking the

old port of Chora. Perhaps the symbol

of the entire Cyclades, the windmills of Chora connect the island's past with its

present. Once an accepted part of everyday life, today they are a beloved

landmark that visitors and locals alike find irresistible. Admire them at sunset,

when the colours of the sun’s farewell transform them into vivid works of art!

Shores unspoilt:



Mykonos is all about its beaches; some of

them bustle with life, making them perfect

for parties; others are more secluded and

remote, tailor-made for idyllic moments

with nothing standing between you and the wonders of nature. Houlakia is

such a beach, with its round pebbles instead insted of golden sand it has a

mystifying ambiance tha is totally irresistible. Discover this seaside slice of

heaven about 5 km north of Chora – but do keep the secret to yourself!


Sure, you have watched thousands

of sunsets. Still, the sun


setting over the Aegean, especially from picturesque spots such as the

Mykonos windmills and Little Venice, is a truly remarkable experience that

you will find hard to surpass. Feel the empowering last sunbeams of the day

caressing your face as the sun sinks gloriously below the horizon; you won’t

be able to wait for tomorrow’s sunset!



Little Venice

more like Grand


Just like most amazing spots

on Mykonos, Little Venice

pops up out of nowhere and

stuns you with its charms. You

will instantly recognize it from

postcards, and you will surely wonder who were the lucky few whose homes

were located in such an enviable location. This iconic spot lies right beneath

the windmills in the Old Port of Chora. If you cannot find it, just follow the crowds

in the evening who are heading here for the sunset!

Τhe stars of the sky

meet the stars of

the big screen!

Enjoy the latest movie

releases the Greek way!

Outdoor cinemas are

a much-loved summer

night-out for locals,

and the refreshing sea breeze of Mykonos makes the viewing even more

pleasurable! Offering a unique movie-going experience, with cosy seating

and a choice of drinks and snacks in a quaint atmosphere, the scene is set

for a very special night! Mykonos proudly claims a charming open-air cinema

immersed in a lush –always cool– garden in the center of Chora; a hidden

paradise for all film-lovers!


To accommodate the increasing

number of sailing boats and

the New Marina

yachts reaching the shores of

Mykonos, the island's brand

of Mykonos new marina was built in the

cove of Tourlos, right next to Chora. Just a step away from all the exhilarating

fun of Chora, the marina is a secure, ultra-modern and welcoming facility,

where you can dock in peace.


This is where the journey of

taste begins. This is the place

Marketplace where you can find the finnest

of Mykonos ingredients for any recipe,

from fish and seafood unloaded daily from the fishermen’s boats, to freshly

harvested local vegetables, fruits and herbs. Even artisanal products such as

the famous Mykonian cheeses. In other words, a chef’s heaven! The secret to

finding the pick of the crop, is to arrive here as early in the morning as possible,

just like Nammos’ chefs do!



If you want to experience Mykonos at

its most authentic, then head inland to


Ano Mera. This traditional village was

of Ano Mera built around the imposing monastery

of Panagia Tourliani, itself an exemplary sample of Cycladic architecture that

features an impressive baroque wooden altar and a fascinating ecclesiastical

museum. The ornate marble fountain and the monastery’s bell tower are also

considered exceptional Mykonian landmarks.


The Castle of Panigiraki is a place of

immense historical significance. Built

Castle in the early 18th century, it predates

the industrial era and remains the only standing castle on Mykonos. From the

vantage point of the castle and the windmill, you can enjoy amazing, breath

taking views of the sea and Chora, while it is the perfect backdrop for amazing

photo shoots and romantic events.

The top

of Mykonos

Profitis Ilias

The highest point of the rugged,

almost savage terrain of Mykonos,

is the barren peak of Profitis Ilias.

The hike to the top is definitely

worth it, offering panoramic views of the vast blue expanse of the Aegean that

will stay in the memory forever. If you are looking for an awe-inspiring view that

reaches as far as the eye can see, then this is the spot for you!


The Lighthouse of

Armenistis is one of


Mykonos' major attractions.

The scenery

at the end of the isle

is gorgeous and the sensation of being at the end of the world exhilarating.

Gazing at the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea, as boats and yachts sail by, may

keep you entranced for hours without you even realizing it! See for yourself the

reason why some say lighthouses are built on the best spots of a coast!


White, blue and gorgeous

The iconic architecture

of Mykonos

the Mykonian

and the Cyclades

Architecture is as simple as it is

beautiful. Bold lines, cubic shapes, the colors that range from blinding white

and the refreshing blue of shutters and domes to the vibrant fuchsia of the

bougainvillea, are truly mesmerizing. Being an ode to summer, the picturesque

Cycladic houses stay cool inside yet are still flooded with natural light. Perfectly

balanced between heaven and earth, these tiny blocks of perfection welcome

you to Mykonos!

A church

Take a short walk around town and

you will notice just how many churches

for every day

there are here. Tiny Chora boasts over

of the year! 60 churches alone, whereas the entire

island has at least one church for every day of the year! Each one with their

own distinct character, the picturesque churches of Mykonos are almost like

a precious collection; discovering them one by one is a pleasant surprise that

soon becomes addictive!




a treasured


Right by the sea, in the Old

Port of Chora, the Municipality

Building is another Mykonos

landmark. It is an elegant, neoclassical

building -one of the

very few in Chora with a tiled

roof- that was built in 1780 as

the Russian Consulate of the Aegean Archipelago. Over two centuries later it

houses the Municipality of Mykonos, thereby remaining continuing to remain

an integral part of the island’s community.

The charming

church of


On every island of the

Cyclades, where most of

the male population were

once sailors, it was customary

for captains, crews and their families to pray to Panagia (Mother Mary of the

Sea). Churches devoted to the Protector were always built on rocks right by

the sea, and every family has a story to tell of a miraculous save by Her grace.

This is the church of Galazia (light blue ) Panagia in Mykonos.


The beach



Soft golden sand shaped into a heart with your

fingertips. Luxurious sunbeds modelled after life

aboard a yacht and the minimal glam of Mykonos;

a beach where you can relax like nowhere else. The

sun seems to shine brighter here. Life on Psarou

beach is a memorable experience. But how did

such a small, albeit, gorgeous beach of Mykonos

become a point of reference for the good life?





Once upon a time the beach of Psarou was home to just one small

building- a fisherman’s home. The man died and his wife - Psarou

- was left all alone. Psarou is the female for the Greek word for a

fisherman’s wife (psaras) in the local dialect. Way before people

flocked here from around the globe to enjoy the beach's myriads

charms, this small wind protected bay had always attracted

locals and visitors wishing to spend some moments of tranquillity.

Over the years, Psarou's soft sands, crystalline azure waters

and natural beauty gained devoted fans from all over the globe.

They came here to lie in the feathery sand, sing songs of love and

summer, catch fish in the calm waters and find their own version

of Mykonos’ esprit. After all, anyone who’s been sun-kissed at the

beach of Psarou has a long and cherished summer memory and

a never-ending love for this little slice of paradise !



Where once there was impromptu singing now there's partying!

Where there was just the soft sand, now there are luxurious sun

loungers, incredible food and cocktails, beauty and style. And,

since the summer of 2003, there is Nammos that brought to the

beach of Psarou extraordinary services, the finest tastes, the

latest in fashion and lots and lots of fun! So many things have

changed, yet so many things remain the same. You can enjoy

the stunning scenery as you lie on a gorgeous sunbed with a

cocktail or a glass of champagne in hand, making a toast to life

and the eternal beauty of the Aegean. At the same time, there are

so many things that remain unspoiled: the fish that come daily to

Nammos; the symphony of the sea and the sky and the desire to

live each day to the full and make memories that will last a lifetime.

You will realise that life in Psarou hasn’t changed at all and the spirit

of Mykonos is still alive in every grain of sand, in every drink and

in every heartbeat of a Nammos guest having the time of their life.






