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2017<br />

Y E A R B O O K<br />


02<br />


06<br />

2017 MAJOR AWARDS<br />

07<br />

2017 CHAMPIONS AND<br />


08<br />


U6s to U11s Boys, Girls and Mixed.<br />

51<br />


U12s to U17s Boys and Girls.<br />

66<br />


U18s, All Age, BBC Men, O35s and O45s.<br />

81<br />


O30s Women's.<br />

91<br />


2017 SEASON VIDEO<br />


P R E S I D E N T ' S M E S S A G E<br />

It was an amazing year for the club, arguably the<br />

Finishing the winter season with both the Minor<br />

greatest in the club's history. We surpassed<br />

Premiership and Championship under their belt<br />

1,000 players for the second consecutive year.<br />

they were invited by CDSFA to represent the<br />

We saw five Abbotsford teams being crowned<br />

Association in the Champion of Champions<br />

2017 Champions of the Canterbury District<br />

tournament, a competition reserved only for the<br />

Soccer Football Association (CDSFA) and five<br />

best of the best. In our Club's 52 year history, we<br />

teams winning the Minor Premiership.<br />

had previously only made the quarter finals.<br />

This together with the fact that we secured a<br />

Our U17/1s must also be congratulated for<br />

record number of semi finalists across all<br />

making it through to the semi finals of the<br />

competitive age groups, meant that we were<br />

tournament. It was truly a watershed year for the<br />

agonisingly close (0.02%) to securing the club's<br />

Club.<br />

first ever CDSFA Club Championship.<br />

Thank you to the City of Canada Bay Council, our<br />

Our FFA Cup team went further in the<br />

sponsors, suppliers, volunteers and thank you to<br />

tournament this year than ever before. They<br />

my fellow executive committee team members<br />

provided us with some magical moments earlier<br />

for another stellar year.<br />

in the season defeating some big teams.<br />

The biggest story of the year was our U18/1s<br />

winning the NSW Champion of Champions<br />

tournament.<br />

Gilbert Lorquet<br />



T H A N K Y O U T O O U R S P O N S O R S<br />


T H A N K Y O U T O O U R S U P P L I E R S<br />


2 0 1 7 M A J O R A W A R D S<br />

Volunteer of the Year<br />

John Mangos<br />

Coach of the Year (U8-U17 Boys/Mixed)<br />

Anthony Lo Surdo and Daniel Lo Surdo, U12/3s<br />

Coach of the Year (U8-U17 Girls)<br />

Carmen Scarfone, U10/1B Girls<br />

Coach of the Year (U18+)<br />

Nick Reynolds, U18/1s<br />

Team Manager of the Year<br />

Adrian Canclini, U14/2s and O35/4s<br />

Team of the Year (U8-U17 Boys/Mixed)<br />

U12/3s<br />

Team of the Year (U8-U17 Girls)<br />

U10/1B Girls<br />

Team of the Year (18+)<br />

U18/1s<br />


2 0 1 7 C H A M P I O N S<br />

A N D M I N O R P R E M I E R S<br />

Under 18, Div 1<br />

Champions, Minor Premiers<br />

and NSW Champion of Champions<br />

Over 45, Div 3A<br />

Champions and Minor Premiers<br />

All Age Sunday, Div 1<br />

Champions and Minor Premiers<br />

Under 17, Div 1<br />

Champions and Minor Premiers<br />

Under 12, Div 3<br />

Champions<br />

Over 35, Div 6/B<br />

Minor Premiers<br />


had a great season of<br />

We<br />

the basics of<br />

learning<br />

for most of our<br />

football<br />

We did have some<br />

players.<br />

players which<br />

experienced<br />

lead the team. Scott<br />

helped<br />

did a great job<br />

Miller<br />

and keeping the<br />

coaching<br />

of our young<br />

attention<br />

The Possums<br />

players.<br />

well to Scott and<br />

responded<br />

heaps of fun while<br />

had<br />

We were lucky to<br />

learning.<br />

the help of several<br />

have<br />

with set up at<br />

parents<br />

and on our assigned<br />

training<br />

mention to Michelle<br />

Special<br />

and her parents, Vic<br />

Miller<br />

Dominic Martin and<br />

Maniaci,<br />

Wilson who were<br />

Cameron<br />

willing to help. These<br />

always<br />

also assisted with<br />

parents<br />

duties as well. Also<br />

coaching<br />

Maniaci and Jai<br />

Jaxon<br />

big brothers of<br />

Dillon,<br />

and Riley who always<br />

Alanna<br />

out during training<br />

helped<br />

on game day with<br />

and<br />

and refereeing<br />

coaching<br />

needed.<br />

when<br />



U6 POSSUMS<br />

Happy and excited<br />

to practice or play<br />

every session...Great<br />

energy and<br />

enthusiasm<br />


and Agility is this tiny<br />

Speed<br />

bombshell's best<br />

blonde<br />

Her ability to<br />

qualities.<br />

the game and<br />

understand<br />

instructions made her<br />

follow<br />

delight to coach.<br />

a<br />

sportsmanship and fair<br />

Great<br />

made her an asset to<br />

attitude<br />

team. From the very first<br />

the<br />

Riley was able to read<br />

game<br />

game and was great at<br />

the<br />

and defending.<br />

attacking<br />

afraid to put her body on<br />

Not<br />

line with slides that<br />

the<br />

goals and many goals<br />

saved<br />

as well. Great first<br />

scored<br />

of football.<br />

year<br />

Riley was not<br />

Unfortunately<br />

to play her last two<br />

able<br />

due to a broken<br />

games<br />

full field kicks were<br />

Jamie's<br />

memorable, nearly<br />

very<br />

each time. He was a<br />

scoring<br />

player, always<br />

valuable<br />

the back field<br />

protecting<br />

then as his confidence<br />

and<br />

he came forward into<br />

grew<br />

positions and was<br />

attacking<br />

to score goals with his<br />

able<br />

kick.<br />

powerful<br />

has improved with<br />

Jamie<br />

game and shows so<br />

every<br />

improvement. He's<br />

much<br />

fast and a great team<br />

super<br />

Very talented and a<br />

player.<br />

to have on the team.<br />

joy<br />

played last year his<br />

Having<br />

showed on the<br />

experienced<br />

A great understanding<br />

field.<br />

the game and great skills<br />

of<br />

make several goals and<br />

to<br />

as well. Oliver truly<br />

defend<br />

smiling Jack was a<br />

Always<br />

of sunshine to have on<br />

ray<br />

team. Happy and excited<br />

the<br />

practice or play every<br />

to<br />

energy and<br />

Great<br />

Jack was<br />

enthusiasm<br />

to score his first goal<br />

thrilled<br />

was a magnificent full<br />

which<br />

goal. Always a great<br />

field<br />

he played fair<br />

sportsman,<br />

always gave her best<br />

Alanna<br />

at training and on<br />

efforts<br />

day. Her attacking<br />

game<br />

were excellent and she<br />

skills<br />

always eager to get<br />

was<br />

in the plays.<br />

involved<br />

had a great<br />

Alanna<br />

of the game<br />

understanding<br />

was delighted to score<br />

and<br />

goals. Well done.<br />

her<br />

Player of the Season - Riley<br />

Dillon<br />

Most Improved player -<br />

Jamie Cosmetatos<br />

Jack Miller<br />

session.<br />

elbow.<br />

and had heaps of fun.<br />

Alanna Maniaci<br />

Oliver Martin<br />

Great kick and chasing skills.<br />

was an asset to the team.<br />


good understanding of the game and<br />

Very<br />

kick and chase skills. Very fast on the<br />

good<br />

and always part of the attacking side<br />

field<br />

the game. We were very lucky to have<br />

of<br />

dad Cameron assist at some of<br />

Austin's<br />

training sessions, teaching us all drills<br />

our<br />

came in very handy in teaching the<br />

that<br />

and improving skills on the field.<br />

basics<br />

was lots of fun to have on the team.<br />

Oliver<br />

was always trying his best to get the<br />

He<br />

and did very well in stopping many<br />

ball<br />

I think he is a great goal keeper in<br />

goals.<br />

of talent and determination from Zoe.<br />

Lots<br />

real grasp of the game and always front<br />

A<br />

centre to get involved in all plays. It<br />

and<br />

great to see her smiling face after her<br />

was<br />

had lots of fun with his friends on<br />

James<br />

field at training and on game day.<br />

the<br />

is such a character and always the<br />

He<br />

he has some great skills and ability<br />

joker,<br />

smiling and full of energy. Showed<br />

Always<br />

improvement with his kicks getting<br />

much<br />

photos of the week<br />

Austin Wilson<br />

Oliver Gattellari<br />

the making.<br />

Zoe Mihaljek<br />

goals.<br />

James Velcic<br />

to play well.<br />

Benjamin Gan<br />

bigger each time he played.<br />

Rebecca Kennedy, Team Manager<br />


done to all the U6 Bilbies on a great season<br />

Well<br />

2017! in<br />

origin of the word "travel" is most likely lost to<br />

The<br />

The term "travel" may originate from the<br />

history.<br />

French travailler (which means to work<br />

Old<br />

toil). In English we still occasionally<br />

strenuously,<br />

his book The Best Travelers' Tales (2004), the<br />

in<br />

travel and travail both share an even more<br />

words<br />

was so rewarding to see the team learn new<br />

It<br />

and their confidence improve as the<br />

skills<br />

at training was great to see even on those<br />

week<br />

cold nights!<br />

very<br />

traveling abroad, the odds favor a safe and<br />

When<br />

trip, however, travelers can be<br />

incident-free<br />

with some training sessions and<br />

assisted<br />

wherever possible on game days.<br />

helping<br />

travel may require an internal passport,<br />

internal<br />

international travel typically requires a<br />

while<br />

trip may also be part of a round-trip, which is a<br />

A<br />

type of travel whereby a person moves<br />

particular<br />

E A T U R E S T O R Y<br />

A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S F C<br />

F<br />


U6 BILBIES<br />


Y. BEN<br />

It was a pleasure to be part of this mixed team<br />

to Old word According the<br />

French travail. and their efforts throughout the season were<br />

use of<br />

Merriam Webster dictionary, second the to first none.<br />

known<br />

14th century.<br />

the word travel was in the<br />

Throughout the year, the team had lots of fun<br />

interacting and played really well together. The<br />

the word comes from Middle<br />

It also states that<br />

(which means to<br />

English kids' enthusiasm travelen travailen, the on both evident was<br />

week.<br />

every day game on and pitch training from earlier and journey) strive, labor, torment,<br />

No matter what the result was the kids always<br />

words travail and came off happy and eager for the following<br />

travails, the use mean<br />

which<br />

week.<br />

Winchester<br />

Simon to According struggle.<br />

the (in "three<br />

season tripalium progressed. Latin Their means commitment called each<br />

impale). to in as stakes",<br />

A big thank you also to the parents who<br />

violence.<br />

and crime difficulties, to subject<br />

may local, national Travel be regional, all (domestic)<br />

the I kids hope continue to play and grow<br />

with their football .<br />

non-local<br />

countries, some In international. or<br />

Look forward to seeing you all next season!!<br />

passport and visa.<br />

David La Rossa, Team Coach<br />

Rob Di Cosmo, Team Manager<br />

from one location to another and returns.<br />

ancient root: a Roman instrument of torture

to the U6 Bandicoots who had a<br />

Congratulations<br />

year - Abbie, Cleo, Leo, Oskar, Magnus,<br />

great<br />

Monique, Riley and Sienna. For many in<br />

Marlon,<br />

team, this was their first time playing football<br />

the<br />

it gave the players an opportunity to learn<br />

and<br />

team sports. The more experienced<br />

about<br />

special thanks to our coach Noel for doing the<br />

A<br />

job of coaching under 6's. And a thank you<br />

tough<br />

the parents for their good humour<br />

to<br />

throughout.<br />

also to those who filled in as coaches<br />

Thanks<br />

referees when we needed it- Lisa, Sally,<br />

and<br />

and Mike. This year was a team effort from<br />

David<br />

players and the parents alike!<br />

the<br />

P A G E 1 2<br />

F O R M A N Y T H I S W A S T H E I R F I R S T T I M E P L A Y I N G<br />

F O O T B A L L A N D I T G A V E T H E P L A Y E R S A N<br />

O P P O R T U N I T Y T O L E A R N A B O U T T E A M S P O R T S<br />


players brought finesse, big kicks and goals!!<br />

Emma Jacob, Team Manager

E A C H A N D E V E R Y W E E K T H E Y A T T E N D E D T R A I N I N G F U L L O F<br />

E N E R G Y A N D S M I L E S A N D C O M E G A M E D A Y T H E Y P L A Y E D<br />

UP & UP: A view of the<br />

neighbouring peak from the<br />

other challenging peak.<br />

E V E R Y M I N U T E A S T H O U G H I T W A S T H E I R L A S T<br />

What a privilege it has been to coach such a wonderful<br />

group of children! The U6 Wombats consisting of Charlotte,<br />

U6 WOMBATS<br />

Frankie, Ava, Augustus, Tomas K, Tomas P, Sam, Lincoln,<br />

William, Zac, Mason and Alessia have been so much fun to<br />

train and mentor this season and are a real credit to each of<br />

their respective families.<br />

Each and every week they attended training full of energy<br />

and smiles and come game day they played every minute as<br />

though it was their last. The excitement the team<br />

demonstrated every time they scored a goal was contagious<br />

and only magnified as the weeks went on.<br />

A big thank you to Belinda (Tomas P's Mum) for managing<br />

the team and to Rod (Lincoln's Dad) for helping out when I<br />

could not make it, and a special thank you to all the Mums<br />

and the Dads for raising such well mannered children who<br />

were an absolute pleasure to coach this season. Well done<br />

Wombats, I am extremely proud of you and I have enjoyed<br />

watching you improve throughout the season.<br />

Adam Moore, Team Coach<br />



What a fun season for the U6 Echidnas. Friendships were formed and football skills<br />

were developed.<br />

Some of us spent considerable time looking at the sky or playing with the bibs, whilst<br />

others displayed incredible ball handling skills. The common denominators were our<br />

