21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 



by Henry Yang.

Lilium is an exploration of the relationship between the Fibonacci Sequence and life.

Measuring two meters tall, this life sized window encapsulates light itself and evokes

the ideals of innocence, humility and devotion.

Lilium uses the allegory of light and the way light behaves when passing by solid objects,

to create a realistic grounding of the abstract. The form of the window and its relation

to stain glass is an inference to the “Divine Light” which is filtered through these windows.

The shapes and patterns in it connect and allude to the Divine Proportion, Phi

and golden ratio.

A further reference is made to the image-laden culture which drives our everyday world,

from pixels on a screen to the ubiquitous use of imagery in advertisement to selfies,

and the way in which these images are organised in our world, either physically

or digitally, often forming a grid, or pattern, within which windows to other worlds

and perspectives can be seen. The effects of refracted light and blurred colours, remind

the viewer that our vision of today and of the future is foggy and malleable, and as such

the likenesses of window panes in my work reference man’s attempts at making sense

of the past, comprehending the present and peering into the future.

Henry: henryyang.co.uk, info@henryyang.co.uk, @henryyangart