Come along as we take a long

stroll through the everyday

life of Mykonos Island. In

the picturesque Chora, with

its narrow pebbled streets,

sunset corners, amazingly

beautiful neighbourhoods,

and the locals who adore their

island, we gather images that

show why Mykonos is such

a unique place. Join us as

we capture these precious






things NAMMOS

News, stories, everything you should know and do when in Nammos, the highlights of the ultimate summer destination in Mykonos. Over

the next few pages you will discover everything you need to know about life in Nammos; all the small, fun parts that sum up this incredible

experience! What's happening on the beach, what's new in the Nammos menus, what our indulging Nammos Spa by Sisley can offer in

the way of wellness, the latest happenings in Nammos Village, what parties are scheduled and when. Plus every bit of information you

need so that you don't miss a thing! Settle comfortably on your lounger and read all the news about summer 2018; the 15 things to do

in Nammos to mark our 15th birthday; and how to make the most of your inimitable experience here with us on the magnificent Psarou

beach! Summer is here and so is the cosmopolitan world of Nammos. So, enter the unique spirit of all things #nammosisland.


What have

we been up to?

For the past 15 years, we have strived to make every summer even better than

all the ones before! This is what this summer has prepared for you; these are

all the brand new gifts Nammos has to offer to all of you!

Parties 2018

July 26

Amr Diab & Antonis Remos

The event of the summer, the night we will all

be waiting for is the night of July 26, when an

unexpected duo will sweep you off your feet with

their magical tunes and heavenly voices. Multi

World Award winning Amr Diab and Antonis

Remos will set the night on fire with a concert filled

with magic, love and excitement! Save the date!

July 28

Vassili Tsilichristos

Our 15-year anniversary celebrations could not be

without the one performer that has been a part of

Nammos’ summer parties since the very beginning!

A night of guaranteed fun and non-stop dancing

with Vassili Tsilichristos on the decks is on July

28th, when the long awaited annual “Tsili” party will

set the summer nights of Mykonos on fire!


Introducing a new gastronomic experience by Nammos Group

The Chora of Mykonos has now a brand new gastronomic addition! The recipe? Premium location,

inviting ambiance and tastes that take your breath away! An iconic spot of Mykonos capital with

breathtaking views transformed into an elegant venue that opens daily at sunset time for you to

live an amazing experience, as you are facing the sun’s last breams with a sophisticated cocktail

at the impressive bar of CasaTu. Later on, the cuisines of the Mediterranean, and especially Italy,

along with the most delicious beef, suggest gastronomic masterpieces. Innovation, inspiration and

culinary perfection; a brand new – savory – jewel in the Chora of Mykonos!




Shopping is the final destination!

The new destination for haute couture, the hottest designers and exclusive

signature labels of the most recherché international brands is right next to

your summer paradise, Nammos! On the beach of Psarou, the amazing

Nammos Village has come to rock your world of style with the most exquisite

pieces global fashion has to offer. Add the most exhilarating ensembles to

your wardrobe and create fascinating looks for your most stylish self!

Nammos Spa

by Sisley

Summer Beauty and Relaxation

Inspired by the natural beauty and buoyant vibe of Mykonos, the brand new

Nammos Spa by Sisley in Nammos Village has come to add some more

indulging reasons to go to the beach of Psarou: relaxing, rejuvenating,

treating yourself with the most precious gift of all: your wellness! Treat your

mind, your body and your soul with a signature Sisley Paris treatment and

relish everything that makes life good! Only at Nammos!




When summer is just not enough and you

need more of Nammos to get you through

the year, what do you do? Well, you take

Nammos to the French Alps, of course! At the

snow-covered peaks of Courchevel, in the

epicenter of wintry fun and après-ski parties,

Nammos found its alter-ego at Courchevel

1850, bringing the lavish extravagance and

the summer vibe of Psarou beach to the heart

of the winter. The heat wave of Nammos took

the fabulous ski resort of the French Alps by

storm and the winters at the top of the world

will never be the same again! We’ll be waiting

for you again to set the winters on fire, at

Nammos Courchevel 1850!




It is already 15 years since the first opening of Nammos Restaurant, and we have

come so far! More sophisticated dishes, more refreshing ideas, more delectable

ingredients, more pleasure! And still, so much is the same as the very first day!

We welcome the fisherman’s catch every morning at the dock, we greet each

guest with a smile, and we love Psarou Beach and Mykonos more than anything

in the world!

MYKONOS Nammos village - ATHENS Voukourestiou Street 6 -


Special Report

The Nammos

Village Opening

The Nammos Village Grand Opening coincided with the 15-year anniversary of Nammos:

15 years of glamorous extravagant beach entertainment! It goes without saying that

this celebration had to be the most impressive, the most festive and the grandest of all!

And it surely was! The official opening on June 30th saw hundreds of special guests like

Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Moss, join representatives from all the Nammos

Village brands.Take a glimpse at all the exciting happenings at the event -and at the

glamorous new Nammos Village itself!

Nammos celebrated the launch of

Nammos Village in the best way

we know, with a massive bang and

immeasurable fun. We have been

overwhelmed by the response and

look forward to what the rest of the

season has in store for us! More

phenomenal parties, tidal waves of

sparkling champagne and lots of

amazing surprises. We truly cannot

wait until we see you all there!

The über-glamorous Nammos

Village is located on Psarou Beach,

right before Nammos, promising an

extravagant shopping experience

that will take your breath away!

Welcome to Fashion Revolution;

welcome to Nammos Village. The

most stylish adventure begins now

in Mykonos on Psarou.





Nammos is 15 years old this summer! To celebrate 15 years of incredible

moments and endless fun by the beach, you will find below 15 things

that we think you MUST do, to truly enjoy what Nammos is all about!


Get fresh!

There is nothing better feeling than seeing

fish and seafood arrive freshly caught in the

fisherman’s boat and choosing the ones you

want. It could only be better if you had caught the

fish yourself! Experience the ultimate freshness

of our daily fish and seafood dishes, hand-picked

and delicately prepared in the gastronomic

fairytale of Nammos. After all, good food is one of

life's major pleasures!


Say I do

at Nammos!

Nammos is the ultimate venue in which

to have a super stylish and super fun

wedding reception! Organize the

celebration of your dreams with Nammos'

exquisite taste and impeccable service .


Fashion is your

best friend!

Welcome to the home of fashion! The

world’s most acclaimed brands and hautecouture

labels have gathered together in

one spot just for you! Nammos Village is the

shopping destination of your dreams, right

in the centre of the action, on the glorious

beach of Psarou!



Join the party!

Here at Nammos we like to throw a party in every

chance we get! Maybe the DJ feels the crowd is

ready, or an old friend pops in for a visit, or maybe

we just love to party!!! Day or night, Nammos

parties are legendary, and every one of them is

totally unique!


Sneak away in a

Nammos Cabana

Now you can have your very own private corner

right on the beach! Enter your Cabana and

luxuriate in ultimate privacy; for a relaxing drink,

a personal meeting or even an impromptu party,

this exclusive havens keep the action of the

beach right at the tip of your toes!


Taste the Orient!

Nammos' exclusive flavours and a corner specially

designed for you to indulge create a relaxing Shisha

experience not to be missed. Ask for our special

menu and enjoy your favourite tobacco flavour like

never before!


Have a party!

Nammos parties are so good, you’ll be looking

for any reason to celebrate! No matter what the

occasion, bring along your friends and family and

share with them an exclusive experience full of fun,

delicious food and unforgettable moments!


Come for the fashion,

stay for the art!

Welcome to the fashion runway of Nammos!

Nammos Village is where true artists from around

the world combine to make fashion the ultimate

summer destination! On the most stylish beach in the

Mediterranean, art and fashion become a lifestyle!


Enter our wellness oasis!

