21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 



by Kelly Randall.

Preheat oven to 220 C / Gas 7. Remove the neck and giblets from the turkey and place

in a separate pot along with 200ml water, celery stalk, carrot and herbs. Bring to a boil

and simmer to make turkey stock.

Place the turkey in a roasting tin and starting at the neck of the bird, slide your hand

between the skin and the breast meat to loosen it. Take some of the softened butter

and rub it onto the breast meat (under the skin). Rub some more of the butter over the top

of the skin. Season well with coarse sea salt. Place the 2 lemon halves in the cavity

of the turkey - these will help to keep it moist.

Roast for 30 minutes at 220 C / Gas 7 until golden brown all over, then remove and brush

with softened butter. At this stage, reduce the oven temperature to 180 C / Gas 4,

stuff the cavity with the stuffing of your choice, then cover the breast with tin foil

to prevent further browning.

Continue to baste every 30 to 40 minutes with softened butter or spoon over the turkey

juices from the roasting tin, until the turkey is cooked and the juice from the thickest part

of the leg run clear (about 3 1/2 more hours). Transfer to a serving platter but cover

with foil to keep warm.

21st Faith: Tell us about you and your


Kelly: I’m a recent Fine Art graduate

from Central Saint Martins. My practice

is predominantly sculptural, with subject

matter and materiality taking influence

from a range of food practices. By creating

a dialogue between our understanding

of food and the formal aesthetics

of sculpture, I aim to form a sense

of ambiguity that interrogates the symbolic

status of food within art.

What drew you to take part in 21st Faith?

How is faith important to you and your


Previously I haven’t directly approached

faith within my practice, although I’m aware

it’s an underlying theme of the metaphors

and rituals surrounding food. Taking part in

21st Faith offers the opportunity for me

to interrogate the role that food plays

within faith further, alongside working

collectively with the other participants

to give an insight into what faith means

to young creatives.

Kelly: kelly-randall.com, @smellysandall 85