enthusiasm, sense of fun, and love of half time oranges.<br />

Kathryn Tucker, Team Manager







U7 TAIPANS<br />

What a great year the Under 7 Taipans had and it<br />

was a pleasure to share it with the boys. We<br />

welcomed a few new boys into the fold from last<br />

year’s team and they all started the year full of<br />

excitement.<br />

The boys were enthusiastic at training as well as on<br />

game day, which made it fun for all of us. As the<br />

season went on the boys became more confident<br />

and passionate about their football. It has been<br />

amazing to watch the boys improve each week and<br />

go from strength to strength. The skills they have<br />

shown with great passing, ball work,<br />

sportsmanship and team spirit has been really<br />

pleasing.<br />

Above anything else it was so great to see that<br />

every player tried their best whether that be at<br />

training or on game day. It has been a pleasure to<br />

coach and manage this team through the year<br />

especially watching the fun and enjoyment the<br />

boys have got from being part of this team.<br />

Well Done Boys!!!<br />

Daniel Trad, Team Coach<br />

Tanita Trad, Team Manager<br />


een another great year<br />

It’s<br />

all the young players and<br />

for<br />

a team manager it’s been<br />

as<br />

privilege being part of the<br />

a<br />

there have been times<br />

Whilst<br />

chaos trying to manage<br />

of<br />

commitments, it’s<br />

multiple<br />

apparent that the<br />

always<br />

culture<br />

community<br />

throughout the<br />

embedded<br />

always sees people<br />

club<br />

up to help.<br />

step<br />

team coaches (Matt<br />

Our<br />

and Steve Makhoul)<br />

Beggs<br />

support throughout the<br />

and<br />

and U7 Red Bellies<br />

session<br />

loved having them on<br />

have<br />

to teach them new<br />

board<br />

young players have<br />

The<br />

throughout the<br />

thrived<br />

and we truly saw<br />

session<br />

step out of their shells<br />

some<br />

year and give it all they<br />

this<br />

Looking forward to<br />

have.<br />

more years of fun,<br />

many<br />

and fancy<br />

friendships<br />



It's always apparent<br />

that the community<br />

culture embedded<br />

throughout the club<br />

always sees people<br />

step up to help<br />

volunteer spirit.<br />

skills and tricks.<br />

footwork.<br />

have shown true dedication<br />

Natalie Morcos, Team<br />


The term "travel" may originate from the<br />

history.<br />

French word travail. According to the<br />

Old<br />

labor, strive, journey) and earlier from<br />

torment,<br />

French travailler (which means to work<br />

Old<br />

plus an outstanding striker: precise<br />

defense,<br />

from various angles.<br />

shooting<br />

very confident ball controlling<br />

endurance,<br />

in both attacking and defense, plus an<br />

technique<br />

striker: precise shooting from various<br />

outstanding<br />

angles.<br />

the tripalium (in Latin it means "three<br />

called<br />

as in to impale).<br />

stakes",<br />

gained reasonable ball kicking techniques<br />

MAX:<br />

played well in defense as well as a<br />

and<br />

trip, however, travelers can be<br />

incident-free<br />

to difficulties, crime and violence.<br />

subject<br />

demonstrated a great team spirit and<br />

NATASHA:<br />

very well in defense and occasionally a<br />

played<br />

international. In some countries, non-local<br />

or<br />

travel may require an internal passport,<br />

internal<br />

E A T U R E S T O R Y<br />

A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S<br />

F<br />


U7 GOANNAS<br />

KOSTA:<br />

a top notch player, a high degree of<br />

ALFIE: transformed from a complete pedestrian to<br />


an occasional runner and a reasonable defender.<br />

EVA: a demonstrated great team spirit, good in<br />

defense and an occasional striker.<br />

to lost likely most is "travel" word the of origin The<br />

ILYA: from an amateur became a great defender<br />

Webster the known of<br />

and good striker plus developed dictionary, a first great use ball<br />

Merriam<br />

word travel was in the 14th passing technique. century.<br />

the<br />

from a walker to a good runner<br />

comes from Middle<br />

It also converted JACK: word the that states<br />

defense. in well acted and to means (which travelen travailen, English<br />

a great player, shows a good degree of<br />

JAMES:<br />

great ball controlling technique in both<br />

endurance,<br />

traveling abroad, the odds favor a safe and<br />

When<br />

goalkeeper.<br />

may be local, regional, national (domestic)<br />

Travel<br />

runner.<br />

good<br />

RYDER: transformed his sometimes ephemeral<br />

strenuously, toil). In English we still occasionally<br />

while international travel typically requires a<br />

movements to well planned tactics in attacking<br />

use the words travail and travails, which mean<br />

passport and visa.<br />

attacking and defense, plus a great striker: accurate<br />

and defense.<br />

shooting from various angles.<br />

struggle. According to Simon Winchester<br />

A trip may also be part of a round-trip, which is a<br />

TOBIAS: learnt to play well in defense and<br />

in his book The Best Travelers' Tales (2004), the<br />

particular type of travel whereby a person moves<br />

JENSON: a top notch player, a high degree of<br />

occasionally a good striker.<br />

ancient root: a Roman instrument of torture<br />

Serguei Kozlov, Team Coach<br />

words travel and travail both share an even more<br />

from one location to another and returns.<br />

endurance, very confident ball<br />

controlling technique in both attacking and

Abbotsford Under 7 Pythons are a terrific team<br />

The<br />

of great characters. The boys have enjoyed their<br />

full<br />

has always been great camaraderie amongst<br />

There<br />

team and this has shown in the way they play<br />

the<br />

highlight of the year has been the two games<br />

The<br />

Burwood and Croydon. We wish all the<br />

against<br />

well next year as they make the step up to<br />

boys<br />

8’s. Under<br />

thanks to Jane and Mathieu for helping<br />

Special<br />

with training during the year. All the best<br />

out<br />

U7 PYTHONS<br />

training and practice games.<br />

boys!<br />

together on the field.<br />

Andy Vavdinos, Team Coach<br />

Jason Jacobs, Team Manager

UP & UP: A view of the<br />

neighbouring peak from the<br />

other challenging peak.<br />

We had a wonderful season with Abbotsford. I was amazed<br />


on how all the kids developed their skills since the start of<br />

the season. All the kids looked forward to each game and<br />

you could see how eager they where to play every Saturday.<br />

Laz Gianni, Team Manager<br />


U 8 D I V I S I O N 3<br />

The Under 8’s division 3 played well all year<br />

round. It was a pleasure to be a part of the team.<br />

We also visited some great fields and met some<br />

lovely other teams and supporters.<br />

Ashton Edwards deserves “Player of the Year”. He<br />

was great in defending, saving goals and was<br />

really powerful. Ashton never missed a game.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Our “Most Improved Player” Joshua Bala,<br />

improved over the season to become one of our<br />

best forwards. Well done Josh!<br />

Daniel played really well and improved also<br />

throughout the season. Daniel also saved lots of<br />

goals when selected as Goalkeeper. Well done<br />

Daniel.<br />

George and Christian usually took the role of<br />

forwards/strikers. We are very proud of all the<br />

goals scored. Thanks boys. Spencer, Zac and<br />

Patrick had cracker games. Well done boys. Our<br />

team could not be complete without you.<br />

Last but not least, Kyra, who performed really well<br />

in all roles was a great asset to the team. Thank<br />

you Kyra and congratulations.<br />

Natasha Lea, Team Manager<br />


VAGABOND | 23 September 2019

a season. At the start<br />

What<br />

the season we had 10<br />

of<br />

players who<br />

individual<br />

really understand<br />

didn’t<br />

or their particular<br />

teamwork<br />

strengths.<br />

positional<br />

the end of the season,<br />

By<br />

team has learnt to play<br />

the<br />

and develop their<br />

together<br />

which saw them<br />

chemistry<br />

the ball and stay in<br />

share<br />

positions most of the<br />

their<br />

was a big change<br />

This<br />

saw them improve<br />

which<br />

the season.<br />

throughout<br />

me, it was all summed<br />

For<br />

in last week’s match<br />

up<br />

Marrickville.<br />

against<br />

in the season, this<br />

Earlier<br />

team was doing<br />

Marrickville<br />

we weren’t doing and<br />

what<br />

outperformed our<br />

easily<br />

the last few weeks of the<br />

In<br />

we outshone them<br />

season<br />

the start and they were<br />

from<br />

really in the game.<br />

never<br />

spite of our at least 4 shots on goal in the first<br />

In<br />

(all of which only just missed the goal) we<br />

half<br />

our shape and played to our positional<br />

retained<br />

and won 2-0.<br />

strengths<br />

throughout the season we rotated our<br />

Although<br />

in different positions, and a minority of kids<br />

kids<br />

play well in different positions, the kids<br />

could<br />

coaches developed an understanding of<br />

and<br />

was Lloyd who showed<br />

as<br />

to be a capable mid-<br />

himself<br />

along with Joshua and<br />

fielder<br />

Aleks.<br />

important at this age, the<br />

Most<br />

learned the importance of<br />

team<br />

with the back line of<br />

defence<br />

Julian, Lachlan, and<br />

Luca,<br />

saving many goals.<br />

Giorgio,<br />

showed his strength in<br />

Hamish<br />

contribution to coaching.<br />

and<br />

worked well together and I<br />

We<br />

have survived dealing<br />

couldn’t<br />

ten 8 years olds alone. A<br />

with<br />

you also to our<br />

thank<br />

wiz Lisa for<br />

organisational<br />

a great Manager<br />

being<br />

the season.<br />

throughout<br />

think everyone in the team had<br />

I<br />

playing and teaching the<br />

fun<br />


YOUTH<br />

OF<br />

H O W S A M A N T H A<br />

A N D R E W S S T A Y S<br />

Y O U N G A T 4 0<br />

U8 DIVISION 10<br />

strikers Eddie and Jean-<br />

Our<br />

were a delight to watch,<br />

Marc<br />



PLAY<br />

goals.<br />

time.<br />


special thanks to my co-<br />

A<br />

Andrew for his support<br />

Coach<br />


THEIR<br />

CHEMISTRY...<br />

team beating us 5-2.<br />

world game.<br />

Riccardo Tripodi, Team Coach<br />

23<br />

each players preferred positions and strengths.

has been an absolute pleasure coaching the<br />

It<br />

Abbotsford U8’s development squad.<br />

inaugural<br />

that we were in a very competitive grade with<br />

out<br />

number of close games and a couple of wins<br />

a<br />

team was the smallest of the grade, however<br />

The<br />

were tenacious in their defense and creative<br />

they<br />

attack and they worked together collectively<br />

in<br />

to the whistle.The boys played hard, fair<br />

playing<br />

together and as the coach I couldn’t have<br />

and<br />

more proud of their effort.<br />

been<br />

Mark Hodgson for refereeing all our<br />

(manager),<br />

games, the parents for their assistance<br />

home<br />

U8 DIVISION 1<br />

B Y A D R I A N C A L L O W A Y<br />

The season commenced and we quickly found<br />

and some hard fought defeats.<br />

The origin of the word "travel" is most likely lost to<br />

quickly became apparent that maintaining the<br />

history.<br />

It<br />

The term "travel" may originate from the Old<br />

French word travail. According to the Merriam<br />

my<br />

boys' season through would motivation be the<br />

Webster dictionary, the first known use of the word<br />

greatest coach. as The challenge boys<br />

the<br />

travel was in the 14th century. It also states that the<br />

developed<br />

word<br />

as<br />

comes<br />

a<br />

from<br />

squad<br />

Middle<br />

tremendously<br />

English<br />

through<br />

travailen,<br />

the<br />

travelen<br />

year. From week to week their effort was<br />

which means to torment, labor, strive, journey and<br />

earlier from Old improved<br />

continuously they and outstanding French travailler which means to work<br />

season.<br />

the throughout strenuously, toil words travel and travail both share an<br />

even more ancient root: a Roman instrument of word<br />

Although we didn’t win many games, the season<br />

Today, travel may or may not be much easier<br />

was an overwhelming and the<br />

certainly success<br />

has<br />

depending<br />

been<br />

upon<br />

laid<br />

the destination<br />

the<br />

you<br />

future.<br />

choose,<br />

This platform season<br />

Mt.<br />

Everest, the Amazon rainforest, how you plan to get<br />

team effort and I would like to thank<br />

has been a<br />

there tour bus, cruise ship, or oxcart, and whether or<br />

Cabarrus<br />

Chris coach), (assistant Cabarrus Josh<br />

not you decide to "rough it see extreme tourism and<br />

adventure travel.<br />

"There's a big difference throughout the season and of course between the simply boys being - a<br />

tourist and well done! Go Abbotsford!<br />

being a true world traveler," notes travel<br />

writer Michael Kasum.<br />

Dennys Vergara, Coach<br />

P A G E 2 2<br />

2 4

up to U8’s brings with it a lot of change for kids and<br />

Moving<br />

7-a-side, new rules, goalkeepers and playing other<br />

coaches!!!<br />

the first couple of weeks the boys needed time to adapt and<br />

In<br />

that showed in the score lines. Then we got down<br />

unfortunately<br />

business. The boys were fantastic at embracing the changes<br />

to<br />

as they got to know each other and were more comfortable<br />

and<br />

the game the results started to improve and the boys<br />

with<br />

it. enjoyed<br />

the old saying goes it was a season (game) of two halves.<br />

As<br />

the steady hands of Dante, Elliott and Vivaan at the back,<br />

With<br />

midfield (Finn, Henry, Robert, Samuel and Talan) started to<br />

the<br />

its rhythm. And we found strikers and goalies in George<br />

find<br />

U8 DIVISION 5<br />

clubs each week.<br />

T H E B O Y S W E R E F A N T A S T I C A T<br />

E M B R A C I N G T H E C H A N G E S . . .<br />

and RJ!!!.<br />

the end of the season each game was a tight affair –<br />

By<br />

some and losing some. Great effort boys – hope you<br />

winning<br />

come back for more next year!!<br />

David Joyce, Team Coach<br />

2 5


The Perfect Season. The U8 Girls Div 1 team had an absolutely cracking<br />

2017 with the team completing the season undefeated and untied. This<br />

The Beauty of<br />

was the first time the girls had played together, and right from the<br />

of the season, it was obvious that this team was a very special<br />

beginning<br />

Every week, the girls trained hard and played every game with<br />

one.<br />

passion, enthusiasm and determination.<br />

Barcelona<br />

And their hard work payed off. At<br />

every game, each girl gave it her all. Kate, Lara and Paige were fantastic up<br />

front, scoring almost 50 goals between.<br />

- 0 5 -<br />

Strong in defence were Mireya, Lucie and Fionnuala whose efforts helped<br />

Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia and Spain's<br />

many teams Lydia keep and<br />

scoreless. opposition All-rounders Jasmine,<br />

second largest city, with a population of over one and half million<br />

people (over five million in the whole province).<br />

Eadie<br />

This<br />

gave 100%<br />

city,<br />

every time they stepped on the field, doing whatever was<br />

located<br />

of them. A big thanks to coach Rhys Adams whose technical skill,<br />

directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, has a rich<br />

asked<br />

history, having been under Roman, then Frank law before declaring its<br />

reach girls the helping in key was approach good-humoured and patience<br />

this made who parents the to also Thanks achievement. wonderful this independence.<br />

such an enjoyable season. Congratulations to all!<br />

Lily Encina, Team Manager<br />

2 6

the team lost the first 5 games, all<br />

Although<br />

players in the team showed massive<br />

the<br />

under coach Mark Szczerbicki<br />

improvement<br />

Chas Summerfield. The team started<br />

and<br />

games which boosted their<br />

winning<br />

players were passing to each<br />

confidence,<br />

creating opportunities to kick goals. A<br />

other,<br />

of the players had never played before<br />

few<br />

some of the players had only started<br />

and<br />

last year. They named themselves the<br />

playing<br />

Cats. The Python Cats were definitely<br />

Python<br />

of the hardest teams to beat by the end of<br />

one<br />


season. Very proud of the Python Cats'<br />

the<br />

work and commitment.<br />

hard<br />

Kate Romaniuk, Team Manager<br />

3 3 | T R I P M A G . C O M<br />

2 7

French word travail. According to the<br />

Old<br />

Webster dictionary, the first known use of<br />

Merriam<br />

and confidence growing each week, for the<br />

skills<br />

as well as the more experienced. Our<br />

beginners<br />

toil). In English we still occasionally<br />

strenuously,<br />

the words travail and travails, which mean<br />

use<br />

down to colour preference. Red and black<br />

came<br />

sky blue. And that's how the training game<br />

OR<br />

the tripalium (in Latin it means "three<br />

called<br />

as in to impale).<br />

stakes",<br />

traveling abroad, the odds favor a safe and<br />

When<br />

trip, however, travelers can be<br />

incident-free<br />

match day, but more about the boys coming<br />

or<br />

Great new friendships were formed.<br />

together.<br />

may be local, regional, national (domestic)<br />

Travel<br />

international. In some countries, non-local<br />

or<br />

of boys, but also a wonderful group of<br />

bunch<br />

that have come together every Saturday.<br />

families<br />

trip may also be part of a round-trip, which is a<br />

A<br />

type of travel whereby a person moves<br />

particular<br />

E A T U R E S T O R Y<br />

A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S<br />

F<br />



U9 DIVISION 10<br />

This season will be remembered as a year of<br />

to<br />

The origin of the word "travel" is most learning. Many in the team were playing football<br />

