LIONS QUEST Program Catalog

LIONS QUEST Program Catalog

LIONS QUEST Program Catalog

Decrease Problem


Improve Prosocial


Increase Academic


Providing high-quality, research-based

youth development programs that unite

the home, school and community




Skills for Growing, Grades K-5

Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

Workshop/Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

Skills for Adolescence, Grades 6-8

Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

Workshop/Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Skills for Action, Grades 9-12

Curriculum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

Workshop/Materials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Out-of-School Time Program . . . . . . .9

Supplemental Materials . . . . . . . . . . .10

Professional Development . . . . . . . . .11

Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

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Why Lions Quest?

Lions Quest believes the most effective way to implement positive youth development

programs and bring about lasting improvements in school climate is to equip

educators with current research, materials and strategies for addressing critical issues

facing youth. All three Lions Quest programs - Skills for Growing (grades K-5),

Skills for Adolescence (grades 6-8), and Skills for Action (grades 9-12) - help

foster in young people important life skills, healthy

attitudes, strong character, positive relationships,

and active citizenship through easy-to-use classroom

materials, superior professional development,

and important community partnerships.

Lions Quest research-based programs support

school-community partnerships by linking local

schools with the largest service organization in the

world - Lions Clubs International.

Who Are Lions?

Since 1917, Lions Clubs International (LCI) has worked for the betterment of local

communities and the world at large. Whether responding when disaster strikes,

helping the disabled face obstacles and challenges, or providing children with a safe

and healthy learning environment, Lions are there to serve. It is this dedication and

commitment to service that has made Lions Clubs International the world's largest

service organization with 1.35 million members in 207 countries and geographic areas.

More than 25 years ago, Lions embraced the idea of

comprehensive youth development in order to help

children grow in a positive direction, free from the

dangers of drugs and violence. Lions Clubs have

continued to support Lions Quest programs locally

through financial or in-kind donations, and through

partnering with schools on service projects that

impact their community.

To locate a local Lions club in your area, visit the Lions Clubs International Web site

at and use the “Find a Club” link at the top of the page.

Quality Matters

A number of national and international organizations committed to guiding young people toward healthy, drugand

violence-free lives have recognized Lions Quest and Lions Clubs International Foundation’s support of youth

development. Our research-based programs and superior professional development have been given high marks

by numerous organizations.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has

designated all three Lions Quest programs “Select SEL.” This highest rating was

awarded in recognition of Lions Quest's excellence in three areas recommended by

CASEL as the most important starting points for program selection - Outstanding Social

and Emotional Learning (SEL) Instruction, Evidence of Effectiveness, and Outstanding

Professional Development.

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-

Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a service of the U.S. Substance Abuse

and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Previously designated a

“Model” program under SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Model

Programs Initiative, Skills for Adolescence remains on the NREPP list as an evidence-based

prevention program, rated for Quality of Research and Readiness for Dissemination. LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

Lions Quest Trainers

Lions Quest professional trainers meet the highest standards

for professional development. All trainers have earned

advanced degrees in education or a related field with direct

experience and expertise in school leadership, positive

youth development, prevention, character education, and

service-learning initiatives. Lions Quest trainers are known

worldwide for making each workshop a relevant, productive,

and memorable experience. Participants continue to

report that they gain fresh insights, learn new skills, and

leave prepared to implement the Lions Quest program

with confidence, enthusiasm, and fidelity.

Key Principles

Eight underlying principles guide all Lions Quest research

and development.

1. Programs are comprehensive, appropriate for K-12

levels of cognitive and social development, and based

on a positive youth development approach.

2. Programs are values-based, emphasizing self-discipline,

responsibility, healthy living, volunteer service, and

commitment to family, school and community.

3. Programs are designed as a classroom or out-of-schooltime

curriculum with school-community initiative for

highest impact.

4. Components are designed for universal, explicit,

systematic, and culturally relevant implementation.

5. Required professional development prepares adults

to implement with fidelity.

6. Parent involvement is integral.

7. Home-school-community collaboration is essential.

8. Evaluation and accountability support successful

outcomes and continuous improvement.

“We are very proud to partner with

Lions Quest and let our audience

know this is a program that we endorse,

that we recommend and that we want

everyone to know about.”

Kari Arfstrom

National Youth Leadership Council

Lions Quest Program Evaluation

and Results

Many research studies have been completed, some conducted

by school districts, others completed by universities and

independent research firms. Program evaluations, as well

as reviews from objective organizations on the overall

effectiveness of Lions Quest programs, can be viewed online


Lions Quest schools and students have benefitted from

improved school climate, student-teacher relationships,

interpersonal skills, and strengthened commitment to service.

