21st Faith


We are a collaborative research project, investigating and questioning faith as a human feeling. 

This publication presents 32 creative projects created for an exhibition in October 2017 at The Workshop, Lambeth. 


Human Building Human,

by Leshan Li.

“In the world which everyone’s voice can be heard and everyone’s voice being weakened,

Faith is going to help the individual person place themselves peacefully in their high speed

random unstable lives.”

Once human being steps up from ancient nomadic life, the cultures bloom. Buildings,

in many forms, provide the stability and fertility for human imagination. We human

treasure our thoughts in building. And we let the building educate our offspring.

LeShan explores how the religious space has been spreading into each small part

of private space. As building educate and raise human up, Leshan investigates how

this new pattern of human building relationship creepily insert itself into almost every

private activities of human activities.

How does the building trigger the deepest desires of human? How does the building

build up the moral of human? How does building destruct and restructure the identity

of individual and human species?

Leshan: info@lileshan.com, @loilioli