likely lost<br />

first time. By necessity, it was a slow start.<br />

the for the from originate may "travel" term The history.<br />

But it was so gratifying to see the<br />

century.<br />

14th the in was travel word the<br />

also that word from It states the comes Middle<br />

super coaches Ross Di and Milton Ventouris<br />

Cristo<br />

travelen had (which a means master to<br />

plan. English Towards travailen, the end of the season,<br />

the boys were carving opposition teams open with<br />

torment, from earlier and journey) strive, labor,<br />

ease.<br />

work to means (which travailler French Old<br />

"The highlight of the week was less<br />

about training or match day, but<br />

more about the boys coming<br />

together. Great new friendships<br />

were formed."<br />

The highlight of the week was less about training<br />

violence.<br />

and crime difficulties, to subject<br />

Likewise for the dads, such that fortnightly Friday<br />

may require an internal night "Strategic Planning Meetings" were<br />

travel internal passport,<br />

a requires typically travel international while<br />

scheduled... This has not been just a brilliant<br />

There was a healthy division within the team. It<br />

passport and visa.<br />

struggle. According to Simon Winchester<br />

in his book The Best Travelers' Tales (2004), the<br />

teams were determined. "Last goal wins!" meant it<br />

The start of the 2018 season is too far away...<br />

was all even by season's end. We will have the<br />

Patrick Tam, Team Coach<br />

words travel and travail both share an even more<br />

from one location to another and returns.<br />

ancient root: a Roman instrument of torture<br />

Sydney derbies to look forward to in the off season.

team had a successful year. How they<br />

The<br />

their success is what made me proud<br />

achieved<br />

a coach. The 'how' was their teamwork,<br />

as<br />

play, sportsmanship and passion for the game.<br />

fair<br />

they achieved as a team was winning or<br />

What<br />

two out of every three games in a very<br />

drawing<br />

division. Each player contributed to<br />

competitive<br />

the team achieved.<br />

what<br />

each scored at least 2 goals. Two players<br />

They<br />

out on their goal tally sheet scoring half of<br />

stood<br />

team goals - Jacob Kelava and Josh Izzard.<br />

the<br />

scored 16 goals (1 poker, 2 hat tricks) and<br />

Jacob<br />

Izzard scored 8 goals (1 hat trick). Other big<br />

Josh<br />

to the goal tally were Samuel Butler<br />

contributors<br />

Kerbage and Matteo Cordaro thrilled us with<br />

Luca<br />

excellent goalkeeping skills.<br />

their<br />

Perkovic excited us with his runs down the<br />

Lucas<br />

and crosses into the goal area, Samuel, Milo<br />

wing<br />

and Marco Lo Russo with their quick<br />

Rasmussen<br />

through the opposition's defense and<br />

runs<br />

Lunn led by example showing the team<br />

Matthew<br />

to confidently protect the ball against some<br />

how<br />

they all learnt how to adapt their play<br />

Overall,<br />

in taking on different field positions,<br />

when<br />

player of the season is Jacob Kelava. Jacob<br />

Our<br />

by example and was trustworthy in defence<br />

led<br />

all of the players improved as the<br />

Although<br />

progressed, Matteo Cordaro was our most<br />

season<br />

player. His tenacity in defense snuffed<br />

improved<br />

many opponents advances towards our goal.<br />

out<br />

big thanks to Belinda Perkovic our team<br />

A<br />

David Lunn for refereeing our home<br />

manager,<br />

and the parents for your support and help<br />

games<br />

week.<br />

each<br />

has been a pleasure coaching this team and I'm<br />

It<br />

of what they achieved. Well done boys!<br />

proud<br />

U9 DIVISION 1<br />

improved their 1 v 1 and passing skills.<br />

and attack. Well done Jacob!<br />

(6), Lucas Perkovic (5) and Luca Kerbage (4).<br />

Well done Matteo!<br />

Ivan Kelava, Team Coach<br />

tall opponents.<br />


fun season and this<br />

Another<br />

team finishes a<br />

hard-working<br />

up. Under the guidance<br />

division<br />

our two committed coaches,<br />

of<br />

Lygoyris and Massimo<br />

George<br />

the boys have made<br />

Montefusco,<br />

improvements to their<br />

huge<br />

with respect to their ball<br />

game<br />

team’s hard work and<br />

The<br />

cohesion has produced<br />

resulting<br />

impressive displays of<br />

some<br />

with the ball being<br />

football<br />

seamlessly from one<br />

passed<br />

to the other.<br />

player<br />

has brought about many<br />

This<br />

opportunities and<br />

scoring<br />

the boys up for the BIGGER<br />

sets<br />

next year!<br />

field<br />

boys have rotated positions<br />

The<br />

turns in goal, defence,<br />

taking<br />

and attack – giving<br />

mid-field<br />

player an opportunity to<br />

each<br />

speedy William W. in goal; a<br />

A<br />

striker of the ball in<br />

powerful<br />

L., determined Nicholas D.<br />

Max<br />

tenacious Kit C. anchoring<br />

and<br />

defence; our skilful and<br />

our<br />

mid-fielders Roman C.,<br />

creative<br />

L. and Janos F. constantly<br />

Jack<br />

the ball forward to<br />

bringing<br />

scoring opportunities for<br />

create<br />

and our excellent<br />

themselves<br />

– cool-headed Arion,<br />

strikers<br />

Alex O. and a<br />

determined<br />


U9 DIVISION 6<br />

resolute Matteo M.<br />

skills and discipline.<br />

Clare Wendt, Team Manager<br />

show their strengths.

team was one of the most<br />

This<br />

and enthusiastic group of<br />

energetic<br />

I have ever been associated<br />

players<br />

It was a true pleasure being<br />

with.<br />

coach and a thoroughly<br />

their<br />

season. The group was<br />

enjoyable<br />

in victory and gracious in<br />

humble<br />

defeat.<br />

showed tremendous<br />

They<br />

throughout the<br />

sportsmanship<br />

and truly represented our<br />

season<br />

in a manner which makes both<br />

club<br />

(team manager) and I very<br />

Karina<br />

It was not uncommon for the<br />

proud.<br />

or the opposing team<br />

referee<br />

to compliment our boys<br />

managers<br />

their conduct and behaviour.<br />

on<br />

is nothing more a coach and<br />

There<br />

can hope for then receive<br />

manager<br />

positive feedback.<br />

such<br />

the field, the players showed<br />

On<br />

commitment during both<br />

great<br />

and the games. They<br />

training<br />

as a team supporting one-<br />

played<br />

including at times when<br />

another<br />

in less preferred positions<br />

playing<br />

was especially the case<br />

This<br />

our brave goal keepers<br />

for<br />

Jean-Paul, Leonardo<br />

including<br />

Leo. and<br />

team’s defensive line was a<br />

The<br />

to be reckoned with,<br />

force<br />

a difficult challenge for<br />

proving<br />

opposing attack. At<br />

the<br />

it was genuine skill<br />

sometimes<br />

other times sheer<br />

and<br />

and persistence.<br />

determination<br />

this group never gave<br />

Regardless,<br />

and played with gusto in every<br />

up<br />

throughout the season.<br />

game<br />

to Leo, Dennis,<br />

Congratulations<br />

Samuel “The Cannon”,<br />

Luke,<br />

attack was led by Max and<br />

Our<br />

with skill, technique and<br />

Joshua<br />

It was a real spectacle<br />

speed.<br />

these boys play off one-<br />

watching<br />

with some of the goals<br />

another<br />

being well beyond their<br />

scored<br />

Both Max and Joshua were<br />

years.<br />

supported with the likes of<br />

well<br />

JP, Dominic, Shay, Leonardo<br />

Leo,<br />

Dennis. Congratulations on a<br />

and<br />

was very difficult to select the<br />

It<br />

improved player of the season<br />

most<br />

some of the players<br />

considering<br />

never previously played<br />

had<br />

the stand out was<br />

Nonetheless<br />

who was an absolute<br />

Dennis<br />

to have on our team.<br />

pleasure<br />

applied himself throughout<br />

Dennis<br />

year transforming from one of<br />

the<br />

junior players into a leader of<br />

our<br />

team. He should be very proud<br />

the<br />

himself as I am of him. A special<br />

of<br />

must go to Samuel ‘The<br />

mention<br />

who showed similar<br />

Cannon’<br />

and will continue to<br />

development<br />

a real threat to the opposition<br />

be<br />

U 9 D I V I S I O N 7<br />

"This team was<br />

one of the most<br />

energetic<br />

and enthusiastic<br />

group of<br />

Leon and Shay on a great season.<br />

players..."<br />

football.<br />

top season.<br />

without complaint.<br />

next season.

player of the season is Leo.<br />

Our<br />

displayed a positive attitude in<br />

Leo<br />

game and never gave up.<br />

every<br />

supported and encouraged his<br />

He<br />

mates regardless of the score<br />

team<br />

When required Leo was<br />

board.<br />

happy slotting into goals,<br />

equally<br />

and attack doing whatever<br />

defence<br />

took to help the team. A real<br />

it<br />

of the team and is sure to<br />

dynamite<br />

into an even better player<br />

progress<br />

season.<br />

next<br />

would like to thank all of the<br />

I<br />

for their support and offer a<br />

parents<br />

thanks to Michael Barnfield<br />

special<br />

volunteered to ref the home<br />

who<br />

even at times with a broken<br />

games,<br />

Finally, a very special thank<br />

arm.<br />

to our team manager Karina<br />

you<br />

who was extremely<br />

Funke<br />

and personable ensuring<br />

organised<br />

game went smoothly.<br />

every<br />

Sydney FC women’s team stood out. Teresa<br />

"They showed<br />

tremendous<br />

sportsmanship<br />

throughout the<br />

David Simon, Team Coach<br />

season"<br />

prowess of Paris, Nicoletta and Stamatia up<br />

forward the girls had a great time learning new<br />

U 9 D I V I S I O N<br />

skills, competing and running around. Wins<br />

came, as did the losses, however the girls always<br />

gave it their best and maintained a sense of fun .<br />

1 B G I R L S<br />

After a limited pre-season due to rain the girls<br />

There were many highlights of the season<br />

however the visit of Teresa Polias, Captain of<br />

were extremely excited when the referee finally<br />

blew his whistle to start the opening game of the<br />

season.<br />

joined us for training - running us through some<br />

drills, motivating us and encouraging us to work<br />

The girls quickly got into the swing of things;<br />

hard and enjoy the game.<br />

enjoying competitive games against Five Dock,<br />

Strathfield, Balmain and their friends in the<br />

A special thanks to our coaches Nick, Michael<br />

Abbotsford A team.<br />

and Tristian for their tireless work during the<br />

course of the season.<br />

With shot stoppers Evie and Sienna H. in goal,<br />

Matthew Stafford, Team Manager<br />

defenders Mackenzie, Lara and Gemma repelling<br />

32<br />

raids, tireless running of midfielders Sienna F,<br />

Ava, Ashley and Maggie and the goal scoring

a great year it has<br />

What<br />

We started the<br />

been!<br />

without any<br />

season<br />

due to the<br />

training<br />

wet weather<br />

continual<br />

only seemed to<br />

which<br />

with our<br />

coincide<br />

night training<br />

Tuesday<br />

first few games were<br />

The<br />

a training ground<br />

really<br />

both the team and the<br />

for<br />

The team quickly<br />

coach.<br />

what they<br />

realised<br />

to do; working<br />

needed<br />

in order to close<br />

together<br />

gap in the scores.<br />

the<br />

boys united together<br />

The<br />

the first time this year,<br />

for<br />

from different<br />

coming<br />

They all came<br />

teams.<br />

a broad range of<br />

with<br />

and ability, but not<br />

skills<br />

focus throughout the<br />

The<br />

has been around<br />

season<br />

philosophy of<br />

the<br />

as team” and the<br />

“playing<br />

focus on<br />

continual<br />

the ball” and<br />

“passing<br />

season has been<br />

The<br />

but as a team and<br />

tough,<br />

the boys<br />

individually,<br />

continued to<br />

have<br />

their<br />

develop<br />

together and have<br />

skills<br />

the<br />

Notwithstanding<br />

the team upheld<br />

results,<br />

core values of the<br />

the<br />

and played in the<br />

club<br />

spirit of the game,<br />

true<br />

passion, energy,<br />

with<br />

but above<br />

sportsmanship,<br />

enjoyment.<br />

all,<br />

choosing the<br />

When<br />

of the Season and<br />

Player<br />

Most Improved<br />

the<br />

we thought long<br />

Player,<br />

hard and soon<br />

and<br />

that each and<br />

realised<br />

member of the<br />

every<br />

gave it everything<br />

team<br />

had week in and<br />

they<br />

out and should all<br />

week<br />

equally congratulated<br />

be<br />

the dedication and the<br />

on<br />

"Notwithstanding the results, the team upheld<br />

U9<br />

DIVISION 3<br />

the core values of the club and played in the<br />

true spirit of the game, with passion, energy,<br />

sportsmanship, but above all, enjoyment"<br />

All things are difficult<br />

before they are easy.<br />

much in a way of results.<br />

sessions.<br />

most of all, enjoyment.<br />

33<br />

above and beyond...<br />

all matured.

they all displayed. So, the team as a<br />

attitude<br />

should be congratulated on what they<br />

whole<br />

achieved and become by the end of the<br />

have<br />

They all showed commitment, leadership<br />

season.<br />

teamwork, regardless of the results. And<br />

and<br />

importantly, they all became good friends.<br />

more<br />

big thank you to all the parents and friends for<br />

A<br />

support each week, whether it be turning up<br />

their<br />

training on cold nights, cheering from the side<br />

at<br />

bringing the oranges and most of all,<br />

line,<br />

their own child to be the best that<br />

supporting<br />

can be!<br />

they<br />

was a pleasure to coach/manage the team this<br />

It<br />

We hope that the boys stay together and<br />

year.<br />

enjoy their time with Abbotsford for<br />

importantly<br />

years to come.<br />

many<br />

Michael Terry, Team Coach<br />

Sabrina Di Cosmo, Team Manager<br />

will continue to develop their skills and most

1A GIRLS<br />

U9<br />


What a great season the girls had. It was a great<br />

Above anything else it was so great to see that<br />

every player tried their best whether that be at<br />

pleasure to share it with them. Throughout the<br />

season an overall great performance was<br />

training or on game day. It has been a pleasure to<br />

coach and manage this team throughout the year<br />

displayed by the girls with some strong<br />

individual performances and some brilliant team<br />

especially watching the fun and enjoyment the<br />

work.<br />

girls got from being part of this team.<br />

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents who<br />

This team came together for the first time with<br />

only half the girls playing with each other<br />

helped out throughout the year at training or on<br />

game day, it was much appreciated.<br />

previously. The support and passion they<br />

showed each and every week was a real<br />

highlight both at training and on game day. It<br />

Well Done Girls!!!<br />

year.<br />

Alan Downey, Team Coach<br />

Daniel Trad, Team Manager<br />

was this determination that made for a successful<br />

As the seasoned progressed our team began to<br />

gel. The girls won the majority of their games,<br />

only recording two narrow losses for the entire<br />

season. The most pleasing thing about the girls'<br />

success was the spirit in which the girls played,<br />

A J F C 2 0 1 7 Y E A R B O O K | 3 5<br />

they showed great sportsmanship throughout<br />

the year.