Harmony and wellness have finally found their way to

the beach! The most awesome new addition to the

Nammos offering is our brand-new spa that has arrived

to pamper your summer days with the gentle touch of

revitalizing skin/bodycare products and the exclusive

treatments of Sisley Paris.



Dote on the Nammos

Beach Life

What makes this beach so special? Is it the

scenery, the sea breeze, the carefree vibe? Or

perhaps the inimitable ambiance? Join us on an

indulgent beachside adventure, a world where

relaxation meets style, lavishness and exquisite



Nammos, cuisine


Nammos may be many things, but above all it is

about taste; palate-pleasing, life-affirming cuisine

as unique as Nammos itself! Fresh, innovative,

inspired menus and the most inviting drinks the

world has to offer. You have just booked a table in

one of the finest restaurants in the Mediterranean!

Bon appetit!


A chance to dance!

Never miss a chance to dance, especially on the

sands of Psarou! Feel the music and dance for the

summer, the sun, the moon and for everything that

is good in life -and all the rest will just follow! After all,

our dance parties have been the talk of Mykonos –

and beyond – for 15 years now!


Nectar-like summer


You will find new signature cocktails, all the

classics and your favourite fruit cocktails on

the menu at Nammos. Or ask our bartenders

to mix a cocktail just for you! Enjoy them on

the beach or with your exquisite meal at the



Love every moment!

Nammos is a world full of surprises and new

experiences around every corner. Let yourself

explore everything we have to offer and

prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Nammos

is the place you’ll love to love!


Rock a Riva!

Pop in and out of Psarou Beach and Nammos as quickly

and easily as you can say Riva! Our exclusive speedboats

can transport you in style back to your yacht, or to any spot

on Mykonos. Rock the most sophisticated transportation

of Mykonos. Rock a Riva!




has style

Arriving at the cosmopolitan beach of Psarou on a yacht?

Need a transfer to the beach or do you just want to dine on

board? Nammos has all the answers; even better, it provides

specialty services created exclusively for yachters! Wait until

you embark on the Nammos Rivas for a truly exquisite and

privileged experience!


If you are docked on the beach of Psarou and want to join

the party in Nammos, savour our delectable gastronomic

offerings, have a drink or just relax on our fabulous new

sunbeds, just ask for a Riva transfer. Arrive at the beach

via this ultra-chic means of transport and simply walk

over to the Nammos experience! The Nammos Rivas are

at your disposal to facilitate your comings and goings to

the beach of Psarou and Nammos.


Our exquisite dishes can be delivered to your yacht. Simply

ask for the Nammos restaurant menus, place your order

and enjoy your meal on board. All of Nammos’ culinary

delights, including fresh fish and refined Mediterranean

dishes, are available and ready to sail to your yacht. Lie

back and enjoy the mouth-watering flavours accompanied

perhaps by a bottle of wine or a magnum of champagne.

Surely the ultimate way to celebrate summer in Mykonos!


Elevate your wedding experience in Nammos: arrive at your wedding reception on a Riva!

Ask for more details and arrange an impressive entrance to surprise your guests.





you at

Nammos Spa

by Sisley

The bewitching experience of Nammos just got even better! Now

you can find your personal oasis of relaxation at the Nammos

Spa by Sisley. Give your body the most precious gift of all; love

and care in the form of the finest natural treatments that soothe,

rejuvenate and bring out all your sensual beauty!

Over the 15 years of Nammos, we have strived to create

innovative new experiences, all appealing to the needs and

desires of the modern-day travellers who reach the beach of

Psarou seeking the finest summer experience. Our inspiration

derives from our love for this amazing corner of heaven, the

beach of Psarou and all the love we have received from you.

We have tried to combine the harmony of the surroundings and

the ethereal energy of the sea and the sun with the healing and

rejuvenating properties of nature’s gifts to take you on a journey

of care, relaxation and wellness; an experience that is ready for

you to discover!

Welcome to the brand new Nammos Spa by Sisley in Nammos

Village, where the purity of the Cycladic isles meets the

rejuvenating touch of Paris. Chic and inviting facilities, indulgent

skin, body and hair treatments by Sisley Paris and leading

experts in phyto-cosmetology and aromatherapy, are all here

at your disposal to restore balance between mind and body.

You will find signature rituals that focus on releasing tension

and promoting your beauty to the maximum together with a

welcoming ambiance and personalized care that creates a

true multi-sensory experience.

Nammos Spa by Sisley offers men, women and children

everything from nourishing after-sun treatments and deeptissue

cleanses to mesmerizing massages and therapeutic

treatments for every part of the body, all using exquisite Sisley

Paris products. Choose the therapies your face, body and hair

need the most, release your tension, relax in the capable hands

of our wellness experts and let your beautiful new you emerge!


Psarou 84600, Mykonos

T +30 22890 78507


Any time IS

Shisha time

Want to indulge in an exotic experience with Middle Eastern

roots? A palatial habit that bon-viveurs have been practicing

for centuries! Find out all about Shisha Time in Nammos, where

the finest, hand-selected tobacco and elegantly designed

lounge combined to offer a transcended experience of ultimate


Colourful puffs, casual atmosphere, sea views and the

seductive fragrance of tobacco smoke can mean only one

thing. You are in the Shisha Lounge of Nammos! Next to the

Beach Bar you will find a specially designed corner where you

can enjoy smoking a shisha pipe. But like everything else in

Nammos this experience has its own unique characteristics.

Our choice tobacco is of the highest quality non- GMO

Virginia brand with an authentic and wholesome taste. The

experience continues according to your preference. From

the Shisha flavours menu, choose from lime, coconut, mint,

passion fruit, mango, strawberry and array of others to

add a flavourful twist to your experience. Did you think that

smoking shisha in Nammos ends here? Think again and

ask for some champagne to be poured into your shisha pot.

You can enjoy smoking shisha in our Shisha Lounge at any

time or you can ask for it to be brought to your sunbed or

table to finish your meal in the most exotic way. This is as

close as it gets to feeling like a sultan! Immerse yourself in

the fragrant puffs of shisha and enter the lulling calmness of

the Nammos Shisha Lounge.


Shisha can be added as a treat to enhance your

experience of your wedding reception or your

event in Nammos.

Combine the Shisha experience in Nammos

with a glass of champagne or a refreshing





A place

to unwind

Comfort, privacy and exclusive services -and all without leaving

the beach! For a space to call your own, where you can step

away from the action for a few precious moments with yourself

or your loved one, or even for an impromptu party with friends,

the Nammos Cabanas are just what you need!

The ambiance

Elegant cabanas for day use only are exactly what was

missing from the beach of Psarou; now there is no need to

go back to your hotel or yacht to relax, to get changed or to

simply enjoy a few intimate moments away from the buzz of

the beach. In our spacious cabanas you will find everything

you need for a refreshing break from the sun and the crowds,

a personal space which feels just like home, yet is just a few

steps away from the exuberance of Nammos and the beach

of Psarou!

Τhe Services

Perhaps the most exclusive private spot of Nammos is the

complex of four private cabanas! Each includes a private

outdoor Jacuzzi, beauty products, champagne, wine and

drinks in the mini-bar and an array of delicious food.

A personal butler service is at your disposal throughout the

day, as well as a cocktail bar for the exclusive use of cabana

guests. Nothing says luxurious privacy and stylish comfort

more than having a Nammos Cabana; truly your home away

from home on the beach of Psarou.

Private Pleasure

The exquisite Nammos Cabanas are at your disposal throughout

the day, whether you wish to enjoy some casual moments

together with your loved ones in privacy, organize a last minute

private party with friends or even combine business with pleasure

by hosting an important meeting before returning to the

exuberant vibe of the beach! Services such as private butler

and exclusive bar make the cabanas even more convenient

and welcoming!