Evaluation studies and educator testimonials continue to

report the positive effects Lions Quest programs have on

student performance and behavior, such as:

41% improvement in problem-solving skills*

51% increase in resiliency*

9% increase in GPA*

44% decline in out-of-school suspensions*

82% decline of in-school suspensions*

57% decline in school absences*

50% decrease in boy vs. girl bullying Ɨ

47% decrease in girl vs. girl bullying Ɨ

Sources: *An Evaluation Report of Student Attitude and Behavior

Changes, Year Two of the Learn and Serve Project, by

Dr. Molly Laird, December 2008


Berlin Brothers Valley School District, PA



Skills for Growing

Lions Quest Skills for Growing can be used in

classroom, after-school or community-based educational

settings. The program brings school staff, families,

communities and children together in a unified initiative that

integrates social and emotional learning, character education,

drug-use and bullying prevention, and service-learning. The

program focuses the creative energies of children, helping

them become capable, caring, and healthy young people.

Program Goals

• Create a learning community based on caring relationships,

high expectations, and meaningful involvement

• Help children develop self-discipline, good judgment,

responsibility, and skills to resolve conflicts peacefully

• Promote a healthy approach to life, free from substance

use, bullying and destructive behaviors

• Strengthen children’s commitment to family, positive

peers, school and community

• Provide opportunities for children to practice good


Age Appropriate - Curriculum kits are grade specific, with

six recurring thematic units - Building a School Community,

Growing as a Group, Making Positive Decisions, Setting

Goals for Service, Growing Up Drug-Free, and Celebrating

You and Me. Each unit contains easy-to-use lesson plans

with Discovering, Connecting, Practicing and Applying

phases, supported by energizers and resource sheets.

The Family Connection – The Guide to Leading Parent

Meetings supports and enhances the Parents as Partners

component of Skills for Growing.

Setting Goals for Service - Provides opportunities for

hands-on application of life skills through service-learning

projects that reinforce positive behavior.

Assessment – Evaluation is essential but doesn’t need to be

complex. It could consist of before/after comparisons of

school discipline, attendance, and academic performance

records. Teacher observation and student self-evaluation,

assisted by closure questions and techniques provided in the

curriculum guides, can be a beneficial way to evaluate comprehension

and skill development. There are a number of

tools for use in a variety of settings found on our Web site,

Grades K-5

Curriculum Includes:

• Six thematic units, each with 24-27 skill-building lessons

• Multidisciplinary activities to reinforce concepts

• Flexible stand-alone or integrated implementation


• Service-learning projects

• Together Times student-family activity booklets

• Drug Information Guide

• School climate and parent meeting guides

• New bullying prevention supplemental lessons available


Skills for Growing Curriculum Kit


Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

Implementers must participate in a Lions Quest

professional development workshop to receive

curriculum materials. Replacement curriculum and

supplemental materials are available for purchase.

“Lions Quest has given students a better sense of community at our school,

taught them skills to handle anger more effectively and to get along better.

– Angela Troppa, Fairview Elementary, Springfield, IL” LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

Increase Academic Achievement n Decrease Problem Behavior n Improve Prosocial Behavior

Professional Development Workshop

The elementary school years play an important role in the

development of children’s self-confidence and their ability

to value and respect others. The Lions Quest Skills for

Growing workshop prepares teachers, administrators, and

community partners for successful program implementation.

Follow-up support and technical assistance are available to

workshop attendees through supplemental program

materials, the Lions Quest Web site, e-mail and phone

support, and on-site consulting.

Participants will be prepared to:

• Develop a safe, cooperative and participatory learning


• Teach skills necessary for elementary youth to build

relationships, make positive decisions, resolve conflict,

celebrate diversity, and avoid substance use

• Facilitate service-learning projects that contribute to

the classroom, school and community

• Engage parents and community members as proactive

partners in education

• Establish a successful school climate committee

• Explore models for successful classroom and

schoolwide implementation

Workshop descriptions can be found on pages 13-14. Visit to view our updated workshop schedule.

Registration can be completed online or through our toll-free

number, 1-800-446-2700.

Lions Quest brought the class together, and showed them

what difficulties one another were having. It made them

realize that other people’s feelings matter as much as

their own, and that itself is a life lesson.

Youthlinks, a division of: Broadreach Family & Community Services; a

United Mid-Coast Charities & United Way of Eastern Maine Agency

Skills For Growing Materials

Together Times for students and families

Colorful, fun-filled booklets provide skills-based activities

that reinforce Lions Quest Skills for Growing lesson

concepts in school and at home. Packaged in sets of five,

one booklet correlates to each of five instructional

curriculum units.

$ 2.50 Five-Unit Set


Teachers call our popular Lions Quest mascot, Quentin

T. Bear, a “remarkable teacher’s aide” to foster responsibility

and sharing among students. Keep Q-Bear in the classroom,

library or anywhere kids are sure to give lots of hugs!