new team, new coach and new division. That was the<br />

A<br />

ahead. As we all met for the first time back in March for<br />

challenge<br />

first training session we knew we had something special.<br />

our<br />

was a new group of talented boys, some had played together<br />

It<br />

past years, some knew each other from school and others that<br />

in<br />

new to the club, ready to take on the new season.<br />

were<br />

the rounds passed we had a year of mixed results, the boys<br />

As<br />

all about the beautiful game, the high and lows, how you<br />

learnt<br />

play well and lose. But the ball is round for both teams.<br />

can<br />

a group they worked hard to improve their skills and had a lot<br />

As<br />

laughs along the way. It was great to see the boys learn and<br />

of<br />

the joys of working in a team environment, and some<br />

experience<br />

started to emerge within the playing group. All the boys<br />

leaders<br />

in confidence both on and off the pitch. Not all results went<br />

grew<br />

way and we played a few games without substitutions and<br />

our<br />

we had to borrow from other teams. I hope to see all<br />

sometimes<br />

U10<br />

DIVISION 3<br />

With limited preseason training the boys gelled from round one.<br />

the boys back on the pitch in years to come.<br />

Sean Mantle, Team Coach<br />


team with an enthusiastic group of players and<br />

A<br />

equally excellent group of parents is such a<br />

an<br />

from several clubs this newly formed<br />

Coming<br />

is a mix of existing and new friends. Each<br />

team<br />

came with a sense of fun, sportsmanship<br />

player<br />

a genuine interest in learning about the<br />

and<br />

Moving around early in the season to find<br />

game.<br />

player's interest in possible positions<br />

each<br />

them to learn about the importance of<br />

enabled<br />

role, including goalkeeper.<br />

each<br />

Marco Pantalone, Kiara's dad, recognised<br />

Coach<br />

players strengths and allowed them to<br />

the<br />

U10 DIVISION 2B<br />

GIRLS<br />

great way to spend a season.<br />

explore their potential.<br />


Our most improved player this<br />

Marco's experience and skills<br />

helped the team to 7 wins and 2<br />

year is Kelani Wirihana. Kelani<br />

delivered her first hat-trick in<br />

draws for the season. With so<br />

many of the players' dads turning<br />

week 3, and the support she<br />

offered her team mates is to be<br />

up each week, Marco had an<br />

extensive group of support staff.<br />

commended.<br />

Chris Williamson, Abigail's dad,<br />

stepping up to coach and assist<br />

Zoe unfortunately had some<br />

injuries this year but as soon as<br />

when required. Thank you all.<br />

she was allowed, Zoe's calm and<br />

skillful presence was back on<br />

After each team member had the<br />

opportunity to play in goals,<br />

field to the joy of her team mates.<br />

Not meaning to put Rose and Eve<br />

several players stood out as the<br />

goalies to watch.<br />

in the same sentence, even<br />

though they are cousins, I can<br />

Makayla and Abigail negotiated<br />

not separate their weekly<br />

determination - I sincerely wish I<br />

the role like professionals and we<br />

congratulate you both on your<br />

could bottle these two, just<br />

splendid.<br />

attitude to step up and do what<br />

was needed. So many saves and<br />

dives without complaint - thanks<br />

Our energetic Kiara is mighty and<br />

watching her first career goal was<br />

for being such great team<br />

members.<br />

a highlight, Kiara's ability to see<br />

potential in a set up ensures<br />

Some honorable mentions for<br />

positive outcomes in the teams<br />

performance.<br />

most improved player. Addison.<br />

can I say? Talk about<br />

What<br />

tall and showing up, I<br />

standing<br />

you are very proud of<br />

hope<br />

this year. Nicola, our<br />

yourself<br />

rocket who never gives<br />

pocket<br />

reliable and an all rounder.<br />

up,<br />

not sure if improvement<br />

Sophia,<br />

it! From never playing<br />

covers<br />

to super star performer,<br />

before<br />

for teaching us that<br />

thanks<br />

means more than<br />

attitude<br />

experience.<br />

" A T E A M W I T H A N<br />

E N T H U S I A S T I C G R O U P O F<br />

P L A Y E R S A N D A N E Q U A L L Y<br />

E X C E L L E N T G R O U P O F<br />

P A R E N T S I S S U C H A G R E A T<br />

W A Y T O S P E N D A S E A S O N "<br />

- 38 -

Wirihan, U10/2B Girls<br />

Keilani<br />

Most Improved Player<br />

2017<br />

Being restrained on the field is Summer's undeniable<br />

weapon, when you least expect it her boot will kick<br />

goals that are so accurate it's over before you know<br />

what's happened.<br />

as you can see, choosing a player of the season<br />

So<br />

extremely difficult. However, our player of the<br />

was<br />

is Juliet Mostacci. Being our captain this<br />

season<br />

Juliet's consistent respectful attitude and<br />

year,<br />

to remain focused during times of pressure is<br />

ability<br />

her years.<br />

beyond<br />

to all the girls, and parents, on a<br />

Congratulations<br />

2017 season.<br />

great<br />

Emily Mostacci, Team Manager<br />

" I H A V E L O V E D P L A Y I N G<br />

F O O T B A L L F O R A B B O T S F O R D<br />

T H I S Y E A R B E C A U S E I W A S A B L E<br />

M A K E N E W F R I E N D S A S W E L L A S<br />

P L A Y W I T H M A N Y O F M Y O L D<br />

T E A M M A T E S F R O M L A S T Y E A R .<br />

O U R C O A C H H E L P E D M E T O<br />

U N D E R S T A N D P A R T S O F T H E<br />

G A M E A N D M Y S K I L L S I M P R O V E D<br />

W I T H H I S H E L P . "<br />


almost full participation in the<br />

With<br />

year of AJFC’s Development<br />

inaugural<br />

the growth in skill and<br />

Program,<br />

of the game that the boys<br />

understanding<br />

demonstrated throughout the<br />

have<br />

has been clear and very<br />

season<br />

worked very hard in pre-season and<br />

They<br />

the early games building towards the<br />

in<br />

and stylish brand of football<br />

attacking<br />

consistently delivered throughout<br />

they<br />

was often commented on by<br />

This<br />

coaches and spectators.<br />

opposing<br />

culmination of this was beating a<br />

The<br />

team in both games in the year –<br />

Balmain<br />

team that had been previously<br />

a<br />

for over 3 years!!<br />

undefeated<br />

the year the boys have<br />

Throughout<br />

great fighting spirit and<br />

displayed<br />

and several times fought<br />

determination<br />

from being down, to draw or win<br />

back<br />

everything else and most pleasingly<br />

Above<br />

the Coaches, they always demonstrated<br />

to<br />

team values of respect and enjoyment<br />

our<br />

the game.<br />

of<br />

P A G E 3 • A J F C Y E A E B O O K 2 0 1 7<br />

U 1 0 D I V I S I O N 1<br />

games. This bears well for the future.<br />

boys on a terrific season.<br />

Congratulations<br />

Brent Howells, Team Coach<br />

John Encina, Team Assistant Coach<br />

satisfying to watch.<br />

the season.<br />


has been another outstanding<br />

2017<br />

for the U10/1B Girl Wolverines!<br />

year<br />

one of our mums, Carmen<br />

With<br />

as coach, we have<br />

DiGiandomenico,<br />

UNDEFEATED throughout the<br />

been<br />

(again)! In total we scored<br />

season<br />

80 goals over the season with<br />

about<br />

top scorers being Kitri Irving,<br />

our<br />

Linton, Claudia Lacalandra,<br />

Roan<br />

Christina DiGiandomenico, with<br />

and<br />

our mid-fielders scoring some<br />

even<br />

goals.<br />

have an outstanding defence<br />

We<br />

Alessa Ratuavadiel and<br />

with<br />

Wilkie, solid mid-fielders in<br />

Gabrielle<br />

Le Roux, Kaari Ellen, Eve<br />

Angie<br />

and Mila Coucouvinis<br />

Restuccia<br />

the ball to our attackers. We<br />

passing<br />

have a new player this season<br />

also<br />

Gorman who has found<br />

Rhiannon<br />

place in our team in attack and<br />

her<br />

can’t imagine ever being without<br />

we<br />

They have worked as a team<br />

her.<br />

never before and we can’t wait<br />

like<br />

see how they improve their skills<br />

to<br />

next year!<br />

for<br />

what a great effort from the girls<br />

And<br />

have taken on all the advice<br />

who<br />

their amazing coach. But not<br />

from<br />

has Carmen been their coach,<br />

only<br />

is their mentor and female role<br />

she<br />

to the game of football as a<br />

model<br />

U10<br />


GIRLS<br />

41<br />

player herself for Abbotsford...

est asset, I think as manager to this team, it the<br />

The<br />

dedication and community spirit from all the<br />

commitment,<br />

and every family have helped to do whatever has been<br />

Each<br />

to support Carmen and myself running this team, and<br />

needed<br />

them the team would not have been as solid as it has<br />

without<br />

been.<br />

is my applause for all the parents of the U10/1BG who<br />

Here<br />

made my job easy and shown the girls, by example, that<br />

have<br />

is a community game where friendship and working<br />

football<br />

is is just as important as the game.<br />

together<br />

parents of the girls.<br />

Joanne Ling, Team Manager<br />


2017 U11 Division 2<br />

The<br />

had the most exciting<br />

team<br />

one we will all<br />

season,<br />

for many years.<br />

remember<br />

started the year as 12<br />

They<br />

who had never<br />

players<br />

together, and<br />

played<br />

to a rainy start to the<br />

thanks<br />

hadn’t trained much<br />

year,<br />

either. Their first<br />

together<br />

showed it, going<br />

game<br />

2 -1 to Concord, but<br />

down<br />

that point it all turned<br />

from<br />

around.<br />

defence got tighter<br />

Our<br />

game, all of us<br />

every<br />

how to be patient<br />

learning<br />

not rush in. Our<br />

and<br />

were magical to<br />

attackers<br />

shots from all parts<br />

watch,<br />

the field, set corner plays<br />

of<br />

even an incredible<br />

and<br />

But the best part<br />

header.<br />

to watch them play as<br />

was<br />

talking to each other<br />

team,<br />

setting themselves up<br />

and<br />

Playmakers seemed<br />

goals.<br />

know exactly where to<br />

to<br />

the ball for our<br />

put<br />

to take off, and it<br />

attackers<br />

no coincidence, they<br />

was<br />

do have “chemistry”.<br />

really<br />

the 2017 Season,<br />

During<br />

team played 17 games<br />

the<br />

only lost 4 of them!<br />

and<br />

a year and what a<br />

What<br />

team. 2017 was a<br />

great<br />

season for our U11<br />

great<br />

2 team, a year I am<br />

Division<br />

they will all remember<br />

sure<br />

what we hope will be<br />

for<br />

first of many great<br />

the<br />

for our boys and<br />

seasons<br />

girls!<br />


"Our defence<br />

got tighter<br />

every game, all<br />

of us learning<br />

Robert Lattuca,<br />

Team Coach<br />

how to be<br />

patient and not<br />

rush in..."<br />

43<br />

for even better and better

UNDER 11<br />

We could not be more proud<br />

size field next year (passing,<br />

keeping field position, ball<br />

of what they have achieved.<br />


possession and working<br />

together as a team, not as<br />

All boys worked hard at<br />

individuals in a team).<br />

Our team excelled greater than<br />

training and played fair, in the<br />

our exceptions this season!<br />

spirit of the game.<br />

Well done and<br />

The boys played to their best<br />

congratulations boys!<br />

ability and took instructions<br />

Although we won 90% of our<br />

from the coach all season.<br />

Bill Alexiou, Team Coach<br />

matches, our agreed main goal<br />

31 | AJFC Yearbook 2017<br />

at the start of the season was<br />

to prepare ourselves for the full<br />


us; the parent group supporting the development of their children, beyond just the<br />

UNDER 11<br />


2B GIRLS<br />

Our fourth season together, and the girls are continuing to grow and develop into<br />

competent young players. They are now able to perform skills under pressure with greater<br />

consistency. Their game understanding, including where to hit the ball, who to pass to and<br />

when, where to kick the ball and where to stand both attacking and defensively, has come<br />

on in leaps and bounds.<br />

Added to this, is the clear enjoyment of playing with friends in a competitive environment,<br />

where losing is not a worry. This is seen in our results: W-12, D-2; L-3, for which our girls<br />

show little interest. They are focusing on each game and what they can do better.<br />

Highlights include: team players changing sides for opposing teams, who occasionally<br />

lacked players; making game provisions for teams who have conceded several goals against<br />

technical elements of the game.<br />


"Their game<br />

understanding,<br />

including where<br />

to hit the ball,<br />

who to pass to<br />

and when,<br />

where to kick<br />

the ball...has<br />

come on in leaps<br />

and bounds..."<br />


have been fortunate to be able to train with the U11/2B girls on<br />

We<br />

evenings. This has brought a greater level of intensity and<br />

Wednesday<br />

to training sessions, which the girls have been able to transfer<br />

enthusiasm<br />

the weekend matches.<br />

to<br />

always, my thanks to Rob for his outstanding management of our team.<br />

As<br />

Pete, Matt, William and Paul for their assistance at training. To our<br />

To<br />

group for their vocal support of all teams, and who trust my<br />

parent<br />

in the coaching of their daughters, however peculiar it may<br />

judgement<br />

seem! Finally a word to our girls…<br />

– for her determination, to never give up;<br />

Maddie<br />

– for reminding me it’s not just about football;<br />

Brooke<br />

H – for having no fear;<br />

Jasmine<br />

– for doing in football, whatever she is asked;<br />

Mia<br />

– for mixing gymnastics and football in goal;<br />

Niamh<br />

S – for her bullet big toe;<br />

Jasmin<br />

– for growing in confidence as the season goes;<br />

Amelia<br />

– for always running and playing to win;<br />

Sarah<br />

– for the longest throw-ins and super shots;<br />

Alexandra<br />

- for laughing at my jokes;<br />

Charlise<br />

– for facing challenges, both big and small;<br />

Emma<br />

– for thanking and hugging her Dad at each and every session.<br />

Evie<br />

Jason Munday, Team Coach<br />


of the 11/6 Bs had an enjoyable season with plenty of fun and action. This team came<br />

All<br />

from two teams last year. The players trained and bonded well and as a result had a<br />

together<br />

balanced year. The division was pretty well matched , with exceptional Leichardt, that<br />

very<br />

is best forgotten.<br />

game<br />

players continued to improve throughout the season with a strong finish and some tough<br />