Nammos latest luxurious add-on is a complex of 4 private Cabanas! Each Cabana includes

a private outdoor Jacuzzi, beauty products, champagne, wine and drinks in the mini-bar,

as well as a variety of delicious food proposals.


Now you can stay

IN Nammos Village!

Stay in the most exclusive suites to be found on Mykonos and never miss a single

second of Nammos’ exuberant energy! For the first time, you now have the chance to

experience the Nammos Village Suites and relish the most privileged hospitality right in

the center of the action! The party is here – and so are you!

We know that many of you have secretly wished to stay at

Nammos all the time! Some of you have even asked for it!

This year, the time has finally come to make your dream

come true! After 15 successful years of innovating what

the world knows as beach entertainment, we are proud to

present our newest addition to Psarou Beach. The Nammos

Village Suites were made for anyone who really can't

get enough of Nammos, those who want to stay in the heart

of action and not to miss a single thing! The Nammos Village

Suites were made so that you can stay in the hottest spot of

Mykonos, the beach of Psarou and Nammos!

In Nammos Village, Mykonos Island’s hottest luxury shopping

destination, we have created three sophisticated

suites, each able of accomodating two people. Now you

can have everything on your doorstep: top international

fashion; Mykonos' most celebrated beach and the vibe of

the most famous spot in the Mediterranean. In the Nammos

Village Suites you will find a stylish haven, decorated in earth

tones of grey and brown, where total relaxation and a good

night’s sleep are guaranteed. Inspired by the minimalistic

elegance of the Cycladic isles, immersed in the lush opulent

atmosphere of Psarou and with the attributes of the island

lifestyle we have all come to love, the Nammos Village

Suites are just perfect.

Nammos Shopping Village, Psarou Beach 84600, T. : +30 228 90 22 346





Nammos has a long and world-renowned experience for creating a magical atmosphere, serving great food and organizing

immaculate events with impeccable service! All that may sound overwhelming, but all you need to do is let us organize your

wedding reception, your corporate event or your party and then relax! It is only then that you can tell and feel the difference!

The long experience that Nammos has enjoyed in creating not just any event but a totally bespoke experience, combined

with the most idyllic locations in the Meditarranean, guarantees an unforgettable event. Just find any reason to celebrate and

we will make sure you have the best and most memorable event ever.


Corporate Events at Nammos

Ideas: Design the perfect

Nammos experience for your

partners by spending some

hours at the beach of Nammos

with the super comfortable sun

loungers and with a refreshing

cocktail before enjoying your

meal at the restaurant and

dance to the afternoon parties

that shake Mykonos.


Do you want to offer to your business partners the best

summer experience? Then organize a corporate event

at Nammos. The menus available are highly prestigious

and will enchant your partners with their tastefulness

and creativity; plus the amazingly lavish environment

becomes a place to enjoy an event to the maximum.

We know exactly how to impress! As

you wish to treat your valued business

partners and offer them only the best

you have to know that the corporate

events in Nammos get the attention

required and even more. Organize a

corporate event in Nammos including

hours at the beach with relaxation at

the brand new, super stylish and comfortable

sun loungers with refreshing

drinks, a delectable meal at the restaurant

with lots of music and summery

allure. Together we will create the best

itinerary and menu to impress your

partners and make them talk of your

hospitality with the fondest words!


in style!






Let love inspire you and be the guide to the creation of

the perfect wedding reception in Mykonos. Romance

and luxury are blissfully combined in every Nammos

wedding and only here you will find the best of both

worlds: the delicious wedding tastes and the most

romantic setting made just for you.

A wedding in Mykonos has all the ingredients of a

summer fairy tale. A wedding reception in Nammos

is where you will write the final chapter! Romantic

decoration, amazing food, innovative wedding cake

ideas, fireworks, arrival by a Riva and music; a wedding

in Nammos is not just a special day but an experience as

unique as you and your loved one together as a couple

that exchanged eternal vows in one of the world’s most

beautiful beaches and wedding venues! For more

details send us your request at

In Nammos we create

a romantic atmosphere

for the loving couple and

the guests gathered to

celebrate their eternal love.

If you need any additional

service regarding the

decoration, happenings and

the menu do not hesitate to

contact the Nammos Events

Department at


Nammos can inspire you with plenty of ideas for wedding, bachelor and bachelorette parties!




A Private party iS A


to happiness

Parties are a constitution in Nammos; private parties now

are something that we love to organise as it is just about

you and your reason to celebrate. Leave the details to

the professionals of Nammos and get ready for “the

celebration of your lifetime”!

Is your birthday anytime soon? Your anniversary

perhaps? Anyways, we are sure you can find some

reason to celebrate and Nammos is the ideal destination

to organize a private party. Send us an email at with all the details for creating an

unforgettable party. A party that has nothing in common

with anything you’ve ever experienced. From the

classy beach life to the premium tastes and from the

surprise made for you to the exclusive

Nammos services - like the Riva transfers, everything

in your private party in Nammos is made just for you!

In Nammos you have plenty of choices on where to

organise your party such as the beach with the lavish

environment, the restaurant or the Nammos Cabanas

where you can party any way you like enjoying

privacy and outstanding services. Do not miss a stroll

at the Nammos Village to find the perfect celebratory

attire to impress your guests!

Private Party

Do not forget to add some special happenings

to your private party in Nammos. We have

some great ideas for the music, decoration and

food surprises. After all the only thing that you need is

a reason to celebrate, the rest can be left to Nammos







PARTYis here

Let’s keep the summer spirit alive! And let’s make it move, to

the right, to the left, with your hands up in the air! In Nammos

we know how to make you dance and enjoy those precious

summer moments that become memories of blissful times.

From the daily groovy afternoon parties to grand concerts on

the beach, to organizing a wedding reception or an event, in

Nammos the summer sounds become the soundtrack of your

story in Mykonos, the echoes of which will follow you long after

you leave the beach of Psarou.

Nammos has a long tradition in stimulating the fun spirit that

you have inside you. Everyone has it and is time to “get up as

this party is starting soon” and you simply must be a part of it.

Our DJs have the ability to catch the day’s mood in Nammos

beach, thus the Nammos parties are so successful and full of

fun. Last years’ parties were great hits and the talk of the town

for quite a long time. Nights with sounds that made us dance,

nights that become bright as day with fireworks bursting in the

skies, people partying as late as the crack of dawn –and later,

thousands of cocktail glasses raised to toast to summer and

life and yes, countless bottles of champagne were sacrificed

on the temple of fun! For 15 years the Nammos parties are not

only the talk of the island, but a reason to visit Mykonos by themselves,

a reason to look forward to a night in Nammos! Over the

years, world’s most famous DJs and entertainment concepts

gave to the beach of Psarou its tone and a new dimension to

summer fun! Thousands of people “sail” to the beach of Psarou

to celebrate summer as it should be!

Summer Party

Champagne flows as long as the summer lasts

in Nammos and every afternoon the Nammos

Parties are on to keep the summer spirits high!

Just join us to celebrate the power of the summer!


Save the dates!

It’ s the 2018 Parties!

For 15 years now, every party held at Nammos has became an instant sensation.

Not only the talk of Mykonos but of the world’s party scene! It seems like each

year we strive to outdo ourselves, with better parties, more surprises and simply

more fun! Wondering what the 2018 parties will be like? Let’s see…


Vassili Tsilichristos

If you don’t know Vassili Tsilichristos by now, then you have missed

all Nammos' sensational summer parties. Luckily there is no better

time than now for introductions, as “Tsili” will hit the decks on 28th

July to celebrate the 15th Nammos Party the only way he knows

how! Beats that will have you on your feet and dancing until the next

morning. The pure essence of summer and fun, together in one,

legendary party! Vassili Tsilichristos is the embodiment of a true

Nammos party, and this year he is promising the #best_party_ever!


