21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 


One Zero Zero,

by Alexandra Gribaudi

and Theodore Plytas.

ONE: Photography as surface. A plane that communicates in the same way that walls

reverberate light. That a screen flashes with notifications. Or floorboards lie beneath

steps. Sculpture as space. A protrusion invading dimension like a chair offering its form

to the buttocks. A tree spreading upwards. Or a globe spinning round. Surface. Flat. Space.

Sticks out. Together forming environment. The tree you hug is space. Space between your

outstretched arms. Yet its bark is surface. Surface you press your face against.

Even in the digital they alternate. Flat screen until new link is clicked and the entire

flatness mutates into a space where surfaces juxtapose into digital 3dimentionality.

Photography vertical or horizontal. Presence emanating from surface. Sculpture sitting

or floating. Presence invading space. Photography and sculpture: together what happens?

ZERO: Photography as time. Time as an almost invisible force governing existence.

Time the secret inhabitant of all photographs. Captured right there in the negative.

Printed right there on the paper. Can’t see it? Time is to a photograph the presence

that magnifies with each gaze like the multiplying wrinkles on your face. Sculpture

as faith. Faith the almost invisible force that governs existence. Faith the secret inhabitant

of all sculptures. Captured right there in the welds. Captured right there in the weight.

Can’t see it? Faith is to a sculpture the ultimate productive force like the urge that tonight

might push you to write. To make a 100 photograms and 100 sculptures you need time.

To make a 100 photograms and 100 sculptures you need faith. Time under pressure

appears in the form of making, as faith burns idea to reality. Weld after weld after weld.

Minutes become steel to put their hours down on emulsified paper. Flash light.

Time’s outline captured in black and white.

ZERO: Photography and sculpture together you get space invading surface. You get

surface revealing inner space. You get faith breaking time right open. You get time

underscoring faith. 100 steel sculptures hanging above a 100 photograms of their

shadows. 100 sculptures multiplying in size. An organism multiplying. Space from 1cm

to 1m. 35 meters long. Photograms translate form beyond human logic. Each and every

surface producing a unique pattern. Yet retaining trace of its origin. Surface as

the witness of space. Photography as the witness of sculpture. Witness of an attempted

understanding. 100 attempts to seize the permanently perceived dialogue of surface

and space. Time and faith. Photography and sculpture. Ask a question ONE ZERO ZERO

times. You might not find the answer but you will perceive its intricacy.

Alexandra and Theodore: gribaudiplytas.com, gribaudiplytas@gmail.com, @gribaudiplytas