The<br />

against Balmain. The team trained hard and particularly loved when Nik the coach<br />

games<br />

make them run two laps to warm up! There were moments of sheer class with fast runs<br />

would<br />

the wing , followed by great crosses and clinical finish into the net. A big thanks to all the<br />

down<br />

for the support and half time oranges. Thanks to coaches Nik and Gary. See you next<br />

parents<br />

team! year<br />


Michael Donnellan, Team Manager<br />


was anticipated when several experienced<br />

As<br />

left the team and moved directly to the<br />

players<br />

12’s, the new season in Division 1 was<br />

under<br />

going to be challenging.<br />

always<br />

the early season wet weather it was difficult<br />

With<br />

the new team to train or get any effective<br />

for<br />

This led to some heavy early defeats<br />

cohesion.<br />

experienced and talented opposition.<br />

against<br />

the team continued to train, work<br />

Nevertheless<br />

and develop their skills. As a credit to the<br />

hard<br />

the team was re-graded to Division 2<br />

Mid-season<br />

was more appropriate. This allowed the<br />

which<br />

to settle and execute skills and combinations.<br />

team<br />

on playing defensively and one out, the<br />

Instead<br />

was able to develop an effective passing<br />

team<br />

that created more goal scoring<br />

game<br />

With that the results started to go<br />

opportunities.<br />

way. It has been a fantastic<br />

Abbotsford’s<br />

as Abbotsford 11/2A girls were able to<br />

turnaround<br />

5 out of their last 6 games.<br />

win<br />

want to thank all the players and parents for<br />

I<br />

this a successful season. While it was<br />

making<br />

going early on, the team persisted and<br />

hard<br />

noticeably over the year.<br />

improved<br />

also want to thank our coach Paul Simeoni for<br />

I<br />

his coaching, motivating and<br />

all<br />

of the girls. His tireless efforts<br />

encouragement<br />

truly appreciated.<br />

are<br />

also want to thank Jason Munday for running<br />

I<br />

the mid-week training sessions that<br />

all<br />

the team’s skills and physical fitness.<br />

developed<br />

was very generous with his time and<br />

Jason<br />

his help, the team would never have<br />

without<br />

able to succeed.<br />

been<br />

with one game to go, the team have a record<br />

So<br />

7 wins against 10 losses. All the best for the<br />

of<br />

and hope to see all the players back<br />

summer<br />

year. next<br />


girls, they always displayed great sportsmanship.<br />

Adam Maynard, Team Manager<br />



AJFC<br />

29<br />


a parent, when you decide to coach or manage a team, we all feel a<br />

As<br />

of huge responsibility to be the trainer, the motivator, the tactician,<br />

sense<br />

organiser. Let's face it, the role is demanding, yet so rewarding when<br />

the<br />

players and parents give us 100% support, so thanks to all of our<br />

both<br />

team welcomed six new boys to our Club and Mark and I couldn't<br />

Our<br />

been more proud of the boys, who all made contributions to this<br />

have<br />

being a success in our eyes with the boys reaching the semi-final<br />

season<br />

losing out on a final spot by 1 goal.<br />

and<br />

you're wondering why the quote above was chosen, I can tell you it's<br />

If<br />

as a lover of Man Utd, I'm a Liverpool fan! It's simply to remind us all<br />

not<br />

when so many talk about the talented and the heroes, it's often the<br />

that<br />

ones who work hard at their game which gets us through the<br />

quiet<br />

must acknowledge Mark Aldridge and Donna Alaveras for their<br />

I<br />

help, passion and commitment to the cause. Our Club is<br />

unrelenting<br />

to have people like you as volunteers and it was my privilege to<br />

blessed<br />

part of our team. Thank you.<br />

be<br />



"Hard work<br />

will always<br />

overcome<br />

natural talent<br />

when natural<br />

talent does not<br />

work hard<br />

enough"<br />

- Sir Alex Ferguson<br />

players and parents.<br />

tougher times.<br />

Roger Vertannes, Team Coach<br />


was the first time the majority of these<br />

2017<br />

were together as a team. That in<br />

boys<br />

with having no pre-season at all,<br />

combination<br />

move to full field 11 a-side and having a<br />

the<br />

squad of 14, meant it was going to be a<br />

small<br />

year.<br />

tough<br />

these challenges, and being against<br />

Despite<br />

teams that were much stronger than us,<br />

some<br />

team stayed positive and never gave up all<br />

our<br />

Not only did we manage some strong<br />

season.<br />

and the occasional win, we displayed a<br />

results<br />

attitude towards each other and our<br />

fantastic<br />

– living the ‘fair play’ mantra, doing<br />

opponents<br />

club proud with our sportsmanship.<br />

the<br />

to all the boys for making the season so<br />

Thanks<br />

Thanks to Ian Clark for seamlessly<br />

enjoyable.<br />

the team all year – and to Donna,<br />

managing<br />

and Jerry for helping us while we were<br />

Prath<br />

as well as all the other parents who were<br />

away,<br />

supportive all year.<br />

very<br />

thanks too to our friends from the U/11s<br />

Special<br />

regularly helped us out by playing for us<br />

who<br />

is an extremely skilful football player –<br />

Antonio<br />

his close control dribbling, passing, and<br />

with<br />

(akin to a young Mark Viduka, for those<br />

vision<br />

remember!). This led to him scoring most<br />

that<br />

our goals. But it was also his commitment on<br />

of<br />

pitch to stay positive, getting back always<br />

the<br />

help out the backline and taking goal kicks<br />

to<br />

A great year mate – well done.<br />

too.<br />



"...We displayed a fantastic<br />

attitude towards each other and<br />

our opponents - living the 'fair<br />

play' mantra, doing the club<br />

proud..."<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Player of the season: Antonio Maiese –

Most Improved: Benjamin – after<br />

Tukadra<br />

other sports recently, Ben took up the<br />

playing<br />

game. He had an amazing attitude all<br />

beautiful<br />

– happy to do whatever he was asked,<br />

year<br />

playing keeper or being the first to<br />

defending,<br />

with packing up etc. By the end of<br />

volunteer<br />

year, he has improved across all areas, with<br />

the<br />

timing on tackles and clearances as<br />

better<br />

and always did whatever I asked and<br />

face<br />

and tried his best. He made strong<br />

played<br />

across defence and midfield, with<br />

contributions<br />

of his best games coming towards the<br />

some<br />

team. Jono would always be there to rev<br />

the<br />

team mates up when the coach needed<br />

his<br />

help! In a tough year to be in goals, he did<br />

some<br />

great job and also made some great runs<br />

a<br />

– especially when we could find him<br />

forward<br />

space to dribble. Again stayed very<br />

some<br />

and contributed all year, playing some<br />

positive<br />

and calm football especially when asked<br />

great<br />

skills, speed and energy. Always made a<br />

of<br />

when he was on the pitch and was<br />

difference<br />

the instigator of our attack, but equally<br />

often<br />

to chase back and help in the defence.<br />

ready<br />

Thomas Tommy was consistently<br />

Clark:<br />

and calm at the centre of midfield. Not<br />

effective<br />

working hard to win the battle in the<br />

only<br />

of the park, but was also a key<br />

middle<br />

in attack getting a number of goals<br />

contributor<br />

us this year.<br />

for<br />

Christian Christian was the core of<br />

Hadjidakis:<br />

central defence with his partner in crime<br />

our<br />

In what was a tough year for our<br />

Zac.<br />

Christian showed many times some<br />

defenders,<br />

capability to be a class sweeper, with<br />

natural<br />

timing to cut off speedy attackers<br />

amazing<br />

down on goal with his blistering speed<br />

bearing<br />

clean tackling.<br />

and<br />

Liam Liam mostly playing fullback<br />

Magnifico:<br />

year, did his best to be a wall against the<br />

this<br />

of attackers and wore his heart on his<br />

barrage<br />

all year. Not only does he show great<br />

sleeve<br />

for the play, but his calmness on the ball<br />

vision<br />

he managed to win tackles meant that we<br />

when<br />

position with strong clearances and<br />

retained<br />

passing.<br />

incisive<br />

in his role on the pitch, he<br />

improving<br />

became a leader by focusing more<br />

increasingly<br />

the game and encouraging his team mates<br />

on<br />

the pitch and in team huddles to improve<br />

on<br />

defence and gave 100% anytime he was on<br />

and<br />

pitch. He kept a strong positive attitude<br />

the<br />

the year and would always do<br />

throughout<br />

asked for the team. Made a few<br />

whatever<br />

runs to put us in strong attacking<br />

memorable<br />

positions.<br />

past him, and he would be one of the<br />

someone<br />

effective in clearing the ball from danger.<br />

most<br />

of his best games were when he went<br />

Some<br />

midfield, where he worked relentlessly to<br />

into<br />

Benji mostly played left wing but was<br />

weapons,<br />

to help out wherever asked. Made some<br />

happy<br />

runs towards goal, and whenever given<br />

strong<br />

chance he would unleash a fairly viscous<br />

the<br />

wide midfield roles. Again he built<br />

mostly<br />

through the season playing some<br />

momentum<br />

his best football towards the end. Always<br />

of<br />

hard to win possession and then<br />

fighting<br />

smart to keep it through a good<br />

playing<br />

game.<br />

passing<br />

boys - hope to see you all out on the<br />

Thanks<br />

again next year.<br />

pitch<br />


keeper.<br />

Ryan Andrews: Ryan always had a smile on his<br />

Zac Playing in central defence, Zac did<br />

Moore:<br />

and better as the year went on. Not only<br />

better<br />

end of the season.<br />

Jonathan Angelakos: The heart and voice of<br />

and work for each other.<br />

Kyle Patterson: Kyle played both in midfield<br />

when playing striker.<br />

Gianluca Arlotta: Another skilful and graceful<br />

Harry Another very strong and<br />

Santhiran:<br />

year from Harry. Rarely would he let<br />

consistent<br />

to help out back in the defence.<br />

Vincenzo Barillaro: Vincent is a pocket rocket,<br />

win and maintain possession.<br />

Benji Shatar: One of our key attacking<br />

left footed shot.<br />

Joshua Tukadra: Josh was very solid playing<br />

Mark Magnifico, Team Coach

"The heart and voice<br />

of the team. Jono<br />

would always be<br />

there to rev his team<br />

mates up when the<br />

coach needed some<br />


3<br />


a ride! The last 3 minutes<br />

What<br />

UNDER 12<br />

of our season were perhaps<br />

the most pulsating and<br />

enthralling minutes we could<br />

ever NOT hope for which put<br />

10 years on all our lives! At the<br />

same time it typified the<br />

fighting spirit and passion of<br />

our boys which earned them<br />

the title of grand final<br />

champions.<br />

Clinging to a 1-0 lead from<br />

early in the first half our goal<br />

was peppered with shots in the<br />

final moments but to the boys<br />

credit they repelled each<br />

attack with a last ditch tackle,<br />

block, deflection or cat like<br />

save from our keeper Nelson.<br />

Indeed in the final minutes<br />

Nelson produced a herculian<br />

effort to rattle off 3 straight<br />

brilliant saves culminating in a<br />

full stretch dive to swipe the<br />

ball away from our goal line<br />

after the ball had trickled half<br />

way over the white stripe. What<br />

a win.<br />


A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S F O O T B A L L C L U B 0 5<br />

"...typified the<br />

fighting spirit and<br />

passion of our boys<br />

which earned them<br />

the title of grand<br />

final champions"<br />

It was a great year from the boys<br />

next best post game recovery<br />

The team and parents would<br />

to come from 4th and win the<br />

aid - Allen's snakes for<br />

also like to thank all those<br />

grand final. They only lost 3<br />

everyone after each game! The<br />

involved at the Abbotsford<br />

games all year and timed their<br />

parents would like to sincerely<br />

Football Club for another great<br />

run perfectly heading into the<br />

thank Anthony and Daniel for<br />

year.<br />

back end of the season,<br />

remaining undefeated in their<br />

devoting their time this year<br />

and doing a wonderful job. The<br />

Chris Alexakis, Team<br />

Manager<br />

last 7 games.<br />

boys had a fun year and<br />

created some great memories<br />

This is testiment to the Lo Surdo<br />

together.<br />

coaching staff who, whilst<br />

unsuccessful in luring a<br />

Special mention goes to Tyler<br />

hyperbaric oxygen chamber to<br />

who was our top scorer for the<br />

the Club, instead opted for the<br />

year with 14 goals.<br />


A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S F O O T B A L L C L U B<br />

U13 DIVISION 3<br />

Our competition was very<br />

We thought we would have a<br />

2017 was a year to<br />

close all season with 7 teams<br />

remember. The boys stepped<br />

go with some higher and<br />

up from 12/4s to 13/3s. We<br />

fighting for a top 4 spot. We<br />

stronger teams to see how<br />

well we could match them.<br />

had a little rough patch mid<br />

knew we had to be ready for<br />

We played a very strong,<br />

a more competitive<br />

season. We let games slip,<br />

undefeated division 1<br />

competition and fight for a<br />

things didn't go our way on<br />

Conells Point Rovers and the<br />

the day, and before we knew<br />

spot in the finals.<br />

it we saw ourselves sitting<br />

game didn't go well.<br />

At the start of pre-season, I<br />

4th, not far ahead of 5th and<br />

had a chat. We talked<br />

we<br />

what we wanted to<br />

about<br />

this year. We made it<br />

achieve<br />

goal for this year to make<br />

our<br />

finals. We began the<br />

the<br />

winning 7 out of 8<br />

season<br />

games.<br />

only loss was to<br />

Our<br />

After playing the<br />

Strathfield.<br />

half of the season, we<br />

first<br />

our first round in<br />

played<br />

State Cup. This is a knock<br />

the<br />

competition between all<br />

out<br />

our normal competition<br />

to<br />

focused on booking our<br />

and<br />

in the finals. After<br />

place<br />

all teams once, we<br />

playing<br />

given the news that<br />

got<br />

of the team Blake<br />

captain<br />

fractured his arm and<br />

Wilson<br />

be on the sidelines for<br />

would<br />

least 8 weeks.<br />

at<br />

meant the rest of the<br />

This<br />

had to step up and<br />

team<br />

fighting to get into the<br />

keep<br />

finals.<br />

"I couldn't be<br />

prouder of the<br />

boys and the<br />

effort they put<br />

in all year.<br />

They never<br />

stopped giving<br />

up"<br />

sat down with the team and<br />

We turned our attention back<br />

6th place.<br />

different teams in NSW.<br />

5 7<br />

A J F C . N E T . A U

sat down again at training and we had a good<br />

We<br />

The boys didn't want to give up their spot in<br />

talk.<br />

came down to the final game of the season. We<br />

It<br />

to win to make the finals. A draw or loss<br />

had<br />

not be enough. Our final game of the<br />

would<br />

was against an undefeated Strathfield<br />

season<br />

who were sitting at the top of the table and<br />

team<br />

us 5-0 last time we played. We knew we had<br />

beat<br />

big fight ahead of us, it was do or die. We<br />

a<br />

at Campbell park at 8:00am ready for the<br />

arrived<br />

challenge this season. The team was<br />

biggest<br />

and we knew what we had to do.<br />

focused<br />

started the game well, dominating most of the<br />

We<br />

half. With 5 minutes to go before halftime,<br />

first<br />

received a free kick on the left hand side of the<br />

we<br />

Reuben stepped up and placed it in the top<br />

box.<br />

corner. We were up 1-0. They kept coming at<br />

right<br />

but we had to hold them out until halftime. The<br />

us<br />

whistle blew and we went into the break<br />

halftime<br />

the lead. They came out firing looking for an<br />

with<br />

got a penalty 10 minutes into the second<br />

They<br />

and its 1-1. 10 minutes to go we started to<br />

half<br />

players up searching for a goal. We were on<br />

push<br />

counter attack, Cooper got on the end of a<br />

a<br />

cross. We were up 2-1. 5 minutes to go<br />

perfect<br />

leveled the score, and Campbell park went<br />

they<br />

silent. The boys weren't finished yet, they<br />

totally<br />

up the ball out of the net and kept going,<br />

picked<br />

one was giving up. The last kick of the game,<br />

no<br />

put the ball in the top left corner and put<br />

Reuben<br />

up 3-2. As the boys were celebrating, the<br />

us<br />

blew for full time, game over.<br />

referee<br />

19<br />

"In football you<br />

don't lose, you<br />

learn"<br />

equalizer in the second half.<br />

the finals, so we kept on going.<br />

A J F C | P A G E 5 8<br />

We were through to the finals!