Amr Diab

Antonis Remos

For this special 15th anniversary summer, our parties must be

extra special! What does Antonis Remos, one of Nammos' best

loved performers, have in store for us this time? The answer is an

extraordinary Nammos concert with his melodious voice pairing

with that of multi world-award winner Amr Diab, an unexpected

duo that will sweep you off your feet and transport you to the far

corners of the world. Join us for a night of dancing, celebrating and

falling in love on 26th July!

"It feels so good to be back. Ιt's my third time to perform at Mykonos' prominent

landmark, Nammos. Ι am utterly pleased to be joining them on their 15th anniversary

and very proud that performing at Nammos is becoming more of a ritual for me."

Amr Diab

Fondé à St-Tropez en 1971*




What started out as a seaside restaurant on a quaint Mykonian beach, has now evolved into an elite destination, a byword for glamour and

extravagance and a meeting point for the avant-garde from all over the world. From the moment you lie down on a sunbed on the iconic

Psarou beach you embark on an entire gastronomic, innovative and revolutionary experience, from the simplest drinks and snacks to

the most delicate dishes and exquisite champagne. Nammos is an elegant party, a celebration, a feast for all the senses where even the

pickiest and most demanding guest will be captivated by the scenery, the impeccable service, the rarest, finest beef and most flavoursome

dishes. The next few pages are the epitome of the culinary adventure that is Nammos; our news, our endeavours and of course, some

of our signature recipes, so that you can take a small piece of your Nammos experience back home with you and revisit it at any time you

need a breath of summer bliss. Discover the gastronomic offerings of the Nammos family in Chora: Kazarma, CasaTu and Ling Ling by

Hakkasan. In our exclusive interview meet Yazid Ichemrachen, the culinary genious behind the sweet world of YCONE Paris in Nammos

Village. Explore the culinary world that opens up in Mykonos, as our chefs create experiences that become instant classics. The different

tastes of Nammos are the taste of Mykonos, the taste of the sea and the sun, the taste of all that is good in life!


THE Nammos

GastronomY GUIDE

Nammos is an elegant feast, a celebration for all the senses where even the most

demanding guest will be captivated by the scenery, the impeccable service

and the epicurean tastes and flavours. Join the party that started

15 years ago - welcome to Nammos!

For those in love with the good life:

Nammos’ menu


Just by browsing Nammos' menu, you can easily understand that

nothing has been left to chance. The freshest fish from the Aegean

Sea, home-made pasta, mouth-watering risottos, traditional

appetizers inspired by the Cycladic cuisine, salads with crisp

vegetables and zesty vinaigrettes and the finest beef from the best farms worldwide.

There are no surprises here other than the fact that the Nammos menu has it all.

Vegetarians, meat lovers, foodies and lovers of the good life seeking the real taste of

the Aegean, all savour every mouthful creation. So, pour some wine, lay back and let

yourself travel through the flavours of summer.

15 years of inspiration on a plate!


Nammos has never been just a restaurant. The continuing pursuit

of new concepts, techniques and dishes coupled with a neverending

effort to keep the standards that made our cuisine famous

around the world are what make your visit the ultimate gastronomic

experience. What is a better way to continue or conclude a summer's day than

with a fine dining experience? In Nammos nothing has been left to chance when

it comes to creating a dish, selecting the right ingredients and suggesting the best

wine pairings. The unceasing chase for innovation, the strong belief in tradition, the

love for sharing our passion for food are what have made Nammos for the past 15

glorious years a place where you want nothing more than to return, to savour, to

dance, to feel and to fully enjoy!



“Try out some of Nammos’

recipes and bring the taste

of Nammos BACK home!”

Proudly presenting the Nammos Cookbook!


If we were to collate some of your most popular requests over the

past fifteen years, then our signature recipes would be at the top!

Finally, your dream has come true! To mark Nammos’ 15th birthday,

we are proud to present the Nammos Cookbook, a collection of

some of our most beloved dishes. Now, you can make your own Nammos delights

in the comfort of your own home, bringing a bit of Psarou’s charm and tantalizing

tastes to your kitchen! You can find the Nammos Cookbook at Nammos Restaurant

and at selected locations in Nammos Village.

The best beef in the world!


Nammos has always prided itself on serving the most exclusive

products, and its beef offering is no exception. Succulent, rich,

certified Kobe; the finest, marbled Australian Wagyu and Black

Angus are now at the core of the Nammos menu. As the rarity

of these cuts restricts their availability, please ask your server about the beef of

the day and select from the delectable choices expertly prepared by our Chefs.

Prepare for the ultimate gastronomic experience, an ode to the simplicity of great

taste and high quality beef that needs nothing more than a touch of fire and a

pinch of inspiration!


Fresh and simple; Just the way we like fish!


This is a gastronomic speciality of Nammos since the first day we

opened 15 years ago! Arriving at the coast of Nammos with the day’s

catch, the boats deliver the precious spoils of the Aegean Sea. It is

such a delightful sight to see the fishermen unload their treasures in

front of the gorgeous Nammos sun loungers. They are then placed immediately in

the fish display from where you can select your choice. Nammos has a long history

of offering the best and freshest fish, cooked with creative techniques and treated

with care and passion. Enjoy our fish and seafood as an appetiser, in pastas, risottos

or salads, indeed in any way you like. Perhaps your taste runs to lobster, shrimp

and sweet-pumpkin risotto, a seafood salad dressed with champagne vinaigrette,

a tuna tartar or delectable sea bass tartar on pita bread with coriander and spicy

mayonnaise? Our expertise in fish and seafood is what has elevated Nammos these

past 15 years to a higher level of gastronomy, acclaimed around the world. So, pass

by our display, select and enjoy!

Champagne is the only celebration!


Sparkles of taste and beacons of fun; uncork a bottle of champagne

and toast to summer and to life, to the 15 years of Nammos and to

at least a hundred more! Choose from our extensive champagne

menu, from everyday choices to vintage labels and dance your

cares away in a haze of bubbles! Our champagne selection is among the best in

the Mediterranean, with sizes starting from the usual 0,75cl and culminating in the

über-festive 30 litre. You will find no better place than Nammos to enjoy a rare and oh

so delicious champagne.

“15 years of sublime tastes,

15 years striving for perfection,

15 years of Nammos!”


Fit for Kings and Queens


Our impeccable service is among the elements that elevate the

Nammos experience and never fails to make us proud. Moving as

smoothly as the sands that dance in the Aegean breeze, our staff will

ensure that everything you ask for arrives at your sunbed and your

table promptly and always with a great smile. Experienced and welcoming, they are

committed to serving you with politeness and an effortless attitude, yet discreetly

and respectfully. For 15 years and counting our people have been at the heart of

everything Nammos stands for; with diligence, professionalism and attention to

detail, they are here to facilitate and promote an unforgettable summer experience.

So, entrust yourself to their capable hands and rest assured that Nammos will make

all your dreams come true.

The summer is made of cocktails!


Does every cocktail tell a summer story of its own? Yes, it does! You

will just have to try them all and see for yourself! All classics, signature

blends or champagne cocktails prepared by our experienced

mixologists can be served at your comfortable sunbed, as an

aperitivo at your table or at the end of your meal. If you have a hard time choosing,

then just say “I’d love a sweet cocktail”, “I am in a mood for something sour”, “I’m

celebrating today” or just describe your favourite ingredients and they will conjure up

the magic right before your eyes.

Everything tastes better by the sea!


There is no better way to enjoy a day on the beach of Psarou than

by savouring the tastes of Nammos. The beach menu offers light

bites that are tailormade for the elite Nammos life style. Delectable

sandwiches, brioche creations, light salads and sushi bites alongside

energising coffees, fresh juices and cocktails will keep you content whether you are

lounging on the comfortable sun loungers or taking a refreshing dive in the crystalclear

waters of Psarou!




