21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 

and so, I was wondering if I show these to people in Israel

will they interpret them differently to us? So some that said

‘working on the weekends’, ‘share with your neighbours’,

or the one on the top left was ‘invest in brick and water’

so everything was around that conflict.







Yes that is funny because when you read them there is lot of

positivity coming out but it is like when you know it is an ad

then all that positivity is just fake. It is a big paradox.

A lot of it is creating your identity based on the product that

you buy. There is that one, travel insurance, or life insurance,

an insurance that lets you keep your sense of adventure

or something like that. As if you buy all the rights bits and

bobs you can curate that version of yourself that is better.

It is still making me think of religion as instead of focusing

on an after life, and you’ve worked all your life so in the after

life you will be rewarded in whatever way. It is like,

now you work all your life so that you will be remembered

in whatever way. Creating your legacy based on products

and things.

So what you have makes you who you are.

And the graveyard is always a funny place to go to when

you see who decorates it and who doesn’t. When you go to

countryside and to the home town’s graveyards, you always

have the ones which are three meters tall two meters wide,

who was like photography embedded in a special kind.

Next to it you have the ones with two words on it,

then you also have the ones that have a lot of ‘to my beloved

daughter’ ‘to my beloved ones’ and there are ten of them.

Depending on who it is, as when you go to the military ones

it is a lot more taking - the same grave over and over

duplicated. When you go to the ones that are more

community based and everyone did their own thing,

you get an idea on their persona.

In the end, the one grave that matters the most the one

where the candle is burning. No matter how many pictures.

All the flowers are still new and…

[conversation keeps going, laughs]



Would you like to talk about your piece Rebecca?

Yes I haven’t actually. For my piece I really focused on the

idea of action and how your personal faiths, not plural faiths,

can be non religious. All human minds tend to be focused

on something and take for granted without questioning,

so when you’ve accepted that ten persons told you that red

was nicer on your skin, you just keep on putting red.

The project plays with this Faith to change the action

in itself. So my piece is actually for my mum, who doesn’t

recycle, when I’m there we recycle but I know very well

that as soon as I’m gone they stopped recycling.

My mum would always say ‘my personal impact will not