had one week to prepare for a<br />

We<br />

Marrickville side. We started<br />

tough<br />

game well leading 2-0. Just<br />

the<br />

halftime, Marickville pull a<br />

before<br />

back and its game on, 2-1.<br />

goal<br />

half they were on the attack<br />

Second<br />

for an equalizer, but our<br />

looking<br />

was strong and we kept<br />

defense<br />

out. 5 Minutes to go,<br />

them<br />

get a goal and its 2-2. We<br />

Marickville<br />

into golden goal but still no<br />

went<br />

so the game was decided on<br />

goals,<br />

We went down 4-1 on<br />

penalties.<br />

and that was the end of<br />

penalties,<br />

couldn't be prouder of the boys and<br />

I<br />

effort they put in all year. They<br />

the<br />

stopped giving up, but in the<br />

never<br />

it just wasn't meant to be, and<br />

end<br />

football. We were lucky to<br />

thats<br />

new players into our team<br />

welcome<br />

season: Christopher, Gianluca,<br />

this<br />

Eduardo and returning<br />

Damien,<br />

It was great to have the rest<br />

Gabriel.<br />

the returning players from last<br />

of<br />

and i hope we can carry on<br />

season<br />

year with this team.<br />

next<br />

you to all the parents for<br />

Thank<br />

me back this year. This is my<br />

having<br />

year with this group and there is<br />

3rd<br />

I enjoy more than waking up<br />

nothing<br />

a Sunday morning watching these<br />

on<br />

do me proud. Thank you to all<br />

boys<br />

players, you have all improved<br />

the<br />

stepped up from last year. This<br />

and<br />

wasn't meant to be but you kept<br />

year<br />

until the end. We will be<br />

fighting<br />

better and stronger next year<br />

back<br />

hopefully get our hands on that<br />

and<br />

In football you don't lose,<br />

trophy.<br />

learn.<br />

you<br />

D a m i a n o F i n o c c h i a r o , T e a m C o a c h<br />

S u s a n S a a b , T e a m M a n a g e r<br />

our season.<br />


the 2017 season commenced I set towards<br />

As<br />

Park curious to see what the New<br />

Campbell<br />

would bring. While pleasantly surprised<br />

Year<br />

the cartwheels and handstands of<br />

that<br />

subsided it was not long before I<br />

yesteryear<br />

they had been replaced with the<br />

realised<br />

chatter of young teens! Nonetheless,<br />

constant<br />

girls got into it and as the chatter settled the<br />

the<br />

the majority of our team having played<br />

With<br />

for a number of years it definitely<br />

together<br />

on the field in terms of camaraderie,<br />

showed<br />

and support for each other. This year<br />

passion<br />

us two new players to the club, Zara<br />

brought<br />

Natalia who both settled in well and had<br />

and<br />

strong seasons. Natalia ended up as our<br />

very<br />

scorer and was soon feared by<br />

top-goal<br />

for her bustling runs and shots at<br />

opposition<br />

goal.<br />

the season progressed the team got<br />

As<br />

skills improved as did their<br />

stronger,<br />

of the importance of<br />

understanding<br />

passing and team formation.<br />

positioning,<br />

were many great examples throughout<br />

There<br />

year of strong team work that resulted in<br />

the<br />

passages of play as well as goals. Our<br />

excellent<br />

line also improved considerably on<br />

defensive<br />

year with half of our games resulting in<br />

last<br />

clean-sheets.<br />

said I was however perplexed by one of<br />

That<br />

defenders Lily who would alternate from<br />

our<br />

back in one half of the game to right back in<br />

left<br />

other or vice versa depending on which<br />

the<br />

of the pitch she liked on the day. As she<br />

side<br />

a remarkable job I felt it was a question best<br />

did<br />



football improved.<br />

"With the majority of our team<br />

having played together for a<br />

number of years it definitely<br />

showed on the field in terms of<br />

camaradrie, passion and<br />

support for each other"<br />

left unasked!

year the team really stepped up resulting<br />

This<br />

a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals.<br />

in<br />

as the Gods of Football would<br />

Unfortunately<br />

it we lost 1-0 with just over a minute to go<br />

have<br />

golden-goal, even though we were the better<br />

in<br />

on the day. While heartbreaking, I know it<br />

side<br />

led the girls to believe in themselves while<br />

has<br />

their hunger to return next year even<br />

fuelling<br />

big thank you again this year to all the<br />

A<br />

families and friends for their<br />

parents,<br />

support and to the dads that<br />

unwavering<br />

at training and in warm-ups. Also to<br />

helped<br />

our team manager, who weaves her<br />

Paola,<br />

behind the scenes, ensuring that it all<br />

magic<br />

smoothly and that all the team and I need<br />

runs<br />

worry about is getting on the pitch.<br />

to<br />

thank you to all the girls in the team for<br />

Finally,<br />

great season and for their passion and<br />

a<br />


"As the season progressed the<br />

team got stronger, skills<br />

improved as did their<br />

understanding of the importance<br />

of positioning, passing and team<br />

formation. ...many great<br />

examples throughout the year of<br />

strong team work"<br />

stronger.<br />

of the beautiful game.<br />

enjoyment<br />

George Markakis, Team Coach

got off to a slow start for the 14/1 girls<br />

2017<br />

cancelled training sessions because of<br />

with<br />

the rain. With a few new girls joining the<br />

all<br />

it took a while to gel and form<br />

squad<br />

but there were still lots of<br />

combinations<br />

and fun times along the way.<br />

laughs<br />

whole team managed to improve each<br />

The<br />

and we were competitive in most games<br />

week<br />

many of the other teams in our<br />

despite<br />

being graded. Despite our best<br />

Division<br />

we unfortunately fell one place short<br />

efforts<br />

a semi finals berth.<br />

of<br />

big thank you and lots of and credit must<br />

A<br />

to our wonderful coach Gary Collins for<br />

go<br />

on the responsibility of coaching the<br />

taking<br />

for the 2nd year.<br />

girls<br />

passion and commitment in helping the<br />

His<br />

ensured they improved and developed<br />

girls<br />

skills which saw results drastically<br />

their<br />

as the season went on.<br />

improve<br />

girls need to be commended for their<br />

The<br />

say die attitude, respect for each other<br />

never<br />

the opposition as well as the constant<br />

and<br />

they put in right throughout the season.<br />

effort<br />

this effort and Gary’s coaching we<br />

Without<br />

have achieved what we did as a<br />

wouldn’t<br />

choosing our Best and Fairest and<br />

When<br />

Improved it is always a hard decision<br />

Most<br />

make. For this we sort input from the<br />

to<br />

and got them to vote on a 3,2,1 basis.<br />

girls<br />

feel to be voted the recipient of these<br />

We<br />

by your peers makes it even more<br />

awards<br />

Best and Fairest and Most<br />

special.<br />

thoroughly deserve the awards<br />

Improved<br />

receive today and we congratulate<br />

they<br />

and all members of the team on a<br />

them<br />

thanks must go to the parents for<br />

Lastly<br />

all the girls each week and<br />

supporting<br />

their daughters to play this<br />

allowing<br />

game at such a great club.<br />

wonderful<br />

it’s cheering from the sideline,<br />

Whether<br />

out as a ground official, refereeing,<br />

helping<br />

the sideline, taking videos and<br />

running<br />

to share and helping out at training<br />

photos<br />

is really pleasing to not only have a great<br />

It<br />

of players but also an awesome group<br />

team<br />

parents and families that all get on well<br />

of<br />

support each and every player in the<br />

and<br />

Your assistance and support is really<br />

team.<br />

and I hope you will all be back<br />

appreciated<br />





successful year.<br />

we know we couldn’t do it without you.<br />

Jeremy Lockhart, Team Manager<br />

for season 2018.<br />

team both on and off the field.<br />


great year for the<br />

Another<br />

15/1 Girls, making it<br />

Under<br />

the Grand Final for the<br />

into<br />

consecutive year.<br />

second<br />

a coach, it is extremely<br />

As<br />

to see such a<br />

satisfying<br />

unit and the<br />

cohesive<br />

improvement<br />

continual<br />

as individuals and as a<br />

both<br />

Every player has put<br />

team.<br />

100% into every game and<br />

everything that was<br />

did<br />

of them.<br />

asked<br />

welcomed a few new<br />

We<br />

this year and it’s<br />

players<br />

to see the girls<br />

pleasing<br />

to form close<br />

continue<br />

and respect<br />

friendships<br />

other.<br />

each<br />

seasons are filled<br />

Training<br />

laughter and<br />

with<br />

ending with the<br />

always<br />

challenge even on<br />

crossbar<br />

mention and<br />

Special<br />

go to our team<br />

thanks<br />

Mark Georgiadis<br />

manager<br />

continuous support to<br />

for<br />

the team members and<br />

all<br />

Also, to all the parents<br />

me.<br />

thank you for your<br />

a<br />

and commitment<br />

support<br />

the season, it’s<br />

throughout<br />

much appreciated.<br />

very<br />

all on a<br />

Congratulations<br />

season.<br />

terrific<br />

the coldest of nights.<br />

Joseph Marando, Team<br />

Coach<br />

enthusiasm with them<br />


U 1 5 D I V I S I O N 3<br />

First and foremost my congratulations go to the<br />

At the start of the season I told the boys my rules-<br />

no swearing, no arguing with the referees, no<br />

15/3s team for getting to the semi finals after<br />

finishing the regular season in second place. The<br />

foul play, 100% effort. Not one yellow card all<br />

season says it all.<br />

first semi final was decided in the last 10 seconds<br />

of extra time, the best game of the season and<br />

Congratulations to Captain Alessio as Best and<br />

the most nail biting!<br />

Fairest, well deserved and to Alex as “Ballsiest”<br />

(let's see if that is placed on his trophy!); Most’<br />

I honestly thought the second semi final would<br />

be a re-run but unfortunately Earlwood were the<br />

Improved! Alex showed it’s not the dog in the<br />

fight but the fight in the dog.<br />

better team on the day. Abbotsford can hold their<br />

heads high as there was so little difference<br />

Well done to all the players for developing into<br />

between the top three teams.<br />

the team they have become over the season.<br />

A special thank you to Steve as Manager, John<br />

A special thanks to the 3 under 14 players-<br />

Lachlan, Eaden and Calvin, who played up this<br />

for helping with skills development, and the<br />

parents who were there to gather up wayward<br />

season and each proved invaluable.<br />

balls at practice and turning up for games and<br />

Thanks for the opportunity to coach these boys. I<br />

cheering a very fine group of young men.<br />

thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to<br />

doing it all again next season.<br />

The attitude at this club towards sportsmanship<br />

and fair play is a credit to the club and the<br />

parents.<br />

Greg Painter, Team Coach<br />


David Lunn came on board as<br />

S E N I O R M E N ' S F O O T B A L L<br />

U18 DIVISION 1<br />

existing AJFC’s U17/1 team of<br />

strong team and a mission to<br />

In the pre-season and first 5 rounds<br />

Marco Mazzu was coach but with<br />

work commitments John Costa<br />

The 18/1’s formed from the<br />

We started the season with a<br />

2016. The team included the<br />

win. The team all agreed that<br />

following players: Marco<br />

they would set out with these<br />

became the game day coach.<br />

Cucuzza, Roberto Olles, George<br />

specific objectives:<br />

Although the team won the first 5<br />

Papadopoulos, David Turchi,<br />

games, having 2 coaches created a<br />

Anthony Costa, Dane Lewis,<br />

1. Be undefeated<br />

tug of war. The team mandated<br />

Antoine Youssef, Mark Alberga,<br />

2. Win Minor Premiers<br />

they wanted one coach for both<br />

Daniel Biazzo and Lorenzo<br />

3. Win Premiers<br />

training and game day. Starting the<br />

Mazzu. Coach: Marco Mazzu,<br />

4. Go deep into, with a view to<br />

season with the best intention to<br />

Assistant coach: John Costa<br />

winning the Champion of<br />

motivate the team, believe in each<br />

and Team assistant: Dominic<br />

Champions (CoC).<br />

player, inspiring a will to win and<br />

Alberga.<br />

putting the team first until they no<br />

n the pre-season the team<br />

longer could, both Marco and John<br />

New to the team in 2017 were 6<br />

played 5 trial games, resulting<br />

resigned to make way for a new<br />

recruits from other clubs:<br />

in 4 wins and a draw. The team<br />

coach.<br />

James Reynolds, Michael Lunn,<br />

captain George Papadopoulos<br />

Daniel Costa, Thomas<br />

was selected by his peers and<br />

Pencarinha, Jonathan<br />

Coach Marco Mazzu.<br />

assistant coach in the transition<br />

Monserrate and Gabriel Favaro<br />

Over the season we<br />

period. Nick Reynolds who came<br />

and Team manager: Ninett<br />

acknowledge the contribution<br />

forward and took over the coaching<br />

Alberga.<br />

of our 4 team coaches<br />

role 6 weeks into the competition.<br />

6 6<br />

A J F C . N E T . A U

was a big task to get the team refocused, Nick<br />

It<br />

earnt the team's respect and got them<br />

quickly<br />

on track and ultimately steered the team to<br />

back<br />

the league, CoC and was awarded the Team<br />

win<br />

challenges the team worked through<br />

Other<br />

the coach’s brother who left the team<br />

included:<br />

the coach after 8 weeks, we lost our key<br />

with<br />

back for 7 weeks to a Euro holiday,<br />

centre<br />

also lost one of major scorers due to knee<br />

We<br />

Additionally 10 of the boys were doing<br />

injury.<br />

HSC. Despite these challenges of the initial<br />

their<br />

weeks the team remained focused enough to<br />

8<br />

every game through this difficult period. Nick<br />

win<br />

was invited into the team at this stage<br />

Reynolds<br />

stability at the coaching level,<br />

restoring,<br />

and purpose to everything that the<br />

discipline<br />

through flexibility, teamwork,<br />

Nevertheless<br />

each other and doing what was<br />

supporting<br />

for the team, and not themselves, they<br />

needed<br />

had a great season.<br />

have<br />

topping the under 18/1 Competition with<br />

After<br />

1 game lost (as a result of a self-confessed<br />

only<br />

by the referee), 0 draws and the<br />

mistake<br />

wins. The team also forfeited the final<br />

remaining<br />

due to already attaining minor premiers and<br />

game<br />

were carrying a range of injuries and wished<br />

they<br />

rest them prior to the semis. They defeated<br />

to<br />

Saints 2-0 in the Semi Final and proved<br />

Leichhardt<br />

dominance in the Grand Final defeating<br />

their<br />

5-1. Conceding first, their never say die<br />

Lakemba<br />

playing as a team the score was 1-1 at<br />

attitude,<br />

time and went on to demolish Lakemba with 4<br />

half<br />

half goals to lift the cup and give them the<br />

second<br />

going into the COC as the undisputed<br />

confidence<br />

this time, despite multiple red cards to the<br />

During<br />

not one red one card and very few<br />

opposition,<br />

19<br />

Coach of the year 2017.<br />

returning after the major semi.<br />

under 18 Canterbury Association Champions.<br />

team needed to focus on.<br />

A J F C | P A G E 6 7<br />

yellow cards were awarded against the team.