This summer is full to the brim with delicious tastes, gastronomic delights and lip-smacking

little tidbits, brought to you by the genius chefs of Nammos Groups’ restaurants! Enjoy

them in the comfort of your lavish lounger, with the cool waters of Psarou splashing at your

toes, or in Nammos restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner or at any of the fabulous Nammos

special events! But what happens when you go back home? Won’t you miss those

amazing dishes? Well, here is how you can take a little bit of Nammos back home with

you! Here are the recipes for some of our signature dishes for you to prepare when you

feel up to a gourmet gastronomic challenge or when you want to bring back the memories

of an indulging Mykonos summer holiday. The Nammos Group gastronomic destinations

chose to share their recipes with us! Nammos Restaurant, the all- time classic Kazarma

Restaurant, the new entry and lavish CasaTu and the resplendent YCONE in Nammos

Village share with you the sumptuous tastes of Greece and the Mediterranean! The tastes

of Nammos are forever in your heart; now you can enjoy some in your kitchen too!


By CasaTu Restaurant


with Crab


CasaTu, the new gastronomic

destination of Mykonos, shares one of

its signature recipes for you to savour

the taste of CasaTu at home!


For the Pasta

100gr flour

18gr egg

30gr milk

For the Crab Sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

50gr tomato sauce


40 gr crab meat

salt, pepper

basil, parsley


Mix the flour with the egg and kneed adding

the milk slowly. When the dough is smooth

and elastic, wrap in cling film and let it rest

in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Roll out

the dough on a floured surface, until it is

6-7mm thick. Then, cut it in strips 15cm long

by 5mm wide. Boil the fresh scialatielli in

salted water for a couple of minutes, until it

rises to the surface of the water.

In a pan, brown the garlic in olive oil, then

add the tomato sauce, the crab meat, salt,

pepper, basil and parsley. Then, stir in the

fresh pasta and serve while hot with a drizzle

of extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil leaves.


By Nammos Restaurant





140 g trachana

(traditional Greek grain product

made usually with wheat and milk)

6 crayfish

1 tbsp onion

1 tbsp zucchini, brunoised

400 ml chicken broth

20 g butter

Salt and pepper

20 ml olive oil

1 tbsp parsley


In a frying pan, slightly sauté vegetables with

the crayfish. Add the broth and the trachana

and boil until it almost absorbs all of its

juice. In the end, add salt and pepper, tie with

butter and serve it with parsley.


By Kazarma Restaurant

Sea Bass

with Kozani

Saffron and



2 fillets of Sea bass

2 baby potatoes boiled with thyme, rosemary,

laurel leaves, lemon and sea salt.

3 roots of spinach

1 small zucchini, sliced

2 baby carrots

1 radish cut in fours

3 spears of asparagus

White wine

Cup fish stock

Lemon juice

Kozani saffron threads


Chilies, chives and parsley for garnish


Sear the sea bass fillets with some olive oil.

When seared crisply, add the wine and put it

in the oven for 4 minutes.

Sear the baby potatoes, the zucchini and the

baby carrots in olive oil. Add the fish stock,

and when it starts boiling add the spinach

roots, the asparagus and the radish, the

lemon juice and the saffron threads and simmer

for a few minutes. Season with salt and

cracked pepper corns, then add some butter

to thicken the sauce. Sprinkle some finely

chopped chilies, chives and parsley and serve

with the sea bass fillets on top.


By Nammos Restaurant







200 g sun-dried tomatoes, finely chopped

1 tbsp onions, finely chopped

1 tbsp fresh onions, finely chopped

1 tbsp parsley

1 tbsp leek, finely chopped

1 tsp dill

1 tsp mint

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp garlic, grated

2 egg yolks

2 tbsp flour

1 tbsp self-raising flour

Freshly ground black pepper


Mix all ingredients, make evenly the

meatballs, roll them in flour and fry them

at 180 º C.



Silver pearly

puffs (choux)

For Nammos' 15 year anniversary, our

favourite pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen

of YCONE shared with us the sweetest

present, one of his delicious signature

recipes! Enjoy!


500 gr water

500 gr milk

340 gr flour

5g salt

5 gr sugar

256 gr butter


In a pan, heat water, butter, milk, salt, sugar and

flour for 3 minutes until simmering and stir in the

eggs, until the mixture is smooth and firm. Put

the choux in a pastry bag to make small round

puffs on an ovenproof pastry tray. Cook for 23

minutes at 165 o C and for 9 minutes at 185 o C.

For the banana cream


200 gr cream

200 gr banana

21 gr lime juice

5 gr lemon zest


Mix everything together and place

in the fridge for the cream to thicken.

Meringue Sucasse


100 gr egg whites

100 gr caster sugar

100 gr icing sugar


Beat the egg whites for 7 minutes,

and bake for 8 hours at 45 o C.

Tip of the chef

Add a plant called the Estina Cresse which will leave a little

anise taste in the mouth that will rinse the palate from the

excess of fat or sugar. This small plant has very light anesthetic

properties that can remove all the sugar from the mouth.



Casa Tu




Step into Mykonos' new culinary destination, a meeting point for world cuisine.

From modern gastronomy and all the tastes and flavours that define

the Mediterranean, CasaTu is the new delightful destination in Mykonos!

Imagine a place where the finest tastes from around the globe

are found together, a culinary sensation that takes you on a

journey around the world. Prepare your palate for a gratifying

gastronomic adventure and step into the exhilarating realm

of CasaTu, at the top of Mykonos’s Chora. In a space where

sophisticated elegance meets breath-taking views, you will

be seduced by the aromas of the sea and the ample land of

the Mediterranean.

The Ambiance

Elegant simplicity and sophisticated atmosphere create a

warm and welcoming space where you will instantly feel at

home. Located on one of Chora’s highest spots, where the

views to the sea mingle with the charming, and always lively,

Mykonian alleyways, CasaTu is a bewitching sensation

that is almost impossible to surpass. As soon as you enter,

things are even more indulging: flawless service, beauty and

serenity, scents that lead you to a consummate fine dining


The Cuisine

A gastronomic adventure that starts from the island of

Mykonos, CasaTu will guide you through lands close by and

far away. Here you will find the finest dishes created with locally

sourced and premium organic ingredients that scream of

summer bliss and palatable luxury and modern techniques

that revive traditional classics. Italian soul food redefines what

a comfort dish is all about, or, for a more exciting experience,

try our rare and precious beef from all over the world. Pick a

destination, board the CasaTu adventure, and bon voyage!

The Sunset Experience

Viewing the sunset in the charming Chora of Mykonos has

now become even more enchanting! Skip the bustling crowds

and instead relax in the inviting bar of CasaTu. Here you can

sit back and order a lush summery cocktail and enjoy the

spectacular view of the sun setting over the Aegean Sea. The

views from the CasaTu terrace are simply awe-inspiring, while

our mixologists have some equally seductive proposals that

perfectly complement the amazing Mykonian sunsets. What

could be more perfect than an evening admiring the wonders

of nature in one of the island's most treasured spots?


CasaTu Restaurant

Mykonos, Chora

T. +302289022102




AN INTERVIEW WITH Yazid Ichemrahen

A sweet breeze

from Paris to Mykonos!

The concept of YCONE

is based on travel, art,

culture and gastronomy!

It’s not a pastry,

it's a lifestyle!


A Parisian-style pastry

shop run by an Ice and

Pastry World Champion.

Welcome to YCONE

by Yazid Ichemrahen,

a brand-new arrival on

the summer shores of

Mykonos in Nammos

Village, the capital of

luxury and indulgence.

A luscious experience

that is set to take

Mykonos by storm.

Yazid Ichemrahen is an inspired -and inspirational-

French pastry chef, a passionate man who seeks to

encapsulate the flavours of the world in his sensational

creations. This year he decided to expand beyond

Paris, the location of his original YCONE pastry

shop, and his first stop was the cosmopolitan island

of Mykonos and in particular the über-fashionable

Nammos Village.

