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Selwyn Times: July 25, 2018

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30 Wednesday July 25 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SELWYN TIMES PETS & PAWS Kitten season on its way Become a responsible pet owner and help reduce the population of unwanted cats in your neighbourhood Late spring to mid autumn is generally known as the kitten season. Just two cats and all their offspring, producing at least two litters a year, with 2.8 surviving kittens per litter, can be responsible for 11 million cats in just nine years! A kitten can get pregnant as early as four to five months of age and go on to have up to three litters a year! It’s not just females that need to be neutered. Many owners turn a blind eye to their male ‘tom’ cats and allow them to roam at will, impregnating as many females as they encounter. With feline AIDS (FIV) prevalent in the cat community, it’s vital to have males neutered in order to reduce spread via cat fights. With these statistics in mind, it’s not hard to see why it’s important to have your cat neutered as early as possible. Selwyn Veterinary Centre veterinarian Yolande Howell says it’s important to keep younger animals indoors until they are old enough to be neutered. “Your vet will be able to advise you when the best time is to neuter your pet,” says Yolande. “The procedures are done under general anaesthesia, and you will be amazed how well animals recover from their operations.” Neutering means the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. In males, it is commonly referred to as castration, and in females, it is referred to as speying. “The benefits of neutering are numerous and may prevent diseases such as testicular cancer in males and mammary cancer in females.” • Have your male or female cat neutered at your local veterinary clinic as soon as possible • Have any kittens neutered before rehoming • Help a friend or member of your family to get their cat neutered NEUTERING SAVES LIVES talk to your local vet to neuter your pet Neutering can also reduce unwanted behaviours such as urine spraying or marking. A neutered male cat is more likely to stay at home and less likely to be involved in fights with other males, while a neutered female is less likely to attract unwanted attention. Call Selwyn Veterinary Centre to discuss getting your cat neutered today. Phone: 03 347 7419 Wagging Tails Country retreat & doggy daycare We are a small boutique country retreat for your special family member providing an enjoyable, fulfilling and stimulating rural boarding experience “Everyone Loves a Holiday in the country” Contact Diane on 0210 292 6588 Telegraph Road, near Burnham, 10mins from Rolleston Your local vet right here in the heart of Selwyn! Selwyn Vet Centre is a modern, purpose-built totally independent veterinary practice. How can we help your precious pet? Call us today! Phone: 03 347 7419 - Visit: 829 Jones Rd, Rolleston Email: - Web: Pet Boarding dog grooming doggy daycare Dogs, Cats Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Birds. Is your dog in need of a Wash or Groom? Mobile • Prompt • Caring • Reliable Jill Smolenski, a Jim’s Mobile Dog Wash and Groomer, is now working in Selwyn No Need to wait weeks for a booking! • Wash & Blow Dry • Clipping & Full Grooming • Nail Trimming 554 Jones Rd, Templeton P: 03 347 8835 E: CALL NOW TO SECURE YOUR APPOINTMENT! 0800 454 654

$7.90 incl. GST SELWYN TIMES Latest Christchurch news at 31 Gardening Wednesday July 25 2018 Local News Now Be smart with the way you plant Fire rages, homes at risk • By Rachel Vogan AUGUST IS a beautiful month in the garden, the first of the bulbs are adding a sparkle of colour to the ground and many trees, shrubs and perennials are stepping up to the plate and flowering. And while it still may be cold outdoors, remember with smart planting you can place these colourful plants in spots where you can see them from indoors. flowers of these every week for my posies, and this forces the wallflower to produce more stems, which in turn means more flowers. Plant in full sun; it is durable to hot and cold and does cope with poor soils. A good haircut once a year is all it needs. Expect a good five years out of the plant, these wallflowers are not long-lived but are easy to grow from stem cuttings in late spring. It is also a good pollinator plant too. NEMESIA ‘STRAWBERRY RIPPLE’ Look for this if you are after a little firepower to take you through the last month of winter and all the way through spring. It’s ideal for patio tubs, window boxes or baskets and garden beds. While these plants may seem like they wouldn’t handle much cold, they do. However, don’t go making them struggle in an open garden bed in the coldest regions. Instead, plant them where they have some protection from the house and obviously near a window so that you can see them often. EARLY STACHYURUS Consider planting the deciduous Stachyurus praecox as an anchor tenant shrub that has high winter and spring interest. Golden yellow catkin-like flowers appear in clusters from the still dormant branches for the next two to three months, commanding attention and grabbing your eye. Once the flowers finish, the plant cloaks itself in soft green leaves until June, when it ditches its foliage to take a rest for a few months. Happy in the sun or shade, allow one to 2m in width for it to grow. ERYSIMUM × HYBRIDA ‘WINTER JOY’ This mid-sized (80cm) evergreen perennial packs a punch over the coldest months when it sprinkles its bright green foliage with stem after stem of lilac blooms. I pick LEUCADENDRON SALIGNUM ‘FIREGLOW’ Leucadendrons are great for bold statements of colour and arm-loads of flowers to pick over the cold months. As the name suggests, ‘Fireglow’ has vibrant tones of red, burnt orange and glowing yellows. It is an easy to grow, mid-sized compact shrub, which requires full sun and excellent drainage to thrive. Pots and tubs are a good option; however, they need to be large as leucadendrons loathe cramped root zones and grow 1.5m tall. Cut the flower stems back once the blooms have finished to encourage more flower stems for the following year. PSEUDOWINTERA COLORATA ‘RED LEOPARD’ I have been a huge fan and advocate for this plant for years. This plant is a hybrid of our native pepper tree found in bush areas in many parts of the country. The dark-red, spotted leaves intensify over the colder months, making this plant stand out. And what’s good about it is that it seems to grow better in poor free-draining soils rather than richer ones where more nutrients are available. Full sun is best, although it will cope with a smidge of shade. CAMELLIA RETICULATA ‘LOVELY LADY’ With a name like this, and a flower form and colour to match, this recently introduced camellia variety is widely popular. The large double pink flowers appear from August and last until around Labour Weekend. Preferring semi-shade, this plant is an option for larger tubs, urns and raised planters. This is a real statement plant; use it to create a focal point or even consider planting it as a hedge or screen. FOCAL POINT: Wallflower ‘Winter Joy’ prefers semishade. It is an option for larger tubs, urns and raised planters. BOLD STATEMENT: Leucadendron salignum ‘Fireglow’ is a mid-sized compact shrub, which requires full sun and excellent drainage to thrive. Lifestyle fencing now sold at canterbury timber and Hardware please call in for your free quote today! new product growing with you June 2018 | 100% Plants For winter wow Cool Choices For Colour & Contrast Snap it up Enter our annual Birdlife Photo Competition to win great prizes! clear the air Why groWing indoor PLAnTs is so good for you The magazine for gardeners who like to get their hands dirty Your Local Timber Merchant NEW ENTRANCE: 167 Manion Road, Rolleston Jason Pester P 03 347 7465 F 03 347 7032 E Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Saturday: 8am-12pm canterbury c t H timber & Hardware We are here From swamp to sea views The journey begins with sarah the Gardener give it a grow from gArLic To chinese ArTichokes, We hAve your groWing TiPs covered the latest releases into the rose world + rose care through winter SUBSCRIBE FROM $43. 50* *6 issues/6 months SUBSCRIPTIONS FREEPHONE 0800 77 77 10 WWW.GARDENER.KIWI