3" $1.25

12" $19.95

Prices subject to change without notice. 4


Skills for Adolescence

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is a

comprehensive life skills and prevention program for

middle school youth that builds important social and

emotional competencies by promoting self-awareness,

self-management, social awareness, relationship skills,

responsible decision making and service-learning.

Interactive, student-focused lessons, unit activities and

energizers are implemented with flexible stand-alone

or integrated options of nine weeks to three years.

Program Goals:

• Engage students, families and community members

in creating a positive learning environment with high

expectations for appropriate behavior and meaningful


• Teach necessary skills that empower youth to lead

healthy and productive lives, free from the harm of

bullying, alcohol and other drug use

• Involve young people in the practice of good citizenship

through cooperation and service to others

• Strengthen young people’s commitment to their

families, positive peers, school and community

Cooperative Learning and Conflict Resolution - Cooperative

group work provides a positive learning environment for

students to learn self-discipline, responsibility, good

judgment, and the ability to get along with others.

Service-Learning - Classroom and community service

projects lead students through the four-step service-learning

process - preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration

and celebration - building essential citizenship and

employability skills.

Social-Emotional Skills - Helps students gain control of

emotions and express feelings, thoughts and actions in

positive ways. Strengthens confidence, encourages family

bonding and builds constructive peer relationships.

Multicultural Understanding - Teaches understanding and

respect for diverse heritages and cultures.

Parental Involvement - Easy-to-understand materials and

interactive school meetings help parents become engaged

in their child’s educational experience.

Assessment - Unit tests and assignments help assess

knowledge gained from individual lessons. For more

comprehensive pre- and post-test options, there are a

number of assessment suggestions found within the

curriculum kit, as well as evaluation tools for use in a variety

of settings found on our Web site,

Grades 6-8

Skills for Adolescence Curriculum Kit


Implementers must participate in a Lions Quest

professional development workshop to receive

curriculum materials. Replacement curriculum and

supplemental materials are available for purchase.

Curriculum Includes:

• Eight topical units and 102 skill-building lessons

• Five lesson service-learning unit

• Three-year prevention approach with booster lessons

• Cross-curricular activities for team-teaching

• Interactive Changes and Challenges student book

• The Surprising Years parent book

• Supporting Young Adolescents parent meeting guide

• Drug Information Guide

• New bullying prevention supplemental lessons available


Curriculum Units:

• Entering the Teen Years: The Journey of Adolescence

• Building Self-Confidence and Communication Skills

• Managing Emotions in Positive Ways

• Improving Peer Relationships

• Strengthening Family Relationships

• Making Healthy Choices: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3

• Setting Goals for Healthy Living

• Summing Up: Developing Your Potential

Skills for Adolescence materials available in Spanish. Call for details. LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

OJJDP “Effective” Program n U.S. Dept. of Education “Promising” Program n NREPP

Professional Development Workshop

The middle school years are a particularly vulnerable time

for young people and the most rapid period of their growth

and development. The Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence

workshop provides program leaders with a solid

understanding of the young adolescent, hands-on experience

with our middle-level curriculum, and an opportunity

to explore models for classroom and school-wide

implementation. Follow-up support and technical assistance

are available to workshop attendees through supplemental

program materials, the Lions Quest Web site, e-mail and

phone support, and fee-based on-site consulting.

Participants will be prepared to:

• Develop a safe, cooperative and participatory

learning environment

• Teach skills for successful young adolescent


• Nurture academic success

• Facilitate service-learning projects to foster

civic engagement and responsibility

• Engage parents and community members as

proactive partners in education

• Establish a school climate committee

Workshop descriptions can be found on pages 13-14. Visit to view our updated workshop schedule.

Registration can be completed online or through our toll-free

number, 1-800-446-2700.




Lions Quest has developed a Skills for Adolescence

(SFA) implementation guide for out of school

time (OST) use. The guide provides a solid

organizational structure, a clean alignment of SFA

components/features with OST quality elements,

a good articulation of four approaches and

implementation models, and easy to follow

recommended steps for getting started with

each approach. Visit or call

1-800-446-2700 to learn about the implementation

guide and training. See page 9 for additional details.

Skills for Adolescence Materials

Student Workbook

$ 5.95

Changes and Challenges

Award winning, full-color paperback with exciting activities

and projects for building self-confidence, improving

communication, solving problems, making decisions, and

setting and achieving goals. Includes thought-provoking

articles, writing assignments to enhance language arts skills,

and ideas designed to encourage family involvement.