But just where did Yazid's extraordinary journey

begin? "I started pastry at the age of 14 and before

20 I had become the youngest pastry chef at a

starred restaurant," he reveals. "After winning my title

as French Champion, I became World Champion

of pastry and frozen desserts. Having launched my

concept, YCONE in Paris, I have now decided that it

is time to expand, with Mykonos being the first stop!"

Yazid has travelled extensively, visiting 27 countries

in the past three years alone. Undoubtedly all this

travelling has had a profound influence on him, both

as a person and a chef. "The place that inspired me

the most is Shanghai due to the culture differences

and the fact that I had to adapt to local tastes. It was

with great enthusiasm that I discovered innovative

new concepts which in turned helped inspire me."

New York is another favourite, "I'm French in the soul

and I love my country, but I think and act like a New


The opening of YCONE in Nammos Village marks

the first time Yazid has been to Mykonos. With regard

to the Greek culinary scene, he says: "It makes me

think of Italian cuisine; the products are very good, of

great quality. I like healthy and minimally processed

ingredients like the ones I can find here." As for his

favourite Greek dish: "I love eating octopus from the

island with a drizzle of olive oil and a little lemon! It's

simple, healthy and so good."

But just how did the collaboration with Nammos

come about? "Firstly I was asked to do consulting

for desserts in Nammos Courchevel 1850 and

from this we decided that opening a pastry shop

within Nammos Village would be the next logical

step. In YCONE I will be offering signature creations

that I make everywhere in the world but my goal is

to be inspired by Nammos and Greece and adapt

my creations as I do in every country." As for the

concept of his Mykonos branch, he adds: "The

YCONE concept is not a pastry, it's a lifestyle. The

whole concept is based on travelling, art, culture

YCONE @ Nammos Village

Mykonos welcomes the brand-new dessert

sensation! YCONE of Paris, the brainchild of

world-renowned pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen,

now conquers the Greek island for the first

chapter of his culinary exploits outside Paris.

Step into the mesmerising world of YCONE in

Nammos Village and immerse yourself into the

sweet passion of his creations, a simple unity

of three; three textures, three tastes; in other

words, perfection!

and gastronomy. My idea is to never exceed three

flavours and three textures so that my concoctions

can be appreciated by as many people as possible.

Like any creator who questions himself, I draw

the essence of my creations from my passion for

travelling and art of all kinds."

His personal motto has to do with the spirit of

simplicity. "The best is the enemy of good. I try to put

myself in the place of my customer who can be of

any age, from six to 110! I just don't forget what made

me happy when I was younger."

As Yazid concludes, the essence of the YCONE

concept lies in the connection of art to modern

patisserie. "Pastry is at the crossroads of art. My

ambition is to create a unique art gallery where art

meets, questions and interacts with my creations."

"In short, I am young and full of energy, passionate

about gastronomy, art and travelling. I want to

integrate all this within one single concept that will

create a unique experience for every visitor."




Walk into Ling Ling by Hakkasan in Mykonos and discover what defines

gastronomy on the island today! From the first impression to the last sip of

a signature cocktail, a visit here is an experience with the most delicious


Redefining Gastronomy

At Ling Ling by Hakkasan Mykonos in the heart of Chora you can forget everything

you know about refined Chinese dining. Expect the unexpected and prepare to be

amazed in terms of flavour, elegance and service. With branches in some of the

world's most cosmopolitan cities, Ling Ling by Hakkasan in Mykonos follows the

same pattern: an exquisite dining experience created to tantalise the senses!

The feeling

Push open the doors and walk into the Ling Ling by Hakkasan experience, beginning

with the impressive aquarium in the lobby. As you are taken to your table you will find

yourself in the heart of a restaurant that integrates London life with Cycladic candour

in a surprisingly elegant way. Where once one of Mykonos' most historic restaurants

used to stand, now beats the heart of Ling Ling by Hakkasan. For a truly memorable

experience, why not dine al fresco under Mykonos' famous starry skies? A private

dining option is also available.



The cuisine

Ling Ling by Hakkasan is a world-renowned fine-dining Chinese restaurant with

innovative and ultra-creative dishes. Inspired by the rich gastronomic heritage of

Cantonese cuisine, its signature dishes burst with flavour. Do not miss the Beluga

caviar Peking duck, a heavenly dish perfect for sharing, the colourful and playful dim

sum and the succulent grilled meats. But don't forget to leave some room for the

incredible desserts!

About Hakkasan

People first discovered the Hakkasan dining experience in London in 2001. Since

the opening of that original restaurant, the brand has expanded globally and now

has outlets in Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Miami, New York, San Francisco,

Las Vegas and Shanghai. Today it is one of the world's most highly exceptional

restaurant and nightlife brands.


Ling Ling by Hakkasan

Mykonos Malamatenia Street, Matogiannia, Mykonos Town, T.: 22890 22515




An all-day eat-and-drink hangout in the old port of Mykonos, serving

irresistible Mediterranean specialities, Kazarma restaurant is an ideal stop

before or after shopping, or after a sunny day on the beach. Open all year

round, it is the perfect place to start or finish an unforgettable day

on the island of Mykonos.

History and taste meet in the heart of Mykonos Town. The

name is inspired by the spot where the "Casa of Arms"

was once located. A site where Mando Maurogenous, the

Mykonos' heroine of the Greek Revolution, used to arm her

ships. Today this early 18th century site has been transformed

into an all-day café, bar and restaurant frequented

by both locals and visitors who flock here to enjoy light bites,

snacks, lunch or dinner or simply indulge in a coffee whilst

enjoying the marvellous view of the sea and the old harbour

of Mykonos.

Visit Kazarma in the morning for a hearty breakfast of omelettes,

sandwiches, freshly brewed coffees and revitalising

juices. Later, fresh fish, salads and dishes inspired by the

Mediterranean cuisine made with the finest local ingredients

make for a gratifying lunch that will set the mood for the

rest of your day.

Kazarma is a great spot to start your evening in Mykonos.

Before heading out to the lively bars and clubs, sit at one

of the tables here for a spot of people watching. Savour a

sublime dinner, accompanied by a bottle of wine or a cocktail.

Meet and mingle with the locals and lay out your plan for

the night ahead in the very spot where valiant Mando was

sending her ships out to war and which today is Mykonos's

hottest year-long point of gastronomic reference.


Κazarma, Yalos

Mykonos, Greece.

T. +30 2289028256


Facebook: kazarmamykonos

Instagram: kazarmamykonos

The “Casa of Arms” of the early 18th century has been transformed

into an all-day café, bar and restaurant that locals and visitors alike

love to frequent enjoy light bites, snacks, lunch or dinner with a

marvellous view to the old harbour of Mykonos.






10:00AM - 11:00 PM

every day

Tel. +1 (917) 300 1217

Angelo Accardi

Dorit Levinstein

Yoel Benharrouche

David Kracov



For the

love of


Leather dress with fringes BALMAIN,

Luisa World. Bracelets LOUIS VUITTON,

Louis Vuitton boutique.



Nammos was created for the love

of summer and the love of life!

Now this iconic destination has forged

Nammos Village for the love of style!

Follow the sounds of the sea breeze,

find the path that leads to beauty and

discover where the heart

of summer beats.

Listen to its heartbeat...

For an even more special summer

in Nammos, we have breathed life into

style and fashion, inspired by the sun,

the eternal blue of the Aegean Sea

and the golden beach of Psarou.

Listen to fashion trends by putting

the "conch of style" to your ear!

This is the sound of love

for summer!





Swimwear SOPHIE DELOUDI, Aesthet.

Sunglasses LINDA FARROW,

Linda Farrow Boutique.

Kimono RIANNA+NINA, Luisa World. Swimwear ERES, Eres Boutique.

