21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 




I think that is interesting to say in terms of we’ve moved

away from the faith in the religious sense. I think people are,

whether it’s happening more or, moving away from faith

in the religious sense and moving towards in a more spiritual

sense and everyone has their own faith systems or belief

systems that they can create themselves and it is less

structured because ‘I referred to this book’ and this told

me how to behave.

But then faith only works, I feel, as a collective thing, when

a large group of people believe in something together even

if it is not religious, because it dictates the way things run

on a whole, in a larger community, like in society.

People need to have some sort of similar ideas for it to work.

If everyone had a different set of faiths and morality

it clashes a little bit.

I do not think we are actually moving away from religion.

I think London is a bit of a liberal bubble, but I think it is

actually there is a huge rise of religion pretty much

everywhere in the world. Especially when I went back home

I forgot religion existed in London, and I had a bit of a slap

in the face, that it definitely still exists. And it is strong.

Doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

[ambient noise]





It is quite interesting that faith is so primitive that we’ve

always had faith in something, whether that it is fire

or something but then now it has become so boxed,

in a way. So you were saying faith rhymes with religion, in

fact faith can be something very abstract that you do on a

daily basis that keeps you going. And I feel like we’ve all

explored that quite well here.

My grandad was very religious, and I think that faith

is bigger than religion, and over the past two thousand

years with the monotheistic religion that came in,

we focused on our understanding of it and we, instead

of broadening it we did the opposite, where monotheistic

religion were the one to put the humans first, forgot

about nature.

I feel that sometimes we miss certain rituals and moments

where we can, just be within, out of our life, and think a little

bit bigger than our own selves. And maybe that is why there

is a return to spirituality. We are looking for something

that maybe our phones, our ways of life isn’t giving to us,

you know?

My grandma actually had a funny comment. She always

claimed to be religious and I asked her ‘well grandma why

don’t you go to the Church, why don’t we do more rituals?

She was like ‘Nina, only the sinners go to the Church.’

She was serious there.