Parent Book

$ 3.95

The Surprising Years: Understanding Your

Changing Adolescent

Designed for parents/caregivers, this colorful and informative

paperback offers practical parenting tips on each of the

topics covered in the Skills for Adolescence curriculum–

building self-confidence in youth, communicating effectively,

managing emotions, resolving conflicts, getting along with

family members, avoiding drug use, and setting goals.

Parents receive current drug information and support

resources for families.

Changes and Challenges/Surprising Years Combo Set



Prices subject to change without notice. 6


Skills for Action

Skills for Action is the high school component of Lions Quest

programs. The innovative and flexible curriculum moves beyond

the classroom to foster civic responsibility and build essential

social, emotional, academic and workplace skills. The curriculum

manual, divided into four parts - Building a Learning Community,

Exploring Personal and Social Responsibility, Taking Action through

Service-Learning, and Evaluating and Sharing Experiences - is

designed to support educators in integrating the service-learning

methodology and project focus into any subject area.

Program Goals

• Support the development of responsible, healthy, substancefree

young adults

• Help students learn and apply key personal, social and

employability skills

• Involve young people in collaboration and meaningful

contributions to the school and community

• Reinforce positive values including honesty, self-discipline,

commitment to family and respect for others

• Promote understanding and appreciation of diversity

Skills Bank - A highly flexible component of Skills for Action, the

Skills Bank contains four broad categories of essential skills for

life: Cultural Awareness, Interpersonal Communication, Personal

Management and Responsibility, and Study and Writing Skills.

Each category is comprised of five to nine skills for a total of 26

skill sets. Skill lessons are divided into an introductory rationale,

guidelines, and multiple application options for teaching, reinforcement

and enrichment. The Skills Bank serves as a supplement to

the service-learning curriculum that can also be used as a standalone

program or integrated into any subject in which social,

emotional and study skills are an essential component. A one-day

staff development workshop is available to support Skills Bank


Assessment - Unit tests and assignments help assess knowledge

gained from individual lessons. For more comprehensive preand

post-test options, there are a number of assessment

suggestions found within the curriculum kit, as well as evaluation

tools for use in a variety of settings found on our Web site,

Curriculum Includes:

• A 33-session teacher’s manual with best practices in


• A Skills Bank of 26 social, emotional and workplace skill

sets with 160 learning activities

• Advisory Team Handbook to encourage the home-schoolcommunity


• One-semester, one-year, and multi-year stand-alone or

integrated implementation options

• Making a Difference student magazine

• New supplemental lessons covering intimidation, taunting

and digital abuse available at

Grades 9-12

Skills for Action Curriculum Kit


Implementers must participate in a Lions Quest

professional development workshop to receive

curriculum materials. Replacement curriculum and

supplemental materials are available for purchase. LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

25+ Years n 12 Million Youth n More than 70 Countries n More than 30 Languages

Professional Development Workshop

Skills for Action empowers young people ages 14 -19 to

become personally and socially responsible citizens. The

workshop will prepare educators for program implementation

and renew their professional enthusiasm, creativity and

energy. The workshop is also recommended for those who

will be in a support role, including parents, counselors and

administrators. Follow-up support and technical assistance

are available to workshop attendees through supplemental

program materials, the Lions Quest Web site, e-mail and

phone support, and fee-based on-site consulting.

Participants will be prepared to:

• Incorporate service-learning as an educational

methodology into the core curriculum

• Teach essential social, emotional, academic and

workplace competencies

• Instill personal and social responsibility, and respect

for self and others

• Lead students in addressing local issues through

the four-stage service-learning process

• Engage parents and community members in

reinforcing life skills and the ethic of service

• Cultivate appreciation for social and ethnic diversity

Workshop descriptions can be found on pages 13-14. Visit to view our updated workshop schedule.

Registration can be completed online or through our toll-free

number, 1-800-446-2700.

Lions Quest service-learning has improved

tardiness and absenteeism. The Lions first

helped people to see; and this character

training shows that we have a vision, that

we are helping people to see what needs

to be done. Service-learning is a winning

situation, no matter how you look at it.

– Sherry Simmons

Raleigh-Egypt HS

Memphis, TN

Skills for Action Materials

Making a Difference

An exciting student-centered magazine containing thematic

readings, questions and inspiration for each part of the

curriculum. Includes articles with excerpts and quotes

from contemporary and historical sources, and writings by

socially responsible authors and young people from diverse


Exploring the Issues:

Teens – Alcohol and Other Drugs



$ 3.95

$ 10.00




Expand your Skills for Action program with this supplemental

skill-building unit. Fifteen lessons, designed to help each

student gain the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors needed

to grow up healthy and drug free, may be taught at any time

throughout the curriculum or as a stand-alone program.

Prices subject to change without notice.



