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Blowout Bar

Our Story

Bouffant Blowout Bar is a mobile salon that celebrates and enhances the

beauty of women. Our focus is Blowouts--no cuts, no color--just blowouts.

We create chic and modern hairstyles for the most special of events like

weddings and proms, or even for more everyday activities such as lunch

with the girls. Housed in a sleek and stylish 1950’s vintage travel trailer,

Bouffant gives a nod to the past but our hairstyles are nothing short of

modern and cutting-edge.

The idea behind it all was a natural one for longtime professional stylist,

Lauren Jackson. Lauren doesn’t like to stay in one place too long, but she

loves people and she loves creating beautiful hair styles. As a result, the

idea for Bouffant was born.

Bouffant Blowout Bar can be found throughout Nashville,Tennessee. We

have 3 mobile trailers that serve as “pop-up” salons around town. Our

trailers can also be hired for parties and special events. Additionally, we

offer our own Bouffant brand of hair products to help you maintain and

keep your blowout looking absolutely perfect.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Bouffant Blowout Bar is to make people feel special. Everyone

deserve to feel special every now and then. We aim to achieve this in two

ways. First, we create an atmosphere in which our client feels catered to and

pampered to while receiving our service. Second, we commit to creating a hair

design for our client that makes her feel beautiful and unique.

Brand Positioning

Bouffant Blowout Bar strives to revive the golden era of beauty salons when

guests are well-pampered, and the act of going to the beauty parlor was an event

in and of itself. Bouffant goes beyond being a beauty parlor, it is an occasion.

When you step into our vintage trailer, you will feel like you have entered the

most modern and upscale salon of the 1950s. Exactly the type of place where

the debutants and their mothers went to get their hair done. In the interior filled

with chrome, white and shades of pink, we greet you with a cocktail or glass of

champagne and a menu of our hairstyles from which you can choose. You soon

notice the fresh, clean signature fragrance that fills the air. The aesthetics, music,

and aromatherapy soon lead you to the observation that you are in for a one

of a kind experience.

Currently there are not other mobile beauty businesses in the area. Additionally,

none of the local salons have an upscale vintage theme.

Target Market

Although Bouffant’s atmosphere is very “upscale vintage”, our prices are

designed to attract a mid- to upper-level socioeconomic clientele. Although

we will be available to the city on a “pop-up” basis, the majority of

our income is derived from hiring out for the following: weddings, parties,

and private events.


Influenced by the glamor of old Hollywood movies of the 1950s, along with

the time’s distinctive musical style, the Bouffant brand gives a nod to the

elegant salons of the past with an eye toward sleek and modern touches

of today.




Blowout Bar

Our Logo

Our logo echos our name, Bouffant, in that it utilizes a script “B” to symbolize

both elegance and is reminiscent of a 1950s bouffant hairstyle. Belose the

script B, the company’s name is written in a more modern type in all capital

letters, indicating the salon is both, elegant and modern.

The logo must be used as is and can not be modified under any circumstances

in order to maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of the brand.

The original logo must be used on all advertising, products, and signage. The

only variation allowed is the use of the script “B” on smaller items within the

salon such as glass wear, napkins, and the like.

Logo Environment

The logo for Bouffant Beauty Bar will be seen both through various media outlets

throughout the Nashville area as well as a part of the business itself. The Bouffant

logo will be visible on signage on the trailer, business cards, and stationary. It will also

be utilized on various items within the shop including napkins, glassware, and Bouffant

branded items that are available for sale. Additionally, Bouffant plans to utilize social

media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat. The company also

purchases print ads in upscale local magazines such as Nashville Lifestyles, The Pink

Bride, Nashville Arts, and Southern Exposure as well as purchases advertisements in

the local newspapers, The Tennessean and The City Paper. Occasionally, Bouffant will

run video commercials with the local Nashville television affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC,

and FOX with the logo being displayed prominently on the final frames of the commercial.

The logo color must always be shown in slate gray, unless it is being placed on a dark

background, then it shall be shown in white.



blowout bar

Where hair is a happening!

Tag Line

It’s not just a hairdo, it’s a Happening!

Happening (noun) Something, such as an event, that is particularly interesting,

entertaining, or important.

The definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes Bouffant Blowout

Bar to a T. The aesthetics and ambiance of Bouffant feels like a special event.

The tag line alludes that the act of getting a blowout is not your typical trip to

the beauty shop. When you get there, it’s going to be special!


They typography used throughout the various advertising, website, signage,

and style menus plays an important role in conveying the brand to our clients.

We have chosen three types to help us get our message across.

All Formal



Recordia Script



Primary Colors

Slate Grey

Pantone: 425 C

CMYK: 57, 49, 47, 15

RGB: 111, 111, 113

HEX: #6F6F71

Off White

Pantone: 11-0602 TCX

CMYK: 2, 1, 2, 0

RGB: 248, 247, 245

HEX: #F8F7F5


Pantone: 7520 C

CMYK: 4, 16, 7, 0

RGB: 240, 216, 219


Acent Colors

Pastel Blue

Pantone: 649 U

CMYK: 18, 0, 0, 0

RGB: 202, 239, 255


Pastel Green

Pantone: 351 U

CMYK: 19, 0, 18, 0

RGB: 205, 236, 218


Pastel Yellow

Pantone: 607 U

CMYK: 2, 0, 20, 0

RGB: 252, 249, 212



The use of color is very important to the brand of Bouffant Blowout Bar. We use

color to create a dreamlike feel of the ‘50s.

The coloration of type shall be limited to Slate Gray, Blush and Cream. However,

a lighter or darker shade of Blush may be used to emphasize certain words when


Background colors shall also be limited to Slate Gray, Blush, and Cream. Accent

colors shall consist only of Pastel Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Photography Style

Photography plays a large role in letting our customers know what our product is

-- hairstyles. It is extremely important to maintain a continuity of photography style.

Bouffant uses photography in which white is the dominant color. The photos should

have a clean and airy feel. Any other colors in the photograph must correspond with

the above mentioned color pallette.

Business collateral

Mrs. Wilson



blowout bar

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quam. Quisque iaculis orc i dignissim ultricies pulvinar . Nam sodales scelerisque risus vitae sodales.



blowout bar

Elizabeth Peterson





Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you,

Elizabeth Peterson



12th Ave. South

Nashville, Tn 37204

12th Ave. S. Nashville, TN, 37204 806.441.0459 bouffant@gmail.com bouffant.com

Desktop Website

Trailer Design

Our trailers are vintage 28’ Spartan Spartanette modles that were produced during the

1950’s. They proudly embody the post-war attitude and workmanship that define products

of this era. Our trailers have been completely refurbished and each are painted with our

signature pink and white design with our gray logo displayed on the side.



blowout bar


Travel Kit




blowout bar

Designed by

Elizabeth Peterson

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