21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 


Watching you Learn.

2 Years of Self Belief,

by Simeron Kaler.

The Venus Figurines were the basis of my exploration for this project into faith in the 21st

Century. The figures were considered by some to be the first form of religion in sculpture,

depicting the goddess of Mother Earth. However another contrasting view was that they

were the initial illustration of a self portrait; with the large proportioned curves due

to the artist looking down at their own body when sculpting.

I began exploring the modern day representation of this, the idea that we women were

the figurines and the goddesses themselves. That we should be kind, worship and love


This self belief led me to explore how it related directly to my own life, as having this trait

had never been something I had thought about or considered. I was taught this lesson

when I witnessed someone very close to me grow. A journey of discovery, assertiveness

and self confidence. It felt so special watching someone achieve this new found love

and freedom, and developing a sense of faith in themselves, that it almost felt like I was

experiencing it too.

21st Faith: Tell us about you and your


Simeron: I’m a multi-disciplinary artist

and designer living and working in London.

My practice centres around honesty

and story-telling. I am very interested in

the perception of the female form,

and am exploring the different ways

that we can reclaim our body.

What drew you to take part in 21st Faith?

How is faith important to you and your


The project of 21st Faith is something

different. I love the idea that such a wide

range of practitioners are all exploring one

theme, it’s very exciting. Faith links to

the work I am currently doing on reclaiming

ourselves as it’s about looking inward

and having self-belief and love.

What role do you think faith will play in

the 21st century?

Hopefully it will increasingly unite rather

than divide.

Simeron: simeronkaler.com, contact@simeronkaler.com, @simeronkaler 39