Skills for Adolescence for Out-of-School Time

Skills for Adolescence for Out-of-School

Time is a customized version of Lions Quest’s highlyrated

middle school program, created to meet the unique

demands of afterschool programs. SFA for OST provides

staff with a positive youth development program that

aligns with the six common elements of high-quality OST

programming, recognized by researchers and practitioners

as having the most influence on positive outcomes for

young people.

SEL Skill Categories:

• Setting goals

• Self-confidence

• Listening

• Making good decisions

• Managing emotions

• Being a friend

• Dealing with intimidation

• Dealing with conflict

• Managing stress

• Appreciating family

• Building community

Program Highlights:

• Easy to use, sequential lesson plans take the guesswork

out of effective implementation. Lessons can be taught

in a single 45-60 minute session or divided into two


• Planning tools keep staff members coordinated,

and student participation logs help track students’

exposure to lessons and skill-building activities.

• Energizers provide quick, hands-on, high energy

activities to engage young people and reinforce skills

and concepts.

• Activities for expanding unit themes give young people

hands-on projects that can be done in schools, youth

centers and in the community.

• Application activities help tie character education to


• A Program Supplement is available for those who

already have the full SFA curriculum.

Grades 6-8

Webinar Support Series*

Provides four sequential, one-hour webinars designed to

provide continuing support of program implementation.

Topics include:

• Creating a Relationship-Centered Learning Community

• Promoting Social and Emotional Learning though SFA

• Strategies for Reinforcing SFA Lesson Concepts and Skills

• Making the Most of the SFA Service-Learning Component

*Available for an additional cost. See page 14 for details.

Program Manual Includes:

Program guide

• 33 social and emotional learning

skill-building lessons

• Five service-learning lessons

• 116 reinforcement activities

• Relationship-centered learning

community strategies and activities

• Implementation tools

Program Manual


Training is highly recommended but not required

to receive the program materials.

Program Supplement


Training is highly recommended but not required

to receive the program materials. LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

Supplemental Materials


The Complete Guide to Service Learning, Second Edition

This new, revised and updated second edition is a treasury of K-12 service activities,

community service project ideas, quotes, reflections, and resources that can help

teachers and youth workers engage young hearts and minds in reaching out and giving

back. Author Cathryn Berger Kaye presents service learning–its importance, steps,

essential elements, and challenges–within a curricular context and organized by theme.


Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders

for All Ages

Great Group Games offers activities that will gently disband group-busting cliques, help

newcomers feel welcome, and turn your participants into friends who can count on each

other. Authors Ragsdale and Saylor, experienced trainers and youth development leaders,

have compiled games that are perfect for classrooms, retreats, workshops, and groups

on the go. Each game includes details on timing, supplies, set up, suggested group size,

game tips, and reflection questions.


Energizers: Calisthenics for the Mind

The author, Carl Olson, who is also a teacher and trainer, draws on his creativity and

years of experience to assemble 71 energizers, games and initiatives to jump start the

learning process for all ages. Energizers are designed to activate the emotional nature

of the group. Games are organized play, and include competition on an individual or

team basis. Initiatives go one step further. They are exploratory in nature, creating

more in-depth analysis of thoughts, feelings, impressions, and reactions.


Promote and Celebrate


Our popular Lions Quest mascot is a great teacher’s aide. Keep Q-Bear in the classroom,

library or reading center. Our 3” miniature Q-Bear mascot can be a perfect reward for

student success!

3” $1.25 12” $19.95

Personalized Motivational Banners

Customizable, 3x5, heavy vinly school banners with powerful, age-appropriate themed

messages. Select and personalize one or a series of banners to display in highly visible

areas in your school. Turn your school hallways into passageways for success! Lions clubs

can also purchase a banner for their local school in support of community service and


$99.00 Buy 9, get 1 free

Order form available at and on page 16. Phone 1-800-446-2700 or Fax 240-396-5741. 10


Professional Development

Programs for youth have the greatest chance of success when

combined with comprehensive, program-specific instructor

training. To ensure the integrity and quality of our programs,

teachers must be certified as Lions Quest instructors before

adopting curricula for classroom use. Lions Quest one- and

two-day core workshops deliver superior curriculum and

teacher training at every grade level. All of our workshops are

conducted by Lions Quest trainers who represent the highest

standards of professionalism in education and positive youth


Professional Development Benefits

• Graduate credit available

• Comprehensive preparation in Lions Quest programs

• Best practices in social and emotional learning, character

development, and service-learning

• Dynamic interaction with colleagues

• Hands-on experience with classroom materials

• Renewed enthusiasm and professional pride

• Participation in community-based service (Skills for

Action workshops)

Training Formats

Lions Quest professional development workshops are offered

in a variety of formats, allowing for flexibility, accessibility and


Host a Workshop

Organizations wishing to implement Lions Quest programs

can host a teacher workshop on-site. A member of our

national training team will come to your chosen location on

a convenient date/s to facilitate training for your staff. Workshops

are offered in one- and two-day formats, covering one

of our programs - Skills for Growing (K-5), Skills for Adolescence

(6-8) or Skills for Action (9-12) - or any combination of K-12.

