21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 



by Nina Vukadin.

What is faith? This question was stuck in my head for many months, when I started

working on this project. I had a lot of ideas how I would interpret faith and a big part

of those ideas was revolved around the photographs I took while walking around the city.

However in the midst of this overthinking I ultimately had a ‘3 AM revelation’ - an urge

to simply write down my thoughts related to faith and what it meant to me. Which is how

my poem came about - looking at faith as something which is personal and subjective

and what that means in my specific case.

I wanted to communicate this poem across as easily as possible, which is why I decided

to print it on flags, a medium which has proven to be a great tool of easily communicating

a message or an ideology to the public. Whether this message is commercial, political

or in my case - personal.

The flags split the poem in two parts - the ‘universal’ and the ‘personal’. ‘Universal’

being what I believe faith is on a general basis and the ‘personal’ my own response

to this general claim: finding faith through walking around in cities.

21st Faith: Tell us about you and your


Nina: I’m a graphic designer and one

of the creative directors of the magazine

EYESORE. Being a graphic designer has

turned me into a bit of a chameleon when

it comes to work, as I have to work in

a variety of different contexts and different

people. My design practice is always

led by creating concepts which I try to

communicate as simply across as possible.

What drew you to take part in 21st Faith?

How is faith important to you and your


I have been thinking about faith quite a bit

since this project was started. I felt I wanted

to contribute something because I wanted

to ask myself that question of what faith

is to me and try to define it. Faith for me

is isn’t necessarily something I consciously

consider important, however it definitely

plays a big role in my practice in ways

which I don’t think I’m yet aware of such

as through intuition and a general drive

to make.

What role do you think faith will play in

the 21st century?

To be quite honest, I am not really sure.

I hope people will start to explore more

what faith means to them on a personal

level, rather than blindly following

a doctrine that might not benefit their

spiritual being much. That’s my hope,

but from the look of things it might take

a couple more centuries for that sort

of faith to develop.

Nina: ninavukadin.com, @neenzv 75