U18/1’s have brought glory to<br />

The<br />

club who awarded U18/1’s with<br />

their<br />

of the Year 2017 for the<br />

Team<br />

division. The accolades<br />

seniors<br />

in January 2018 where<br />

continued<br />

City of Canada Bay recognised<br />

the<br />

team at their Australia day<br />

the<br />

with the Sports Citizen of<br />

ceremony<br />

the winter season with the<br />

Finishing<br />

the Minor Premiership and<br />

both<br />

under their belt they<br />

Premierships<br />

invited by CDSFA (Canterbury<br />

were<br />

tournament. To even enter the<br />

CoC<br />

a team must be minor<br />

tournament<br />

in division 1 only. It is a<br />

premiers<br />

reserved only for the<br />

competition<br />

of the best. So after a tough<br />

best<br />

competition the U18’s entered<br />

local<br />

the unknown of Champions of<br />

into<br />

Champions.<br />

first game, against Southern<br />

The<br />

FC, was a tough fought but<br />

Districts<br />

quarter final against Bankstown<br />

The<br />

down to golden goal in extra<br />

was<br />

after it was 0-0 at full time.<br />

time<br />

Lunn placed a great free<br />

Michael<br />

into the box and forced the<br />

kick<br />

by the defenders.<br />

error<br />

from Sutherland Shire<br />

Gymea<br />

was an even more epic<br />

Association<br />

for the semi-final. 2 -2 after<br />

contest<br />

time and extra time it went down<br />

full<br />

penalties. After a total of 20<br />

to<br />

it was 10-10, not one was<br />

penalties<br />

by either side such was the<br />

missed<br />

of the penalty takers! Goal<br />

quality<br />

for Abbotsford, James<br />

keeper<br />

made a great save on<br />

Reynolds,<br />

11th penalty. After earlier<br />

Gymea’s<br />

to take a penalty James, as<br />

declining<br />

last player to have not taken a<br />

the<br />

had to step up and put the<br />

penalty,<br />

Grand Final was held at the<br />

The<br />

of Football NSW at Valentine<br />

home<br />

Glenwood on 22nd October,<br />

Park,<br />

Glenmore Park was an<br />

2017.<br />

the year 2017 award.<br />

Soccer Football Association)<br />

District<br />

represent the Association in the<br />

to<br />

team through to the Grand Final.<br />

side, physically large, very<br />

imposing<br />

and skilled. 68<br />

strong<br />

comfortable 4-2 win.

Abbotsford team commenced the 2017 year<br />

The<br />

no less than 4 15 year olds, 5 16 year olds and<br />

with<br />

6 actual U18 players, being 17 years old. What<br />

only<br />

ceded in size and strength they made up for<br />

they<br />

their winning formula; exquisite skill, close ball<br />

with<br />

changes of direction, great team work but<br />

control,<br />

importantly a will to win that could not be<br />

most<br />

quelled.<br />

needed every bit of determination, tenacity<br />

They<br />

an unwillingness to yield against Glenmore<br />

and<br />

2-1 down at half time the coach, Nick<br />

Park.<br />

challenged the team with a fiery half time<br />

Reynolds,<br />

and concluded with ”If you really want this,<br />

speech<br />

need to take it”. They took the park with an<br />

you<br />

3-4-3 formation, compared their usual 4-<br />

aggressive<br />

to go after the game. They achieved this<br />

1-3-2,<br />

dominating the second half and with less<br />

outcome,<br />

60 seconds of injury time left the Captain,<br />

than<br />

Papadopoulos, stepped and placed a 30m<br />

George<br />

kick into the top of the goal, his second for the<br />

free<br />

This was typical of George, digging deep and<br />

game.<br />

from the front when his team needed him<br />

leading<br />

extra time the domination continued with<br />

In<br />

Park looking emotionally and<br />

Glenmore<br />

spent. The second youngest and<br />

physically<br />

player in the side, Jonathan, won a<br />

smallest<br />

with his trickery on the ball and change<br />

penalty<br />

direction. Cool as a cucumber Roberto Olles,<br />

of<br />

defender, stepped up and calmly<br />

central<br />

the winner. He admitted after the game<br />

slotted<br />

was very nervous but he delivered the title to<br />

he<br />

Abbotsford.<br />

success of the team started with defence,<br />

The<br />

conceding 12 goals in the local<br />

only<br />

whilst slotting 52 for the season,<br />

competition<br />

James (Goal Keeper), Roberto, Tom and<br />

with<br />

sitting in the defensive spine, the<br />

George<br />

wingbacks, Marco and Dane, the<br />

hardworking<br />

displays of guile and skill in the<br />

wonderful<br />

from Daniel Biazzo, Jonathan, Michael<br />

midfield<br />

Antoine, the frontal attack of Gabe, Mark,<br />

and<br />

and David, and player of the season,<br />

Anthony<br />

of the lot and still 15 years old on the<br />

youngest<br />

grand final day, Daniel Costa.<br />

CoC<br />


the most.