A maximum of 40 participants are welcome in one workshop.

Participants may include new or previously-trained Lions

Quest teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents or

community members.

Attend a Regional Workshop

Throughout the year, Lions Quest sponsors open-enrollment,

regional workshops across the U.S., based on local need.

Regional workshops offer another opportunity for individuals

or small groups to participate in Lions Quest training.

Attend a Sponsored Workshop

Educators from organizations that don’t have a need to host

their own workshop may attend any sponsored workshop on

our schedule for $220, provided space is available.

For those interested in focusing on specific needs and goals,

Lions Quest offers one-day workshops that incorporate

current research, reinforce skills and strategies, and provide

tips for best practices. Each workshop highlights a specific

topic within Lions Quest’s curriculum, providing more in-depth

analysis and discussion.

1-Day K-12 Workshop Agenda

7:30-8:00: Registration

8:00-11:30: Creating a Relationship-Centered Learning

Community, Program Overview, Materials

Review, Instructional Strategies that

Promote Social and Emotional Learning,

Modeling of Four Phase Lesson Design

11:30-12:15: Lunch

12:15-4:00: For Schools Focused on Classroom


•Classroom and Schoolwide


•Now It’s Your Turn Small Group


For Schools Focused on Schoolwide



•Positive School Climate

•Parent Engagement

•Community Involvement

Implementation Planning

Reflection of Workshop

“The [Lions Quest] training was the best training I

have ever attended. I have implemented the lessons

and continue them with my students. I would

recommend this program to all my colleagues.”

Rebecca B. Gutierrez

Brownsville Independent School District

2-Day K-12 Workshop Agenda




7:30-8:00: Registration

8:00-8:20: Workshop Overview

8:20-9:30: Creating a Learning Community of

Caring Relationships

9:30-10:30: Creating a Learning Community of High

Expectations for Positive Behavior

10:30-12:00: Program Overview and Materials Review




1:00-1:50: Materials Review Jigsaw Group and

Implementation Discussion

1:50- 3:15: The Four-Phase Lesson Design and

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Social

and Emotional Skills

3:15 - 3:30: Classroom Implementation Questions

and Answers/Closing Circle




8:00-8:30: Welcome, Day One Reflection,

Opening Activity

8:30-9:30: Promoting Safe and Healthy Behaviors

9:30-11:00: Setting Up Now It’s Your Turn (NIYT)

Teaching Lessons

11:00-12:00: Now It’s Your Turn Lessons and Discussion



1:00-3:00: Energizer, NIYT Groups 3-6 and


3:00-3:15 Implementation Planning

3:15-3:30: Evaluation and Closure

Visit the Teacher Training section of

to find workshop locations, register online, download

workshop agreements, or obtain graduate credit


Easy Integration Paves the

Way for Implementation


How do teachers find the time to implement a

new program? Flexibility.

“Our teachers feel that Lions Quest integrates

easily into the academic curriculum,” explains

Darlene French, Comprehensive Learning

Supports System Specialist, Iberia Parish School

System, LA.

“We have always had a positive response to

the training and introduction of the curriculum.

But more importantly, we receive the same

response in our follow up after the teacher has

implemented the curriculum in the classroom.”

“The program reinforces

classroom management

and is very easy to use.”

“We also find that a lesson can be divided into

several days with no negative impact.” Iberia

Parish teachers observe students enjoying the

lessons and using them both inside and outside

the classroom.

“Lions Quest has been an integral factor in

improving school climate and meeting the

requirements for mandated implementation of

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

(PBIS). We have definitely seen a reduction

in referrals for drugs and weapons and I feel it

is because of the prevention units covered in

all grades.”



Lions Quest Workshops

Sponsored Workshops

Sponsored workshops are hosted and funded by a school

or Lions club. They are available in one- and two-day

formats, covering one or a combination of programs.

Sponsored workshops are a great opportunity to involve

administration, support staff and community members in

development of the school climate.


Prices include trainer fees, transportation and expenses,

workshop materials and shipping. All introductory

workshops allow a minimum of 12 and a maximum of

40 participants.

One-Day Workshop

$2700 (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Two-Day Workshop

$3500 (8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

Not included:

• Curriculum kits - purchased at $120 each

• Those not needing a curriculum (refresher course,

support staff, etc) attend for $20 each

• Flipcharts and A/V equipment

• Food and beverages for participants and trainer

during workshop

Setting Up a Sponsored Workshop: Next Steps

1. Choose a convenient workshop date.

2. Request a Sponsored Workshop Agreement or

download from

3. Submit completed Sponsored Workshop Agreement

to Lions Quest.

