21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 

Artists Talk Transcript


The Artists from 21st Faith share

the ideas behind their work

and discuss the theme of Faith

in the 21st Century.

Discussion led by Ella Fallows.

[everyone takes sit on Madeleine and Koa’s piece]



Welcome to the talk we wanted to put together for

the last day of this exhibition. We are going to kick off with

Nina’s spoken word piece.

My piece are the flags over there. I wrote this in a sort of

meltdown mood in Serbia, but it fits to what Faith might be.

Faith is a very strange concept for this day and age

It doesn’t seem to fit in.

It’s difficult to explained, difficult to rationalise.

Something you believe in.

So personal, so subjective.

Personal and subjective.

Words we don’t seem to hear or value from the authorities above.

So instead of rationalising it,

I am going to approach it from a personal perspective,

And it won’t be the same for everyone,

So don’t take it too seriously.

What do I believe in?

For me, faith is a belief,

A drive behind a belief,

Belief as an experience,

Maybe that is Faith?