Bracelet-watch from polished white gold half set with emeralds with black rhodium treatment on set grains and face from mother of pearl with emeralds ruthenium treated hands, DE GRISOGONO, Kessaris.


skirt MISSONI, Luisa World. T-stripe high


Louboutin Boutique. 18k Gold earrings,


Body, tulle skirt & hat,


Dior Boutique.



Denim jacket with feathers PRADA, Luisa World.

Swimwear OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Oscar De La Renta

Boutique. Sunglasses SAINT LAURENT, Ralph's Dinner.

Swimwear ERES, Eres Boutique.

Titanium earrings with brilliants designed by ANASTASIA KESSARIS @ Kessaris.

Crocodile leather bag OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Oscar De La Renta Boutique.

Beaded tulle gown OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Oscar De La Renta Boutique.

Sunglasses ADAM SELMAN X LE SPECS, Ralphs Dinner.

Cluch bag LOUIS VUITTON, Louis Vuitton boutique.

Pumps with spikes CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, Christian Louboutin Boutique.

T-shirt ALEXANDER VAULTIER, Luisa world , sunglasses ADAM SELMAN X

LE SPECS, Ralph Diner

Gold bracelet with diamonds, 18k white gold chain with brilliants, 18k white gold

bracelet with brilliants, saphires & spinels, 18k gold bracelet, 18k gold ring with rose

diamonds and silver ring with diamonds and emerald, all KESSARIS.

Knitted fishnet dress SADH & WICKER basket ZEUS&DIONE, all Aesthet.Swimwear ERES, Eres boutique.

Chiffon cape, skirt & leather bag, all SAINT LAURENT, Luisa World. Bra ERES, Eres Boutique.




Offering the most amazing shopping experience in the Mediterranean, the

Nammos Village fashion revolution has begun! A ground-breaking new

shopping area awaits shoppers from around the globe, combining the Nammos

beach life with some of the world's most iconic and luxurious brands.

Here you will find the perfect summer outfits, whether classic or contemporary,

essential accessories and state-of-the-art beauty treatments. Housed

in five buildings, surrounded by beautifully landscaped botanical gardens, it

is a shopping experience like no other.


A Village


of the world!

There are bright summer mornings when you need to wear

something light and ethereal. There are sunny days when all you

require is super stylish swimwear. There are afternoons when you

covet something stylish to enjoy your cocktail in. And there are nights

when the occasion calls for a stunning ensemble. Summer needs

style; and Nammos Village is the ultimate definition of the word!

We mark our 15-year anniversary by welcoming the

Mediterranean's most amazing shopping experience,

the Nammos Village fashion revolution by the beach of

Psarou. This is a ground-breaking destination awaits

discerning shoppers from around the world, one

which combines the Nammos beach life with many of

the world's most elegant and celebrated international

boutiques. Here you will find inspiration for what to wear

all summer long, sweet tastes from Paris and indulgent

pleasures that redefine what Nammos means to all of us.

Beauty treatments for your vital summer skin and body

rejuvenation, incredible clothes and absolutely essential

accessories are housed in five buildings surrounded

by lush botanical gardens that make your shopping

experience even more pleasurable. All in all an extravagant

experience you'll never want to leave!



And just in case you don't ever want to leave, we present

the exclusive Nammos Village Suites that will allow you to

revel in the Nammos experience for as long as you like!

Walk through Nammos Village to find all the latest from

frontline international brands, indulge in the pampering

treatments of the lavish Nammos Spa by Sisley, or

experience what Parisian dreams taste like at YCONE.

Nammos Village is something you would expect to find

in the cosmopolitan capitals of the world. But the most

sophisticated international luxury brands are situated in

the heart of one of the Mediterranean's most stunning

beachside venues. Combine your Nammos gastronomic

adventure with a shopping spree unlike any other and be

the first to experience a brand-new world. The Nammos

Village experience starts as soon as you enter the elegant

grounds, where fashion-forward proposals straight from

the finest international brands stand ready and waiting

to spruce up your summer wardrobe! Nothing is left to

chance; when in Nammos, your every stylish need is

covered in the most elegant and fashionable way.

The Architecture of Nammos Village

In harmony with nature, in love with Psarou

It takes a deep and everlasting love for a place to truly devote yourself to

it as passionately as we have devoted ourselves to the beach of Psarou.

Nammos Village was built as a complement to this heavenly place, a venue

that has absolute respect for its environment, never disrupting the delicate

balance between land and sea. At the same time, our creation is meant

to exalt the lavishness of Psarou, facilitate the most luxurious living and

shopping experience and introduce visitors to the unique casual glamour

of Mykonos and Nammos. This haven of tranquillity and style welcomes you

to the birthplace of exclusiveness and beauty, where you'll find everything

that is good about life! We are in love with Psarou and Nammos Village, soon

you will be too...









Valet Parking

























Valet Parking

Drop off




















House of Fine


Art gallery








Nammos Spa

by Sisley


Cigars and






Linda Farrow





Oscar de

la Renta




Loro Piana













Louis Vuitton


Zegna –












Ralph’s Diner










Eden Gallery

Art Gallery

Philipp Plein



Jewelry &


An experience for all sensesthe

Nammos Village gardens

Experiencing nature with all your senses is an integral part of what we

believe makes a well-designed garden. Nammos Village is divided into

small, distinct neighbourhoods, surrounded by meticulously designed

gardens meant to complement each other but at the same time maintain

their own distinct character. An unparalleled experience involving time,

movement, smells, texture, colours and sound. Just like the Mediterranean

- our fundamental source of inspiration - connects different continents, so

the garden and the flowing promenade link these neighbourhoods which

are so diverse but at the same time in total harmony. Sand dunes, towering

trees and aromatic plants mingle with soothing water features to create

small corners of natural beauty. The garden's highlight is a tile fountain

dedicated to 'the dreamer' we all have inside us, a brief stop in our busy

lives where nothing stands between us and the dream we are all after. The

Nammos Village #DREAMSCOMETRUE tile fountain is here for all of us to

make a wish; and here it will come true!

Building 1, Nammos Village | Psarou, Mykonos

Contact: 0030 2289 022816 |




winter be hotter than


It's as if the windswept peaks of the French Alps were jealous of the liveliness and fervour of

the summer parties in Nammos and demanded to be part of the fun! As soon as summer ends,

and every last sunbed and umbrella is gone from the sandy beach of Psarou, the party starts

somewhere else: on the top of the world, at Courchevel 1850!


Renowned throughout the world for its unsurpassable summer energy, exquisite

tastes and thrilling beachside parties and events, Nammos has found its

wintery equal at the cosmopolitan Courchevel 1850. Now we have an exciting

destination to enjoy throughout the long winter before summer - and Nammos -

return! Nammos has brought the heat of the summer and its elegant charms and

superlative vibes and created its frosty counterpart in the most glamorous ski

resort in the French Alps. Now, the wintry days and ice-bound nights of Courchevel

are getting hotter and hotter, as the vigorous Nammos summer parties keep on

going all year long! Forget everything you thought you knew about winter. Nammos

Courchevel 1850 is an élite venue serving incredible gastronomy paired with the

finest wines and champagne in a super stylish atmosphere. The Nammos spirit

stays the same, it just got a little bit cooler at Nammos Courchevel 1850! Join the

après-ski sensation of Nammos Courchevel 1850; a pure gastronomic adventure,

exhilarating champagne cocktails and the most exciting winter events, like the one



Nammos Courchevel 1850, France

Phone: +33 479 082 082


held for Louis Vuitton during the first winter of operation of Nammos Courchevel

1850! Put your snow boots, gloves and ski gear to one side and get this party

started. What better way to celebrate winter in all its pristine glory than with dancing

until morning? Dance, party and love, just the way Nammos taught us during those

glorious years at Psarou; and there is even more to come!

At last, winter has a Nammos to call its own and its name is Nammos Courchevel




London • Mykonos, Nammos Village • West Hollywood




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