4. Secure workshop facility, equipment and catering.

5. Send prospective participant list to Lions Quest

(not to exceed 40).

6. Provide participants with workshop agenda and details.

Regional Workshops

Regional workshops are open to all interested teachers or

school administrators. These workshops are traditionally

sponsored by the Lions Quest program, but can also be

arranged by Lions districts, school districts or community

organizations. Locations and dates are chosen according

to requests or training needs from geographical regions

across the country.


Regional workshop registration fees include workshop

materials, workshop meals, a curriculum kit and set of 25

student materials for each participant. A minimum of 12

and maximum of 40 participants is allowed. Participants

are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.

One and Two-Day Format


$450/person registered 4+ weeks in advance

$450/person for 4+ participants from the same

school or district

$425/person for 4+ participants from same

school/district registered 4+ weeks in advance

Attending a Regional Workshop: Next Steps

1. Visit to find a regional workshop

in your area or call Lions Quest to set up a Regional-by-

Request workshop.

2. Download and return completed registration form with

payment or purchase order.

3. Make hotel and transportation accommodations for

workshop attendance.

Educators around the world

teach Lions Quest programs!

Lions Quest is implemented in more than 70 countries

and more than 30 languages, making it one of the most

widely used life skills and prevention programs in the

world. To date, 500,000 educators have been certified

to teach Lions Quest, and nearly 12 million young people

have benefitted from the program. LIONS QUEST 1-800-446-2700

One-Day Staff Development Workshops

Classroom Discipline: Establishing Responsibility

and Respect (Grades K-12)

This workshop is for educators who want to implement new strategies

for creating a positive classroom environment including how to set

rules, establish consequences, and handle classroom discipline, while

keeping student and teacher dignity intact.

Cost: $2700 for up to 40 participants

Introduction to Service-Learning: Implementation

& Integration (Grades K-12)

Educators and community members attending this highly interactive

workshop will learn the four essential steps of successful service-learning

and the elements of a high quality service-learning project. How to

integrate service-learning methodology into any school subject using

case studies and developing an implementation plan is also covered.

Participants will learn about the strong link between service-learning,

academic achievement and success in school.

Cost: $2700 for up to 40 participants

Supporting & Strengthening (Grades K-12)

This workshop is for support staff to learn the Lions Quest program

framework and components, review materials, explore characteristics

of children and adolescents, discuss the various classroom strategies

that educators can employ, and learn about climate assessment and

improvement strategies. Support staff will begin to understand how

meaningful their roles will be in supporting Lions Quest programs

within their school.

Cost: $2700 for up to 40 participants

Social, Emotional and Workplace Skills for Success

in School and Life (Grades 9-12)

This workshop will provide participants with an increased understanding

of social and emotional learning (SEL) and the demands of the 21st

century workplace. Utilizing the Skills Bank book from the Skills for

Action curriculum, educators will become familiar with the 26 skill sets

designed to implement effective SEL and school-to-work competencies

in the classroom and the school. Participants will practice teaching from

the Skills Bank and explore models for implementation and integration

of SEL into the school curriculum.

Cost: $2700 for up to 40 participants; Includes the Skills Bank book

Teens - Alcohol & Other Drugs (Grades 9-12)

Teens- Alcohol and Other Drugs (TAOD) is a supplemental, thematic

unit of Skills for Action that provides in-depth coverage of one of the

most urgent issues facing youth today. Educators will receive the tools

to help students gain the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors they need

to grow up healthy and drug-free, while resisting alcohol and other

drugs within school.

Cost: $2700 for up to 40 participants; Includes the TAOD curriculum

Now Available!

Skills for Adolescence for

Out-of-School Time (SFA for OST)

(Grades 6-8)

This workshop is for staff interested in a positive

youth development program for out-of-school

time settings. Participants will learn relationshipcentered

learning community strategies and

activities that help tie character education to


Experiential, on-site staff development training is

optional but highly recommended. Training can be

completed in a one day, 8-hour session or in two

consecutive 4-hour half-days.

A four-part webinar series is available to provide

continuing support of program implementation.

Topics include:

• Creating a Relationship-Centered Learning


• Promoting Social and Emotional Learning

though SFA

• Strategies for Reinforcing SFA Lesson

Concepts and Skills

• Making the Most of the SFA Service-Learning


With the purchase of staff development training,

the Program Manual or Program Supplement

can be purchased at a 25% discount, and Changes

and Challenges student activity books can be

purchased at a 15% discount.