Park should be<br />

Glenmore<br />

they were a tough<br />

congratulated,<br />

and this was reflected by FNSW<br />

side<br />

report which cited the U18’s<br />

match<br />

the pick of all the games in all age<br />

as<br />

from U12 to O35, men and<br />

groups<br />

for CoC grand finals. An<br />

women<br />

of the Nepean District<br />

executive<br />

home of Glenmore Park,<br />

Association,<br />

said after the game “the<br />

graciously<br />

Abbotsford played was a great<br />

way<br />

for the game, well done”.<br />

advert<br />

was established in 1968 and in<br />

CoC<br />

years of Club history, prior to this<br />

52<br />

tournament, AJFC had only<br />

year’s<br />

Champions of Champions, in<br />

made<br />

not only brought Champions in<br />

2017<br />

U18’s the U17’s made it to the<br />

the<br />

truly a watershed year<br />

semi-finals,<br />

the Club. Gilbert Lorquet, AJFC<br />

for<br />

thanks to the Abbotsford<br />

Many<br />

Football Club and President<br />

Juniors<br />

Lorquet for hosting a<br />

Gilbert<br />

occasion to celebrate the<br />

memorable<br />

historic achievements. Thank<br />

team’s<br />

also to: the coaches and<br />

you<br />

for their input, Dominic<br />

volunteers<br />

who helped at training and<br />

Alberga<br />

hours recording and<br />

spent<br />

the games to YouTube, all<br />

uploading<br />

family and friends that followed<br />

the<br />

supported the team from the<br />

and<br />

Most importantly thank you<br />

sideline.<br />

the players that made us all proud<br />

to<br />

given us a year that we will<br />

and<br />

forget. We wish you all the<br />

never<br />

for the next football season and<br />

best<br />

future life endeavours.<br />

your<br />

Lunn Assistant Coach and<br />

David<br />

Alberga Proud Team Manager<br />

Ninett<br />

Reynolds, coach of the<br />

Nick<br />

team, stated “The Collins<br />

champion<br />

d i c t i o n a r y d e f i n e s ' t e a m s p i r i t ' a s<br />

" c o n c e r n f o r t h e b e n e f i t o f t h e g r o u p<br />

a s a w h o l e , r a t h e r t h a n f o r t h e<br />

i n d i v i d u a l " a n d t h a t , r e a l l y s u m s u p<br />

t h i s t e a m . T h e f i n a l w a s p r o o f o f t h e<br />

s u c c e s s o f t h e i r b e l i e f i n e a c h o t h e r ,<br />

t h e t e a m s p i r i t , w h i c h w a s a l w a y s<br />

p r e s e n t w a s e p i t o m i s e d i n g r a n d f i n a l<br />

w h e n t h e s y n e r g y o f a l l 1 4 p r e s e n t<br />

w o r k e d a s o n e . (David was out with<br />

”<br />

a knee injury).<br />

any age group, to the quarter finals.<br />

President, stated “10 years ago, we<br />

h a d 3 7 6 p l a y e r s . I n 2 0 1 7 , w e h a v e<br />

o v e r 1 , 0 0 0 p l a y e r s a n d a t h r i v i n g<br />

c l u b c u l t u r e . ”<br />

He went on “2017 has been the<br />

b i g g e s t y e a r f o r t h e c l u b . W e ' v e h a d<br />

o u r A l l A g e t e a m p a r t i c i p a t e i n t h e<br />

F F A C u p ; t e a m s p a r t i c i p a t i n g i n t h e<br />

S t a t e C u p ; r e c o r d n u m b e r o f f i n a l i s t s<br />

i n t h e C a n t e r b u r y A s s o c i a t i o n<br />

c o m p e t i t i o n s ; a n d b e i n g p i p p e d a t<br />

t h e p o s t f r o m w i n n i n g i t s f i r s t e v e r<br />

C l u b C h a m p i o n s h i p ( b e s t c l u b i n t h e<br />

A s s o c i a t i o n ) . H a v i n g 3 t e a m s<br />

p a r t i c i p a t e i n t h e C o C ( 1 3 s , 1 7 s a n d<br />

1 8 s ) a n d t h e n t h e 1 8 s g o i n g o n t o<br />

w i n i t w a s t r u l y a m a z i n g " . " T h i s i s a<br />

m o n u m e n t a l m o m e n t f o r t h e C l u b . T o<br />

p a r t i c i p a t e w a s a h u g e a c h i e v e m e n t .<br />

T o w i n t h e e n t i r e t o u r n a m e n t i s o u t<br />

o f t h i s w o r l d ! "<br />







was the third year in a row that with<br />

This<br />

of the same core team. In 2015 we<br />

much<br />

minor premiers but lost the grand<br />

finished<br />

Last year our season was cut off at the<br />

final.<br />

final stage. This year was the year to go<br />

semi<br />

better than the last two and become<br />

one<br />

strengthened with new blood from the<br />

We<br />

in James Kouts through to the<br />

defence<br />

with a new centre midfield pairing in<br />

midfield<br />

Stoimanovski and Damian Brosque as<br />

Aleks<br />

as a replacement speed demon winger in<br />

well<br />

Lee. Charlie Sullivan stepped up<br />

Michael<br />

the season as our utility who<br />

throughout<br />

out across the pitch in defence,<br />

stood<br />

and even tallying up a few goals as a<br />

midfield<br />

out.<br />

stand<br />

kept our goalscoring machine, Kristian<br />

We<br />

up top, well supported by Eric<br />

Deligio<br />

the ever reliable Anthony Tsapicounis<br />

With<br />

by our central defensive duo<br />

protected<br />

Michaels and James Gullotta and their<br />

Landis<br />

wingbacks in Paul Dilles, Con Ilias and<br />

rock<br />

Konstantinidis, who stepped up into<br />

Adrian<br />

defence for our most crucial of<br />

central<br />

season started off with mixed results,<br />

The<br />

be expected with new players finding<br />

to<br />

feet among the old guard. However<br />

their<br />

a flurry of wins mid-season we found<br />

with<br />

on the cusp of finals territory. Our<br />

ourselves<br />

run consisted of playing the top three<br />

home<br />

who sat above us, a hard task to say<br />

teams<br />

least. The lads lifted at the perfect time<br />

the<br />

9 points from 9 to clinch the minor<br />

taking<br />

for the second time in three<br />

premiership<br />

came up for the third time this season<br />

We<br />

newcomers National Sports in the<br />

against<br />

semi final. A very close match on a<br />

major<br />

Bennett Park with a send-off to<br />

scrappy<br />

teams made for a match that could<br />

both<br />

gone either way however a smooth<br />

have<br />

to none other than Deligio and<br />

penalty<br />

'heart in your mouth' defending<br />

some<br />

our spot in the Grand Final. The<br />

sealed<br />

was set.<br />

stage<br />

was no surprise that we found ourselves<br />

It<br />

against National Sports again. 1st v 2nd<br />

up<br />

take out the Poirrier Trophy at Croydon<br />

to<br />

on a balmy Sunday afternoon. The lads<br />

Park<br />

prepared but nervy and found<br />

were<br />

supported by a spectacular<br />

themselves<br />





champions.<br />

years.<br />

LaRocca and talisman, Darren Sculley.<br />

turnout of fans.<br />

matches for the season and did a stellar job.<br />


started off the match on the back foot and the speedy<br />

We<br />

Sports strikers were taking their chances running<br />

National<br />

stepped up to make a number of fine saves<br />

Tsapicounis<br />

keep the sheet clean for the first 45. A dusty pitch made<br />

to<br />

difficult conditions for our midfield but against the run<br />

for<br />

play we won a couple of corners in quick succession.<br />

of<br />

the second corner, five minutes before the break,<br />

On<br />

dashed into the box to meet a pinpoint Brosque<br />

Sculley<br />

lads started the second half confidently taking<br />

The<br />

of the match and really should have doubled their<br />

control<br />

but for some unusually poor finishing. We spent the<br />

lead<br />

ten minutes keeping out a flurry of attacking<br />

last<br />

from the opposition but between the rock<br />

opportunities<br />

defence of Konstantinidis, Dilles, Michaels, Ilias and<br />

solid<br />

token Englishman Sullivan, the lads from Abbotsford<br />

our<br />

another clean sheet to take out the double and be<br />

kept<br />

at our defence.<br />

corner and hammered the ball into the back of the net.<br />

crowned CHAMPIONS.<br />

Frank Collucio, Team Coach


We definitely learned some valuable lessons<br />

from our last season to this current season. The<br />

lads were up for it , the team was in a really<br />

good space and the main objective was to have<br />

fun and enjoy the season. With that in the<br />

players minds we managed to chalk up 10 wins<br />

and qualify for the semi finals. This was a<br />

massive achievement and were disapointed to<br />

to go further. There was never a need to<br />

motivate this squad as the lads would inspire<br />

themselves based on the past season.This<br />

season has given us belief that we can raise the<br />

bar in 2018. Some big signings have already<br />

been made as we look to push for silverware in<br />

this elite competition.<br />

Peter Petrino, Team Coach<br />

7 4 | A J F C • Y E A R B O O K 2 0 1 7

team was eager and ready to rise to the<br />

Our<br />

of playing Div 1 football this season and<br />

challenge<br />

well in the off season to welcome six new<br />

recruited<br />

to the roster.<br />

players<br />

we started the season with a 5-0 loss to the<br />

Whilst<br />

side that is Leichhardt Tigers, we<br />

powerhouse<br />

to keep the opposition scoreless in the<br />

managed<br />

half and took a lot out of this opening game<br />

first<br />

continued to improve as our new players jelled<br />

We<br />

the team and results started to come our way<br />

into<br />

combination of injuries, suspensions and players<br />

A<br />

leave towards the back end of the season<br />

on<br />

to take its toll and we dropped a few vital<br />

started<br />

which would cost us in the end, painfully<br />

points<br />

1 point short of making the finals and<br />

ending<br />

in outright 5th position.<br />

finishing<br />

were disappointed in missing out on the finals<br />

We<br />

not competing during the month of August,<br />

and<br />

it was a successful year when you<br />

however<br />

the games won, quality of football played<br />

consider<br />

most importantly how existing friendships<br />

and<br />

and new friendships were formed.<br />

strengthened<br />

" M O S T I M P O R T A N T L Y . . . E X I S T I N G<br />

have a great bunch of blokes who love<br />

We<br />

time together on and off the field.<br />

spending<br />

highlight of the year was beating our fierce arch<br />

A<br />

Belmore in both rounds, somewhat making<br />

rivals<br />

for the loss against them in the grand final last<br />

up<br />

year.<br />

PAGE 76<br />

AJFC 2017 YEARBOOK<br />

OVER 35s<br />


F R I E N D S H I P S S T R E N G T H E N E D A N D<br />

N E W F R I E N D S H I P S W E R E F O R M E D "<br />

with self-belief that we could mix it with the best.<br />

finding ourselves in the top 4 at the half way mark.<br />

Harry Papandony, Team Manager

OVER 35s DIVISION 6A<br />

We had a few departures and new acquisitions but the<br />

season looked promising.<br />

We looked good in winning our first game and were very<br />

competitive when beaten by AJFC O35/6B, ultimately<br />

minor premiers, in the second game.<br />

Unfortunately the Association had scheduled a double-<br />

header on the second weekend and by the end of it we<br />

had five serious injuries. We ended up having to expand<br />

our squad to 21. That included four new recruits who<br />

were great acquisitions, meeting our team’s requirement<br />

that they be good guys with great team spirit who happen<br />

to enjoy playing football.<br />

Notwithstanding the numbers we continued to be<br />

plagued by injuries which hampered our performances<br />

somewhat and ultimately forced us to forfeit the Sunday of<br />

yet another double-header, this time in school holidays<br />

(my first forfeit in 15 years at AJFC).<br />

Despite that we were otherwise playing well and winning<br />

games. We managed to finish fourth and qualify for the<br />

finals and certainly capable of beating the other three<br />

teams.<br />

We are still troubled by injuries, including to our two<br />

goalkeepers, but have the potential to go all the way and<br />

hopefully meet and beat the AJFC O35/6Bs in the grand<br />

final.<br />

Overall a very good season with continuing great team<br />

spirit and camaraderie.<br />

Darryn Kelly, Team Manager<br />


(Devo) our rocks in the central back position along<br />

100% in each match and the ground he covers is<br />

OVER 45s<br />


The 45/3B team came together from a number of<br />

They were well assisted with the reliable players<br />

such as Paul Sarantopoulos & Tom Beale. We have<br />

different areas, but gelled well to form a formidable<br />

team. The team is made up of a core group of 7<br />

uncovered a prolific goal poacher in Danny<br />

Burkhard along with Daniel Moore and David Lunn.<br />

players, who have played together over a number<br />

of years. We were reunited with Tom Koksal after 10<br />

They were well supported with our hard working<br />

midfield of Tim, Phil, Patrick, Lorenzo. Fernando,<br />

years in the wilderness and Tom Beale after 2 years<br />

Cush & John.<br />

away from the club. Then with the help of Tom<br />

Beale, we were able to recruit 3 extra players from<br />

his network of friends. Then we welcomed a<br />

The team had seen a big improvement in a number<br />

of players, but none more than Lorenzo Bulfon, who<br />

number of players rejected from other teams to join<br />

our squad. We then completed the team from new<br />

we have nominated as the most improved in the<br />

team. His hard work at training and listening to how<br />

players to the club that were not able to find a team.<br />

we needed him to play saw him really develop<br />

during the year. We had many players who stood up<br />

The team started slowly as we were trying to work<br />

and contributed greatly, but our Best and Fairest<br />

out a playing style and most appropriate playing<br />

positions. Unfortunately the Over 45 competitions<br />

this year was is Tim Smyth. Tim in the 10 years he<br />

has played in our team has never given less than<br />

only had 8 teams and we ran out of games to make<br />

the final series from a slow start. The team was able<br />

remarkable for a 50 year old (there would be All Age<br />

to beat 3 of the 4 teams and draw twice with the<br />

other top 4 team and all in the last 6 weeks of the<br />

players hoping to match his productivity).<br />

competition. The team missed out by 2 points and<br />

were the most informed team when the final series<br />

Even though we didn’t make the finals, we had a<br />

very enjoyable season where we formed into a good<br />

commenced.<br />

unit and enjoy being together. This is reflected in<br />

our positive attitude to our team, referees and<br />

A special mention to the best defensive team in the<br />

competition made up primarily of Luke and Steve<br />

opposition teams. The momentum we finished this<br />

season, is our spring board for next year. Thank you<br />

with Sam and Tom K.<br />

guys and already looking forward to next season.<br />

Paul Simeoni, Team Manager 78

a disappointing 2016 everyone was looking<br />

After<br />

to a better 2017 season. The question we were<br />

forward<br />

wondering was how easily would the 8 new players<br />

all<br />

into the team.<br />

blend<br />

did not have to wait for long as we started the<br />

We<br />

very well with six wins from six. Then came the<br />

season<br />

game versus Inter who were only two points<br />

crunch<br />

in 2nd spot. With players missing with injury,<br />

behind<br />

holidays and family commitments Inter came home<br />

on<br />

and gave us a 5-1 beating. The first half of the<br />

strong<br />

ended with us in 2nd place, one point behind<br />

season<br />

The second half of the season was similar to the<br />

Inter.<br />

with us winning 6 out of 7 and finishing the season<br />

first<br />

points in front of second.<br />

11<br />

came the 1st v 2nd grand final qualifier and one<br />

Then<br />

the weirdest games most of us have played in. Inter<br />

of<br />

to finish second even though they only won<br />

managed<br />

games in the second half of the season. There is<br />

two<br />

much to say about the game apart from us easily<br />

not<br />

after Inter had three players sent off before<br />

winning<br />

who early on in the season held up the<br />

Marrickville<br />

of the ladder made an incredible late run and<br />

bottom<br />

into 4th. With this momentum they went on to<br />

snuck<br />

Enfield and Inter in the semis to make it into the<br />

beat<br />

the Grand Final we took an early lead but with only<br />

In<br />

played two games in four weeks our fitness was<br />

having<br />

down. Marrickville took advantage of this and<br />

well<br />

well ahead in the second half but could not score.<br />

were<br />

finally scored late to send the game into Golden<br />

They<br />

extra time.<br />

Goal<br />

again had a golden opportunity with a two<br />

They<br />

one versus our keeper but he produced a<br />

on<br />

save to kept us in the match. Only a couple<br />

great<br />

minutes later we went down the left of the field<br />

of<br />

a quick counter attack. This led to a cross<br />

with<br />

a winning header at the far post.<br />

and<br />

OVER 45s<br />


half time.<br />

Grand Final.<br />

A J F C | P A G E 7 9

game ended with us winning 2-1. It was great<br />

The<br />

finally win a Grand Final. The core of the team<br />

to<br />

been together for well over 5 years from<br />

has<br />

together in the O35s competition to now<br />

starting<br />

in the O45s competition. Also satisfying to<br />

playing<br />

that we were the first AJFC O45s team to<br />

know<br />

a Grand Final. Hopefully one of many more to<br />

win<br />

for the club.<br />

come<br />

know that all the players in the team had an<br />

I<br />

enjoyable year. Winning only added the<br />

incredibly<br />

piece to what was already a great year.<br />

final<br />

I would like to thank the team on a<br />

Personally<br />

year both on and off the field. With the<br />

great<br />

to the O45 eligibility rules three players<br />

changes<br />

the current team will not be able to play in the<br />

in<br />

competition next year so it was a perfect<br />

O45s<br />

19<br />

"It was great<br />

to finally win<br />

a Grand Final.<br />

The core of<br />

the team has<br />

been together<br />

for well over<br />

5 years..."<br />

way to finish the year for all.<br />

Fab Messia, Team Manager<br />

A J F C | P A G E 8 0

2017, the AJFC Womans’s 30/1 Team B<br />

In<br />

Wolves) fielded 19 players.<br />

(The<br />

Collins, Nicole Leon, Nicole<br />

Nicole<br />

Nicole Marrone, Juliette<br />

Caryofyllis,<br />

Gina Geronimo, Vanessa Hadley,<br />

Flowers,<br />

Mamas, Anna Mangos, Cheree<br />

Ellisa<br />

Christine McDonald, Mary<br />

Marantz,<br />

Yvonne Shehata, Katie Weir, Sarah<br />

Sattout,<br />

Clare Beech, Veronica Porras, Silje<br />

Barlow,<br />

Kristen Weber.<br />

Reiten,<br />

by Tyron Farmer<br />

Coached<br />

by Juliette Flowers/Kylie Farmer.<br />

Managed<br />

year of 2017 brought some huge<br />

The<br />

to the Wolves, none bigger<br />

challenges<br />

the unexpected promotion to division<br />

then<br />

but we embraced it, we lived it and we<br />

1,<br />

team was made up of the usual<br />

Our<br />

but we welcomed some flair<br />

suspects,<br />

finesse of the new players who<br />

and<br />

our originals. The last four<br />

complimented<br />

has seen a progression of football<br />

years<br />

as the woman try and reach<br />

development<br />

true potential under the careful eye<br />

their<br />

Coach Tyron Farmer.<br />

of<br />

Coach increased the intensity of the<br />

The<br />

sessions, which saw many of the<br />

training<br />

lift to a new level. We enjoyed<br />

players<br />

a strong passing game and after<br />

playing<br />

shaky start to the season and a few<br />

a<br />

inspirational sprays by the Captain,<br />

good<br />

the team lift and start winning<br />

saw<br />

our strong opposition. The<br />

against<br />

spirit was alive in this team and<br />

fighting<br />

layed the foundation of a winning<br />

that<br />

which in turn built an incredible<br />

formula<br />

bond between the woman on and<br />

strong<br />

W O M E N ' S F O O T B A L L<br />


The team members were:<br />

off the pitch.<br />

81<br />

smashed it.

Our famous Wolf war cry, ‘Awwoooooooo’ and the<br />

clanging of the champagne glasses could be<br />

heard on Sunday afternoons at the famous<br />

Campbell Park and other not so famous parks. As<br />

Our Players' Player was our Goal-keeper<br />

Juliette Flowers. A terrific keeper who<br />

the year progressed, the results kept coming!<br />

consistently played one of the toughest jobs<br />

8 wins, 1 draw, 9 losses. Missed out Semi-Finals<br />

so calmly and effortlessly. She was a team<br />

favourite who was always there to help others,<br />

by 6 points.<br />

and volunteered her time taking over the Team<br />

Our Captain, Chrissy McDonald did a fantastic job<br />

Manager role in the final rounds of the year.<br />

Thank you Juliette for everything you do for<br />

of leading us each week. Chrissy not only is an<br />

amazing centre midfielder but also is the glue that<br />

the team.<br />

keeps us all together, the Wolves adore her.<br />

A special thanks goes to Team Manager Kylie<br />

Our ‘Player of the Season’ was superwoman and<br />

Farmer, who, after recovering from a serious<br />

knee injury, had to endure the pain of<br />

centre fullback, Veronica Porras. She was a<br />

watching the whole season from the sidelines,<br />

powerhouse, strong and hungry to win. Originally<br />

a strong attacker, the coach decided Veronica<br />

next to the regular No. 1 supporters Paul<br />

Marantz, Ken/Carmen Gower, John Mangos<br />

would be best suited to play fullback, and with no<br />

fan-fare, no complaint, head down, bum up<br />

and Tony Geronimo.<br />

attitude, she performed consistently at a high<br />

level using her leadership qualities in the back<br />

Also thanks to our Assistant Coach Luciano<br />

Marchese for his Technical advice and skills<br />

line as well as her amazing speed, skill and<br />

determination.<br />

support throughout the year and Cherie<br />

Marantz as relieving Team Manager, your<br />

She was rewarded in the final rounds as the<br />

kindness is never forgotten.<br />

relieving Team Captain and she led the team with<br />

great spirit and humility. Well Done Veronica.<br />

Tyron Farmer, Team Coach<br />


team went into the 2017 Winter season with the guts and<br />

Our<br />

to continue our winning streak from 2016. We kicked<br />

determination<br />

an early recruitment drive for new team members to take the reigns<br />

off<br />

our injured and pregnant, Janelle and Alison. We were fortunate<br />

from<br />

welcome the new skills, commitment and comradery of Rachelle,<br />

to<br />

and Paola and the return of our favourite coach Papa G after<br />

Sez<br />

the heavy rain in the lead up to round one, training opportunities<br />

With<br />

sparse and our pre-season fitness suffered for it, nonetheless<br />

were<br />

into the first few rounds we built our fitness and confidence<br />

going<br />

pulled out a very convincing 2-0 win against strong competition<br />

and<br />

Earlwood. When you look at the results in the first round,<br />

contenders<br />

won 4 games, drew 3 and lost 3. A mixed result, but we were<br />

we<br />

around mid table half way through the season with plenty of<br />

looking<br />

to secure our place in the finals, and very excited to have<br />

opportunity<br />

as we made our way through the second round we were plagued<br />

But<br />

illness and injuries forcing many of us out of the game and left<br />

with<br />

short or without subs. We were low on midfielders and strikers<br />

playing<br />

season, so a huge thank you goes to Carmen, Liz, Angie, Sandra,<br />

this<br />

Sabrina, Paola and Rachelle who did all the running in midfield<br />

Jules,<br />

when we were short). It was the opportunity to play striker<br />

(especially<br />

gave Bernie (aka 'Burner') her first ever goal and then a second<br />

which<br />

the same match against Hurlstone Park - a massive highlight! The<br />

in<br />

jersey this year was somewhat of a hot potato, but nobody<br />

goalie<br />

that jersey quite like Angie, Jules and Anita, and we couldn't be<br />

wore<br />

grateful for their sportsmanship in this role. Raising awareness<br />

more<br />

the McGrath Foundation became a weekly ritual as was the last<br />

of<br />

decision whether to wear pink or white socks. But perhaps the<br />

minute<br />

impressive manoeuvre of the season was Sharon's somersault<br />

most<br />

another 4 draws in round two, a broken wrist for Liz, Belinda's<br />

With<br />

toe and Maria's 'cankle', it was obvious that we just couldn’t<br />

broken<br />

enough wins to advance further in the competition. But it was the<br />

get<br />

of adversity, the unexpected challenge of losing a loved one,<br />

gift<br />

provided us with the lessons we needed to become bigger,<br />

which<br />

resilient and united as a team in this great game.<br />

more<br />

P A G E 8 3 | A J F C Y E A R B O O K<br />


surgery.<br />

Nadia back in the team.<br />

and face plant before getting straight back up to play on.<br />

In loving memory of Elvia Magnone 1950 – 2017<br />

Sandra Falzon, Team Manager




A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S F O O T B A L L C L U B<br />

2 2

A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S F O O T B A L L C L U B<br />


A B B O T S F O R D J U N I O R S<br />

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