Cost: $2700 for one day

$3200 for two half-days

$350 webinar series

Prices subject to change without notice. 14


Product List

Item Description Item Code Unit Price

Skills for Growing Curriculum * $120.00

Grade K 0111-000-1

Grade 1 0111-001-1

Grade 2 0111-002-1

Grade 3 0111-003-1

Grade 4 0111-004-1

Grade 5 0111-005-1

Together Times Sets $2.50

Grade K 0121-112-1

Grade 1 0121-113-1

Grade 2 0121-114-1

Grade 3 0121-115-1

Grade 4 0121-116-1

Grade 5 0121-117-1


3” 0142-059-1 $1.25

12” 0142-060-1 $19.95

Skills for Adolescence Curriculum * 0211-200-2 $120.00

Spanish Curriculum, 3rd edition 0211-836-2 $99.00

Changes & Challenges 0221-201-2 $5.95

Changes & Challenges, 3rd edition Spanish 0221-837-2 $5.00

Surprising Years 0231-202-2 $3.95

Surprising Years, 3rd edition Spanish 0942-087-5 $3.95

Changes/Surprising Combo Set 0221-202-2 $8.95

SFA for Out-of-School Time Curriculum 0215-107-1 $89.95

SFA for OST Program Supplement $24.95

Skills for Action Curriculum * 0411-072-4 $120.00

Making a Difference 0421-073-4 $3.95

Teens – Alcohol and Other Drugs 0511-077-4 $10.00 - While supplies last!

The Complete Guide to Service Learning 0942-091-5 $39.95

Great Group Games 0942-093-5 $16.95

Energizers: Calisthenics for the Mind 0942-092-5 $10.95

Personalized School Banners 0992-101-5 $99.00 – Buy 9 Get 1 Free!

* Lions Quest training required for purchase of curriculum kits.

1 Bill to




Billing Address

Lions Quest Materials Order Form

City State Zip

Telephone ( ) Fax ( )

Email Address

Purchase Order #

2 Ship to





City State Zip

Telephone ( ) Fax ( )

Email Address

4 Items Ordered (prices subject to change without notice)


3 Method of Payment

q Check (Make check payable to LIONS QUEST PROGRAMS in U.S. funds)

q Credit Card: q q

Card #

PHONE: 1-800-446-2700

FAX: 240-396-5741



P.O. BOX 304


Expiration Date


Cardholder’s Billing Address

Item Code Unit Price Item Description Quantity Subtotal


9% Shipping*

(min. $5.00)

Order Total

*15.5% AK, HI, PR



Skills for Growing

Skills for Adolescence

SFA for Out-of-School Time

Skills for Action

Enhancing youth development through

home-school-community collaboration

Personal Customer Support

Our toll-free number, 1-800-446-2700,

can assist with workshop scheduling

and registration, peer-user contact

information, curriculum samples, and

ordering materials.

Implementation Assistance

To help ensure continued success of Lions Quest programs

in your school or community, implementation assistance

is available through our toll-free phone number or by

contacting Lions Quest headquarters at 630-468-6741.

Online Resources

The Lions Quest Web site contains a wealth of

information for educators, parents, Lions and

community members.

• Headquarters (USA) and international

contact information

• Workshop schedule with online registration

• Grade level descriptions, sample lessons,

and service-learning project ideas

• Supplemental materials and order forms

• Curriculum maps, important models,

evaluation studies, and downloadable handouts

• Potential funding and grant opportunities

• Resource page for Lions clubs

• Language-specific international pages


Lions Quest

Lions Clubs International Foundation

300 W. 22nd Street

Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842


Phone: 630-468-6741


Lions Quest-in-action videos

available on our Web site

and You Tube Playlist.

Customer Service

P.O. Box 304

Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0304


Toll-free: 1-800-446-2700

Fax: 240-396-5741

Become our Fan on Facebook.

Connect with Lions and

program users across the globe.

Curriculum Updates

The Lions Quest Curriculum Updates section, found

under the Program Resources tab, is accessible with

a quick, no-cost registration. This online library is

updated regularly with support and extension

resources that can be used to enrich Lions Quest

lessons and activities, such as media resources, K-12

bullying prevention lessons, a K-8 drug information

guide, and rationale and references for all three

Lions Quest programs.

Follow us on Twitter.


• Social and Emotional Learning

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning “Select SEL” Program

• Substance Abuse Prevention

National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

• Character Development

“Scientifically supported programs” that address Character Education Partnership’s

Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education

• Service-Learning

“Highly Effective” ratings from National Youth Leadership Council, the National

Service-Learning Clearinghouse, and the Service Works Retrospective Evaluation

Lions Clubs International Foundation

300 W. 22nd Street

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Phone: 630-468-6741

Toll-free: 1-800-446-2700



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